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June 02, 2008


Gay Gary

Is AM talk radio in the death throes?


Do you care?

Only to the extent that I slow to stare at a bad car accident while driving.

Want more coverage about the few traditional AM talk shows left?


(We'll talk about KIRO's TBTL in a separate post).

Please don't. I like staring at car accidents, not train wrecks.


Heck, the only thing halfway (and I mean halfway) decent on KIRO anymore is Dave Ross.

After that you have, in order, a fascist pig, a couple of frat boys, followed by 3 hours of girl talk. What a line up.


You're right----talk radio is dying, nearly dead. So since there's nothing new to talk about, shut down this blog.

joanie hussein

No, just expand the talk. I wish you'd say more about KPTK and national talk radio. I find them just as interesting.

What's going on with Seder. Anyone like Maron (Marone?) What do Malloy's numbers look like?

Guess that's not much, huh?

One of my parents was best friends with Seder as a kid. Used to spend a lot of time at his place. They both grew up in Worcester. Is that NY?

Still like Ross but working girls just can't tune in unless to podcasts.

I love radio and listen to whatever talk I can find . . . well, short of Dr. Bill. Thank goodness I found KGO last Friday night on the way up to BB. I was getting desperate!


Worcester, Mass.

Joanie you should tune to 95.7 on the FM when headed north..CBC FM has great music.

Bla'M I kind of agree with GG...it is interesting to watch the self destruction. But maybe you should include discussions about TV and movies? I dunno. I dont go to movies because I pay through the orafices for Digital cable and I have a ton of movie channels. Maybe discuss technology? I got a way cool Sansa mp3 player over the weekend and I am still learning all it could do. I hope you dont give up talking about the news, both local and national.


Conservative talk radio will have a second renaissance if Obama is elected. You won't be able to get enough of "what is the crazy negro doing to scare us this week?"

Have patience. This blog doesn't need to have new content every other day despite what some how-to guide might say.


Disappearance of local talk radio is just a microcosm of current business environment. With a neutered FCC, Chairman Kevin Martin’s traveling medicine show was just a charade that ensured the last nail was hammered down on the regulatory coffin. It opened the door in letting faceless leviathans gobble up anything in its path. In today’s newspeak “big is good and small is bad.” The deregulation juggernaut is going full steam ahead and the public be damned!

Letting the free market decide increased my phone bill six times to what I paid during the reign of regulated monopoly. My DSL service stinks but my only alternative is cable. If I lived in a small city I no longer have airline service or in a big city I have fewer choices due to mergers and still pay premium fares for no fills service. You can add petrol to that and now local talk radio and radio stations. Local stations, both AM and FM, are mere relay stations for corporate satellite broadcasters. You will not need announcers or staff. Just an engineer or a tech to ensure the meter is moving and power is applied to the transmitting site.

It is sad that the so-called free market is dictated by an invisible hand whose arm is attached to Wall Street some three thousand mile away. I am sure Adam Smith would never have thought that his assessment of a free market would be controlled by a handful of corporations operating in an environment of privatized Marxism. To think that I was chastised by younger classmates in the 80’s when I was one of the few that opposed deregulation under “Reaganomics” during classroom debates.


Speaking of KGO, silly old Ray T., the little black demogogue and racist was gloating over Obama's supposed done deal of a nomination last night, and even speaking as if his victory over McCain was all but signed and sealed already. What a poor, errant fool. Hussein, were you wearing your rally cap and standing in full cheering glee Sunday, when the elderly women for Clinton were manhandled out of the room by Obama/Dean bullyboys and thugs? Obama has built up a lot of bad karma for the way he and his wife played the race card against Hilary and of course a lot of bad karma for the Chicago scum he's been associating with for 20 years. I will guarantee you he csn not win. I just checked Hannity and he's talking of a new video scandal about to break on Barack. This stuff will be nonstop and relentless against him until November.bwahahaahaahahaahahaaaha


Talk radio isnt dead.....you just need to know where to look and listen. Weekends are the NEW weekdays in radio. A little bit of everything (cooking, gardening, design, politics, etc....). People NEED variety. If people are sooooooo desperate for talk, buy time on a radio station and TALK!!


Careful Tommy 008, the great 'brain' Joanie will be accusing you of racism soon.


Of course talk radio is dying. ALL of radio is dying. Radio has a lot more competitors as people (particularly young adults) have many more options for information and entertainment. Frankly, radio in Seattle isn't all that entertaining and unless you need traffic reports in the morning, there are better places to get information beyond commercial radio.

There will always be an audience for radio, but it continues to get older especially on the AM dial.


As the most respected person on this comment board, I say either go back to blogging about local talk radio, or change your blog's title and subtitle.

mick horan

I do care about Talk Radio but the only person I listen to locally is Dave Ross. I did listen to Dori Monson until about 5 years or so ago when he seemed to go off the deep end. Now he’s just another Rush or Hannity.

I listen to Stephanie Miller at 6 am, Dave Ross at 9 am and Ed Schultz at Noon.



Nothing better than live and local, where else can you get a Dori Monson bit on Obamas speech the other day in his "Lets count the Uhs" 98 of them in a six minute speech. Oh, and finally after a couple months of faint free appearances, he had another one. Again, front and center.

"Denver, Denver, Denver"

H ussein
O bama
P resident
E lect


There needs to be talk radio on FM, if it is going to continue - AM is getting old and somewhat stale. Seattle radio is in the lower echelon. Portland is better as is Vancouver BC, talk or otherwise. More variety with informative talk shows like Money Talk, Click and Clack, the X-gym show, Clark Howard and Dr. Joy Browne on a regular basis would help increase the audience. Also, bring back Pat Cashman to Seattle (AM or FM) (right now he is on weekly in Everett).

joanie hussein

Welcome back to your internet cafe, Rozskat. You make sense. Nice to have someone aboard who does. Can't dispute a single word you said. Esp. about Ma Bell. I'd welcome her back tomorrow.

I agree, junkie, AM radio isn't dead. Considering the smorgasbord of choices out there, niches may get smaller. That's okay. There's plenty of money to be had if you take out the big stakeholders who want mega-profits every six months.

Sparky, I thought 95.7 on FM was KJR? Has it changed?

I get tired of music. I can put on a CD and get my favorites that way if I want music. If I hadn't found Craft on KGO last Friday night, I would have spent two desperate hours driving to BB. Radio keeps me focused. Attention deficit, i guess.

I remember having this conversation before talk radio made its debut with Larry King in the 80s? (70's?) Anyway, radio is everywhere. There will always be old people who want it.

And, snob, you forget, the young are getting older, too. Once we're gone, they'll be here listening.

How many predictions that theatres would die with the advent of home movies and television? That books would be replaced by movies? Even AM radio would die?

None of it has happened. Everything goes through cycles but people remain the same pretty much.

Well, except that a certain percentage of you are getting dumber.

joanie hussein

Clark Howard was on "regularly" on Sunday nights KPTK until recently. I think he was replaced just a couple of weeks ago by the Peter B. show which I like a lot.




1. exclusive control of a commodity or service in a particular market, or a control that makes possible the manipulation of prices.


Speaking of monopoly. the death knell to talk radio would be passage of the "Fairness Doctrine" which is anything but fair by Congress if Dali-Bama gets elected. That would stymie conservative and liberal political talk radio and bring us full circle back to the old Soviet Union - because we elect who we deserve.

To make it a real fairness doctrine, it would have to incorporate TV - for every progressive half-truther like an Olberman, there would have to be a counter point by a conservative - like say a Mark Levin or Mike Gallagher on MSPMS - you get the drift. Knowing the Democrat congress, they would filibuster that to death and once again throw the Constitution down the shitter.

Mike Barer

Best talk radio move would be KIRO getting rid of Ron and Don and replacing them with Robin And Maynard. That would really make Seattle happy.

Dave (not dave ross)

Yea i loved listening to maynards thirty year old pop references and robins bitch on wheels attitude. Together they make Larry King seem really 'avant garde'


I was googling and found your question and I wanted to answer it...my way.
I was in radio sales and hated the "in-house" competition, yet loved working "with" my advertisers/business's on their radio campaigns. I developed their commercials and produced most of them in my home studio. I loved the creative part of my job, just as much as I loved calling on our "Backbone of America" business owners. Mostof them were small business's with stories to tell me. I didn't sell as much, as I listened to their stories of how they succeeded and sometimes failed building their business. So... I left the radio station and developed my own talk show, dedicated to the voices of our "Backbone of America" with myself as the host. As a talk radio junkie, I found that I had been turned off by the political satire on most radio shows. I envisioned a talk show similar to Seinfeld...you know...about nothing? Gee that was successfull! So I put together "Voices of Success" and it is an hour of mostly interviewing business or service providers telling their stories. I've barely promoted my show and the months are filling up fast with guests. These are paying guests by the way. These business owners receive 40 minutes of air time to promote their business or service and with me as the host, it comes off not as an infomercial, but as a conversation. The show is entertaining and informative. It is "personal" for the listener. The show is not scripted and it comes off that way. I do hope to bring it to the national level sometime next year. If I were not me...I would love to listen to a good old fashioned talk show!Thanks for the question, I enjoyed answering it!


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