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June 04, 2008



"Old" will always be a demo. 20+ years from now you will be in that demo. I'm guessing most of your readers will be too.

I love BW... but if you're going to continue to be befuddled about local public radio being popular because it happens to appeal to "old" people then you need to come up with a different blog focus because I am pretty sure "old" people will continue to appreciate the likes of local public radio for many years to come.

joanie hussein

Michael, are you getting the message yet? Old is here to stay.

Why don't these sales jockeys figure out what old people are buying?



A few quotes from Hussein last night

"It is a debate the American people deserve. But what you don't deserve is another election that's governed by fear, and innuendo, and division."

"And it's not change when he promises to continue a policy in Iraq that asks everything of our brave men and women in uniform and nothing of Iraqi politicians - a policy where all we look for are reasons to stay in Iraq, while we spend billions of dollars a month on a war that isn't making the American people any safer."

"John McCain has spent a lot of time talking about trips to Iraq in the last few weeks, but maybe if he spent some time taking trips to the cities and towns that have been hardest hit by this economy - cities in Michigan, and Ohio, and right here in Minnesota - he'd understand the kind of change that people are looking for."

"The other side will come here in September and offer a very different set of policies and positions,"

Gay Gary

I don't think anyone listens to public radio. Public radio is something that people like to say they listen to because it makes them feel intellectually superior but they don't actually listen --- rebuttals based on personal anecdotes not welcome!

And as long as they accept underwriting, CPB funding should be forbidden from them.


Interesting isn't it how a medium that relies on begging for money panders to old people?

joanie hussein

Tired of the "pandering" claim, Gigi.
How do you know they don't listen? I'm gleaning a different sort of Gigi these days. From Noel Coward and Cole Porter to Barry Sanders.

And Aandrew, please clarify the old people-begging connection? I don't recall numbers quantifying KUOW's market age.


If I listen to KPLU it is on the weekend, or when their jazz programs are on if I cant find anything else I want to listen to. I like Vinyl Cafe, Wait Wait, and PHC. I can tolerate a little bit of Cartalk. Bla'm, Im not sure how much more local content you can cover from NPR, so maybe you could dig around and find details about some of the national programs as well?


Every scam artist knows that nobody gives over the cash by the handful like old people do. Old people are inundated with junk mail from charities asking for money - and it works - they give away a lot of their money.

I haven't seen any stats on the average age of the NPR donor, but I'm sure 95% of the take comes from someone north of 80.


Even when the programming on NPR is something I might otherwise be interested in, the tone puts me right off. That whole speaking quietly with soft jazz or ethnic bumper music thing. It's just so Baby Boomer sincere.

I'm early Gen X, which means that I'm getting old too, but NPR still comes across as being the station programmed by and for Boomers.

Now, I do know a lot of people my age who listen to it anyway, but I just can't. It drives me nuts.


Give yourself a few more years...you will come to appreciate quiet!

Dickhead Dory

Dori just announced that he has the highest rated show in talk radio.

The fuckhead claims that he can't figure it out that so many listen to his show but still re-elect these assholes in Seattle and King County.

Go fuck yourself!



Navid Hoak (sp?) was acquitted and I missed the news thanks to KIRO.

I've started immediately changing the channel anytime I hear the "BREAKING NEWS" tri-tones, because it usually ends up being a cat up a tree or rain on the plateau, but they legitimately had breaking news this time and it backfired on me.


Dickhead Dory, he has the ratings because he says things like that and you eat it up, not because he rails against local politicians. Dori is proof that radio is nothing but a business.


Any luck with getting rid of that paging thing? There's a riveting thread about politics below this one but it's paiful working your way to the end of it so I'm no longer inclined to see where it's going. If stifling user comments is the aim the paging system has succeeded.

Also it's obvious a lot of the thread devolve into politics; I think Blatherwatch should unabashedly cover more politics since it's readers are politicly inclined.


I listen to NPR mostly on the weekend when I am pounding through house projects. This American Life and The Vinyl Cafe rarely fail to entertain me. But On The Media has become my favorite infotainment in all forms of media and warrants my sending in money to NPR by itself.

Gay Gary

Also it's obvious a lot of the thread devolve into politics; I think Blatherwatch should unabashedly cover more politics since it's readers are politicly inclined.

As a gay fascist, I usually blast through the threads that talk about politics as the leftist slant doesn't interest me and most of my fellow right-wingers who post here are kinda idiots. (If you're a righter and are offended by that, don't worry, I wasn't talking about you.)

joanie hussein

I'm with you, Paull. On the Media is the one show (aside from Living on Earth) that I really enjoy when I listen to NPR which isn't often.

There's a ton of good radio to talk about which does interface with politics. What else makes radio interesting?

And, anyone who heard McBush's speech and then Obama's knows the pen is mightier than the sword. Obama's pen that is.

I heard the same thing about some new audio coming out referencing Michelle that is supposed to prove troubling. Even if something does appear, who cares? McBush is going to fall into all sorts of traps of his own making. All Obama has to do is open his mouth - the mouth of Lincoln - and all will be forgiven.

Finally, a man of integrity again in the White House. It's been a long, long time.

joanie hussein

This was forwarded to me and is what chuck's was referencing I think when he said on another thread that something was about to come out to give Obama trouble:

"Barrack Obama's Biggest Problem? Michelle Obama"

Is this where you get your valued and superior information, chucks? The right's answer to the NY Times and Washington Post?


Hussein is confusing the Obama Dem primarY voters, wHo truly couldn't care less how many disgusting racist cracks and jokes Michelle and the pastors tell about whitey and the Clintons, with the general public. Only a naive fool believes that this new Michelle tape, when it comes out, will not be devastating to Barry's campaign. Bwaaaaaaaaahhhaaaahaa


I'll beleive it when I see it. If it is as bad as the link Joanie gave above, I see Hussein running for a hole just where his namesake from Iraq was found.

joanie hussein

I think you boys will find it is much ado about nothing just as the blog on which it was found is nothing but spit from the right's profane and feckless mouth.

But, if it makes your day for a few hours, so be it.


Re. Michelle Obama "whitey" remarks; I voted for Hillary. Thanks for fucking us over again radical left.


Joanie would that be like Like Sparky and the McCain joke about Chelsea Clinton? She tried to run with it but when she was called on it, she said to go watch the video on "Crooks and liars". We did but all we got was a link to an archived column from Salon. C'mon, she said there was video which means she had to have watched it herself right. Well we all know what she did after that, the Joanie Skedaddle. You taught her well.


Te Haq mistrial by these fools on the Seattle jury is asinine and an embarrassment to our city. Court tv is making our city/county look like A gaggle of airheads and buffoons to field a jury like this. More Seattle buffoon liberalism causing a lack of the ability to think criticaly. Dave Ross would probably be deadlocked on this, with his creamydeep, beloved by him voice going off in his haead saying "on the one hand yes, but hey on the other hand no, on the one hand yes, but...."


Once again the 15 or so mile long hourglass of real estate graced by saltwater on the west and freshwater on the east is a national laughing stock.

joanie hussein

Well, did you boys enjoy your fifteen minutes of fun slipping and sliding in your own bile?

I told you it was spit from the lying and treacherous mouths of rightwingers. And so it is.

I just love watching you racists get your hopes up.

"Obama denies a rumor and questions the question"

Do you guys on the right ever have the facts?

"That Chain E-mail Your Friend Sent to You Is (Likely) Bogus. Seriously."

Do some homework and read this.

But, of course, there's always a conspiracy afoot with you guys: "Update: Katy Grimes hears word that Rudy Giulliani acquired the tape. If so, we won’t be seeing this tape for a while. However, as AJ Strata notes, if it was on sale from Trinity United then lots of people should have the video.

Here is the latest.

The Michelle Obama Rant Tape was filmed between June 26th - July 1st 2004 in Chicago, IL at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Conference at Trinity United Church: specifically the Women’s Event. ... Supposedly it is from a dvd sold by Trinity United Church...."

Do you boys have any honor left at all?

Get back to me when you have some proof of any damn thing you say.

Bwahahahahaha. You're a couple of fools.


Listening to NPR is the only positive thing about commuting by car.

I stopped listening to music radio a few years ago, but if there's nothing interesting on KUOW, I listen to KEXP.

I love listening to all of these: The Weekday, Selected Shorts, Play's the Thing, To the Point, The Diane Rehm Show, This American Life, Wiretap, Alternative Radio, As It Happens, The Marketplace, the usual morning & evening shows, etc.

The only programs that I dislike are their musical weekends with Amanda Wilde, Cartalk, The Tavis Smiley Show, and the BBC World Service. I usually don't get to hear them much though, so I'm happy.

joanie hussein

I used to like Alternative Radio but it got repetitive and never gave dates for presentations.

I've never understood the attraction to Car Talk.

I like Tavis Smiley. Quite a story there.


KPLU is the best jazz station ever!!
KUOW would be a lot better with more local content. At least neither is the mess that has become KCTS, which is starting to look like a informercial

Idaho Radio Geek

I don't want to sound like an ass, but really KUOW is very boring to me. (26 year old, bachelor's degree educated, male)

I really liked the NPR/PRI stations in other cities where I've lived... but KUOW has a very sleepy schedule. They don't seem to take any chances. I want to hear more entertainment on weekends or breaking music - OPB has a great music program and a great music web site. But then again, KUOW is technically very separate from the U of Washington and also technically very separate from KEXP. I bet south-enders wish they'd give KXOT back to KEXP though.

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