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June 03, 2008



TBTL is realy good, and what is bad is overshadowed by the good. There production values alone are unmatched. It surely costs them more to produce than the average talk show on KIRO, so it's probably hit 21 or bust.

I'd like for BW to cover more local gossip. I read about Robert Mac on here long before I saw it on TV. If not that then local politics since that's what they'd talk about on local political talk if it still existed. If not that then national talk radio, expecialy since it's not obvious that BW is region specific to begin with.


I've tried. God knows I've tried. Please don't make me do it again.

Gay Gary

If this is what passes for innovation then radio doesn't, frankly, deserve to live. The whole concept is stupid. The AARP Newsletter knows that, eventually, people will grow old enough to enjoy it. The AARP Newsletter doesn't try to appeal to 20 and 30 somethings and chase away all the old people in the process.

As I've mentioned, I'm 34-and-holding and I find TBTL absolutely nauseating - but, more than that, it comes across as a show whose staff is doing just enough to get by ... I could appreciate a well put together show I disliked, this is just not a well managed program. Then again, Oculus Bleu - who is also 34-and-holding - finds it tolerable. Again redux, our neighbor, Baron Vladimir, is 65 and really enjoys it.

Whatever the case, KIRO just needs to cool their jets and wait for the audience to "age in" to the station. They don't have the marketing exoskeletan to do anything other than rearrange their already-enfranchised listening audience. If KIRO wants to play this game they need an entry-point station, a transition-point station and an end-point station but, instead, they have 3 end-point stations. Ideally, they'd have a station like KNDD-FM as entry-point with targeted cross-promotions moving higher echelons of the age range over to an FM talker pollinated with shows like TBTL, R&D etc. then cross-promoting from their FM talker to their AM talker stocked with Dori, Dave, etc., moving the higher age echelons of their FM talker audience to their AM talker where they remain until death.

But they have none of that.

So I will pray Bob Barr wins the presidency and appoints me to the FCC so my dream of true nationwide broadcasting on longwave AM bands can become a reality and all these horribly mismanaged AM stations can finally get a bullet in their heads.

(Making any of these comments I take my very life into my hands as the last time I criticized "TBTL" on this blog the host of that show came on and practically threatened me with death. You know he's reading, analyzing and digesting each of these words with psychopathic glee as they are typed so I beg all, for your own safety, please be careful what you write.)

Gay Gary

I wish to amend my previous comment as it was unfair.

To be honest, I haven't actually listened to the TBTL for some 3 months or so; as such I'm really probably not qualified to comment on it. My comment is based only on how it sounded 3 months ago and a few incidental listens for a couple minutes here and there (including tonight where I heard 3 minutes of Luke talking about how Bill Clinton reminded him of his ex-boyfriend before I tuned out). It's quite possible it could have radically transformed and, while I suspect it has not, my above comment wasn't fair given my lack of current perspective.

I also stopped listening to R&D after 2 years of giving them all three everyday around the time they turned their show into a 3-hour infomercial for that one black dude who's running for President. (not Alan Keyes, the liberal guy with the preacher troubles)

QUERY - If BOH were elected President, would the Social Register give him a listing like they do all other C-in-Cs? TTBOMK I don't believe there are any 100% minority families listed on the register. Why is no one talking about this? I just gave the TBTL an original, unbroached topic but, were I to tune-in tomorrow, all I'd hear is Luke and June talking about the cute boy they saw on the bus yesterday.


TBTL is innovative like a new trim style for a poodle dog.

I do notg read the Nilesen's but I ownder why MH has not posted any data on these guys he seems to like.

My bet is that the only folks still listening to KIRO have broken tuning knobs or maybe they left the radio turned on at low volume tw years ago and forgot about it.

joanie hussein

I thought there might be a market out there for the kind of mindlessness that I hear on TBTL but maybe not. Maybe we haven't sunk that low quite yet.

GiGi, AARP did try (still does?) to attract a younger audience with it's fifties magazine. I don't think it's still around. I think they went back to their tried and true as well.

Yes, I like all radio. Doesn't have to be local although I'd miss what local we have. I sometimes do listen to 710Dori - occasionally, you understand. Last time he had on the new transportation guy (replacing MacDonald), it was a great show. This guy went toe-to-toe with Dori and before he left cautioned Dori about flaming him once he was out the door.

I loved it!

There's still a lot of radio out there!

A lot of the regulars on here don't talk radio much. I think it is because they listen to brand Rush and KVI and they don't have much but errant political talk to proffer. Ah, they are the worst for it.

Also, as one who rarely watches TV, radio is all.



David Tatelman

Jeez, Gay Gary goes on for about 1000 words about how bad it is and then he admits he doesn't even listen to it.

I happen to like it and find it very creative. Don't listen to it too much lately, because frankly I am watching the Mariners games (that's a bummer).


Better than enduring New York Vinnie....? The show would have been a good fit for the Buzz or could replace the tiresome antics of BJ Shay.

Gay Gary

Jeez, Gay Gary goes on for about 1000 words about how bad it is and then he admits he doesn't even listen to it.

David - I don't need to sleep with women to know I wouldn't like it! (LOL - I said it, gang! Haaaaay!)




people who are not funny- Steven Colbert, Bill Mahr, Luke Burbank, Bill O'Reilly, Luke Burbank, Jen Andrews, Dave Ross, Luke Burbank, "Seanny", Luke Burbank, Dori Monson, Luke, Lou Pate.


So T-008, what do you think of Luke Burbank and his radio show?


The COMMIE Hussein has spoken in St.Paul. All hail Hussein. All Liberal idiots that is.

lotus eater

I'm 49 and a long, long-time listener of local talk radio, mostly on KIRO, but also on KUOW. I'm a whack-job liberal, far to the left of the
Democratic party. I'm intensely interested in politics, particulary local politics, but I'm also a musician who likes cultural coverage.

Over the years I've listened regularly to all the local talk programming that KIRO and KUOW have offered, including Dave, Dori, Alan Prell, Mike Webb, Steve Scher, Ron and Don, - really just about everybody.

I find TBTL to be the best of the bunch, and the show that I most want to tune to. Listening to it is like relaxing with a beer and talking with old friends. It's funny without being mean, clever but not snide, and easygoing while not seeming complacent. Unlike KUOW, it doesn't take itself or its audience too seriously. It reminds me a lot of David Letterman.

As to the local aspect, I think they have done a fine job capturing the Seattle that is not about hard-core politics or issues (and remember, I like that stuff), but about the rest of our everyday lives.

KIRO is onto something good, but even if not, Luke and Jen have shown that you don't have to be an asshole or a boor to host a radio show.


Did you soil yourself in fear, Nevets?

Did you watch your war hero's really sad and pathetic speech before that?

Can't wait until the first debate. This is going to be fun.


Lotus eater, I agree with everything you said, and you said it well. A very nice piece of writing.


Gee Redmond Dim, you write 'war hero' as if it is a pejorative term.
Of course, in terms of youth, vigor, and enthusiasm Obama will come off better. Clearly public speaking isn't McCain's strong point.

This is a change election. We see on the Dem Side a woman and an African-American running strong for leadership of the Democratic Party. In a bit of symmetry, the Dems also see their former Klansman (Robert Byrd) and Esther Williams (Teddy Kennedy) getting ready to move off the stage.


And Larry Craig hasn't moved off the toilet.


Agree with lotus eater...TBTL is way better than most of what passes for radio these days...

KIRO could do themselves a favor and can Ron and Don, for that matter. I've tried giving them a chance, but Don's Ron Bailie's School of Broadcast voice drives me up the wall....



Shades of 'I was for it before I voted against it


They're saying Hillary shot her chances at being a VP consideration with what she said today but they seem to ignore the fact that in a week or two we'll completely forget what she did or didn't say. It's not like now several months later I still hold Obama accountable for describing hsi grandma as a typical white person, these momentary news items get absorbed into the fold pretty fast, but of course they get paid to scream that the sky is falling.


re Dems stretching truth; Repuglicans stretched the truth to the effect of getting 4000+ troops and countless colateral dead. Any attempt to say "they did it to!" is laughable.

Dems won in '06 because Republicans are incompetant and misguided, not because dems stretched something.


The arguments for not liking TBTL all roughly focus on the same thing. Generally they seem to not like the style of the show (although there are quite a few comments filleting the show for not having original content). Unfortunately Luke has upped the issue by deciding to respond publicly to the criticism instead of taking the smart path and letting it slide off his back.

Frankly I like the show. I like the difference in style to normal talk radio. I like the fact that the topics covered are not your every day conservative or liberal rant. I also like the fact that generally random things can become a topic and that there is a bit of a loose feel to which direction any particular segment of the show can take.

Having said that, I can certainly understand why others would find this something they do not like. I don't fault people for not liking the show, there are plenty of things that I don't like that others do (Sex in the city? Really? Really?). At the same time I find it amazing that people take the time to continuously go to the TBTL site and make negative comments regarding the show. The easy solution is that if you really dislike the show that much, find something else to listen to. Why waste your time making snide and snarky comments continuously? I've found that criticism is taken much better if it's not given in public and not followed up by jeering comments. At the same time I will say that Luke has brought some of this on himself and therefore on the show as a whole by his inability to not respond publicly himself. He'd be much better off contacting people that have stated issues with the show and doing it in private. He may find that he actually gets something valuable out of it and might make a few converts to the tens at the same time (although the expectation of privacy is suspect).

As for not having original content on the show...I think that it's almost impossible these days to not have something that hasn't been covered by someone else in some way (particularly in the time slot that TBTL resides in). In defense of the show though, I will say that I've frequently heard that the content they are covering or posting was discovered by a particular person or at a particular place. Generally I feel that the content that is consistently being called unoriginal is new to the majority of the audience that TBTL is trying to reach. Yes, it may be something that someone else has talked about on some obscure blog from NYC, but how many people in the Seattle area knew anything about Julia Nunes prior to TBTL discussing her on the air? Maybe 100? Maybe.

In the end I feel that part of the issue is that this might be much like SNL originally, David Lettermen when he first started, Conan O'Brian when he took over, Kids in the Hall, and many other shows (no I'm not trying to draw any other comparison other than the fact that people did not "get" those people or shows at first either). If you don't get it, you just don't get it. I hate saying that, because it seems so hipster, but really, I think that is part of the problem. And maybe in the end all it comes down to is what you personally find funny or entertaining. You personally may not find it funny, but others might (not everyone like the 3 stooges, which I can't even begin to comprehend).

I think there is a place for TBTL in the local radio scene, and I hope the show really isn't TBTL.

Gay Gary

Khayman - when you say they don't have original content what do you mean? I haven't listened to it enough, or recently enough, to appreciate the context of that?


Hey, I don't know about the rest of the right leaner's around here but I must admit that I am surprised that you lefty's have forsaken the Hildebeast in this election. Shocked is probably more realistic. But you guys did a great job of working the caucus states. Many of those idiots in the caucus states have know idea to this date what happened. I am glad that many of you are as tired of the Clinton clan as we are.
I am more surprised that you dumped her for a relative unknown Jr politician that comes from a generally corrupt Chicago political machine.
Oh well, let the games begin.
Hopey-changey green pea novice vs veteran RINO.


We don't know about jr politician status, when the former governor of Texass and a bankrolled baseball owner managed to rack up the deficit even further, kill 4,080 troops over a still fucked up quagmire after 5 years and work to suspend Habeas Corpus and lie about wiretapping.
I guess he is not the party of Lincoln either, just a RINO perhaps, eh?


Gary, personally I haven't found anything that I didn't find original. I surf the net a lot during the day due to working from home, and during that time I don't generally come across the same stuff that TBTL does. Others on the other hand seem to take great pleasure in looking at what topics TBTL is covering and then looking around on the net to find out who else has spoken/blogged/written/reported on the same subject. In fact this topic was actually addressed by Luke roughly a month ago (another bad judgment call by Luke in my opinion as an attempt to justify where they come up with topics).

A particular poster over at the TBTL page makes comments about this all the time. I think that it has also been mentioned on this blog (in the comments, not the blog itself). I'd have to look around for specific instances that others have talked about though.

Just went and looked. One instance was the poor kid at the Spelling Bee getting the word Numnah and thinking the judge had said Numnut.

joanie hussein

Well, chucks, it would compute that you'd know nothing about left politics so I'm surprised at your lack of knowledge outlined above. After all, I don't think Rush is an expert yet on truth and the American Way. So, you get what you get.

The Spelling Bee was topic on TBTL? And you call that a topic? I can see why they lead the way .... I don't think anybody else really cares, do you?

Gay Gary

I guess I don't follow but this must just be one of the mysteries of the TBTL that will have to remain lost on me!


Lol, Gary, thats ok.

No the Spelling Bee wasn't a topic on TBTL, it was on their blog, thats all. Someone just wanted to comment that everyone else had already shown it.


Give it a rest. Whether you like it or not, our guys are winning in Iraq (and Afghanistan). I understand that you limp wristed asshats do not want to give our military credit for all of their accomplishments because it does not fit your goal of failure. BDS.
We heard you and your whining over 30 years ago.
The purpose of this post is to celebrate the rejection of Clinton and the nomination of your changey-hopey candidate. Let us celebrate what little we have in common. We can not move forward to our hopey-changey future if you dwell on the past. It is no longer about Bush. His term is ending. It is no longer about the war. Our troops are finishing it up.

joanie hussein

j'hova should not give it a rest. If you listened to anybody except Rush, you'd know we weren't winning. That's a ridiculous comment on its face, chucks, and it makes you look uninformed as well as silly.

And if you heard Obama's speech today, you'd be a little less happy. His pen will defeat your ancient sword without effort.

My friend.

joanie hussein

And what's more, McBush is all about Bush. Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it.

Oh, chucks, you are so propagandized.

joanie hussein

Well, khayman, what are their topics? When I've listened (rarely), all Luke wanted to do was go home.


I can't vote for McShit, he looks like the guy on tv who tries to sell you oatmeal.

here's for you Chucks


Once again you equate criticism as non-support for the troops. always take the low road as intelligence is not your strong suite, nor is common sense. Goldwater would've shit canned this stupid folly from the gitgo, but you guys always eat your own.

joanie hussein

chucks goes to be early when the going gets tough.


he is resting his wrist

joanie hussein

BTW, chucks, did you hear that Australia is pulling out since they voted in a new leader?

We haven't got many friends left over there.

But still you believe in the war fairy. Unbelievable.

joanie hussein

That should have read "goes to bed early" - I type too fast. Sorry.


Lets see

Tonight has been an interview with Michael Medved regarding Hillary Clinton and then more about how Hillary may be dealing with looking like she is done (more on the personal side of it - not the political side and now favorite Prince songs.

Last night was an interview with a guy who was Jack Sparrow at Disney and how that worked out, the article about Bill Clinton from vanity fair, a funny image from some ad (nice mullet), some talk about a party they had for the 100th episode, talk about Bo Diddley...

Hmm I think that was all actually.


Joanie - you are wrong about the wrongheaded war in Iraq. We happen to be winning at the moment, in spite of what Nancy Pelosi says, which was rather assinine. Think about it - why do you want us to lose ? By doing that, there is no way that you are supporting the troops. I hope that a majority of them leave within a year. Just like LBJ escalated troops in a wrongheaded war in Vietnam, Bush did similarly in Iraq - with more at stake there.

Of course, the progressives and many reporters who are lieing SOB's won't admit that we are winning right now, which is a lie and they also wouldn't mind seeing us lose. They are afraid to admit otherwise - afraid it might hurt the Democrats in November. Perverted logic - Telling the truth will get you farther in the long run than lieing and getting caught. This has nothing to do with being for Bush Administration who has been hallacious, it is being for this country.

joanie hussein

Thanks Khayman. Stilla little weak and Medved is not my cup of tea but at something different.

KS: What's your evidence we are winning? Just cause you say so and your lying administration says so, what makes you think so?

And what does "win" mean currently?

Let's try for some specifics, shall we?

And, J'hova, haven't you noticed that these guys say the same things over and over and over? Why, if something new comes out of their posts, you're sure to hear it the next day on Rush's latest promo.

Trust me. I've noticed it more than once.

joanie hussein

KS, what does moment mean?

joanie hussein

That's supposed to read winning at the moment mean?

joanie hussein

And since chucks seems to disappear and I'm talking to myself again, I'll end with this:

the guys on this blog don't like interlopers on the left, J'hova. Just keep it up. They'd welcome you if you were another McBush high-fiver.

The rest of us like you.


The Aussie's did great work in Iraq. Unfortunately, they suffered the loss of two of their soldiers.
There will still be between 500 and a thousand Aussies remaining in Iraq that will continue training if Iraqi soldiers. I do not know if it will be printed, but I sent a letter expressing my appreciation for their support these last years to the Sydney newspaper just this afternoon.
Did you see where the French are sending troops in. That in and of itself is telling. Would France send in troops if we were not winning. Hell no!!! They would be hiding in Andrews mothers basement with Andrew. ( kidding Andrew, that is somebody else's stick, just thought it would be a little funny)
Learn from history. Iraqinam seems to fit with that. How many millions died in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia after we abandoned them. Oh, sorry, it is not like that had any effect on us. They were just gooks. Spit!!!
J.Hova, forgive me if I missed where you acknowledged the accomplishments and great work of our military. I just don't ever remember you posting anything at all about the good our guys have done and are still doing. Please point out the thread that you posted on, supporting our military. I will go back and read it. Show me where you gave the men and women of our military accolades for jobs well done.
I admit that my memory is not as good as it use to be, but all I remember from any of my left leaning friends is BDS and lip service.


Want to know why we haven't finished the war(s)(other than the fact that we didn't have all of the information needed before we went)? I'd suggest everyone, whether pro or anti, read a book called "Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10" by Marcus Luttrell. It's pretty easy to understand why we haven't finished things in Afghanistan or Iraq and it's all about ROE.


I like sparing with you, thank you very much. It is in no way personal. Joanie gets a little pissy with me on occasion, but that is OK to.
She gets cranky because I usually crash and burn about now every night. It is my very own Tacoma skedaddle. Can't help it. Gotta sleep.
Good night all. Carry on without my insight.

joanie hussein

What does ROE stand for?

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