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June 22, 2008


howie in seattle

I'm part of a "bi-eyed couple" just waiting by my laptop for an invitation! Just kidding--my other-eyed partner would probably object to being "profiled"--she went to law school and never got over it. Family business takes us to the Kent valley so we might just have to try Imperial Garden.


The Wall, in S. Everett on Rucker. Crispy Beef to die for, covered with little fleks of chopped garlic, with a sweet teriyaki-style glaze. Teaching partner and I used to go here just before parent conferences...guaranteed to keep parental contact to a minimum!

sum fat chow


Honey walnut prawns at Harbor Monsoon, Gig Harbor.

Happy Dragon on 6th Ave in Tacoma is also da' bomb--awesome spicy eggplant.


Michael-Are you talking about the infamous natto? Combination of tofu, rotten (fermented) beans with noodles that have a hideous odor of an unwashed athletic sock and foot that was worn in an enclosed shoe for about two weeks! UGH!! I always see those on display at Maruta Shoten in Georgetown, Uwajimaya or Ranch 99 in Edmonds. Never got used to it and I think the relatives used to eat it to keep me at bay!

I love that photo of the Hibaritei (Hokka Hokka Bento) in Japan as it brings back pleasant memories of childhood and times of living there. I see too that you pay eight dollars and fifty cents for an kodomo no ranchi or in engrish, lunch of child. Japan is still full of small corner mom and pop restaurants and soba shops, which ironically you point out the amount of Chinese and Asian restaurants in strip malls in the Seattle area.

In Lynnwood, a place that takes me back to my days of living in Tokyo is Taka Sushi on Hwy 99 in a strip mall south of Petco. It is authentic Japanese not only in menu but in environment. For Chinese style noodles, especially a great bowl of ramen, Fu-Lin’s in downtown Seattle on King Street, two blocks north of Uwajimaya. Seattle weather is always fitting for a hot bowl of miso ramen and cha han (fried rice). Accompany those items at Taka’s and Ful-Lin’s with a cold bottle of Sapporo Beer. Maruta Shoten in Georgetown has great obento lunches, sushi and croquette. Price is good too!

Come to my house and you will smell kimchee, taste vegetarian curry rice and stir fry, or spinach, tofu, rice and miso soup. Only type of meat served here is fish such as sashimi, miso no saba (mackerel) or Hawaiian poky but that is very rare. Pretty soon there will be Samoan palusami (baby taro leaves baked in coconut milk), taro and ohka (Samoan sashimi). Don’t know much meat recipes since I am a vegetarian.

Have a pot of rice going to make inarizushi to take that over my daughter’s and son-in law’s place later with several bottles of Sapporo beer and a six pack of Hawaiian Kona Wailua Wheat (with tropical passion fruit) beer as a gift. Must go and see them and my grandson to spend some time with Ojichan before I head back to Hawaii then to sea again! As for now, have to pay heed to filling out endless immigration forms to bring my wife to the US.


Why strip malls...cheap rent? Only two of the above feastoria are in Seattle, and one is two blocks from the Shoreline border.

joanie hussein

I thought T&T was Korean? Only been there once but was taken by a Korean couple...well, maybe they preferred Chinese, too.

I prefer Japanese. Love miso soup. Too much grease in Chinese. Do they really use a lot of grease or is that just Americanized Chinese? Do like hot and sour soup.

Also love Than Brothers(Vietnemese) Pho on Aurora and in Ballard. And their little desserts - eclair like. Yummy!

I'm learning from your Sunday Munchies column that I like simple.


I can't let an article about Chinese restaurant names go by without mentioning HUNG FAR LOW
112 NW Fourth, Portland.
It is no longer a restaurant but an infamous dump dive bar. From a Review of Dives in Portland:

Their best drink is the Hung Far LoNG Island: Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Sweet & Sour, cola, and one cherry, for $5. They're like a time machine: every drink consumed fast-forwards you to a state of drunkenness that would usually require several hours, rather than 25 seconds. But the real value of Hung Far Low is its atmosphere: Lights so dim, one can sit at the wrong table for several hours before realizing it. A few precautions: Beware of tripping over drunks, and never order food unless you are a healthy eight drinks into the night. (Even then, avoid the beef.)


I gotta rant a little; KIRO 7 described how Puyallup has made $250,000 on intersection camera based citations, and then the anchor said quote "Puyallup is the latest city to install traffic cameras to keep intersections safe." I have heard KING 5 anchors make similar utterances. I think it's irresponsible of journalism outlets to assume that the motivation of government entities must always be most noble possible motive when they realy have no idea what the motive is/was. They assert the motivation was to promote traffic safety immediately after reporting on how the city had brought in a ton of new found revenue from this so called safety measure.

You might say the implication of reporting such a story is to subtly point out the conflict of interest but if that's true then why do they invariably add that last little bit that assures us public planners are thinking of the public and not their budget when they take such measures?


My favorite is not "in" a strip mall but next door. If I remember correctly, the name is Top Gun and it is just north of the northwest corner of Factoria Mall. It is almost impossible to see from the street that borders the north and west sides of the Mall parking area. Great for Dim Sum at lunch time and good Cantonese food at night. As I have been living in Taiwan for the past 22+ years, I am always looking for Taiwanese restaurants in the Northwest. I will have to visit Yea's wok.

Rozskat, stinky tofu is fermented tofu that is usually deep fried. In the out door night markets vendors sell it everywhere. The smell is very distinctive and when I smell it in Seattle I immediately think of Taiwanese food and want to eat.

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