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May 19, 2008


joanie hussein

Let's hope so.

You forgot the rightwing charge that Hillary wears pantsuits.

joanie hussein

And where do you get those pictures?


The intolerant bias of political talk show hosts is not just a characteristic of the right wing. Randi Rhodes will defecate on any caller who dares to present an opposing opinion from a conservative perspective.

joanie hussein

Thanks, aboob, for making Michael's and Moore's point. You present yourself as the sort of rightwinger described above.

I just love it when the right doesn't get it.


You forgot the one where we want to drag women kicking and screaming to force them to have abortions, and that the economy is STRONG!


How about this one?

Bush and the GOP are failing because they are governing like Democrats.



Dont forget the old left wing catchphrase:
"Bush lied...people died"

David Tatelman

Well, that's true don't you think?


What happened to this blog? Seems like the owner is sick of listening to, and commenting on, local talk radio shows. I wish he would go back to that.

The Boxer Dogs

DT, you said you wouldn't complain about the content. It will be marked against you


Oh yeah, I forgot I promised that.

I think right wing talk radio will flourish under Obama. I don't think they'll be changing their tune at all. It's a formula that gets ratings.


What local talk radio shows? It's all gone national except for the blah, blah of Ross, and Dori, the droner Dave Boze, the Chucklehead Taters or TBTL which is not talk about anything I am interested in... Kirby just makes me sad. Local talk radio is all but over in this market.

Maureen McMahan Moore

Don't forget Ron & Don. They insult the thoughtful market every day. I rarely leave NPR these days, when it starts to repeat the news, I listen to music. I can't think of much radio any more that's worth all the commercials.


At different times, I used to turn on KVI or KIRO at 6:30 a.m. and not turn it off until 10 in the evening.

There's nothing left of the talk radio we once knew. Yes, I listen to NPR, and even though I am a stanch conservative, I'm enjoying what I get, I even give them money.

Piper Scott

I agree that an extreme Obama administration will help talk radio, but I don't think that an "entertainment medium" manned by self-promoting egotists trying to sell soap is the best place for a political discussion. Besides, Obama is a flawed candidate who will lose. Let it die. The Internet is where the actual debate should be or will be.

The Piper

Derek Smalls

Hey Crack Piper, the public is fed up with 8 years of Bush, McCain is cranky and old. Who is flawed now?


Dori Monson's show has firmly become the circular vacuum conservative talk show, and I doubt Dori knows anything about Neville Chamberlain either. Dori doesn't devote every hour to national politics but the hours that he does feature zero opposing viewpoints, it's just Dori proselytizing, a caller who agrees, more proselytizing, another caller that agrees, and on and on. He should be moved to 770. If you get all the like minded listeners on the same dial his ratings will double.


dori already has the ratings, so he doesn't have to do anything to his show.

If you want to talk about actual radio, hit the kiro blogs. They are actually getting some legs now and plenty of discussion on the day's topics. It's obvious blatherwatch wants to become a "respected" political blog so they can play with the big boys like goldy does. Not going to happen, but it's always nice to dream big.

Dave Meinert

The edited and censored KIRO blogs are cool, and they may talk about the topics on the radio, but they don't allow talk about themselves. When something happens to radio or to somebody on the radio, you'll read it here. The corporate blogs will never replace the wild and woolly independents like Mike and Goldy where you can say fuck when you need to.

Keith Craine

I too was a KVI listener from 6:30am to 10:00pm. I got so tired of Kirby's terrible annouciation and his speed rate of speach. Have another latte Kirb. Then they dropped in Dr. Laura (another past KVI looser). Why does someone want to listen to some screwed up woman continually complaining to the Doctor about her messed up life? What a drag. Then the matched up Carlson with that idiot Schram.
I gave up on KVI.


I think the guy who said they used to leave the radio on one station all day is on to something. I like Dori and Dave, but there is nothing else for me on KIRO, I turn it off and sometimes I forget to turn it back on. I have noticed in the car that I flip more and more to NPR and leave it there even because of the commercials on KIRO or KVI.


I can't count on KIRO's blog to let me say what I want to say, I've had good luck here.

I don't blame the blog operator for the political entries that have nothing to do with radio because most people who listen to talk radio are also interested in politics.

Keith Craine

Hey Derek Smalls,

Weren't you in Spinal Tap? Love that name.


Why does any radio station hire Dr Laura? She only has 8.25 million listeners.


Dori's ratings aren't great because he's on KIRO from 12pm to 3pm, it's because he's been there for ten or so years and has attracted simple minded conservatives looking for the baseball games like flies to fly paper. Being lead in by a liberal show and followed by entertainment news show can't be the best environment for Dori's show. If he was on 770 he would be surrounded by fellow government haters and would ascend further. He could even be the next Glenn Beck.

KIRO management probably thinks he makes a good antagonist on an otherwise liberal station but he doesn't, he doesn't challenge liberal listeners, he takes it for granted that social solutions are bad and goes from there.

If anyone needs an example, I heard him with his chorus of "me too!"s saying Obama's health care plan wouldn't work because it allowed anyone to get free health care even if they now pay for it, and that was a rather retarded conclusion to jump to based on a tiny sound bite of a plan that hasn't been further detailed. As a liberal I'm not at all intrigued by such absolutely empty headed discourse, there's no substance to it - and I don't even like Obama. I switched to music at that point.

Pretty Good

Dr. Laura went in for vagina reduction surgery, but they mistook her mouth for down there and now she looks like a leering jack o' lanter. Her 8.5 million listeners are all women who need the same surgery, or men who wish their wives would have tighter vajay-jays.


Im sure Bla'M will fill in the details later but I just saw this:

TVNeswer has the ratings from Friday night. Guest host Rachel Maddow took over for Keith Olbermann and hit it out of the park. She beat O'Reilly by 100,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo.

Here's the full results for the 8:00 Eastern time slot:

FNC O'Reilly:
CNN Brown:
MSNBC Countdown:
HLN Grace:

Rachel had the highest rated show for the night, by a lot. She added 130,000 viewers to her lead in.

Artie Fufkin

Rachel is one of us...


Wow Sparky, but didn't Bill also have a fill-in? If that is the case then she beat the shorts off of someone else. Why did you not show the numbers for all viewers. Ohhh, it shows that the O'Reily show with a fill-in beat the pants off of Rachel by over 300,000. Nice try.

joanie hussein

Great thread. I see clearly the difference between libs and cons. Starting with asdasdasdasd who admitted his (her?) preference for blogs which are censored, edited and controlled. (baa, baa anybody?)

Michael's is just perfect for us randy and random free thinkers, thank you.

Talk radio seems to be defeating itself with all the ads. But, young people have grown up with all those ads which is why, I guess, radioland is always trying to get that market.

Maybe Obama can bully pulpit his youthful following into less consumption and more thinking...

Obama is finally taking on McCriminal McCain and the right and letting go a bit of Clinton. I like it. He sounds so adult. He sounds so mature. McCriminal just sounds old. There's a difference you know.

We haven't heard reason like Obama's for almost eight years. I didn't much like Clinton but he sure was eloquent. Obama lends some intelligence to politics once again. He kind of told the right to leave it on the playground when referring to the smear tactics against Michelle.

Hey, Tommy, what did you think of the turnout in Oregon? Can you leave it on the playground?


Good catch, Steven. I passed on your information.

trashed by now

It used to be if you didn't like one local, trash-talking, right-wing piece of shit, you could flip over and find another local trash-talking right-wing piece of shit. No more. Now it's liable to be some king of lifestyle non-sense like Ron and Don, TBTL. Dr. Laura, or politics from a new yorker like O'Reily or Hannity.


Yknow Sparky, If you look at the numbers of the previous friday, almost 1 million viewers of O'Reillys show got off to an early start of a wonderful weekend while the same 1 million or so viewers of Olby's stayed home and got duped into watching Rachel. Goes to show who are the ones who are paying attention to whats happening around them.


Only you would equate lack of watching TV with not "paying attention."
I bet you even think that Orally's viewers are more informed than most. You know, the ones who think Saddam was in on the attack of 9-11 and that our economy is booming and Democrats hate God.


joanie hussein

Well, I was one who tuned in on Friday because I heard Rachel was filling in.

So, guess your ass-umption doesn't exactly hold up, does it Steven?

Makes Rachel pretty attractive to MSNBC wouldn't you agree?


Yes Joanie, she beat another fill-in in the 25-54 catagory. But she was smoked 2-1 by that same fill-in if you count all viewers. Not good. Not good. 2-1. Ouch. Was it worth it. Could you have been doing something more constructive like Charles Hubbel would have. LOL.

joanie hussein

What does her numbers have to do with me doing something constructive?

If I'm going to do something constructive, I ought to be doing it now instead of participating in this irrelevant and incomprehensible conversation.

I'm sure more people have read "Valley of the Dolls" than Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" but that certainly doesn't make Hawking less constructive...

Well, maybe to you.


I too was a KVI listener from 6:30am to 10:00pm. I got so tired of Kirby's terrible annouciation and his speed rate of speach.

I've said it before but that show has become a total joke and I used to like it. It consists of Kirby speaking one long word for 45minutes like this: thisis570KVIandyourelisteningtokirbyandkompanyajismyfavoriteintern

and then after the word ends Carleen will ask some totally inane question, like this:
"Kirb, where do babies come from?"
just to remind us she's still there, apparently.

and I'm not even 100% sure if that Mark guy is still on the show or not.

Also, why do people have Kirby read their ads? He delivers copy like a retarded kid. I'm sorry to say that but Hal3000 is more animated.


she beat another fill-in in the 25-54 catagory. But she was smoked 2-1 by that same fill-in if you count all viewers. Not good. Not good. 2-1. Ouch. Was it worth it

Hate to get coldly capitalistic with Never-Nevetsland, but who give's a shit? Talk to any marketing exec about the target demographic: 25-54 equals $$$$. The majority of Herr Falafeloofa's audience is over 55.

Sure, the over-55 demo is a good target for AARP & Viva Viagra, but that's about it. Not good. Not good. Target demographic. Ouch. Was it worth it?

Note: all apologies to the over-50 folk here. I did start with a "cold capitalist" preface, and most of you wouldnt pass-wind over Falafeloofa anyway.

Note 2: I've recently left the king-of-all-kings, allahu-akbar, chuthulu-be-praised 18-34 demo, so I'm headed in that direction. Just not that direction... savvy?


Off topic for a moment

Prayers and good wishes to Senator Ted Kennedy and his family as he has been diagnosed this morning with a malignant brain tumor.

No matter what you think of him personally, he has done a lot for this country.


Nice thought sparks; I agree...prayers and good wishes indeed.


It is now known that Ted Kennedy's problems stem from a brain tumor. All decent people pray for a recent good health for him. Of course, that doesn't include that sick pup Rabbi Daniel Lapin who is prbably preparing a celebratory feast for tonight during which he will chortle with glee and then don his rabbinical attire and pray for Ted's swift demise. This from the same man who had a "merry countenance" on the air, the day after that Kennedy cousin died in his skiing accident (he went off the course and hit a tree) and surmised that the death of such a person was a helpful "cleansing of the gene pool". Lapin hates the Kennedy's, as does many of the troglodyte wing of the Republican Party. Ted isn'T perfect , and can be faulted for cHAPPAQUIDDICK, but i took him at his word when he said he dove repeatedly to try to free Mary Jo from the car. The repug hypocrite haters will never forgive ,whereas they eagerly forgive their own for all sorts of transgressions.


thank you for saying what I was thinking.


WADR there's no need for a 'tit-for-tat' statement in this regard...it's very shallow.


The insufferably superior Dr. Laura treats her callers with a kind of indulgent contempt, whereas I only have pure contempt for her, not indulgent contempt.

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