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May 04, 2008



Wasn't there discussion of having this "tax" for athletes who come to Seattle? How do they keep track? Are accountants held liable when they screw up?


Franken is a meanspirited elitist who will lose just like Obama. These cityfied intellectual liberals can win the coasts but can't prove to heartland Americans that they caan understand or represent their interests. Kind of amazing to read such an unbiased post on this blog. Maybe Hood gets Franken like other voters do.


I can attest that CPA's -I hope Al wasn't stupid enough to go to someone who holds himself out as an Accountant without the appropriate credentials- are held accountable. You can lose your license, be suspended, or combination of both. Moreover, for they are suppose to have professional liability insurance so as to cover the costs that Franken will incur.
Of course for Al, the real cost isn't the late fees. Rather it is the political costs.
If you read RadioEqualizer he has been all over this for a week.


Looks like Joanie washed out of Shick Shadel...too bad. Better luck next time.

Howard Dean on Fox News.


Watch the cartoon Roadrunner Cloud as the Dem Party runs away from Daily Kos, et al.
Looks like they learned the lesson of 'Senator' Ned Lamont.
The Dem Party will use 'em again at the next primary.

Big question, will the Kos types fall for it again.

joanie hussein for obama

All over what? My god, another tempest in a teapot. But all the right-wing crazies need to keep the warmongering Keating-Five McCriminal and his cronies like Coleman alive.

It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

cityfied intellectual liberals

well, I guess we could all become "backwoods ignorant rubes" like you so-called conservatives that gave us the current "Harvard-and-Yale legacy grad-u-ate from Crawford." You know, the one who declared mission accomplished umm . . . how many years ago was it?

joanie hussein for obama

My only experience with CPAs is Arthur Andersen. Were they liable? How much did the people of California recoup? I really don't know.


PutS you need to actually read Daily Kos, in depth, instead of relying on what Brian Baloney tells you.
If you did, you would find thousands and thousands of posts saying how important it is to get the message out to everyone, even those who watch Faux News. The media is in the business of using the big brush because it is easier than to actually do some investigating. No, not everyone likes the idea of sitting down with the very people who find millions of ways to twist words every night, but there are those who take a more centrist approach and say to at least give it a try. There are no Road Runner clouds.


The Winter book is out and Dori Monson wins again! #1 in his daypart for all of Seattle!


i'd like to see Monson and Burbank lose teir jobs in a gay sex scandal at the station, and be reduced to wearing paper hats on their new jobs at the Holman Road and Queen Anne Dick's.


Actually I do pretty much read the articles on Kos and Dem Underground to get a different perspective.
Posts are something I usually steer away from as a waste of time. ANYONE can post, hell look at the crap Joanie throws against the wall.
Not sure why you are so deadset against the Radio Equilizer given his high percentage of accuracy about radio matters in general.
If he was someone who was a ranter/blowhard why would B'lam link to him and cite the blog as an authoritative source?


Puts: methinks you've gained significant added respect now that you're being deduced as a CPA. Careful...you might soon be welcomed into 'the club'...ha.
In that regard, can you explain why Hillary's gas tax plan would not be a good idea? I'm a bit 'skeptical' of it myself.


Duffman, why does Hillary tell people she is going to get the gas tax removed this summer??? She has no power or authority to do so..that lies with Congress and they have already said they will not bring the issue to the table, and Bush has said he will veto anything like it. Does she really think the gas companies will not just raise the prices to match whatever tax is lost? And since this was originally McCain's idea, why is she pushing a Republican talking point?


Political posturing sparks, has to be. I'm as confused as you are why she would tout this idea - that's why I kind of wanted Puts slant on it. For a short term 'feel-good' it might 'sound' okay but it just doesn't seem to have legs to me. I'm surprised that she is pushing for this and I can only surmise that this is an 11th hour tactic to try to draw in the 'uninformed'. We'll see how it plays out tomorrow. I'm hoping she will win Indiana and be withing a single digit in NC...then the super dels have their work cut out for them.


The big worry is that the money that would normally be accrued as part of the tax to pay for road improvements, etc. would leave a funding gap that may cause some traffic projects to be delayed. Moreover, another issue is that some of the gas companies would keep the price artificially high and not allow it to drop consistent with the removal of the tax. So any reduction would be little at best.

The people I feel for are the Truckers. For them that reduction in the gas price is a big deal. They vote and they'll remember who was backing them and who wasn't. That would explain why McCain and Clinton are behind it.

Hey Duff, thought you would appreciate that nice pic of Joanie on her way for 'the cure.'


In that regard, can you explain why Hillary's gas tax plan would not be a good idea?

Quite simply, it's the most short-sighted, idiotic, & stupid "political" solution to a complex problem that I've ever seen. It will perfectly fulfill the criteria for the law of unintended consequences.

Among others, here's three of the major reasons why it's just plain dumb:

A.) It will actually encourage Americans to drive more, thus raising demand (with falling supplies), thus raising the overall price of gasoline. (DUH!)

B.) Related to "A", oil co's will simply see the tax break coming toward them - along with increasing demand, and will accordingly raise their prices to adjust.

C.) It does absolutely nothing to solve the overall US addiction to oil. In fact, it will make it worse.

Put simply, Hillary is just trying to score cheap points with a "mana from heaven" solution that will only make matters worse. Put simply, no one should ever vote for someone espousing such stupidity.

Hopefully the American public will be smart enough not to fall for it, but you'll never see me betting on it.


Puts: on this one I feel you and merci are correct. Tomorrow is a big day and we'll see what happens; I think both candidates are getting tired to the point that they are pandering for votes big time. I think Bill is doing well in NC in the smaller towns where folks have never beeen visited by a president or ex-president.
Indeed the truck drivers are taking it...expecially the independents. We have many complaints from our employees and we're trying to come up with a viable transportation-assistance program?


Duff, like Dave Ross and his idea of getting unlicensed drivers off the road by making them show a valid D.L. at the pump.

Sounds like good common sense, but...

First, why didn't Dave take into account that both alcohol and tobacco require an ID to purchase. And still we have underage kids drinking and smoking.

Second, at the loss of revenue from such a law, what makes Dave think the Oil Companies wouldn't buy the rights to the equipment needed for such a plan like they did the electric car.

It wont work. Hillary needs to work on it more.


Oh, on the pic/link of jho I'm surprised it didn't get a rise out of her?..lol. You are getting as good with those links as merci. ha


Yeah steven heard DR today and that topic. While sounding interesting I too felt it 'unworkable'!


"Oh, on the pic/link of jho I'm surprised it didn't get a rise out of her?..lol. You are getting as good with those links as merci. ha

Posted by: Duffman | May 05, 2008 at 07:34 PM"

I am but a mere Grasshopper next to Zen-Link Master Merci.
But yeah, you know she wants to reply but was probably too busy dodging Mr. O'Day...


There will likely be an opening on SNL for a writer after Stuart Smalley - the tax evader who blamed it ala Wesley Snipes on his accountant gets beaten by the incumbent in the great state of Minnesota.

joanie hussein

A rise of out of me? You ass-ume I look at your links. Rarely.

Easy way to get a virus. Also, putsie hasn't posted much that interests me in a very long time. I skim rather than read his (or yours Duff)posts on this blog.

There is little new in anything you've posted above. The ideas are stale and I'm surprised that intelligent people need to be informed of anything posted. Are any of you really that dense?

It is sad to me.

A parent and I were talking this morning. She and her husband are from NY and she's the progeny of great wealth and her family is all republican. She and her husband both have very good jobs but they, too, are talking about the future and hardships that they see coming.

We discussed the possibility of actually moving out of the US. She and I agree that the "S" factor is becoming more prevalent. She commented that she and her husband would actually be just as close to their families in Europe as the west coast. About five hours either way.

You know, while the rich have gotten much, much richer, the middle class will be tapped to an ever-increasing degree to pay for all the infrastructure and social needs that have been left behind since Reagan. I think chucks may be in for a surprise one day. I don't care if puts withstands it. He thinks because he can read and remember words, he understands and emotionally empathizes with people. It is obvious he does not have that capacity.

I wonder what chucks is going to do when sales no longer pay the bills. Oh yeah, he's got a wife who works for the gumment. I forgot.

The middle class will be decimated when the piper demands to be paid.

Duffman, you want the health care to get it off your back. Oh, you'll do fine. You are already one who benefits from the labor of others. For you, the greed is good motto encompasses living. You may be lonely because you have nothing better to do than post inane comments.

All this talk about the pros and cons of the gas tax? It happened once before - according to what I heard today on the radio - and, yes, big oil just raised their prices. I have no source for that, however.

Why are you even discussing this proposal as if there is any merit at all to this pandering of Clinton? I think I understand more and more why you, Duff, want Clinton. You're a Republican through and through and so is Clinton really.

And putsies little CPA memo above? No answer to the Andersen puzzle? I dropped that to see if you would have a reasonable response. Of course not.

No, supercilious and vacuous thinking. It's not even fun to call you names anymore. You are so ignorant that you're dangerous.

BTW, putsie, nobody picks up on your shadle comments because they are puerile, have no clever connection to anything I post or do, and are getting very, very stale. So far, your best is (ph)ony joanie. But, I realize that one took more effort to type each time than you wish to spend.

Put those few brain cells you have left that are not obligated to memorization and try to find something that is at least funny or clever.

Poor, merci. Even he's finally had to drop the level of discourse to engage you guys. Shakespeare has become Harold Robbins to appease the "S" factor-indulgents above.

joanie hussein

And Steven, you and your one-tour-in-Nam armchair patriots finally got the ultimate prize:
Sgt. 1st Class David L. McDowell, 30, of Ramona, California died Tuesday in Afghanistan of “wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked using small arms fires.” The San Diego Tribune reports, “He had been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq seven times and was a recipient of two Bronze stars and a Purple Heart.”

Everyone now knows this war was and is for oil. You have so much killing in your gut that you will send back your toy soldiers until they all die, die, or come back like Tomas Young, an alert mind in a dead body.

All for oil.

You are despicable.

Have you said sorry to a vet yet?

joanie hussein

Funniest thing I heard today:

The much-vaunted-on-the-right must-have-patriot-lapel-pins are actually made in China.

A country of propagandized dimwits.


Joanie, you should read those articles you link. Isn't the Afghanistan War one that you support? And are you now saying that war there is about oil? Make up your mind. Oh, I forget, you are a woman.


"Funniest thing I heard today:

The much-vaunted-on-the-right must-have-patriot-lapel-pins are actually made in China.

A country of propagandized dimwits."

Posted by: joanie hussein | May 05, 2008 at 10:38 PM

No matter where you heard this or seen this Joanie, spreading this around, now wouldn't that make you the dimwit?


"Duffman, you want the health care to get it off your back. Oh, you'll do fine."

THANK YOU joanie for the 'encouraging' words...I hope so. You know it's not easy running the show from here at Western State..but I try. Hopefully they'll continue to let me use the computer...OOOoops, must go; they've come to take me to the bathroom now.

joanie hussein

Try to stay focused Steven. Hard, I know. But, try.


I'm focused Joanie. If I wasn't I would not have caught those gaffs of your previous posts.


Nevets reminds me of a 3 year old who runs into a room, sticks out his tongue, then runs out, only to peek around the corner to see if anyone noticed.

Nevets must really like you joanie. He sure goes to a lot of trouble to get your attention!


Well, maybe a Repug blogger knocked AF off track but it took an ex-political hack 'Newt' to realize this! Happily this will be Too Little Too Late!


Dave Ross proved again this morning why he is a buffoon and needs to move on and give a younger man his chair. He adressed the story of the two swarthy,scowling gents whose picture was snapped by a ferry captain last summer. The FBI had the Seattle Times publish it and asked for help in identifying them. The other day news came out that the men had cleared themselves at a foreign US embassy. They were simply businessmen on a trip to U.S. and were amazed at the size of the ferry, and wanted pics of it. Ross had a clown on from the Arab-American troublemaker group CAIR and he immediately caved in and agreed with the CAIR guy's claim that what the men were doing would be thought innocuous if they were blonde blueeyed fellows. Total crap. These gents were seen on multiple occaisions taking pic of doors, walls and other aspects of the boat that a real terrorist might take pics of if he was prepping an attack. The FBI NOTICED A PATTERN. It wasn't a bunch of dumb racist yahoos overeacting. Of course Dave Ross is too sophisticated, ironic, creamydeep-voiced and chuckling a fellow to be alarmed by such things. Too far above it all- as he cruises Mercer Island in his wimpy, dorky Prius . I say bravo to the ferry captain and the FBI. Ross still lives in a Sept.10th mentality.

Ray T.

Yeah, the FBI, real crime fighters they are.

"Two months before the September 11 attacks, FBI agent Kenneth Williams sent the below memo to bureau brass in Washington and New York warning that a cadre of Osama bin Laden disciples might be training at U.S. flight schools in preparation for future "terror activity against civil aviation targets." Williams suggested a nationwide FBI review to determine whether such a "coordinated effort" could be seen in other localities. The Williams memo was roundly ignored, of course, until after the World Trade Center was leveled".

Sept 10th we had people working on the job, so looking for non-white dudes on a ferryboat or harassing folks talking pictures isn't going to do anything for security. It's great that a bunch of white people were made to look as they are--bigots.

I think Ross is spot on for showing us who the real clowns are and how everyone is trying to play catch up after the fact.

It's too bad it's turned into a bunch of racist ferryboat riders and captains who sole job should be steering the boat correctly, instead of acting like a bunch of scared white folks.

This is the WSF "Crackerquiddick"


Ray T., are you the renowned black racist, and Ross'es fellow radio buffoon, Ray Taliaferro? What great logic you have. Because te FBI screwed up before Sept.11, that means they shouldn't attempt to identify and have a chat with gents who are over-the-top suspicious by any reasonable standards. If i was the captain i would not take pics of the swarthy gents or call anyone if it was a onetime incident. Apparently he only called the FBI after they were seen on several different ferry trips taking these pics and scowling. but why try to explain things to you, Ray? It's like wiping your nose on a grindstone, or using a shovel with a rope handle, to quote Dr.Bill- You filter everything through your distorting, mental "hate whitey" prism.

Ray Tal #1 night time host

So,, for "scowling" they are suspicious?

Is this more "insolence" on the part of non-white people. They should be going up to passengers and doing some "Yass sir and No Sarr" a lot.

Does riding more than one ferry violate some sort of cruising laws? It is part of the state highway system. I thought the state tourism website promoted tourism and being on a ferry boat certainly qualifies as such since it's one of the largest tourists destinations for picture taking.

But I guess you feel the ferry captain should spend more time in his half-drunken stupor when he's not pinching subordinate pieces of ass, or crashing on the rocks to report non white (Eyerabs, negras) and anyone else who dares to sully the lily white island suburbs with 'those people'.

joanie hussein

haven't you noticed, Ray, that it always gets back to race with Tommy?

Good post, Ray.


RedmondDem, Peek-a-boo.

That three year old you are talking about. Would that be Stewie of Family Guy.

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