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May 10, 2008



No radio personality sells more products for advertisers than Limbaugh.

Nobody entertains more folks than Limbaugh. His weekly audience of 15 million belies anybody who says different.

Limbaugh's $330 million contract is proof nobody in radio generates more profit for himself and his employers; except the great Howard Stern.

joanie hussein elitist for obama

And what does that say about Americans who voted for Bush?

That we're all a-boobs who worship at the alter of fools like Limbaugh and money. And that we'll vote against ourselves if some fool makes us laugh while we're doing it.

Like I said, there's an American sucker born every minute.

BTW, this is a very American phenomenon which explains our current level of dislike in the world. How sad.

But, there is a bright spot: who says Perry whatshisname is right? Seems to me that Rush's influence may be waning as people are experiencing the results of living to laugh rather than living to learn.

Ah, just the point of view of an elitist teacher.


Thinking that Jon Stewart fits that mold on TV.

How do you explain, then, the numbers for NPR - KUOW?

I keep thinking about this. Isn't it like sugar? We love sugary foods but know those foods are not nutritious. Some of us choose wisely and others give in. Isn't everything like that?

Our culture has become one that is looking for entertainment - the sugar of intellectual nutrition. So, sugar it will get.

That's worth celebrating? Honoring? Encouraging? Like everything, it is a matter of choices. To be healthy or sick. Up to us which we choose.

joanie hussein

Richard Greene on KPTK devoting great deal of time to the notion that 9-11 was a put-up operation. I don't believe it. Still, interesting.

And, this topic of entertainment. I teach kids who are considered gifted. They reside in the top ten percent of academic achievers. They are not different from other kids except that they come from homes that really honor and guide intellectual curiosity.

So, watching the Discovery Channel, reading non-fiction, playing math games is entertainment for them. Just as watching Bill Moyers, listening to Ross and Hartman, watching C-Span and reading Chalmers Johnson is all entertainment for me.

Let's not limit the definition of entertainment.

Let's instead honestly admit that an awful lot of people like a-boob make silly and stupid mind-numbing choices when choosing their form of entertainment.

Charles Hubbell was entertained tinkering with telescopes. Bells with amplification. Edison and Franklin with electricity.

Liberals seem to be entertained by intellectual pursuits and people like Hartmann, Ross, and Maddow. Conservatives seem to be entertained by Beck, Hannity and Monson.

I think Rush gets both. The difference is that liberals consider Rush entertaining but not informing; conservatives don't seem to know the difference.

Finally, Reagan sitting in the Randi spot next week on Air America.

joanie hussein

I forgot to include NPR/KUOW on that liberal list!


Who is Charles Hubble?

joanie hussein

Oh dear. You must have googled and found my memory wanting. Just inform me o' wise one.


Joanie - I live part of the year in an undeveloped country in the South Pacific. I have learned much from this experience that wealth and success depends upon interpretation. Being impressed by monetary wealth is indeed an American conviction. Vestiges of Horatio Alger, Manifest Destiny and from those who still believe America is number one while in denial that the empire is dying.

Am I to be awed over Limbaugh’s $330 million dollar contract? It is no different than an acquaintance trying to impress me with his specialized thirty five thousand dollar plus SUV over my eleven year Japanese import. I still get 30 miles to the gallon, accumulated over 173,000 miles and have not made car payments in years.

When I am living at my island nation, having food on the table, clothes for the kids and a roof over our heads, even if it is only a “tiki hut” is good enough for us. I rent a car and pay nearly five dollars a gallon for petrol but I can still enjoy the night life the city has to offer or go to the beach on weekends with the kids.

I took my American born son twice last year to spend time with his island family. He met for the first time his stepmother, grandparents, brother, and cousins. Gone during his visits were video games, personal computers, fast food restaurants and the “good life” that we are supposed to be enjoying in the United States. I was offended at remarks made when I was taking him there, that I was showing him how good he has it here. I told them quite to the contrary. Besides meeting his other family, my goal was to educate him how other people live and survive while learning from them, not be sanctimonious because he is an American.

My mother survived World War 2 in a bomb ravaged nation. She recalled as an adolescent when the war had ended, the first commodity in short supply was food. Inflation took its toll on the populace, the country was bankrupt and the currency they held was worthless. In a train ride to steal food from the fields, she saw the wealthiest man from her city sitting atop of the train to go and find food with them. His monetary and material wealth could not buy a single potato. From that upbringing, material wealth measured in dollars means very little to me.

So what reaction do those who are impressed by accumulation of material wealth expect from me? I lost my argument because Limbaugh, who has the same education level as me, has a $330 million dollar contract? That makes him and his beliefs credible? I find him only to be an entertainer, paid like any other celebrity and nothing else.


"SPOT ON" as people here like to say. I agree with absolutely everything you said, rozskat, except for the part about Rush being entertaining.


Good stuff Rozskat.

joanie hussein

Your analysis of the values Americans have come to admire is keen. I hope you will consider me a kindred spirit.

You might think I'm taking this too far but I think what you are describing fits in more comfortably with the liberal perspective. I think you are lucky to have an island getaway equaled only by the gift of time to enjoy it.

It is what so many of my parents describe when they travel to socialized Europe. They return with a greater appreciation for time and an enhanced respect for a culture that values the greater good as opposed to personal fortune.

Thanks for sharing. I'm currently grappling with concern for my own welfare that keeps me in the peculiarly American rat race. When you think about it, most of us are fearful of being poor. It is our ethic to keep working and striving and perhaps never really get in synch with just living.

We are propagandized into a state of fear. Fear of everything. Especially fear of being poor.

Nobody wants to be poor here. It is not enviable at all. Ridicule, scorn and a lack of humanity is what you'll get for being poor in America. And being homeless is the worst fear of all. And the way things are going, I think we are all more fearful today than we were eight years ago. And there are damn few people on this blog that would give a hoot if any one of us was out on the street tonight.

Rush? I wouldn't trade places with him for all the overpriced tea in China. Nor with any of his vacuous admirers.

I'd like to be you, Rozskat.


Some of us were taught at an early age that there is this thing called the American Dream. If you work hard, you can achieve anything. So, many of us found our goals and have worked hard to reach them.
We certainly should cast shame on those idiots that sought the education, took the risks and did the hard work to make it happen. Some of those fools have worked so hard and invested so much time for what? Greed I tell you, greed!! Look at the asshat rich bastards. Bill Gates, Joe Walton, Jerry Korum. Of coarse it does not mean shit, the many thousands of people
who have jobs because of them or the investments they have made to make this a better world. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Korum for Kids Foundation, The Walton Family Foundation, etc.
Living on an island in the South Pacific, in a grass hut surviving on Rum, coconuts, pineapple and Spam has a great deal of appeal to many of us. Unfortunately, we have work to do first. We have families to feed, many of which are not necessarily our own.


Were you being ironic, chucks?


Yes ma'am.
A little ironing in there. Of coarse I am waiting for my beloved joanie to point out the moronic (in her opinion) part.

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