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May 13, 2008



Sean Hannity has refined his smear campaign to a sweet science. Sean seeks to raise enough questions about Obama's character to put serious doubts in the mind of his massive radio audience. Hannity broadcasts daily to millions nationwide. Sean Hannity is 100% certain that he can persuade blue collar whites throughout the South and Middle America to choose a white American war hero over a Negro with a dubious background and disturbing associations.


Sean Hannity has defined his smear campaign to a sewage science. Sean seeks to lower the intelligence of bitter listeners about Obama's alleged character to put serious panic attacks in the mind of his inflated radio audience. Hannity broadcasts daily to thousands of bitter, 'I voted for Bush twice' listeners nationwide. As Sean Hannity is 100% insane, he feels that he can persuade blue collar whites throughout the South and Middle America to choose a white American, who hasn't an original thought on how to fix a broken nation, over a fine, intelligent urban hero with a college degree and associations to which most Americans feel is important for change.

Gay Gary

There's another way Republicans think they can win. It's going to be on display in Tacoma tomorrow ...


... and ready to take 8 in '08 ...


I'm surprised I missed this and it took reading the Olympian to find out about the real Operation Chaos coming to town.

Why isn't the "Election HQ" - KIRO - on this or the McCain visit ... which, despite listening to KIRO loyally for days now, I didn't hear about until a brief aside on the Big Story that was pulled straight off a print-out of AP copy? I mean I realize time is tight what with all the other scintilating content they have, like the world's most prudish threesome on TBTL and the "Talk Shots" back-promoting time killer featurette, but you'd think the "Election HQ" might assign at least one reporter to cover, oh I don't know ... the elections?


'..are named in the real media..'

Total agreement with your piece with exception of above. CBS can hardly be referred to as ',the real media' with it's 'Rather'ish' track record? That's like Faux claiming to be 'fair and balanced'.


Sean Hannity, along with the other 'minions' of the right-wing Republican hit squad had better be careful. They're a bit pre-mature in jumping on Sen Obama and they'd better proceed carefully lest they'll be helping his election rather than hindering.
While (still) not conceding Mrs Clinton's defeat I think (like I've said many times) this Country is determined to elect a Democrat for POTUS this time around. Sen Obama (while I think still not properly vetted) is certainly qualified to be POTUS...certainly as much as our current Pres., and ferocious attacks on him by these right-wing attack dogs will (I think) backfire this time. As this Country wants 'change' in leadership, I believe it also wants change in media & pseudo-media coverage. The ways of the good 'ol boy attack mentality will not be received well and will, I think, be largely discounted. Sen Obama has obvious incredible speaking skills and I would put his retorts to any such attacks in the 'win column', no matter what subject matter they bring up. There is no question in my mind whatsoever that if he's the nominee (and I am getting closer to accepting that he will be) - he will be our next POTUS.

joanie hussein

put serious doubts in the mind of his massive radio audience.

I wasn't aware that the right had "serious" anything. Spin, spin, spin - isn't that the mantra on the right?

Nice job, Gobama!

And, Duff, with your track record, that statement could portend a worrisome ending for the Obama campaign. Umm, please keep your thoughts and predictions to yourself.


I shan't even dignify that post with a response other than this...as you are not worthy.


'as you are not worthy'

..sorry joanie, meant that to be 'it's' (i.e. your post) was not worthy...you obviously are!

btw: when's your boy JE going to endorse?


I know I've brought Kirby's vocal mannerisms up before but yesterday I heard him say this:

"... and he has been challenge thawtafulaher crewhaloa haum, so we'll be halrwer soon after traffic."

Yes, this was an actual sentence spoken!

What does that mean? It's like suddenly the absolutely minimal effort he puts into enunciation became just way too much and he briefly transitioned to Kirbish, forgetting that he alone knows that exotic tongue. It's becoming so impossible to decipher anything he says (it's usually no problem if you sit and really concentrate at the radio but I can't usually afford that level of intense attention while driving) that I've just started settling for Fitz in the Morning on the Wolf.


I totally agree vTech. It's simply incredible; almost like his mouth is too lazy to follow the train of thought(?). KVI, if you monitor this blog (and I KNOW YOU DO), if you have any thoughts about retaining listeners you'd be wise to pay attention to this constructive criticism.


I've been thinking..if Rush is so influential with voters on the right, why is John McCain the presumptive nominee? Rush was outraged that McCain was starting to pull ahead and he implored his listeners to vote for anyone but Him. So, how's that working out, Rush?

Many of the superdelegates who have decided to support Obama did so AFTER witnessing the media-fed outrage over Rev. Wright, and they said it made them even more determined to support him.

Meanwhile, the media started their non-stop, wall-to-wall, up-to-th-minute, edge-of-their-seat, fingernail-biting coverage of the primary in West Virginia at 6am Eastern. They have once again jumped from the Obama parade,calling him inevitable, to proclaiming that Hillary has the "edge" because it is pretty certain she will win this state by a big margin. I will tune in next week to listen to the coverage of Oregon, but Im done with this nonsense until we have ONE candidate from each side and IF they start talking about issues and not about whether either of them have the toilet paper rolling over the front of the roll or the back, and how that affects their patriotism.


Right on!


Shame...I'm sure you meant LEFT on!


Hannity, Limbaugh and the right wing media messiahs are a novelty as they are the “Father Coughlin” of our time. However, they are a perilous novelty as their views are similar to those in nationalist or theocratic authoritarian regimes. Modern conservatives are unlike those of thirty or forty years ago who can engage in dialogs and were intelligent! Buckley was civil as for Limbaugh or Hannity is not. You would never see a Buckley or George Will encouraging absurd acts such as “Operation Chaos.”

Conservatives such as Limbaugh, Hannity and Wilbur has in essence dumb down conservatism. Instead of dialogs and debates, they resort to tiresome monologues and unsubstantiated attacks while their listeners seek solace and look for cheerleading to reinforce their convictions. More so now since their beliefs are unraveling. Several decades ago, talk show host Ray Briem was a conservative in a sea of liberalism in the late 60’s and 70’s on KABC radio in Los Angeles. Mr. Briem was intelligent and never afraid to tackle anyone with an opposing point of view. However, instead of ridiculing his opponent, Ray was armed with information to support his argument. His shows were informative and many of his listeners were not conservatives, but liberals who wanted an intellectual opposing point of view. Today’s conservative talk shows on both television and radio are nothing but video and audio version of tabloid journals. O’Reilly and Glenn Beck are prime examples.

Several weeks ago, an article on Floyd Brown was on Blatherwatch. Mr. Brown said four F’s were important to him. They were faith, family, freedom, and flag. He should have added another F, fanaticism. There is a fine line between patriotism and fanaticism and a majority of those on the right have crossed that threshold. In defining patriotism, today’s conservatives are nowhere close to that. They are nationalists believing America can do no wrong and Americans (conservative white men) are god’s chosen people in carrying out his tasks. The prevailing attitude is that if America fails, then it is the fault of the liberals because they hate god and America.

Yet it wasn’t long ago that these conservatives chastised liberals for being over-emotional, sanctimonious and derided personal attacks on them or their GOP cohorts. The wheels have turned and in the end, their behavior and actions are no different or in many cases worse than the very people they criticized. They even lost the ability to disguise their bigotry. It is desperate times for these demagogues.

Fa’a, as I am heading to my South Pacific home for several weeks to take care of issues. I will be back at the end of May but will keep reading Blatherwatch, when I am in the capitol city at an internet café.


have fun!


Michael Medved does a brilliant job of dismantling the foundations of Liberalism on a purely intellectual basis without the bells and whistles employed by Limbaugh or Hannity.


We will crush Obama. He was not vetted even as well as Kerry had been, and look what we did to him. There are reams of embarrassing material waiting for the right moment. The Rezko connection hasn't been exploited yet, and I guarantee that it will be a lulu that plays not only into Obama's eagerness to do about anything to get a mansion in a nice neighborhood, but to his connections to Middle Eastern bad guys. Hillary has been neutralized, and Democrats are stuck with this guy. Democrats love a pretty face, they wil lose again.


i tried to tell them that Burf, but Joanie and her ilk on this boar aer lost in their magical thinking about Obama and how he's going to sweep the nation with his "charisma". True charisma, such as JFK's , grows over the primaries and peaks after the convention up to the election. Obama's charisma peaked at about the time he was exposed with the phony fainting spells at his rallies, and has been on a downward arc ever since. The super delegates are simply too politically correct and scared of losing blacks as part of the party coalition (as well as their own coalitions neeed to keep them in their varoius elected offices) to do anyting but cave in for Obama. Hillary put up a good fight in the final stretch, but the reality is she blew a huge lead in votes and in campaigning funds to end up in this state. She played it safe with Hillaryspeak meaningless , answers to questions like the immigration issue which demand an answer. It seems that 2004 was probably her year to run, and she blew it. Now the Dems are left with a candidate that really doesn't have a prayer. The fact that he can't win any big states outside of Illinois shows he's too far out of the mainstream to win in the electoral college. I would have liked a contest between adults in both parties, not this miserable matchup, where only one adult is running .


T008, I hope you're wrong about Sen Obama but I do agree with you that we're picking the wrong nominee if we pick him.
Should he be the nominee I think folks will come to see how correct we were in our support and (my) cheer-leading for Mrs Clinton.
As I've said, Sen Obama may in fact be great, but I don't believe he has been properly vetted and we could have certainly had Hillary for 4 or 8 years, giving our Nation more time and opportunity to fully get to know Sen Obama and his 'details'. Hopefully, there is still a chance for Mrs Clinton to pull this out with some miracle happening soon that can persuade the super delegates to go her way.


Sorry Duffy, but I think you might just as well get used to another four years with a Republican White House. All that we have thus far learned about B HO has been brought to you by Hillary. Wait until you see what comes out in the light of day about him.
Hell, I doubt that the Clinton camp is done Borking him.
Get the hot buttered pop corn and the Pepsi. Get ready for the really big shoe.


Yeah, well chucks I hear ya and I will be studying and trying to assimilate all that I can about the good Sen Obama. If it comes to pass that he is not the person that he represents himself to be - I voted Republican once before and I'm not above doing it again -if need be.
Quite frankly I was baffled at Sen Obama's gaff the other day (in Oregon) wherein he referred to the 57 states (?)...wondered why he picked that number of all numbers.
Someone on another blog questioned if it might have anything to do with this Disturbing link? Hope not! Obviously I WILL be paying attention!


57 states, Ooh you might be onto something there.

There is much we have yet to learn about Barry, anyone heard of S2433, the Global Poverty act that he is sponsoring? It would cost over $800 Billion in 14 years and turns over 0.7% of the US GDP to the UN to distribute to 3rd world countries to stop poverty.

Funny, he wants to lead our country and then give a big chunk of control over to the UN.

There's also some stuff in there that would tie us to a small arms reduction and buy into Kyoto.


"to small arms reduction" not "a" small arms reduction. See ya' 2nd amendment.


Okay, I just read the complete text of the bill and am afraid I've fallen victim to some hyped up talking points. The bill says nothing about actual amounts or how it is distributed. Please disregard my premature post.

joanie hussein

aboob: ...brilliant..

You have an awesome vocab of superl's, aboob.

Rozskat, you are probably gone but I was thinking more about your post last week. There is an irony in your description and reflection on the pleasantries to be enjoyed in that habitat of the poor.

Especially when you are not wanting for food, medical care when warranted or in need due to disaster or other event unpredicted. The simple life is nice when it is a choice. Sort of like the British in India.

Surely, if it is so wonderful, what keeps you from residing there?

Ah, nice to be able to enjoy the pleasures of the common folk. Esp. when you are not common. Choices make a difference, do they not?

What do the simple folk do
To help them escape when they're blue?
The shepard who is ailing, the mildmaid who is glum
The cobbler who is wailing from nailing his thumb
When they're beset and besieged
The folk not noblessly obliged
However do they manage to shed their weary lot?
Oh, what do simple folk do we do not?

I have been informed by those who know them well
They find relief in quite a clever way
When they're sorely pressed, they whistle for a spell
And whistling seems to brighten up their day
And that's what simple folk do
So they say

They whistle?

For you, Fremont.

Also, I wonder to what degree our current political climate mimics the fifties and McCarthyism. Of course, they had Murrow. Olbermann is no Murrow and TV has dumbed down the citizenry. Still, do you see a parallel between the notion of "communists" and "islamofascists" in the minds of Americans?

Perhaps you'll see this from your internet cafe site...

joanie hussein

There are reams of embarrassing material waiting for the right moment.

If there aren't enough, you'll be sure to make some up.

I guess I have more faith in the citizenry of this country. With every foreclosure, job loss, unmet medical need, fourth, fifth and sixth tour if Iraq, another voter joins the liberal party.

George Bush don't care. Richard Cheney don't care. They got theirs and they're oughta here.

Oh, but first they have to bomb bomb Iran. You boys can dance to the beat of the bombs dropping on women and children.


I think after last night's thorough ass-kickin by Mrs Clinton, the super delegates need to pause and really think about who would be the tougher candidate against McCain. They were appointed to make such a tough decision, were they not?
T'aint over yet, folks!


She's a fighter, tireless worker and defines the word tenacity: this should be our candidate and next POTUS

joanie  hussein

And the first words out of her moutn after the win were to go to her website and support her...

Wonder what she meant by that? Hmm?

Obama has moved on. He's taking on McCain while Clinton is asking for money. You gonna send her some, Duff?


Been there, done that...think I will leave it up to Sen Obama and campaign to 'bail her out'. Even if she loses, she will still be a 'formidable' power within the Party and the Nation; a power that the good Sen from Illinois won't want to mess with.


Bla'M (or anyone?) a quick question for you...sort of on topic as he has lambasted Sen Obama many times.
Don't know if you've listened to the Phil Dendrie Show much...but I've caught it a few times and I'm amazed at how much apparent racist content he seems to get away with. Have you noticed?...and is it the time of night that he is on or what? Seems to me like he should have been booted off the air a long time ago? Puzzling?


Dendrie s/be 'Hendrie', sorry.


What is remotely appealing about listening to a racist who talks to his multiple personalities on the air?


Absolutely nothing sparks...I just have radio on TBTL and it's an in-between to Dave Ross (rerun)...and sometimes I wake up and it's on. Believe me I don't listen for long!


Maybe you should make sure you're fully awake, ok?


I'm awake enough to realize that the kind of stuff being spewed seems like it should get him off the air...and I'm curious how he seems to persist when so many others have been dismissed?


Heads-up Duffers:

Hendrie's show is all a fake. His entire schtick (incl using his own voice as "guests") is to generate outraged callers.


I surmised that merci, thanks...but how does he get away with it?...some of his schtick...is way beyond acceptable...way beyond Imus..and he's still on?...don't get it..is it because he is 'faking' it?...
Why haven't the Sharptons' and Jacksons' of the world put him out of business?

joanie hussei

Been there, done that...think I will leave it up to Sen Obama and campaign to 'bail her out'.

She needs more. You got it. You love her. So, give her more Mr. Hillary-fan. You think the's the best? Then put your money where your mouth is.

Also, why should the Sharpons and Jacksons have to take on a racist? Why don't you? and the rest of the rightwingers if you dislike him so much?

Always expect the left to do the heavy lifting and then diss them when they do.

A little schizo don't you think?

joanie hussein

Well, duff, looks like my man did come out for Obama. He's so smart. He gave a good speech. He dropped that awful southern drawl a bit. If he'd done that when he campaigned for himself, I think he'd have done better.

But, I heard Elizabeth is still hanging back. She thinks Hillary's health care plan is better.

Edwards would have been a marvelous and proactive President. That is our loss.

And, I heard that Hillary was giving a party for a group of supporters when the announcement was made. That she didn't get the turnout she expected and here she's asking for money as Edwards is endorsing Obama and taking the glory away from her big win.

Hmm. Sometimes I feel sorry for her.

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