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May 28, 2008



Like I've tried to tell the folks over at SP...Dino's 15-minutes of political fame have expired, much like former governor Huckabee on the National level. They will never re-gain any significant foothold in politics - period!
BTW, I could use some help over there at times when they try to crucify me...hint to all you astute liberal-progressives out there.


Duffer is asking for some assistance. He goes over there and gives as good as he gets.


Just try one website outside your comfort zone and see what happens.

(Cue in Jaws theme)


Haha...good Puts; methinks if they do go over it will be to 'lurk' - doubt they'll identify themselves and engage in mortal combat.


you are so brave, Duffman. you suck up over there just as much as you kiss ass over here. they seem to like you better than we do. I wouldn't be so sure that the commenters you name don't post as much on Sound Politics as you do.


an alias posting about folks using aliases....Hmmmmmmm priceless!
Let's see the merci's, joanie's, sparky's, re-coil's, fremont's, cpp3's of the world over there...'taint gonna happen


That would be "hill-bill" wouldn't it Duffmilk?


OMG..I could have predicted re-coil [we know who that is don't we] w/be next...this is getting way too easy.


Don't give me that shit-- All these names are aliases. Your name is not really Duffman. You're all a bunch of chickenshits hiding behind fake names. You can spout off all day with your opinions on every damn thing, and nobody ever knows who you are. You can be a liberal one day, and a conservative the next. Unsung First Amendment heroes: so courageous!


The topic is Dino Rossi to KUOW! Try to STAY ON IT!


Did you catch 'murky' in the first post is all about 'we' and in the second all about 'you'...what a phony...much like Sir Dino Rossi.


My name is actualy Andrew, I don't give my last name, addres or SSN for obvious reasons. Radio hosts often tend to be eccentric unbalanced individuals and often have criminal records. Michael Hood takes risks I wouldn't, perhaps because he's old and much closer to natural death than myself.

But on the other hand nobody realy needs to know who I am because I don't commit libel, I state opinions and wether someone else finds them usefull or not is all that realy matters. Knowing who I am would only give me cause to be less honest out of fear of physical retaliation.


As you can tell (if you are now listening to KUOW) Dino recites the 'script' that he always does and the soft-ball questions seem to match the script. I don't believe this man can 'think on his feet' or think extemporaneously. Not that our current Governor is adept at it but she does do it frequently. This man reminds me of a 'robot' that has been 'wound up' by the Repubs and then recites 'till he winds down. If the Repubs think they have a chance with this guy they're delusional.


Hey Andrew
"Radio hosts often tend to be eccentric unbalanced individuals and often have criminal records."

Care to enlighten us as to which hosts have criminal records?

I still recall those shots you took at NY Vinnie.
His response to you was spot on.

I can just see someone posting as
'Joanie Hussein of Blatherwatch' posting over on SP to lectures on the need for all of us to adopt the Carbon Offset Program.



Rachel Martin is joining ABC News as a general assignment correspondent to be based out of Washington, D.C.

Martin joins the network from NPR, where she was a newscaster for Bryant Park Project.

"Rachel joins ABC News with an extensive and versatile career covering some of the biggest stories of the last few years from abroad and at home," said ABC News president David Westin in the release. "Her wide range of experience overseas will be a tremendous asset to the news division. We enthusiastically look forward to adding her to our reporting team in the Washington bureau.


Well, must head South for a while, it's been fun boys and girls. Please no wailing and gnashing of teeth while I'm away...except for getting your asses handed to you by our resident PUTS! Adios for a while amigos/amigas. :)
C'mon Hillary figure out a way!


Adios Senior Duffman.

Hey, one thing I find interesting with Scott McClelland is the parallel with his Dad, Barr McClelland.
Both wrote tell-all books about a President. But, hard to believe as it is, Scott's book pales in comparison to the one daddy wrote.
Barr was an attorney for LBJ and later wrote a book accusing the VP of being behind the JFK Assassination. When he wrote that book he had gone from successful Texas Attorney -he had even successfully argued a case before the Supreme Ct.-to disbarred/disgruntled broke ass attorney.
You can go on to Youtube and type in Barr McClellan and see some of his stuff. The book is a decent read but if you catch the youtube clips it will give you the gist.

Beryl B.

Unfortunately, Rossi is not the same candidate he was in 2004, and fortunately Gregoire has shown herself to be a pretty capable executive. As they say around my place of work: "The bitch gets it done."
I'll be voting for her this time.


"Unfortunately, Rossi is not the same candidate he was in 2004, and fortunately Gregoire has shown herself to be a pretty capable executive. As they say around my place of work: "The bitch gets it done."
I'll be voting for her this time.

Posted by: Beryl B. | May 28, 2008 at 04:13 PM"

Gee, getting it done would that include the 520, the ViaDuct that she said in 2004 was dangerous and needed to be replaced immediately, or equitable funding for public school districts? Federal Way took the State to court and won on Summary Judgement -meaning that the Court assumed in the State's favor and still found for the City of Federal Way on the matter.
And don't get me started on how she botched up the Sonics issue.

Yeah, getting it done.


(BTW, Klinkit is spelled Tlingit).

Your Grammar Nazi


Damn, KVI's looking sad and tired these days.


Hillary may decide to play the end game, because it looks like her chances in 2008 are dwindling. The end game would consist of behind the scenes sabotage of the Obama campaign so that he will lose and she'll have the chance again in 2012 for the "brass ring" and be able to exclaim to the rest of the Democrat Party ; "I told you so !"

After all, Bill believes that Obama will get beat this time, as he said last weekend. Draw your own conclusions, folks.


I like Goldy as a talk radio host, and think he should have his own show, but there's no fucking way he's going to replace Mak.


The Sonics are not a public issue, the millionaire owners cried for money in the 90's to have Key Arena remodeled and now are back again--with the worst record in the NBA. I guess republicans like Puget like waisting our tax dollars while the rest of us look upon corporatist welfare elitists like Puget as scum.


"I guess republicans like Puget like waisting our tax dollars while the rest of us look upon corporatist welfare elitists like Puget as scum."

waisting - try using spellcheck.

I doubt if there is such a word as corporatist. I suspect that you are leftist elitist whose candidates will waste mucho tax dollars if they get the chance - pot calls kettle black. Show me a party that doesn't waste alot of tax money and I'll show you a minority party - the age of stupidity is in full force.

Grammar Nazi

(kôr'pər-ə-tĭst', kôr'prə-tĭst')


Of, relating to, or being a corporative state or system.

And it is not spelled "alot" but as two words " a lot."
"Alot" is a town in India.

You mentioned spell check?


What a weasel Dino has turned into. He just seems secretive, and a little slick. He seemed like an executive but passionate when he ran in 2004, but now he just scripted and stiff, as if these issues are only words to ssay to get votes. Gergpoire isn't perfect, but at least I trust her.


Still wanting tax dollars for the last in place NBA team, suckers? I bet even Dino would laugh at that.


Oh Gobama,
Dino is quite gung ho towards the Sonics and undoubtedly picked up some votes in King County.
But set that aside, are you -or anyone else- happy with the way Gov Gregoire handled the Viaduct or the 520 Bridge Issue?

Excuse yourself out, Joanie. We know you think that Gov Gregoire will be President one day.

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