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April 24, 2008



Pastor Wright is a giant albatross around the neck of Obama. If Wright wants Obama to get elected, Wright needs to keep his big stupid face out of the public eye and off the television.


Pastor Wright is no better or worse than any of 'em! Much ado about nothing. The one thing it showed me is that Sen Obama can obviously communicate with ANYone and will LISTEN - what a NOVEL approach.


The Pastor Wright deal will come back in the fall. 20 years is a long time to be listening to that crap he preached. Superdelegates know it and will take it into account at the Convention.

But for you Duff, I have a question vis a vi Obama being a Chickenhawk that the Obama lovers won't address.

Let's see if Joanie can't or won't answer this one:

Skeddadler, you called Cheney a Chickenhawk many times. By your definition wouldn't Obama also be a Chickenhawk? He supports the war in Afghanistan YET never served a day in the military. So will you start referring now to Obama as a Chickenhawk? hmmmm.

Well pause as you gather your tired feet to head towards the door....

and there she goes.

joanie hussein for obama

I don't think Obama is looking for your vote a-boob. There will always be a small group who votes with religious perverts like Hagee. I'm guessing it is because you are one of them.

So it will be.


Good point Puts...also could be expanded to refer to Sen Obama's apparent refusal to a further debate with Mrs Clinton? What's suddenly happened to the great orator?


See Duff
The Great Skeddadler does the Tukwilla Two-Step out the door on the Obama the Chickenhawk issue.
Her problem, Randi hasn't issued her thinking...I mean Talking Points yet.

Lets see if Joanie will answer your query. Don't hold out much hope as Randi hasn't issued talking points on that topic either.


I think you'll agree that Sparky is much brighter than Joanie -who is clearly not ready for primetime so has to stay up to post when all the rest are sleeping. Sparky, if she is cruising the blog, will probably answer your question.

Can you believe that ol Joanie use to call up the former Producer of the Dave Ross Show to give 'points' on how to run the show. And when those points weren't acted on, Joanie use to crap on poor Producer Tina saying she wasn't capable.
Last time I checked, Tina was off in NY producing and Joanie was still stuck Skedaddling.


Think you're right Puts - I believe I heard on TBTL that 'Jen' (Luke's producer) is off in NY this week visiting with 'Tina'.


Wright met with Clinton back in 1998, which has no more significance than Obama attending his church. Who cares anymore who he associates with. God Damn the Republicans!


Yes, but what do you think of T008's post on other topic?


'"I'm very proud that as of today, I have received more votes by the people who have voted than anyone else," Clinton said Wednesday, one day after her decisive win in Pennsylvania.'

Can't very well argue with this statement by Mrs Clinton, now can we?


Duffman, the ENTIRE quote also included her counting the votes in Michigan and Florida. Since she was the only name on the ballot in Michigan, her statement is ridiculous. It's like saying "I would be winning if I wasn't behind."


I understand that, but 'technically' she's right - if you 'count every vote' and I seem to recall a bit of contention about that a few years ago. [So, let's redo the voting in both those States then...I'm sure Mrs Clinton would have no problem there!]
Would Sen Obama????


The states were given the opportunity to have a do-over and both Florida and Michigan said no. Obama said he would go along with that..Hillary said no to a revote..she wants to claim the "victories" has hers.

meanwhile, back to the subject of this thread:

Hagee was a major fundraiser and campaigner for George W. Bush during the 2000 campaign. He helped consolidate support for Bush from other Evangelical churches.
Every time Hagee's "Christians United for Israel" holds a rally in D.C., Bush sends them a warm message of praise and support.

Supposedly, Hagee has had meetings in the White House (with whom?) to give foreign policy advice.

Other than that, he doesn't seem to have any significant political contacts.

He still claims that Hurricane Katrina was a big ol' smiting from God against all the gays that live in New Orleans. (It's ok for Christians to hate gays, by the way!) Interestingly, Gramps is going to speak today in New Orleans. Will the media ask him about Hagee's comments? I won't hold my breath. Perhaps it will turn out to be the visiual faux paux like his appearance at a defunct factory in Ohio to talk about how great NAFTA is.


Michigan and Florida will be in the backs of the minds of the super delegates - rest assured!
Enuf 'bout that.

Hagee is no better or worse than Pastor Wright...again, much ado about nothing!

Edmonds Dan

I concur with Duffman and Puget.
Sparky is smarter than the one posting as Joanie. Joanie is someone who can also be quite loathsome at times. Because of her I pretty much stay off this blog except to get a chuckle. I'll now be back to Sound Politics.


Say hi to the Shark..if he lets you speak to him.


Sounds so high school now, will the FFA jackets fight it out with the band members?


Fear Of McCain is apparently setting in with the panty-wastes Reid/Dean and Palosi. My God I hope Hillary replaces those idiots!

David Tatelman

Um, Cheney was of draft age during Vietnam and decided he had better things to do than fight wars. Now he is happy to send other people's children to fight wars.

Obama was not of draft age during any war that I know of, and he has consistently been against the Iraq War.

So, Puget Sound, what exactly was your point anyway?


I wouldn't want Cheney drafted, he'd end up shooting his own troops. Plus all those steak dinners he consumed would of slowed us down when fighting Charlie. I'm sure nevets would agree.


Point being is, I am just using your criteria, and applying it to your candidate for President.
Obama is for the war in Afghanistan YET has never served his country. Hmmmm, did they really need him all that much in the State Senate?
He could have volunteered for this Afghanistan War that he is so in favor of right now years ago.
Obama is also talking about invading Pakistan.
By the 2004 Dem Party definition of 'Chickenhawk' it would seem that Obama would qualify.

Show me where I am wrong.

Skeddadler already left town on this one.
Just pointing out the hypocrisy at work for the Dems.

Coiler, good point as always. Now be a good lad and get back to class to finish up the rest of your WASL. Me and Nevets want you to graduate this time.


This is what Senator Frank Lautenberg said back in 2004, Lautenberg pointed to a poster with a drawing of a chicken in a military uniform that defined a chicken hawk as "a person enthusiastic about war, provided someone else fights it."
"They shriek like a hawk, but they have the backbone of the chicken," he said.

"We know who the chicken hawks are. They talk tough on national defense and military issues and cast aspersions on others. When it was their turn to serve where were they? AWOL -- that's where they were," Lautenberg said."

It would seem that Obama also falls in this definition in 2008.

Those SuperDelegates may want to talk with Duffman about the better choice come November for the Dems. I'm just saying what people are thinking right now. Don't go Cheney on me and shoot me, okay?


The WASL is not endorsed by me or anyone else here, Puget, are you gonna do the 'syphilis shuffle' with nevets?


"I'm very proud that as of today, I have received more votes by the people who have voted than anyone else"

That rather ridiculous claim by Hillary Clinton is true if you not only count Mich., but don't give Obama any of the uncommitted votes. Doing that will leave the final tally in Mich.: Clinton-328,309 Obama-0

Anyone that thinks the SDs are going to go for that line of reasoning is deluded.


Syphilis shuffle, Seattle Skeddatle, Tukwila Two-Step...indeed; Toto me tinks we're definitely not in Kansas any more. The munchkins are marching.


Julie Nixon says she will vote for Obama..she joins CC Goldwater, Ron Reagan, Stephanie Miller, all "GOP children"..
This morning even Jenna Bush said she "didn't know" if she could support Gramps mcCain...not that it means she will support Obama or hillary, of course.


WHAT??? I didn't know that; well that does it if Julie Nixon and the lovely and gracious Stephanie Miller are voting for Sen Obama I may have to change my cheer-leading......haha NOT!
[wtf is julie nixon?]


come on Duffman, you're not that young...


Since when is it not ok for Christians, or anybody else for that matter to hate gays? Heck, it is ok for gay Christians to hate them selves.
It is ok to hate blacks, Jews, Latinos, middle class white guys, Republicans, Democrats (especially them),etc. I'm am a conservative leaning middle aged Republican white man and joanie hates me for it. That is a choice and right that has not been taken away from us yet. Nor should it be.
Acting on that hate is a different story. You can not hurt folks because you are dumb enough to hate.
Hagee is a useful idiot. That does not compare with sitting in the pews for twenty years soaking in the vile spewings of Wright.
It is Obama's right to hate us. What he does with that right is his do decide.


Duffy is around my age. He is old enough to forget anything.


'He is old enough to forget anything'

Haha...you got it chucks...including 'my chronological age'...not included in my selective-recall list.


Syphilis Shuffle. Sparky, Coiler made a funny today. Awwwwww how cute.

Also Coiler, I'm not privy to what kind of shape Cheney was in when he was given deferments from the draft. If you do (and I'm sure that is one of your favorite pastimes to check out the bodies of Famous Males in their twenties) and he was as fat as you say he is, then yes, he might have slowed down the Army a bit.


Again, I am not into religion, but what happened to those two cities called Sodom and Gomorrah


i'm not a big proponent of the term chickenhawk. but i got real tired of lefties throwing out that term awhile back. soooo, lets see how they like it fitted on one of their own.

the real deal is that the left likes to throw out the 'chickenhawk' term but now it applies to one of their own. just illustrating some hypocrisy. kind of funny.
c'mon skeddadlers...be intellectually honest.
either cheney and obama are both chickenhawks or neither one is a chickenhawk. you choose.

now if we want to talk about chickenshit, i'll let coiler handle that. well within his skillset.


Is that a new Reality series steven?


PS time to dispel your obviously poor attempt to diss Obama:

"Point being is, I am just using your criteria, and applying it to your candidate for President.
Obama is for the war in Afghanistan YET has never served his country."

You are trying to have everyone believe that Afghanistan and Iraq are somehow interchangeable. Nobody here will argue with you that we needed to go to Afghanistan to get al-Queda..you know we actually had real evidence that they did 9/11 and they were actually there in that country! Is that not obvious to you?

We are calling Cheney, Bush and a long list of cowards on the right chickenhawks for taking us to Iraq on a lie. Big difference. The fact that you guys continue to make excuses for them like this really shows how your morals have taken a back seat to your loyalty to the party. Pretty cowardly of you if you ask me.


On topic...of course we don't see the Fox News contingent of the board questioning McCain about Hagee. Ironic that when we call guys like Cheney chickenhawks (which he is the prime definition of - sending our boys into combat on bullshit lies while his fat ass sits back and makes himself millions) then we are somehow hypocritical. In the same breath we get to hear these same posters ignore Hagee's statements and go right back to Wright.

I don't think I've ever personally encountered a more dedicated group of people who will knowingly reject any reality and pervert the truth at any level to go after anyone who doesn't march lock step. It would be quite entertaining if it wasn't so pathetically sad.


Cow-shit-fer-brains to the third power,
Nice try, still dodging.
Obama is all for War in Afghanistan as long as it is someone else fighting it. So much for the 'bring the troops home' crap he puts out, eh?
When we launched that war into Afghanistan I didn't hear of Obama rushing to the recruiting station to serve his county. Oh wait, he was too busy getting ready to run for the State Senate back then.
And he seems to have no problem with going into Pakistan.


Cow-shit-fer-brains to the third power,
Oh yeah, in regards to your bumper sticker theories -really you need to get out past GreenLake- at the time of the invasion, most all (including the Democrats who read the available intell) believed that Saddam Hussein still had WMDs, because he had not proven to the UN inspectors that he had gotten rid of them. In fact, he actively hindered the UN inspectors.
Saddam had the keys to his own jail and could have ended the sanctions in quick order if he would have let the inspectors unfettered access as he had agreed to do.
Want to hear all the Dems that thought Saddam had wmd's ever since the late 90's?


or try this if you want others, cow-shit-fer-brains to the third power:


The LIE is that the invasion was "predicated on lies.
It was poor intel that largely stems from the decisions made stemming all the way back to the Church Committee in the late 70's.

Read the 9-11 report. There is enough blame to go around for the failures.


Sadly for your idiotic example, you seem to believe that if you didn't serve then you can't be for a war. That is just stupid and you know it. This either makes you a) truly the dumbest person I've ever had the displeasure of seeing on the internet b) a lying hypocrite or c) both.

If you even think that you can blame the invasion on "poor intel" then you're simply a Republican apologist that is immune to reality. The intel was cherry picked and the whole deal was sold to the American people while the administration and their enablers knew the case was BS.

If you consider yourself well read (laugh) try reading something alternative to the CYA 9/11 Commission Report...like something from Michael Scheuer. What's that? You have no idea who that is or why I'm bringing it up? Gee I guess ol shit for brains seems to know just a little (lot) more than you ever will on this topic.

FYI you dolt, the guy ran the Bin Laden Unit at CIA and also led the effort to find links between Iraq and al-Queda. He found none. When he was asked about why the administration made the case anyway he was clear that they 'fixed the intel around policy.' I think pretty much everyone who isn't a cowardly Bush apologist knows that at this point. Keep on pounding that vapid melon of yours into the sand, it might make you smarter.


Now, to your ridiculous belief that because some Democrats believed Iraq had WMD that somehow makes a) lying about the actual intel and b)using those lies to send us into an incompetently run nightmare: Big difference...none of those Dems did any of the above. For somebody who usually believes in personal accountability you show a remarkable ability to find any shitty excuse to pardon Republicans for their behavior.

Oh and sorry to burst your bubble, I do live near a lake but its not Green Lake. I'm an eastsider in a district that trends a bit Republican if anything. Sorry but I own no birkenstocks and don't have long hair. In fact your attempted swipe really shows how desperately out there you are if you really think people who oppose Iraq are such. Sucks to be you.


Yes, these ad hominem attacks are the province of the right who couldn't define liberal if their lives depended on it. We need to stick to the facts that McCain is an asshole and the 9/11 'Commission' was a whitewash.


NEWS ALERT!!! Hagee is not McCain's Pastor.


Limbaugh calls for riots in Denver during the DNC



I suppose that we are going to hear nothing better than accusations of racial bias from you Seattle libs until at least June and maybe November. I can just picture a couple of you sitting at your computers, typing with one hand and masturbating with the other. Feeling all self righteous because anybody who does not like or worship B. Hussain Obama must be a racist and you get to proclaim it.
I personally do not care that B.O. is black or white (or more accurately mulado). He is an idiot lib that in no way qualifies to be the leader of this nation.
God, I would like to get just half of you morons on a used car lot. I could retire in six months. You can be sold anything.
You are buying into and illusion without substance.


If you imagine a poster masturbating, then Chucks, you need to have that talk with your wife. It's not fair to the rest of us for you to bring in your physco sexual fantasies in here.


Liberal: a dip shit that reaches into the pocket of somebody who makes more money than he/she to give it to somebody who makes less so the liberal can feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Does that pretty well define it for you J.Hova? Looks accurate to me.


My fantasies are not physco. Just weird.


I think I would sell hybrids or something other than oversized dinosaurs that even Bush pioneers can't afford anymore if I were you Chucks.

I think you left out how Bush and Co has reached into or robbed the pockets, how about fleeced the pockets to give to others who were already fat.

Seriously, look at all the trillions of tax dollars wasted chasing after Iraq's non-existent 'nookular' bombs.

Where did that money come from? Well, Bush borrowed a lot of it., but he got the rest CUTTING THE DOMESTIC BUDGET. That means no money to repair levees, no money to inspect bridges, etc. Can you tell your family where they will get the money to pay off that kind of robbery. How come you're not out there Chucks with pitchfork or boiling oil demanding answers?

Will you vote for a president who was involved in one of the largest S%L disasters? I can't believe how you have traded in your so-called 'conservative' principals to have your palms crossed for a few pieces of silver

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