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April 28, 2008


joanie hussein for obama

Well, I guess it wouldn't pay much to roll the dice, would it putsie. Mathematics isn't your forte, is it? I guess you don't really have a forte, do you? Well, except remembering words without meaning...

joanie hussein for obama

A link for you Steven. Remember, I said "as much if not more..."

"I found the BEEF - Obama's Senate Record
by Helenann
Thu Feb 21, 2008 at 02:19:52 PM PDT

It has really been bothering me - the charges that Obama is all talk and no action. Those of us who support him and have reviewed his record know there is no basis to this charge, but just to make sure, I went to the Congressional Record (www.thomas.gov) and did a search for bills sponsored or co-sponsored by Senator Obama in his three short years in the US Senate. I searched the 109th and 110th Congresses which cover the years 2005-2007.

In a nut shell I found:

Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 570 bills in the 109th and 110th Congress.

Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 15 bills that have become LAW since he joined the Senate in 2005.

Senator Obama has also introduced amendments to 50 bills, of which 16 were adopted by the Senate.

His record is in fact quite impressive for a junior Senator from Illinois."

Now, this is my guy. my guy...talkin' 'bout my guy...

If you think Clinton has done more, prove it. I could less about McCain. Everybody already knows he's been nothing but a hot-headed dud.

joanie hussein for obama

Newsweek article-analysis of legislation from both. Interesting.

Wish I could find one on McCriminal McCain.


"You make our points, putsie. All the right can do is lie, smear and swiftboat. Issues? Smart talk? Honest debate? Solutions?"
Nothing there.
We'll see if people want more of that. I believe most people are better than that."

There you go again Joanie, smearing, lieing and swiftboating about anyone who has views different from yours. I've got news for you - the progressives/left made your own bed of thorns and will have to lie in them instead of whining incessantly and defending the indefensible. I don't need any more specific examples than scrolling through your responses (and others can see it as well)

I will say that it's unfortunate that Obama (maybe soon to be Humpty Dumpty) had this happenstance. To his credit, he distanced himself from Wright, fairly effectively - but it is hard to imagine him being that naive and not having seen it coming. Lastly, there is no similarity whatsoever between Rev. Wright and the late great Martin Luther King.

joanie hussein for obama

the progressives/left made your own bed of thorns

name 'em if you can

See, another attack piece with nothing concrete. Just like putsie.

joanie hussein for obama

oh, and btw you're a bunch of thin-skinned rightwingers who can dish it out but you sure can't take it. So typical of armchair warriors who send others to do your fighting and dying.


Mr. Pat O'Day called, your room is ready.

It's a good program, give it an honest effort.


Dave Ross is the new Jim French . Like the gentleman he replaced on KIRO, he's been with the station since Gramma was a young adult, people snicker and sneer at him behind his back, he's naive, unhip, and a bore. His recent on-air rationalizations and apologies for Jeremiah Wright's ridiculous, racisr speeches are a city-wide embarrassment. Even Obama doesn't cut him that much slack. The comments should be his swan song and exit anthem. Hopefully in the not too distant future we'll only hear Dave's dulcet tones on KIRO in that commercial for the country resort, which Jim French does now.


the progressives/left made your own bed of thorns
"name 'em if you can"

No problem, Try Jeremiah Wright's outbursts for one, who is sinking Obama's rankings. Wright is progressive wack-job hater/race baiter.
And Hillary - she is so desperate that she is going to appear on the O'Reilly Factor tomorrow night because the Secret Service will be necessary to keep her out of the White House when she fails to win. All in all, for running such a moronic Presidential nomination process and for having the party spokesmouth continue to be a lieing, screaming buffoon.

Hopefully Bill O will ask some tough questions - like Tim Russert did, such as; did you know that one of the people in your campaign were involved in getting Jeremiah Wright to speak before the National Press Club ? (BTW - a true story). If he doesn't, I'll be calling him Loofah also.


"people snicker and sneer at him behind his back, he's naive, unhip, and a bore. His recent on-air rationalizations and apologies for Jeremiah Wright's ridiculous, racisr speeches are a city-wide embarrassment."

And yet, Dave has a show and Tommy doesn't!! Oh the humanity!

joanie hussein for obama

Try Jeremiah Wright's outbursts

Why did I ask... So, you're voting for Wright as well? He seems to have a lot of admirers on your side.

We libs love people who speak their minds. We're not baa baa sheep like you. He's not a thorn for me. Why is he a thorn for you?

she is so desperate that she is going to appear on the O'Reilly Factor

So, only desperate people appear on Bill O'Reilly? Does that mean only desperate people watch Bill O'Reilly? BTW, why do you watch it? And why would any progressive care if she appears on O'Reilly or not? How does that affect Obama? How does that affect my vote?

So far, I haven't felt any pricks, Klueless.

for running such a moronic Presidential nomination process

Moronic? By whose standards? Sorry we have two viable candidates who are testing each other to the nth degree. You guys aren't used to that, are you? The dwarves on your side fell off the stage pretty early and you ended up with a criminal as your candidate. I'd feel sorry for you if you all weren't so stupid.

party spokesmouth continue to be a lieing, screaming buffoon.

When and where did he lie? When and where did he scream? Still no there there...

but the elitist educated woman will continue reading...

campaign were involved in getting Jeremiah Wright to speak before the National Press Club

Oh god, back to Wright again. Always back to Wright. What is it about Wright that you all love so much? Maybe the libs should have nominated him for President...

Sounds to me like you're the one feeling the thorn pricks, Klueless.

joanie hussein for obama

I think it is just fascinating that you hate Wright for doing what you do every day on Blatherwatch...

Ever hear of double standards Tommy?

joanie hussein for obama

And so far Ross has better numbers than you do...

joanie hussein for obama

Malloy is riveting again tonight. Talking 911 conspiracy. He's making a pretty good case...


party spokesmouth continue to be a lieing, screaming buffoon.
When and where did he lie? When and where did he scream? Still no there there...
but the elitist educated woman will continue reading...

campaign were involved in getting Jeremiah Wright to speak before the National Press Club
Oh god, back to Wright again. Always back to Wright. What is it about Wright that you all love so much? Maybe the libs should have nominated him for President...
Sounds to me like you're the one feeling the thorn pricks"

Well, Cleopatra, queen of denial - your questions sound incredibly naive. We'll see who feels the thorn pricks on November 4th - and if I do, I'll own up to it - but will you, if Sen. McCain gets elected ? Are you going to watch Hillary be interviewed by your bud, O'Reilly ? (BTW, I hope that Obama gets the nomination over her thighness).

Howard Dean - has the famous scream that deep-sixed his presidential aspirations in 2004 and he lies every chance he can about Republicans - that's my opinion, dear and you won't change it. You have selective amnesia if you can't answer the rest of the questions you threw out, so your assignment find the answers for yourself and share them with us all and for God's sakes lighten up - Pat O'Dey is waiting for you..


Yes, there will be a 'terror' scenario this week in Seattle and Oregon conducted by FUBAR I mean FEMA

joanie hussein for obama

C'mon kluelss, another non-answer?

A scream that is four years old? Even I gave you more credit than to expect that. And that "scream" was a media-managed scream. But even if it weren't, so what?

No wonder we end up with losers like Bush... Nobody ever went broke under-estimating the American Conservative. Especially George Bush and cronies. They are up to their ears in money. Thank you, Klueless. Hope you're doing well.


And anybody that quotes putsie truly is in deep deep doo doo. But, that's the best you can do, huh?

joanie hussein for obama

How are we going to stop this administration from bombing Iran? I hope that the rest of the world will aggressively take us on if we do anything that indicates such a move. The Persian Gulf if full of American war ships.

I think China would intervene. They need the oil and I heard a discussion that indicated any bombing of Iran would put world markets into chaos.

God, I hope so. George Bush isn't smart enough to figure that out and Cheney is too greedy to care.


Joanie baloney - Enough of your self-righteous blather - Boring boring and you don't answer my questions like "We'll see who feels the thorn pricks on November 4th - and if I do, I'll own up to it - but will you, if Sen. McCain gets elected ?", Maybe you will get more answers if you answer others questions like you seldom do -

Why do you spend so much energy defending a clown like Howard Dean ? he is so yesterday... Yes, you are quite the judge of character.

"And anybody that quotes putsie truly is in deep deep doo doo. (Pat O'Deas waiting for you at the Schick-Schadel) - that pales in comparison to some of your insults toward others... what's good for the goose is good for the gander


Thanks Joanie, I will take a look at some of these Bills he has sponsored. Like this one, looks like he wants to keep the food shortages the world is experiencing because of ethanol production to keep going on for a few more years. More than doubling our production.


15 of 570 bills he has sponsored or cosponsored have become law. Is that a good track record?

Considering that the Libs have had control of the both Houses you would think he would have had more passed into law. Looks like his bills provide a lot of fuel for the fire (his run for President) except they have no spark to keep them moving along. Who wins here? Not the people thats for sure. Ahhhhh, except for you that is Joanie. Thats all that really matters to you right, that you get what you want, screw the rest of the country.


"If you think Clinton has done more, prove it."

You are good Joanie, you even disprove yourself with that Newsweek article. And don't you think that 50 million we are going to spend on The Congo could be better spent here in the US. Just saying...


Chucks, you wont by chance be in Pullayup at the RV show will you? I think I'll go take a look around tomorrow. Just for fun of course. Was thinking of renting but there seems to be to many hidden fees that I decided not to doit this year. Maybe next year after I do more research. Any advice.

joanie hussein for obama

C'mon Steven, you keep proving you're the idiot I say you are.

That Newsweek article claims and supports that the two are about the same. I gave you a relatively unbiased read. So what's the complaint.

Nobody is judging who did better. That's a personal thing.

It said they both have about the same track record - she's a little ahead - and both about right for junior senators.

So, what's the point? You told me to prove it and I found resources to prove it. I can't say I proved what I said but we both know more than we did. I said "as much if not more..." So, what's the problem?


Years in Senate 7
Bills sponsored* 358
Bills passed by Senate 32
Bills signed into law 19
Sponsored, per year 3 51.1
Passed by Senate, per year 4.6
Signed into law, per year 2.7

Years in Senate 3
Bills sponsored* 129
Bills passed by Senate 7
Bills signed into law 2
Sponsored, per year 43
Passed by Senate, per year 2.3
Signed into law, per year 0.7

Not even close Joanie. Even if you prorated it to equal the years in office, Obama falls way short.

Tell me, did you make your decision to back Obama solely on that e-mail? or the Daily Kos article?


Should be.

Bills Sponsored per year 51.1

Sorry fo the error.


Looking at those numbers again Joanie, I thought Obama was a man who can work across the table and bring people together to get things done. Wasn't that one of his selling points to rubes like you. 2 bills in 3 years passed through. No No No, not a uniter, just... more of the same.

As the Dem Primary runs its course, I still think you simple minded Libs fell for his "CHANGE" message with those subliminal messages your puny brains couldn't comprehend. Something I pointed out in early January.

"Now that Obama has disowned his Pastor, is the Black Community far behind"


How in the hell did I find this place? I googled something like monkey butt sucking and I get here. Who is joanie hussein the half-breed lover? You must be one very lonely old broad. Late at nite, early in the morning. Must be divorced at least 5 times.
Get a life lady. Be nice to somebody. Even if you must make believe. Did your father rape you repeatedly? How can you live that way?


Duffman claimed to be half black...


Hey recoil, it's not a 'claim', it's a fact. Wanna make something of it?


Use this to figure out how much you would save over the course of the summer if the tax was taken off.


I would save a whopping 38$

1. The average person drives 12-15,000 miles per year. Let's be generous and say you drive 15,000 miles per year, and that you drive an SUV that gets an average of 17 miles per gallon (the average car gets more than that). During a 3 month period, you would drive 3750 miles and consume 220 gallons of gas. The "savings" the gas tax would give you in this not-too-realistic circumstance? $40.59 cents. About the price of 1 tank of gas.

2. But wait, that's just the amount of federal tax you'd save. Let's say that this 18.4 cent tax is removed and people suddenly start driving more. There is a psychological effect of a tax break: people will use it to buy things they weren't planning on. In this case, it may be taking a vacation by car. Demand will almost certainly go up. Due to good old supply and demand, given a constant supply, the price of gas will go up like wiping out any savings.

3. Where is this money coming from to pay this? There are 2 possibilities. Either we get a cash advance on our Central People's Republic Bank of China credit card, or we take the money from where the gas tax goes to: roads. That's right, get ready for longer waits on potholes being fixed, jobless construction workers, and maybe even a falling bridge. ( nah, that would never happen.)


Yes, her plan is even worse than the so-called 'stimulus package'. Neither of them say how the deficit will be made up.


Drill for oil in our country. Why the hell are the Chinese drilling oil off of Florida? Drill Anwar (and while they are at it it, harvest some of those damn deer. they make great sausage).
The gas tax thing is about as useful as opening up the "reserves". More crap for the politicians resume with nothing for we the people.
3evils clown. screw off dipshit. We have earned the right to flip joanie shit as we have taken it from her. Go troll NAMBLA or some other sewer. Folks like you are generally gone with the next flush.


That waa quite touching, chucks. :)

joanie hussein for obama

Come out from behind your alias, chucks. Any salesman who has outed himself can't afford to make such insults without anonymity.

I'm too smart for you.

And only you have been known to be interested in butts recently.

Now, Steven, if you read more carefully - which I know is hard for you because on your military pension it is hard to afford glasses - I gave you a newsweek article as well.

I'm not going through the whole article again but your numbers are off. You've included bills that she didn't actively participate in but signed off on.

If you want to cheat, then have it your way.

You listening to Randi? Donohue was just on. He was talking to you.

How did or who did bring up the gas tax issue? Any dummy can see through that.

Well, since we're surrounded by dummies on this blog, I guess I do understand the need to educate after all.


I am not that anonymous. Really, all you gotta do is call my office and ask for me. A couple others have done it.
But to a bitter old ex, I understand your need to maintain an aura of superiority over the little people. I bow to you old (really old, my age or close) wise one. Who am I to think that my opinions may be valid. Only you have the wisdom to guide the lives of the little people. The low salespeople of the world should just shut up. The folks who build the stuff we sell don't need jobs.

joanie hussein for obama

That's what I said, chucks. We do know you. So anonymity was required.

You're a pretty good insulter. I'll give you that.

Your opinions support hateful policies. Policies that benefit a few people at the expense of the many. You support war over health care. You are disrespectful of government and use trash language like "gumment." You have no respect for education and reserve it for the rich who can afford it.

You put your Rolls before people, chucks.

Your opinions are based on what's good for you. Government's mission is to work for the benefit of the many. Only dictatorships work otherwise.

And you call anybody that cares about the well-being of anybody else a socialist.

You a full of name-calling. But, you can't take it. Like so many of you so-called conservatives, you dish it out routinely but cannot take it back.

And this is the first time I've heard that you care at all about the folks who build your vehicles. I wonder if you know where they are made and how much the people who make them get paid?

I wonder if you care?

But then, I'm an elitist aren't I? That's what we call people who care about education . . . learning . . . understanding. When did education become elitist, chucks? When did this country decide the beer-drinking buddy (or the rich guy who pretends to be) next door would make a better leader than an educated individual? And the GI Bill make the middle class after WW2. So why is education now so undesirable? Do you feel that bad about yourself?

And when did it become respectful to use a man's color against him?

And when did it become campaign-strategic to talk down to people rather than up to them?

When did it become American to resent intellectually smart people?

Rachel was on for three hours today. She said she couldn't take anymore of the show. She had to get back to honest intellectual discussion again. She and Bender talked a bit about Adlai Stevenson. He was also considered an elitist because he was smart.

Well, the stakes are a whole lot higher now than they were in the fifties. I cannot sit back and allow such disrespect and hate to go unanswered for all the good that this country once represented. Someone told me recently that libs were destroying the country. I don't even understand that. What are we destroying? Afraid peace might break out? Afraid children might have health care and go to school prepared to learn? Afraid crime might go down if people had jobs? Afraid people might actually have a place to live if a few zillionaires shared their wealth? Afraid we might have money to rebuild infrastructure?

Funny thing. My broker is still behind the invasion of Iraq. He still thinks it was the right thing even though documents are being recovered almost daily showing the misrepresentation that sold that war. When I asked him why . . . he asked me the question: "aren't you afraid?"

I just looked at him. I said that's what we say all the time on this blog on which I rant but none of the righties will admit they are fearful. You're admitting it? He said yes. He's afraid. I guess we libs have more faith in all people than you do. I've never been afraid. I don't ever intend to be.

Maybe America - like the rest of the world - needs more wars so that we will finally have the courage to face an uncertain future.

And George Bush is no lib. And I think he's not only going to destroy this country but he's out to destroy the world. Just like old grampa and Adolf-friendly Prescott. After all, the Bushes are entitled, doncha know?

You are a people pleaser, chucks. You have to be to sell. But I worked with salesmen. I've never met one who I respected for his beliefs. Selling requires that you think of yourself first. The bottom line - what's in it for me. Selling removes the humanity from people. I could never do it. Asking for money when I know how hard people work for it is the hardest job there is for a lib.

In your case, you meet people who have lots of money to spend. Kind of insulates you.

I watched CBC last night. A story about lots of Canadians who are flying into Arizona to purchase the homes being foreclosed. One particularly poignant story told of a young woman who had owned hers for four years and was careful not to take out extra mortgages or get taken in by any schemes. She thought she'd made it. Then, as a result of all the mortgage problems, she lost her job. A job she thought was secure. She did everything right. But now she's out of a job and without a place to live.

I'm sure you know what she did wrong. Resided in the wrong state. Worked in the wrong industry. God and you only know. But I was sorry for her. And I wished I could have done something. And I'm stupid enough to think Bear Stearns and all the other banks and Robert Rubins ought to give something back to the people they've hurt. Just me.

You know, chucks, like all salesmen, you are likable. I have to keep myself focused on the damage you and your kind do to this country to take you on.

Of course, this is all just my opinion.

joanie for chucks

Okay, tell me true: was evil you?
And FCS, be honest. It was a good insult.

(Duffman's also know for snide and anonymous remarks so I'm thinkin'...)


The vehicles I sell are made in Indiana, Iowa and Idaho by regular folks. They are transported to my dealership by regular working stiffs. The are sold and serviced by more regular American working stiffs.
They are bought by primarily young families seeking family fun and retired folks.
Capitalism working as is should.
Gotta go. Another day in the rain and cold in Puyallup trying to do my part. Need my beauty rest.


Not me. I am evil perhaps, but not that troll. Stuck at an off site sale without computer access.
No Chuck 10 to 8:00 this week.


Why is it that neo cons feel that the whole folly of iraq will pay itself off and the economy is in a 'period of adjustment'? This is why we are in trouble:

* In order to avoid real protest against an unnecessary war, the Neocons decided that they had to avoid a draft at all costs, because a draft would cause Americans to actually pay attention to what is going on. In other words, the Neocons couldn't have gotten away with such a crazy war if Americans were getting drafted (they learned that lesson from the Vietnam war)

* So the government has instead had to pay tremendous sums to mercenaries from Blackwater and elsewhere

* That's why the war will cost over $3 trillion dollars

* Which, in turn, has destroyed our economy.



I guess your non-answer is my answer. I think it was a clever and creative insult. I'm laughing. I'm tougher than you. Anyone who dishes it out as regularly and up front as I do has to be able to take it.

Capitalism working as it should?

God, I hope not. You see, again, it is all about you. You make me cry. And you don't know what those good folks make. For all you know, they might be on food stamps. But, you don't need to know as long as you've got yours. So don't bother yourself with caring.

And there's so much more to life than beauty...


Sorry chucks. Just noticed you did reply to the evil post. Doesn't matter.


Good post, J'hova. But it will teach nothing. See no..., hear no..., say what serves selfish purposes... that's the neo-cons motto. I take it you don't think this economy thing is just in a period of adjustment either?

And chucks: capitalism working... for whom?

I wonder who will buy your vehicles when the costs of transporting them from Indiana, Idaho and Iowa becomes too great?

BTW, you don't like Illinois?


"We can say for sure, though, that Clinton has been the sole original sponsor of more bills than Obama at a slightly higher annual rate; that she's been more successful than Obama at passing bills through the Senate and into law; and that, while she has sponsored a number of seemingly frivolous bills that were signed into law, these are comparable to many of Obama's bills and common in the Senate generally."

Even the Newsweek article agrees with me Joanie. Thats where I got my numbers. You would have known this if you had read the whole thing.

"Now that Obama has disowned his Pastor, will the Black Community be next"

joanie hussein for obama

slightly higher annual rate; that she's been more successful than Obama at passing bills through the Senate and into law; and that, while she has sponsored a number of seemingly frivolous bills that were signed into law, these are comparable to many of Obama's bills and common in the Senate generally."

This is exactly what I said, Steven. They are fairly even with the slight edge to Hillary.

Yes, she's done better. But not that much.

We're getting into the same circular argument you had with Sparky and the glacier conversation.

joanie hussein for obama

And Steven,

Have you said sorry to a vet yet?


Not even close Joanie, look at the numbers. If you thought 2 sponsored bills out of 129 passed through the Senate in 3 years is good, than Hillarys 19 has got to seem monstorous to you. Thats 2 percent more per year. Obama has done nothing but sit on his A** in Congress compared to Hillary.

Now, if anyone who should be appologizing to our troops it is you Joanie. Your constant mean spirited anti-war blather is most demoralizing for our young men and women serving this country in its time of need. And your support for a man who will take advantage of a wounded soldier for not only money but also to keep in the media spotlight is reprehensible.

But I had a good chat with a soldier yesterday at Ft. Lewis. Thanked him for what he is doing and to keep up the good work.

Did you happen to catch the conditions of the Barracks in Ft. Bragg that was in the news? Reminds me of the good ole days when I was in the service.


off, i hope




Joanie's guy; Obama is one more Jeremiah Wright speech away from having a fork stuck in him as a candidate. Oprah had better judgment than he did when she left his church and dissociated from Rev. Wright. Obama should have torpedoed Wright in his speech in Philadelphia, but instead he chose to walk the tightrope and have it both ways - which could prove to be damaging to his aspirations and showed a flaw in his judgment.

I like him better than Hillary, although I am underwhelmed that he is the choice of progressives - Rebels crowd, although some independents also support him - more than support Clinton, but the tide appears to be turning. Steve Duin's editorial in the Oregonian about the Democrats being divided into two classes - the traditionals and the rebels hit it spot on.

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      Syndicated right-wing 2nd stringers like Mark Levin, Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Dennis Miller and Hugh Hewitt inhabit this timid-voiced neighbor honker for your radio enjoyment (unless you're behind something large like Costco).
    • KOMOAM
      News, traffic, Ken Schram and John Carlson.
    • Washington State Radio Stations
      Comprehensive list of every danged AM & FM station on the dial.
    • KKOL am 1300 KHz
      Once a rabid right-wing talker, except for Lou Dobbs, it's all business....