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April 02, 2008



Billo features a constant parade of blond bimbos posing as 'expert analysts'. The obligatory 'exposure' of some new sexual outrage is a regular segment on his show. The Loofa-Man knows what he likes and what his audience likes...SEX.

Ron And Don Hater

Why Are They Still On The Air?

I have to question KIROs intelligence for even putting Ron and Don on the air! They are clearly no tallent, fudge packers who somehow got pulled out of a local Jiffy Lube to host an afternoon drive time show on KIRO. If these two idiots do not know where to F-ing sit to do their radio show what the hell are they doing in radio?

Don O'neil is a total baffoon. Out of the two of him, he is worst. His lack of intelligence is there for all to listen to while we are trapped in our cars during the afternoon stop and go on the 405. Ron, is absolutely worthless. He gets steam-rolled by Don overbearing, dominating voice that the show should really be called "The Don Show".

Listen KIRO, you can pull some decent ratings by putting Tony Minor back on to do news during the afternoon drive while those hapless idiots at KOMO (HOMO) broadcast yet another disappointing Mariner Season on their little radio station. It will give us poor saps trying to get home from work going no where on the 520 bridge a break from teh relentless and mindless talk radio shows and actually give us some useful info like is there a rolled over mini van at the 520-405 interchange. That will be doing the public a real service instead of listening to two, no tallent, fudge packing baffoons on a has-been radion station.



Bye Bye, KIRO; be back -- maybe -- in September when the Mariners blow yet another chance to go to the playoffs.

Till then, I'll be torturing myself every day (but it's not as bad as it could be since the departure of Ron "If you want to win the game, you gotta get more runs" Fairly), but it's no worse than listening to R&D or TBTL. And NOTHING could be worse than Dori--him, I stopped listening to months ago. (What is the Wee One up to these days other than shilling for anyone who'll write a check?)


Up to high ratings, high bank accounts and King of Seattle-area talk radio, that's all!


If that post-it note is legit, it seems to me that it is intended for, and would be put in front of in-studio guests, so they would know which one is Ron, and which one is Don.

I don't believe Janet.

I'd be curious to know what Phil's ratings are compared with Goldy's old ratings.


Goldy got a -1 rating. Luke gets a zero rating. I guess that is some kind of improvement.

Sandy Schroeder

Again BlatherWatch makes a joke out of child abuse. This is the kind of wink-wink that has made sexual molesting such a difficult problem to address. Michael please, use another crime to make your punchlines.


"They are clearly no tallent, fudge packers..."

you mean "no talent," right?

at least you didn't call don o'neil a total balloon.


Thank god for baseball!!

Hopefully by the end of the season KIRO will have something I can listen to. That would be not D & R or that other evening thing.

I am not ashamed to say I love baseball, Dave Niehaus and all.


As long as you can say that 100+ games into the season when they've no chance of playoffs even tho they have one of the highest $salary rosters - then you ARE a TRUE fan.


Knock off the black cloud crap. Good grief. We hear enough of your ranting about thunder thighs, picking on our Mariners is over the line.


Not pickin on them, just sayin IMO watchin the M's 'spit' and 'scratch their private parts' for the astronomical prices they charge (for admission and all associated accoutrements) & PARKING is akin to PAYING for 'watching grass grow'. When the scenario I depicted above happens there are not that many 'true fans' attending...it's sometimes difficult to even 'give' our Company tickets away.
It's all about keeping the IMAGE of a big league city - nothing more, nothing less. Don't get me wrong I played and I like baseball - college competition is more than good enough for me!


Taking the bus or the Sounder eliminates high parking prices, Duffman. If you don't need a box seat, attending a mariner's game isn't all that expensive.


When you go to a sporting event both teams win, the vendors win, the parking husslers and nearby businesses win, everybody wins except the suckers sitting static in the painful plastic chairs and aluminum benches, packing on the pounds drinking watered down beer and eating SHITTY food, ignoring their children and wives to stair blankly at a bunch of extremely well payed men who are living out their own dreams and staying healthy in the process. Sports players and club owners don't even watch their own sports for fun, they play golf. I want in on that racket so bad.


aparks: I agree, taking the Sounder is a good way to go to see an M's game...we do it sometimes from Sumner on up. However it's major league baseball and not the most exciting way to spend an afternoon. I'm all for the M's (don't get me wrong) as long as they can self-subsidize...just don't ask me for any tax money to fund them or their stadiums...PERIOD. I now note that we're 3-games into a 162-game season and Seattle's top relief pitcher is injured. Oh My!

Dr. No Comments

I recorded that "Best of TBTL" show.
The first hour ended with eight minutes of ads:

shane co.
call 811 before you dig
joe's sports
national guard
dave ross promo



Is it just me or is there something wrong with analysis of essentially listening to a rerun of TBTL with the last 8 minutes of the show being ads? Doesnt it seem odd that a re-run of a radio show which has already paid for itself during is first run need fill the last 8 minutes with adds? Now that truly is lame!

Dr. No Comments

I should clarify: I recorded TBTL off the air so I could skip the commercials. I didn't record it for KIRO's broadcast!


This seemed like the only appropriate thread to post this..I was attracted to an ad about if there were hate groups in my neighborhood..I typed in the zipcode and I looked at the state of Washington..


good grief...

joanie hussein for obama

ditto, sparky! Very interesting.

(umm, you need hot link directions again?)


heh..yes please...my computer that has them has crashed and I am on the backup computer...


Nice hategroup website. Always good to keep an eye on those yahoos.
Great book by Attorney Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center. He used the RICO statutes to bring down KKK leader Tom Metzger who had encouraged some goons to rough up minorities. Ended up killing some poor student from Ethiopia.

Here is the html page.



Yep, that is what I think too. I knew of the ones who make the news, but it was interesting to see how pervasive they are other places. Mukilteo!! I bet most of the people who live there have no idea...
While we have a few, click on some of the states in the south...gack.

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