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April 09, 2008



It was nice hearing Goldy on the Dave Ross Show the other day discussing the nuances of blogging. That it can be hazardous to your health was not a revelation...haha.
Sounds like (from what Ross said) that Goldy would be pretty high on the list of 'fill-in's' for Dave's vacation(s). I still believe Goldy is a talent and deserves a show of his own on a regular basis. I know there's been a knock (herein) on his 'radio voice' but I really think he can make that 'work for him' and make it an indentifyable attribute. Goldy keep in touch with KVI...sounds like ANY and/or MANY things could happen around that venue. Good Luck to you - keep at it.


I thought Rachel was raised in California? It's early. Maybe I missed the joke....


I hope those herein who have been so harsh on Dori Monson will recognize the humanitarian deed he just pulled off by his focus on David Csaky (aka: Squirrelman). Largely because of Dori - the City has now allowed him an additional 10-days to move out of 'tree-house' and some neighbors have gotten him a mobile home to stay in. Yes folks the same Dori who lacks 'compassion' for the down-and-out. Give me a break!!!


Dori got more time for the Squirrelman? Geez, I'm going to have to alter my opinion of him. He's not just your plain old everyday fascist, he's a compassionate fascist.


The Conversation is actually very with-it by public radio standards.

Ross Reynolds has had Will from HorsesAss on once or twice also, as well as other bloggers from around the region.


Does anyone know that date of the Dave Ross show on blogging? The 710 Kiro site (apart from not having a proper URL) makes life difficult for finding podcasts.

BTW, the photos on this blog are hilarious and sometimes also pretty gross. Dare I ask what that is next to the paragraph on Billo? Is that a woodchuck fetus or something?

joanie hussein for obama

Now Duffman, I didn't rank on Goldy's ability as a radio host to have an interesting and informed program.

Wish I'd seen Rachel's fill-in for Keith. I really appreciate her appearances on that show and I do listen to her on radio almost every day. So, my quibble about her is tiny as well.

Who is squirrelman?



David Tatelman

Pup, that would be yesterday, April 8, 2008. Dori's interview with Squirrelman would be the same day.


Thanks DT, I actually couldn't remember if it was yesterday or Monday?

Central Concern

So duffman is saying dori saved the squirrelman when the story actually was all over the papers, tv long before 710DORI arrived on the scene. The local neighborhood association was talking to the city long before the homeless basher 710DORI woke up and read what others had already covered. I bet if said squirrelman was out on the streets, 710DORI would be calling him human garbage. Thanks a lot doriduffman.


Said nothing of the kind! Inferred that he played a part; but figures you would draw that conclusion...would expect nothing less from such an astute judge such as yourself.

Central Concern

uhh here is your statement

"Largely because of Dori - the City has now allowed him an additional 10-days to move out of 'tree-house'

That is a large stretch on your part duffdori. Your second statement claims it is now a 'small part'

'Largely because of dori....' It is very astute of anyone that read your statement that you inferred the city made it's decision based on the 710Dori show.


Are you REALLY that small?

Central Concern

Only because you've been caught before.


The nice thing about Dori going to bat for homeless-man-in-a-tree was that it echoed of pre-2001 Dori; someone who seemed like an ordinary guy, yet enthusiastic and good behind a microphone. This was Dori before he flipped formats and became the "Great Finger Pointer".


That's a great picture of the naked mole rat, Bla'M. The only animal that looks like a penis with teeth.


Hmmm, I guess I'll just have to accept that you would know. ;)


That's a great picture of the naked mole rat, Bla'M. The only animal that looks like a penis with teeth.


Hmm type pad liked my comment so much it posted it twice!

Duffman, if you right click the picture, it says basically what I said.


...always learn from you sparks, always!

your opinion: On the Dave Ross Show today they were discussing the possibility of letting companies (such as Microsoft) possibly supplement funding for teachers in subjects like science and/or math where they (& others) are finding such a short supply of in-country talent. What say ye?


May not agree with our President politically but on a human basis, do I think he feels the pain of our folks in Iraq? Oh Yeah!


the picture is because O'Reilly is a dick with teeth, right Mike?

Wait wait please tell me

Please write more about local NPR. It is very boring around here. I used to live in Chicago, and WBEZ is such a hot station. More local programs, more innovation and new stuff (even some music.). KUOW is so stodgy, and dull. Hardly ever changes. I think you're right, it plays to an older audience who they think doesn't want change. I'm one 50 something who gets tired of the same-old. My kids were brought up on public radio, but won't listen to KUOW. My 30 year old is hooked on TBTL. Why doesn't public radio just give some time to another generation and let them have their way with it?
I know they're a scared cow around this town. Stay on'em Michael!


I took a number of tech classes in highschool during the mid 90's. The teachers hired to teach the classes had dubious merits but teenagers are pretty smart and can read the technical documents with or without the teacher's help in many cases. The teachers mostly served as someone to sign hall passes.

I don't believe that public education is capable of hosting real professionals. Aside from not having the budget to pay them, there is barely a system of accountability in place to make sure the high payed professional doesn't kick his or her feet up and slack off. One of my tech teachers would show up for five minutes, then he'd say "I'll be right back" and that's the last we'd see of him. He could get away with this regardless of payscale I'm sure.

There would also be a lot of animosity among teachers. Every teacher thinks their subject is the most important, and I know this because they would always explain this on the first day of class, like "math is the only objective subject", "people who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it" or "in science we learn how the universe realy works", and those teachers are going to be highly offended if some jackass, who might be as young as 23 years old, makes $75 grand teaching database design.

Then there's the issue of equipment, schools only have new technology once every few years. They should refresh every two to three years but at the present they refresh their equipment every five years or more. It was in the news a couple years ago that schools were having trouble upgrading beyond their Windows 3.1 and NT networks.


Is anyone surprised that a medium that begs for money to stay alive would appeal to old people?


Good stuff Andrew, actually the equipment subject was also broached and that too w/be taken care of. Union opposition obviously but Democrat Brian Baird was all for it. Indeed someone called in with a 'hey what about music' complaint but that too w/be open to supplement if the interest was there. Interesting concept and one that may in fact have to be considered at some point.


I don't think vocational level tech should be taught in highschool, only introductory concepts which is how it stands.

If Microsoft wants more capable techs and we all agree that it would be good for our economy then the solution is simple; subsidize vocational institutes. At the present they're very expensive while not offering the same degree of training or commanding the respect offered by expensive four year colleges.

If you try hard in this country you can get the four year degree and succeed, but who wants to try hard when we have an XBox hooked up to an HDTV? We need to be more realistic.


True Andrew, but why not try and kill as many birds with one stone (so to speak), when the stone is coming from a private entity with a willingness to benefit all. No one loses when someone gets an interest or skilled in the hard sciences and recruiting 'top notch' talent (who otherwise look for higher paying venues) for teaching our youth, et al...may not be a bad scheme. Let's explore giving the 'really great teachers' a six-figure+ salary. We certainly do it for the athletic departments of these schools WITHOUT private funding. Unions may be still too strong for this to have a chance, tho. :(


Sorry Andrew, you are off on a number of accounts.

First of all it has been a few years since you have been to school, I believe. Accountability for what we do is stricter than ever, if only for the fact that often a principal's evaluation is based on test scores of their school. We are evaluated constantly and are held accountable for our results. If you know of a teacher who slacks off that much, I guarantee THAT is the teacher that other teachers are pissed off at, because we end up carrying their load, and it is the principal's fault for not getting rid of a bad teacher. It can be done and it can be done with the blessing of the union.

Most teachers have no problem with professionals being paid more to teach math and science, since it would mean we would no longer be thrown into one of those classes and told to "figure it out." I will add that just because someone is a genius at math and science does not guarantee they would be a good teacher. Pedagogy is one thing, communicating it in a way that is understood is quite another.

We use old equipment because we have to rely on tax dollars to buy new stuff and we all know how popular that is.

People go into teaching because they love kids, they love learning and they love teaching. It is why we hang in there regardless of crappy equipment, some rude kids and even ruder parents, and the disdain from those in the public who believe what talk radio tells them instead of actually finding out for themselves. Surveys show over and over that people actually like the school their kids go to, it's those "other" school they hear about that are so bad.


a) as I've illustrated you can't pay public educators very well because they aren't held accountable and it would make a hostile work environment.

b) College is already too expensive and impractical for many talented people. Paying professors more will only make the tuition worse.

You suggestion only greases the tracks for wealthy kids, many of who are less talented and less motivated than poorer kids. If you want the economy to blow and for the country to slip underneath China and Europe then keep on handing lolly pops to the people who need them the least.


My last post is in response to Duff


No, Andrew I was in fact talking pre-college schooling and read Sparky's post - very interesting.


Sparky's post doesn't make a lot of sense.

The reason the tech teachers could slack off is because their subject is basicly untestable. Correct me if I'm worng, but the WASL doesn't have a section covering computer science. The tech teachers can hand out any grade they want and they usaly handed outs A's like candy. High School tech courses became known as the path of least resistance for dumb kids with no college aspiration since they have absolutely no pull with colleges yet provide an easy A to pull up a poor GPA. The only teachers who are held to the fire are the ones who teach traditional academics, the three R's and science.

Sparky says teachers don't like to be "thrown" into math or science, but at the highschool level math and science teachers only teach that subject, they don't moonlight. Her observation seems more aplicable to gradeschool, which is immaterial to the subject.

Sparky agrees that the equipment is crap, and that it's unlikely this will ever change.

We should sell tax payers on the idea that we can transform a burger flippers of the now into high demand tech employees of tomorrow, not the idea that a bunch of highschool students need expensive toys to play with.


Well Andrew, I'm not sure I follow all of your logic, but as I've said before herein when one of our supposed elite young people answer a question in the following manner I say we need 'all the help' we can get in educating our folks.

Q: Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the United States on a world map. Why do you think this is?

A: 'I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our nation don’t have maps and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as in, uh, South Africa and, uh, the Iraq and everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should, uh, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, should help South Africa and should help Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future for our children.'


And with that Duffman has bowed out of the debate. Good try.


Oh excuse me ther Andrew was that a debate? I was simply relating to a discussion from the Dave Ross Show and sharing it with folks. Didn't mean for it to be a debate, but if you feel that everything you post herein has to be a debate with a winner and/or loser - well go for it. Please consider yourself the winner by all means. Wouldn't want to tamper with your 'sensitive' ego.


Andrew..I am a technology teacher. I have goals I am required to submit at the beginning of the year, and I am held accountable for meeting those goals. My students have to show growth in understanding and using technology integrated into the other parts of the curriculum. What I teach is very testable.

I would agree that there are some countries kids cant find on the map ( kind of like Bush can't) but the United States is not one of them. That is an urban legend I thought died out a long time ago.

Also, it has only been recently that our certification has required teachers to have a degree in what they teach at the secondary level. Teachers in my parent's generation were "tossed into" those classes at the jr. high and high school level..my dad being one of them. He was not a math major but ended up being moved from a social studies class into a math class because he was an overall good teacher. And yes, I am at the elementary level, but don't kid yourself that it is an unimportant part of a kid's education.

And the fact that my post does not make sense to you sort of proves my point. People who are not teachers do not know what our requirements are or any of the other parts of education that are behind the scenes. I have flown on a plane but I don't know how to build one.


When someone says something, then another person responds in disagreement you have a debate. When one of the two people responds without providing any counter point then they lose the debate. If you don't like it then stop responding to anything.


Your post doesn't make sense because we're talking about high school but you're superimposing gradeschool experiences onto that. Your observations seem very gradeschool centric so what makes you so much more credible on the topic of high school? I assume that I actively attended a high school much more recently than you.

You haven't realy countered the argument that tech classes are testable, you say the instructor is accountable to the principle... and? Does it go any higher than that?


I teach elementary now, but I have teaching experience all the way through K-12. I was forced into teaching a science and math class at the 8th grade level for 3 years and it was hell for me and for the kids. I have a grandfathered K-12 certificate ( not available anymore) that allows a principal to put me anywhere they want. I also have a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology K-12, a professional certificate in librarianship K-12, and K-12 certification as a Principal. I have taught every grade, including a stint at the college level.

Elementary teachers do not teach in caves. We are aware of the whole spectrum of standards and how we fit into the scope and sequence. If we don't already know them by heart, the OSPI website have them easily available to look up.

As for my accountability, my goals are set by the state standards which are set by the national standards. No, there is no individual WASL test for technology..that can't happen until there is equity in all schools regarding the amount and quality of technology available. I'm lucky at my school because we have a computer lab, mini-labs in each classroom and two roving carts of laptops that teachers use in the classrooms. I am responsible for students showing growth each year in their abilities to use computers as they do in the real world..that means spreadsheets, word processing, producing multi-media projects, and effective use of the internet. My principal demands that I have proof of that growth.

If you believe that garbage that the WASL is an effective tool for measuring knowledge, I have a bridge in Arizona to sell you.

Now, please spare me your blather about how you "know" how things "are" in schools.


Excellent sparks! Andrew you are a dolt, no question about it; don't know why I wasted my time responding to you. It won't happen again...and I'd be surprised if anyone else did. Have a grand life in YOUR world!


sparks: have even more respect for you after your two recent posts in response to dolt/&drew.
You've obviously achieved much and are to be thanked for your service to our Country (& it's children) as much as a soldier is. :)


No, Im not brave like the soldiers..I just am tired of the crap about schools from people who have not walked in my shoes. I dont know what everyone does on here but I would never assume to tell them what is true about their work.


Say, if it's "Too Beautiful To Live," then WHY ISN'T IT DEAD ALREADY???


sparky your response amounts to "I'm a grade school teacher so I know more about high school than you do", I'm not buying it.

You just repeated yourself, you say you're accountable to your principle but you haven't explained what that has to do with anything.

I don't even know what point you're trying to make; my point is that more emphasis needs to be put on higher education and vocational training and that if tax payers support them they will get a great return on their investment.


Duffman is doing what Duffman always does, he loses the debate and then becomes a cheerleader for whoever else is smart enough to keep up.


No Sparky, I think you are just as brave as them soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan. Sure you are not getting shot at or dodging IEDs. Not living in a tent or sleeping on a cot in a distant desert. Not feasting on MRE's. I won't even mention the pay difference. But look at the risks you take everyday. Students with runny noses, plugging in them carts to electrical wall sockets, Breathing in chalk dust, and don't forget them paper cuts. You know something as insignificant as a paper-cut can lead to MRSA infection. And that is not something someone wants to get infected with. Especially at your age.

Without you taking those risks everyday for 9-10 months a year where would this country find dedicated, partiotic, and well educated men and women to protect us from our enemies. You Sparky, are a great American.


Wrong yet again @dru; to have a debate you need the following ingredients.

1. (At least) two people who agree to debate.
2. Two people who are coherent enough in a thought process to maintain a continuity of thought on a particular subject. [In our case, I was the only one]

Therefore, I rest my case; please continue your ramblings at will, with the understanding that likely no one will take you serious.

[You lecturing Sparky about the ways of our educational system is just plain 'laughable'!]


As an aside, did anyone happen to catch NBC's Evening News broadcast with Brian Williams last night?
What was the deal with the 'hit piece' on Wal-Mart, when they showed obvious 'privately-recorded video' of managers and employees apparently partying in drag, etc???
WTF relevancy did that have to national news...I couldn't believe it?

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