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April 22, 2008



I like Tony Snow. I think he's overcome a lot and persisted in keeping his career going. I'm surprised at his move to CNN, but if it was the 'best fit' for him and his family I applaud it. I certainly differ from him on many items but I do respect his ability, tenacity and will to keep going thru some difficult times.
Good Luck to you sir - will be tuning in to your CNN pieces.


...however, I might add that I (for the life of me) do not understand his reported affinity for Bill O'Reilly as I do not have any respect for that guy at all.


Mr. Hood, it's amazing how anyone that doesn't go along with your progressive liberal beliefs and ideas are, in your opinion, liars. Totally amazing.


"Treading on broken glass is one of the requisites of working for O'Reilly, as is pulling out your own teeth with a ."

a what?


Duffman, still schilling I see, you're our Alan Colmes.

On Dennis Miller’s radio show, former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow falsely claimed that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) has “voted present” 160 times as a member of the United States Senate. “He has cast more present votes in the United States Senate over the last three years than anybody else in the chamber,” claimed Snow.

Miller tried to correct Snow, saying that it was “in the Illinois Senate” that Obama had made a series of “present” votes, but Snow refused to budge, saying, “no, no, in the United States Senate”:

TONY SNOW: What Obama always tries to do, is to do what looks to be respectable and to avoid trouble. So when he’s in the United States Senate, he’s voted present, what 160 times.

DENNIS MILLER: In the Illinois Senate, I believe.

SNOW: No, no. In the United States Senate.

MILLER: Oh, I thought when he was down in the house of Illinois that he voted present.

SNOW: He’s done both. He’s done both. He has cast more present votes in the United States Senate over the last three years than anybody else in the chamber.

Tony Snow---never met a fact he didn’t lie about.


Watch out where the Huskies go, don't you eat that Yellow Snow...


:0 YAWN!! Same old sh** stuff! [Have you ever had an original thought]


Good quote this morning...

"America suffers from a national schizophrenia on education. Everybody thinks it's a good idea to get an education, but displaying that education is looked on as a sin. Knowing how to do a better job for the country and explaining it with clear and thorough reasoning, rather than offering up ignorance spiced with tired stock phrases and pithy platitudes, may ultimately turn out to be disqualifying."

"With political discourse reduced to screaming contests and actual news eclipsed by exclusive and shocking footage of celebrities without makeup, we've become not only impatient with but downright opposed to the kinds of ideas that can't be reduced to a line on a screen crawl or a two-sentence blog entry.

What's more, a lot of people who harbor an intolerance for complexity see it not as a character flaw but a cognitive virtue. That's because they've fallen into the trap of believing that complicated ideas ("complicated" now constituting anything that requires reading, watching or listening to in its entirety) are the purview of the "elite."

Can an intellectual person be President? Not can a "smart person" be president, but an intellectual. There's a difference. Bill Clinton attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, but no one would have pegged the McDonald's-munching Clinton as an ivory-tower egghead. George W. Bush attended both Harvard and Yale, but I think we're safe in saying that the word "intellectual" could not be attached to him with all the barbed wire in Texas. Flipping backwards through the list of presidential candidates, the last guy who had the sign "intellectual" hanging from his neck was probably Adlai Stevenson. Kennedy probably deserved it, but I'm assured that the "dreamy" factor offset any tendency toward sustained Latin discourse.

One of the things that strikes people who've spent any time in Europe is that Europeans tend to be almost universally bookish. By that I don't mean they travel around with a copy of Proust tucked under one arm, but if they've read past the cover page of Remembrance of Things Past they're not afraid to toss their own two euros into the discussion. That doesn't mean for a moment that Europeans are one neuron smarter than Americans, only that they don't seem convinced that knowledge is something you should feel bad about."

That wouldn't be anyone here, now would it?

blathering michael

I do not use the word liar, lightly, nor do I save it for "anyone that doesn't go along with [my] progressive liberal beliefs and ideas."
But any respect I had for "nice guy" Tony Snow went out the window with his slimy obfuscatin' being the Bush mouthpiece during the hellish year of 2006 in Iraq.

Some say he quit because he was afraid his career would never recover being Bush's Designated Liar.

Not sure if that's true, but he's definitely going to the same hell the rest of this bunch is going to when Bush finally pulls his dick out of this country.


Well, you know if 'truth' be known probably the only one connected to the White House that isn't a liar (to some degree) is Barney .


...and/or Beazley Weazley, of course...but she's such a bitch!


I have never understood blind loyalty..lying to the camera even when your words can be proven wrong over and over and over.
Bla'M...funny how nobody chose to admit on the other thread they were punked by the faux military advisors..


Maybe Tony should go work for ABC news instead:

"If Charlie Gibson and his partner, George Stephanopoulos, had halted their descent at the level of the fatuous, that would have been bad enough. But there was worse to come. In the seven weeks since the previous Clinton-Obama debate, the death toll of American troops in Iraq had reached four thousand; the President had admitted that his "national-security team," including the Vice-President, had met regularly in the White House to approve the torture of prisoners; house repossessions topped fifty thousand per month and unemployment topped five per cent; and the poll-measured proportion of Americans who believe that "things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track" hit eighty-one per cent, a record. Yet for most of the next hour Gibson and Stephanopoulos limited their questioning to the following topics: Obama’s April 6th remark about "bitter" small-towners; whether each candidate thinks the other can win; the Obama family’s ex-pastor, Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.; Clinton’s tale of sniper fire in Bosnia; Obama’s failure to wear a flag lapel pin; and Obama’s acquaintance with a college professor in his Chicago neighborhood who, while Obama was in grade school, was a member of the Weather Underground."


That's why I'd like to see a debate with staid members of the opposition party as the one's asking the questions; wouldn't THAT be a novel approach. Hopefully Sen Obama will give in to another debate so Katie Couric can try to improve her ratings. [May be after this evening's results - he will change his mind?]


btw: sparks, any opinion on the teacher who is refusing to administer the WASL? Foolish? Brave?


Brave, maybe a little short-sighted because by himself, he won't be able to change anything, and Im positive they got someone else to administer the test to the kids. But apparently he has a lot of support because fellow teachers and some parents have taken up a collection to make up for the pay he will be docked.
Assessment is important...but the WASL only tests one's ability to analyze what a test writer wants.


I for one sparky, do not feel punked. Psy-ops are a part of war. Having to use such operations against our press does not shock me. The acts of treason committed by The New York Times are reason enough for me to see the need.
Looking at the negative spin put out by the mainstream press during Viet Nam still haunts me.
I admit that I still have not read Bla'ms stuff because it comes from the times. I am waiting for an honorable source.
I agree with Duffy on the debate. If Tony Snow or Brit Hume would question Obamarama and the Hildabeast with Snuffalupagus questioning McInsane, that would be interesting. Of coarse, that can never happen. Debates are strongly controlled by all involved to not give up any perceived advantage.


Chucks, you didn't miss anything. It was just a lot of "Connect-the-Dots" stuff. No actual proof of wrong doing and a lot of unknown/unnamed Pentagon sources. In other words just ole Lefty propaganda.

If you read the transcript, you will find that all of those at the meeting thought it was important to get the information out. I didn't find any reference in it that they were there to get some extra cash for their employer or company. No one was asking Rumsfeld for anyhting except to take a stand against the Liberal Media.

Sparky, I think the teacher was foolish. My take on what I read and heard is that he was afraid his students might fail which would be a direct reflection on his teaching and preparing them for the test. Of course he says it was because of unclear questions, costs, etc... Yeah right.


Steven, you would say day was night, that hot was cold.

Either you didn't read the story about the military analysts, or it was beyond your understanding that these men are on the boards, or were lobbyists for the big military contractors and it is to their financial benefit that the war continue. It had nothing to do with making money FOR those companies.

And as far as the WASL goes, you know nothing about it. You have never seen it, you have never taken it. The teacher was tired of seeing kids become physically ill from the stress associated with this stupid test.It has happened at 2 schools where I have taught...many parents keep their kids out of school rather than have them take the WASL. Those students are still counted in the school average and they bring a zero/flunk to that average. This test measures nothing but a kid's ability to interpret what the test writer wants. It is full of inferences, ambiguities, and conflicting requirements.
It is a stupid test.


While I agree the WASL is a stupid test I must take exception to anyone being concerned that kids get stressed because of the testing.

Students always get stressed on big test days. Or pop quizs. Spelling exams. Having to take their clothes off for gym.

Stress will be part of their life.

If you want to take a small amount of stress from students stop allowing so-called experts using schools for social experimentation.

Me, I still like rabbits


I have to admit steven, I have never heard a teacher say anything good about the WASL. I am sure that it is a crap test just based on that alone.
It is just another gumment feel good program with a bunch of tax money thrown at it. Sounded good on paper, like most feel good programs but nobody seems to be able to make it work.
We need to stop wasting resources on this crap. I'll bet that sparky and joanie can come up with better ways to spend the tax $.


Did we just hijack and twist another thread? LOL!!
sorry Bla'M


That teacher who refused to give the WASL was very effective. The value of publicity he received from news coverage eclipses his lost wages, and this ultimately transfers pressure to those who are responsible for devising the test. Other teachers should be thanking the guy for doing what they're too pussy to do themselves. We know they hate test, not the idea of testing, and they are on the front lines.


I want to see if that NY Times has some legs to it and if in fact it is followed up on. If it is legit, it will be reported on in more depth. Frankly, given its track record I just don't trust the Times.
I have a kid that is taking the WASL and can attest that his teacher -who I like and respect- is basically teaching to the test. While I have no problems stressing kids as they get high school age, I wonder what the heck is the value of the WASL for elementary school children. I have the WASL books and frankly some of the areas tested are f'n ridiculous. My understanding is that there is an 'opt out' without counting against your school average. But it is not broadcasted.
Finally, bad news about Tony Snow. He re-entered the hospital today. Lets hope he gets well.


Blame the unfunded No Child Left Behind mess for testing elementary kids, Puts...if you dont test them, you dont get federal dollars. That opt out is very limited and it does impact the school tally. That is part of the agreement. Add to that, every state has different benchmarks and different tests. Within Washington state, there are at least 6 different math curricula, a dozen different reading programs and at least that many ways to teach writing. So how can we expect a relevant test outcome? What if a kid can describe a rock with pages and pages of writing, but doesnt remember the word "attribute" and therfore gets a zero on that section of the test because he or she didnt know that attribute means characteristics that can be described? Teachers have to sign for the tests handed to them, after counting them in front of a test leader, then the teacher cannot let the tests out of sight until the test is over and then must sign in again.

Andrew, nothing will change if teachers complain...it will take a whole LOT of parents marching on olympia to make things happen.

Yes, sorry michael that we hijacked your thread...

I can tie it back to tony snow..at a press conference at the height of the Mark Foley scandal, Snow said they should ignore that story and talk instead about how Bush went to a No Child Left Behind activity..


"Dennis Miller tried to correct Snow, saying that it was “in the Illinois Senate” that Obama had made a series of “present” votes, but Snow refused to budge, saying, “no, no, in the United States Senate”:

TONY SNOW: What Obama always tries to do, is to do what looks to be respectable and to avoid trouble. So when he’s in the United States Senate, he’s voted present, what 160 times.

DENNIS MILLER: In the Illinois Senate, I believe.

SNOW: No, no. In the United States Senate.

MILLER: Oh, I thought when he was down in the house of Illinois that he voted present.

SNOW: He’s done both. He’s done both. He has cast more present votes in the United States Senate over the last three years than anybody else in the chamber.

Tony Snow---never met a fact he didn’t lie about."

Think that Snow's last statement is correct, but he was seemingly careless with the facts (not 160 times though). Miller has a pretty good steel trap memory though.

Those who brand Snow as a blatant liar or anyone else - I challenge you to google Barack Obama's US Senate voting record and bet that you will find he voted present a relative high percentage of the time - and please post the link so everyone interested can see the real truth.

I was not wild about his stint as Bush's Press Secretary - would have preferred that he would have turned it down, but he didn't and that position is a function of the sitting President, who in this case was a big DUD. With that said, I hope that his health is OK.


That whole WASL started out in the early 90's in the Washington Legislature.
I know at some point it got incorporated with No Child Left Behind in 2001 or so but just wanted to point out it has a lot dirty fingerprints all over it. Both Repub and Dem.
Like I wrote, I am not a fan of WASL.
And I hope for Tony Snow to get well soon.


Well you see, if a jokester like Miller has the ability to correct Snow Job, not because he is all that good at it but perhaps Miller sees a horses'ass like Tony playing Press Sec and blowing off minutia like whether he was in the state or senate at the time and Tony being FOX news and WH product, Miller probably thinks he should know better.

I really don't care if his health is better, this nations health is not better and ratfuckers like him and Lee Attwater and Roy Cohn made cake destroying other people based on lies and innuendo. Tony Snow is not a nice guy anymore than the deceased Ken Lay was when he went on 60 Minutes to play misunderstood gangster. You people should really stop thinking like you can play on the same golf course as these people and be in their league.


Hey J Hova
This will make you feel better. Roy Cohn's cousin is none other than, Dick Morris. As Casey Stengal use to say, 'You can look it up.'

Now go to bed and get some sleep. It's WASL week!


That would be Prostitute Toe-Sucking Dick Morris.


Spot on Sparky, you know your pervs. He was doing that nasty when Pres Bill was on the phone with him and getting his Lewinsky.
He was actually close to Cohn and lived in the house with Cohn's father while growing up. Obviously he must have learned at the feet of the 'master.'


Sparky, maybe you skipped this disclaimer.

"Many analysts strongly denied that they had either been co-opted or had allowed outside business interests to affect their on-air comments, and some have used their platforms to criticize the conduct of the war."

joanie hussein for obama

Until the adults on this blog start using their brains for thinking and analyzing, it really doesn't matter what any of you think about the WASL.

Also, Europeans have so much more history that do we. They've seen it all. They know the value of tolerance, literacy, social networking.

It is only in America that we two-year olds have to learn the hard way. We no longer enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. We haven't had the best medical care for a long time. Our education system is wanting and getting worse. Adults here would rather trust "24" for their knowledge of international affairs and warfare than "intellectuals" who actually study it. And would rather believe whatever makes their gun-totin' might-makes-right sensibilities tingle than use reason to solve problems.

George Bush reflects this country mighty well. And "bomb-bomb Iran" McCriminal McCain will carry the torch right into the proverbial gutter. I hope you all enjoy the ride.

Duffman, you'll be leading the pack. You and your lying, embellishing, intolerant and hateful Hillary. That a woman I used to admire is so desperate for the Presidency that she will sell her honesty, integrity and soul for it show exactly what we've become.

In your effort, Duffman, to please everyone, you'll please no one and be the first to drown in your own pablum.

Sound a little eccentric? We've been doing poetry in school and strong feelings evoke succinct images.

The Dalai Lama "Seeds of Compassion" was at Qwest Field last Saturday. I did not go. One of my parents did and said he has hope. He thinks the world is getting better.

Well, I'm sure he meant the rest of the world.


"I hope you all enjoy the ride."

And where will you be Joanie, in your cave wondering why you got a welcome mat so your friends can wipe their feet before entering even though the rest of the cave is also dirt and it wouldn't matter.

joanie hussein for obama

Well, at least, Steven, you're admitting to the scenario. I will probably be right along with you because you are taking everyone down with you.

Happy now?


I see Chucks even agreed with you earlier. But he thought you meant all Veterans which your number could be right, if numbers were kept on that statistic. But you specifically said "soldiers coming home", refering to Iraq/Afghanistan. Care to correct you statement.

joanie hussein for obama

No, Steven, I don't care to correct it. I did mean all vets. Veterans are in a sad way today.

I think the numbers of Iraq vets will surprise you when all is said and done. There are more TBIs than ever before and less rehab help.

What do you think? If you do think...

Also, I've been meaning to ask why giving Tom Young a reason to live is wrong? Would you prefer that he have stayed home and cried in his beer and waved the flag like you do?

I think Donohue gave him a mission in life. I think Donohue did him a favor. I think he gave this young man a reason to live.

I guess I respect Mr. Young more than you do.


joanie: with all due respect, sometimes you go on tangents and you really don't make any sense at all. I hope you will (like others) swallow a bit of pride and come over to the Mrs Clinton camp for the sake of the Party if nothing else. We don't know enough yet about Sen Obama; I believe that will become obvious to the super delegates who will rally around Hillary in the end.
May be you're having a difficult week and can't think straight. Relax...life is so short; you don't need to add undue stress to it. Keep smiling.


Well golly, steven, if they made a disclaimer and SAID they didn't do it, then I guess that means they were telling the truth!!

joanie hussein for obama

sometimes you go on tangents and you really don't make any sense at all. I hope you will (like others) swallow a bit of pride and come over to the Mrs Clinton camp...

And this makes sense to you?

Tangents? Which? Others? Who? Again, you say nothing.

Duffman, who prefers a dumbed-down Hillary over an intelligent man who owns his integrity and is the people's choice, wants that choice overturned by a few people who think - like him - that they know better.

You are representative of the people who are sticking with her. Superficial thinkers who think only of themselves in the short term. You are sad.


No, you know what joanie - most of the time I'm 'happy'...and I'm continually trying to improve on that. In regard to Mrs Clinton I'm thinking of our beloved Country, and of you, sparks, merci and all of my friends and acquaintenances.


I'd still like to know what 'water-pump pliers' are....


You must be on the young side..My grandpa had a pumphouse in the backyard that pumped water from the well to the house. Every once in awhile it would quit working and he would take the pliers off the inside of the cover and adjust things, and then it would start working.

...unless Bla'M meant a car's water pump.....


Joanie you posted:

"soldiers coming home without benefits - can't even go to school on the public dime - 17 a day committing suicide - and families on welfare - and those at the top benefiting ."

Hmmm, lets look at the quote again.

"coming home"

"can't even go"

"families on welfare"

Nope, sure looks like you meant soldiers coming home the Iraq war. Not all veterans. And even if you did, where is your proof. Armen Keteyian. He even admits the VA doesn't keep track of those stats. Where did he get his stats from.

As for Tomas Young. As compared to what, going on the road and crying in his beer. Which is what he is shown doing in the documentary.


No Sparky, Barstow put that in there to say he has no proof of any wrong doing by those analyst but just "Connect-the-Dots" and let me tell you what they did.

joanie hussein for obama

Well, again you agree that you're the one sitting at home crying in your beer and waving the flag.

Yes, I do think it is more honorable to go out on the road and fight for your convictions.

Again, I respect him. Why don't you?

Have you said sorry to a vet yet?

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