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April 20, 2008



Hell no...I doubt if it makes the national evening news either. And all this time, those of us who have doubted the veracity of all the attempts at brainwashing were told we hated America.
I would like to think this would put the myth of the "liberal" media to rest for good, but I won't hold my breath.

joanie hussein for obama

Is anyone surprised? When I read it, I thought so what else is new?

joanie hussein for obama

CBC news just reporting on Clinton campaigning in Pennsylvania and talking about Hershey's decision to move its peppermint patty-making plant to Mexico. Nafta is Clinton's burden and the reporter said Pennsylvanians are mad.

I think things look better and better for Obama.

The Boxer ears

Don't tell Hillary Duffman, he'll flip out in fake rage.


Hillary is a dead man walking. Did you see McCain on ABC today? He reminds us that Obama is a punk-ass, stumble bum big city law professor with a ultra-left voting record, a lot of pretty speeches, weird, hippy friends, a thin resume and no touch with regular people. How could the Democrats have done it again??? Lose the election, I mean. HA HA HA HA


So, binky, this thread is about how the administration got military personnel who had ties to the military industrial complex and had a financial interest in pumping up the war...waiting to hear what your thoughts are on that.

And what do you think of John McCain owning 8 very very large homes? That certainly makes him a man of the people, doesn't it? Or the 109 million that Hill and Bill brought in last year? Why, I feel they are just like me!!

Funny, you conveniently left out the part where the Obamas were only able to pay off their student loans with the sale of his first book. Or their two little girls. Naww, nobody I know of has a family like that! Do you think that if Michelle Obama had plagerized those recipes off the Food Network like Cindy McCain did, that the media would have ignored it?


Which only adds to the evidence that this war was perpetuated to benefit Halliburton and it's subsidiaries i.e. Brown & Root, etc., et al. Companies that 'surprisingly' employ these so called retired experts (either directly or indirectly thru lobby and/or 'consultant' fees). Simply more of the George Bush smoke and mirrors show. Wow; what a legacy.

'Hillary is a dead man walking.'
...wrong in so many ways...far from dead, not a 'man', and certainly not 'walking' but 'charging' with full energy like the Everready bunny.


Speaking of punked, it looks like the authorities who invaded that Mormon compound were fooled by some prank caller. That's the whole reason they went in, based on a prank phone call! Jesus Christ, wouldn't you at least expect them to make sure the original distress call was actually coming from the compound, and not a couple of states away?


The Times article is just grist for the mill, but really interesting. It's cool to check out the interactive site, with the actual documents in which the talking points are discussed and distributed.

I seem to remember back in the day the TV "military analysts" being ridiculed on The Daily Show with excerpts of each saying some Orwellian phrase like "long war," over and over. So it was clear already that this stuff was happening, but here you can see the smoking guns and a peek behind the curtain at the psyops in progress.

Would have been nice to have seen this in 2006, or sooner, but apparently the Pentagon wouldn't release many of the documents, even after they lost in federal court.


Presidents don't get elected on thoughtful arguments by libs. Obama is a stumble bum, he is a bad candidate. He i too far out for tis country. He will be crushed. HA HA HA HA


it'd really be a blowjob in the sweet grass on a sunny day.

Remember: For Orally, this would also require a Falafel & a Loofa (both middle-eastern products).

Will these generals do the honorable soldier thing and commit seppuku in their pool house with a WWII bayonet

Who wouldn't love to see Rummy forced to Seppuku on his ranch - standing up, of course. Then again, Duffman didn't have to after wasting all that milk. Hope springs eternal - an "unknown unknown"


Thanks for pointing out that you are unable to carry on a conversation like an adult, binky.


Duffman, you had better meet up with Hillary's people...


Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell praises FARRAKHAN...

Rev. Wright must have brainwashed him, ya think??


Pile on all you want...I still have faith in Mrs Clinton and I think you'all will be surprised at tomorrow's outcome of the Penn vote.


Just curious Duffman...

So with the Delegate math and the popular vote well out of reach for Hillary (we've shown this multiple times already), how does she come-from-behind?

As you've mentioned, you're idea is that she'll scoop up the super-delegates, AGAINST the will of the people.

Do you not understand how disastrous this would be for the Democratic party? Do you care?

Or perhaps you don't, and are playing Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" game

Joanie Sparks: my suspicion is the later.


Yes merci I am relying on the super delegates. I think a case will be made (& supported) that she would be a better candidate against Sen McCain. I believe that there are more super delegates that 'owe her' and will be in pay back mode. Believe me I'm no fan of Limbaugh and I'm not even familar with his game, as I never tune in. But think as you wish. I will sink or swim with Mrs Clinton, thank you.


Oh, and I don't think that would be disastrous because I beleive she would ask Sen Obama to partner with her as VP.


Once again:

You're idea is that she'll scoop up the super-delegates, AGAINST the will of the people.

Do you not understand how disastrous this would be for the Democratic party? Do you care?

2 direct questions, 2 direct answers, no dodging.


What is the point of having super delegates if they're supposed to parrot caucuses and opinion polls?


Mrs Clinton and Sen Obama would be (as they say) the dream ticket and would do more for the Democratic Party than any other scenario.


So Nate
Is what you are saying with Duff is that he should abandon principal for the sake of the party? Wrong as he is, at least he is standing with his own principals. If we all did that, we would not be where we are today.
He has said on numerous occasions that he will vote for jug ears if that is who in nominated. Hang in there Duffy. If jug ears wins the nomination, he will lose the general and you can "I told you so" the whole lot of them.


Is what you are saying with Duff is that he should abandon principal for the sake of the party

Nice try. Actually Chucks, as mentioned before, I believe that the principles ARE the party. In other words, the DNC platform best fits my own principles - that's how I vote.

Duffman's in it for the personality contest (ie he says: "I just Like her")

At this point, it's become her ego vs. the math/delegates/popular vote. It's time for Chairman Dean to put her in check.

Note: Math for Chucks: McPain's 100 year war + no economic policy + no conservative base support + no social conservative support = win in November?
Das a goot wun


Duff - Just read this, and read it carefully:

Clinton Needs Record Margins, Turnout to Catch Obama (Update1)

Not just the headline. Read the whole thing and report back.


Thanks merci. I agree that the numbers make it look tough and THAT's why I'm relying on the super-delegates. If it's really close and the super-dels vote for Mrs Clinton against the 'will' of the people (so to speak) I think she can still make the case for support by asking Sen Obama to team up with her for the good of the Party and thus be virtually 'unbeatable'. If he's wise - he'll accept, knowing full well that with him as the VP, the Dems would rule for many years.
Think about it. I'm sure Mr Dean (and the super-dels have).
That's my report and I'm stickin to it. Get ready for a super ass-kickin tomorrow and then we'll see where the mood of the nation is.


Y'up sez: Would have been nice to have seen this in 2006, or sooner, but apparently the Pentagon wouldn't release many of the documents, even after they lost in federal court." Yep, Y'up...it took two years. Barstow said in his Q&A "Last week, the judge overseeing our lawsuit threatened the Defense Department with sanctions if it continues to defy his deadlines for producing additional records." SCUM, THEY'RE ALL SCUM!

(Don't mess with MF, Duh-f...his numbers have you outnumbered!)


2004, A little outdated don't you think Paladin.

"John Kerry, John Edwards and the Democratic Party bring a new vision for America – strong at
home, respected abroad."

Are you living in the past still or maybe you haven't got over the death of the D&D creator who died not long ago.

Or maybe you havn't been reading the news:

From the DNC Platform

"We have a plan to build a strong, growing economy: creating good jobs, rewarding hard work, and restoring fiscal discipline."

"We have a plan to help our people build strong, healthy families: securing quality health care, offering world-class education, and ensuring clean air and water."

Its been 16 months,

"We believe that a strong America begins at home, with good jobs that support families and an equal
chance for all our people."

Lets see, they raise the minimum wage and now we are feeling it by seeing more and more people losing thier jobs. I thought it was supposed to create jobs.

How are those families supposed to "build" if they have no job and because of that they lost thier homes to foreclosure?

And where is that "Heath Care Plan"? (Cue in Pelosi and Reid looking under their desk saying, "Nope, not here")

How about a little math for you:

No jobs = No house = No taxes = No World Class Education.

Nice Priciples if you want to go Communist. Just keep them to yourself.


Let's be fair to Duff. He has been for Hillary since she was the likely winner. He has stuck with her through thick and thin. Give him credit for being consistent and straightforward about his preference.


If anyone is watching "Deal or No Deal", the President will be on tonight.

joanie hussein for obama

, at least he is standing with his own principals.

Duff, please elucidate your "principles" again? I don't actually recall every seeing any.

If we all did that, we would not be where we are today.

Speak for yourself Mr. trash-talking salesman of gas-guzzling, over-priced climate-changing dinosaurs.

joanie hussein for obama

Oh, god! Another parroting POS from putsie.

I remember another "consistent and straightforward" guy named Harry Truman. Yup, he stuck it out. Wonder what happened to him?

"Consistent" and "straight forward" - wtf does that mean?

Stubborn, unable to learn, inflexible, determined to be right even when wrong . . .

gee, you guys, who else does that sound like?

Ted Smith

One way or the other, Barack Obama will be a disaster. Either he will lose or he will win and be unable to govern. Face it, friends, the Democrats are doing it to us again.


Why you Joanie, it sounds just like you.


And did you come up with anything on those 17 a day suicides in the Army?

joanie hussein for obama

Why unable to govern? I think the country will demand changes. I'm hoping for some real changes on the Dem side as well.

I'd vote out Murray and Cantwell in a heartbeat given the right opponents.


2004, A little outdated don't you think Paladin.

au contraire, herr dumbshit.

Quick Civics 101 lesson for Never-Nevetsland: Party platforms are authored at presidential conventions - the last one occurring (as you might remember) in 2004. Therefore, the 2004 DNC Platform is the most recent document of this type available. Just the same for the incredibly up-do-date 2004 RNC Platform.

But fear not, red-state shit-fer-brains: we'll all see the BRAND NEW party platforms in 2008! September (GOP) and August (DNC).

*Sound of Nevets' pea-brain exploding*


yeah, people should earn a low wage, and by god then they would keep their jobs and be able to afford a really nice house....


"the 2004 DNC Platform is the most recent document of this type available."

Just like Liberals to take something outdated that dosen't work and still use it. No wonder they can't get anything done in the Congress to help the people they say they represent. Keep the faith Paladin. One day your dream of a Communist (How did your Presidential Candidates priest and mentor say it) U.S. of KKK will become a reallity.


Joanie, nothing. You had to have gotten that number from somewhere. Your not being stubborn now are you? Not determined to be right even when wrong . . . are you?


I am not one to come to joanies defense, but the 17 or 18 suicides per day is real. Of coarse the biggest group is the Viet Nam Veterans. One per day is too many.
I have no idea how these numbers stand up to the general population or other "careers". I know that the suicide rate is high amongst police officers, something in the 22 to 30 per hundred thousand. Fuck studying the problem. It is time to treat our veterans.
I'm pretty sure that some nitwits in congress will call for an investigation. I call on congress to fund treatment before anything else.
Now it is time for joanie to slam me because I support our troops and their mission.


LOL, I leave here to check the evening news. There is Patty Murray calling for an investigation.
Certainly an investigation is in order if what she is alleging is so. I still think (I can go ten minutes without changing my opinion) the nitwit should be introducing legislation to fully fund mental health care for veterans.


Let me be the first to congratulate you on the immense victory Hillary scored in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. They laughed at you and they mocked you. But the one called Duff beat 'em back with his faith -from day 1- in his candidate.
This 'could' be huge. Obviously more and more talk/discussion/argument/dissension will be called for over the next few months as the Clintonista wing decides just how to select the 'electable' Hillary over the 'unelectable' Obama.
Should be very interesting.
McCain, on the other hand, when not wearing funny hairpieces is off raising money and getting tanned, ready, and rested for November.

joanie hussein for obama

There are many more things to slam you for than for supporting health care for veterans.

Like sending them over there to begin with. Stop loss! Stop the damn war is more like it.

Supporting vets is a start.

Have you said sorry to a vet yet?

joanie hussein for obama

the nitwit should be introducing legislation to fully fund mental health care for veterans.

And you really think The Decider wouldn't veto it?

Who is the nitwit really?


My preference is to thank a vet or offer to help. Most vets that I have met do not want anybody feeling sorry for them. They just want a job and a fair shot at the American dream.
Saying sorry to a vet for serving and sacrificing is an insult.
Patty Murray is a nitwit. That aside, she does have the veterans back. She just needs to quit politicking and introduce a bill to get the funding. If the bill is not loaded up with a bunch of typical Reid-Polosi bullshit, Bush will sign it. He is a proven light weight when it comes to the veto pen.

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