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April 03, 2008



So Sparky, are you saying that it's not what a person says, but where they say it? For example, if I were a radio host, and I said "I hate niggers," on the air, I should be fired, but if I said the same thing at a small private gathering, and my comment was video taped and later was made known to the public, you are saying that I should not be fired?

joanie hussein for obama

Hers is Constitutionally protected free speech as far as the rest of us should be concerned.

Gee, chucks, a glimmer of hope here...?

Take note, putsie. Chucks actually thinks sometimes. Have you read the Bill of Rights lately?

Dave Ross is playing Perry Mason again. I hate it when he tries to be smarter than his guest. Today he's being Mr. Trial Lawyer in a case concerning a registered sex offender and MacDonalds.

joanie hussein for obama

I guess the same question applies to you, DT.

Central Concern

I'm glad we're zeroing in on the essentials while Rome burns...

Americans are more dissatisfied with the country’s direction than at any time since the New York Times/CBS News poll began asking about the subject in the early 1990s, according to the latest poll.

"I'd like to meet the 19% who think we are on the right track."

In the poll, 81 percent of respondents said they believed “things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track,” up from 69 percent a year ago and 35 percent in early 2002.

Although the public mood has been darkening since the early days of the war in Iraq, it has taken a new turn for the worse in the last few months, as the economy has seemed to slip into recession. There is now nearly a national consensus that the country faces significant problems.

A majority of nearly every demographic and political group — Democrats and Republicans, men and women, residents of cities and rural areas, college graduates and those who finished only high school — say the United States is headed in the wrong direction. Seventy-eight percent of respondents said the country was worse off than five years ago; just 4 percent said it was better off.


Yet even MORE reason why the SUPER super delegates (have you read about them?...some apparently are more 'super' than others) will correctly insure that Mrs Clinton is our candidate.


...tax returns RELEASED !!!

Central Concern

Duffman, what in the hell are you babbling about this time?


Sorry CC, should have provided a link to my 'babbling' Super-Duper Delegates

joanie hussein for obama

Duff, a lot of supers have changed their allegiances. What makes you think they are Hillary's hope? Also, heard today that her 20 point lead has melted to five or six points.

What say you?

I would never disrespect Hillary, but her tall tales and divisive tactics aren't sitting well with me currently.


Holy crap Batman.
Those clowns have a serious income.
Maybe I have been looking at "public service" all wrong.
Guess we are going to have to look at the Clinton's in the same light as Bush and Cheney. Rich beyond belief.


I can understand that joanie, they didn't sit well with me either. Her making fun of it on Leno last nite was a good move, I thought. Like I said I don't think (with slight exceptions) there are any politicians out there who don't 'stretch-it' a bit. She 'mis-spoke', embellished the situation a bit (but had it correct in her book) - I can forgive that.
I believe the super-dels and the super-duper dels are leaning more towards Mrs Clinton but need some positive reinforcement, which I think will be provided by:
1. Her showing in remaining States
2. Her dominance of the bigger States
3. Her influence and power among the dels (all-kinds)
4. Her 'electability' over McCain
I think enough 'stuff' will come out between now and deciding time that will show clearly that she could more easily beat McCain and you gotta go with 'a winner'. [Obamania may have run it's course!]. And here's the clincher: my neighbors (across the street) having had an 'Obama' sign up since the start 'finally' replaced it with 'Hillary'.


chucks: $109-Mil in 8 years...not as much as Alex Rodriguez...they will be taking a huge pay-cut to go back to 'public service'.

joanie hussein for obama

Duff, the eternal optimist. Why do you think so many in Congress are coming out for Obama? Do you think they don't want a Dem victory? Dodd, Richardson, Kennedy and a bunch of others all for Obama. Gotta be some there there.

chucks, you never cease to amaze me. You think 109 million is that amazing? Where have you been all your life?

Wonder what your fave Bushies are worth?

Rumsfeld? Cheney? His Haliburton stock alone probably equals the Clinton's worth. Kind of selective, aren't you?

Big difference? Bill and Hillary think they owe something back to society. Kind of nice people, aren't they? Kind of a Christian attitude, isn't it?

Well, maybe that doesn't compute (as in bank account) with you.

joanie hussein for obama

Bubba's got a good show. He gets a lot of callers from middle America. He handles them well. No anger or ranting.

Also, he's staying on message. He's using a rightwing tactic: repeat, repeat and repeat. His message has been McCriminal McCain's uncontrolled temper for several weeks now. He's hammering that one home hour after hour after hour.

He's a smart redhead. I'll give him that.


..by same token joanie; why hasn't Gore, Edwards opined yet? 't'aint over 'till it's over...

joanie hussein for obama

$10 million in charitable contributions. Got that, chucks?


Sorry Duffy, but me thinks that they wont be doing their public service from the White House.
The supers select Hillary over Joanie's guy and we are gonna recruit the black voter like you have never seen before.
The sup's select Obamarama over her her majesty and we will get every white man that has ever been shat upon by preference programs.
Say what you want. This is going to be the most interesting election in our life. No mater which one is selected, there are going to be a lot of pissed off losers.

Major league baseball is stupid in regards to A Rod. Who let that happen?


Yep. Saw the 10%. Saw that they paid over 30% in fed taxes as well. Good on them for that. We try for 10% at my house, but it usually comes out closer to 8%.
At least with their 30m in taxes, they get Secret Service protection. With my 30%, I get a Trooper with a ticket book.

joanie hussein for obama

Duff, Gore won't endorse. I'll bet money on it. He's staying out of it. He's above it at this point. What does he have to gain by endorsing? Besides, if he did - just perchance - it'll be for Obama.

Edwards? Who knows. I don't think he likes either of them much. He was much more populist than either Hillary or Obama.

chucks, I don't agree. When the two of them finally quit bickering (mostly Hillary), the 70% of Americans will settle down and compare Obama to McCain. Trust me, Obama's got the edge. His charm, charisma, intelligence and cool demeanor is irresistable.

You belong to that 30% who is stuck in some sort of conservative time warp. It is all about team loyalty and greed with you. That's not how the other 70 percent of us are thinking.

Just wait, you'll see. You are not typical.


It is still cyclical joanie. This year, you guys are more pissed off than we are. Very much like 1968.
I believe that my side is closer to 40%. At this point in time, you guys are closer to 42%. Neither side is a majority. It is the 18% in the middle that will decide.
That 18% can change their minds 10 times before the election. Unlike us, they are not committed to an ideology. They waffle.
They are the folks that can be sold. It will be the person with the best pitch that wins them. You just have a little edge (today).

joanie hussein for obama

I don't agree. You are in that 30% that still supports Bush. You've waffled on that because you are smart enough to know how few people still do support him and you're a bit embarrassed about it. But, you are in that pretty consistent 30%.

The independents - whatever percentage - are not the only swing voters this year. A lot of Republicans are crossing over. Those with integrity, some social values, appreciation for a safety net and some humanity - they are out there. They will make the difference in the end and they will not only tip it but it will be a landslide.

I'll bet you a day of math remediation for a climate-changing gas-guzzler on it.

As for your numbers? There are lies, damn lies and statistics.


"There are lies, damn lies and statistics". Being married to an actuary, I am not touching that!!
I do not like to think of the travel trailers that I primarily sell as gas guzzlers. Just tools for family's to use in their pursuit of family fun. Folks are still buying them. They are just going to Chelan, Moses Lake, Lake Roosevelt, the mountains etc. instead of The Grand Canyon, Disney World or other places far away. Folks are still working hard and they are gonna play. Just playing closer to home.
Any way, my numbers are in no way statistical. Not meant to imply such. Just what my own little personal opinion. Nothing more.
We will get some swing voters, swinging from the D side. There are still a great many fly over state guys that can not stand the thought of surrendering to the terrorist. Obamarama won't get them. McCain will.
This is going to be a long stressful 7 months for both of us. I am not gonna fight with you the whole time. Just gonna say what I think and will leave the fight to my fellow posters. I doubt that any of us are going to be real confident on the outcome of this election until it's over.


Spot on Chucks.
Some people don't see the utility of recreational trailers and how it brings a family together.

As usual, Joanie is wrong.
Oh by the way, Skeddadler, I said that Randi was getting a raw deal on this one (she should have been canned for the assassination jokes, not this). YOU, as usual, are unable -or too lazy- to do any reasoning as to why Air America came down so hard on Randi for this when she dared to diss a Clinton as opposed to her other screw ups. YOU should understand that if Randi had called L Bush such a name she wouldn't have been suspended.

joanie hussein for obama

No fight, chucks, as long as "gumment" isn't part of your argument.

Putsie, you back to the same rant?
Get over it.


Oh yeah, Joanie. School is back in session.
Of course, Randi has the right to free speech. She exercised it.
Just not the 'right' to represent a company. While I think it was a raw deal, I don't pay Randi's salary. Air America does. They -or someone they cow tow to- were embarrassed by her statements calling Hillary and Geraldine those names and exercised the clause in her contract that allows them to suspend Randi when she embarrasses the Network. Why this time and not before is beyond most sane people as what do you expect when you get someone like Randi spreading 'the word' on you behalf.

Schools out, Joanie.

Hey Chucks,
Have you noticed a little flop sweat forming on the heads of these liberals. They actually could lose this election. Could you imagine the gnashing of teeth that would occur if they lost this 'gimme' election.

joanie hussein for obama

You don't really fight, chucks. You're sort of passive aggressive. You throw out little grenades and drive off.

That's why I find you so irritating. You have opinions but you don't know why. That is the epitome of propagandized. Not a good basis on which to make decisions affecting the future of this country.

Cal Worthington

You'd be better off selling gold coins as gas guzzlers are for fossil fools. You can't sell them when the economy goes tits up as it will soon.


Joanie, school is back in session.
Listen and learn. We'll get you out of elementary school one day.

See, Chucks doesn't have to fight. He is secure in his feelings of self worth and doesn't see certain political positions as being central to his core. As such, he'll listen to others, change his mind, and be willing to tolerate the fact that people can -in good faith- hold views different from him.
YOU could learn a lot from Chucks.
Joanie, school is out.


Flop sweat? and your proof of that is...? While Grampa McCain admits he voted against creating a day to honor Martin Luther King, over 200,000 jobs tanked in the last three months, unemployment is UP house values are heading DOWN and another few billion dollars are spent on a foreign country and 81% of the public thinks we are headed in the wrong direction. Yes, I'm sure sweating.


Oh, just going by the polls RedmondDem.
You kind of my point, the DEMS should be way ahead and yet it is a horse race with McCain doing damn well considering the facts as you stated them.
Add to it the fact that the DEM Party is fairly angry with each other it could get damn interesting come Denver, eh?
Go ahead, use that sleeve to wipe away some of that sweat on your brow.


This Republican is a puke.



Dang, we sure know how to adjust a perfectly good subject in to something totally different.
RedDem, do you see anything different between 2001-2002 and now?
I am talking about the economy. The party not in the White House always makes sure that a screwed up economy is in the cards for us just prior to a federal election. Reid, Pelosi and others have been hammering this point for over a year now. Very effectively I might add. We did the same thing to Clinton eight years ago. We the people (aka lemmings) fall for it election after election.
At least this time I had the for site to put my 401k $ in to a fixed rate account early last fall. Come be May, when the Dow is driven to its bottom, I will move it back.
If you are not sweating some, you are young and dumb. We all have something to sweat about this time.
McCain, Obamarama, Clinton. None of us can win.


Yeah, and you go right ahead and strategize according to what you hear on the news. There is a reason that media predictions/soap operas have not panned out when actual state primaries and caucuses were held.

joanie hussein for obama

another grenade...

and the wife had the foresight, chucks, as she could see the disaster the Bush administration created.

joanie hussein for obama

I've been thinking about your words, chucks. Sparky thinks you're okay. You're such a sweet guy.

But you're not. You throw out unsupported accusations and opinions and think nobody is supposed to give you grief over them.

This is a radio/political blog. Michael's commentaries are political and the talk is political.

If you can't take it, then go over to a blog where everyone will agree with you.

I can see why you didn't get along with the first wife. After all, apparently - for you - nobody is supposed to question you. You can say what you want and throw out all the crap, innuendos, name calling, put downs you want but nobody should hold you accountable for them. If we do, we're "fighting."

What a holier-than-thou superior and autocratic attitude.

If you're going to put that crap out there, have the balls to back it up instead of whining and running away.

Even putsie will stick around and fight. If his tactics didn't take so many detours, I'd take him on, too. With him, we always end up where we started.

But, you're worse. You throw out the crap but you can't take it back. That's bullying.

Take your opinions about "gumment" and shove 'em. But don't think for one minute I'm done with you. You make those comments, I'm fighting back.

joanie hussein for obama

And Michael, I hate this previous next stuff. It is an unnecessary obstacle to changing threads and posting.

joanie hussein for obama

And one more thing: deregulation started under Reagan. If you had an honest bone in your body, you'd blame him for the current fiasco.

Clinton did a helluva job trying to get us back on track. Bush just couldn't stand black ink. After all, his history is red ink . . . everywhere!


umK joanie, but Sparky is right, but now I am blushing.
The only way to prove my opinion's on the future is to let them play out. 2001 and 2002 already played out as I said. Last fall we had this conversation about the economy. It, so far, is playing out as I said.
You do that assume thing that you broke down for me once before about the stock moves. Actually, she left hers in the market because she thought I was wrong to. We moved hers to safe harbor yesterday.
Unlike some folks around here, I do not expect anybody to agree with me. I just express my thoughts and read everyone else's.
If throwing hand grenades is what you feel about my thoughts, well, I am ok with that to.
You don't suspect even a little bit that you frustrate me some as well? Pretty sure you enjoy it as much as you hate it. Me to.
As much as you push my buttons and piss me off, you also push me to look things up that I may have missed.
Don't want to go where everyone agrees with me for more than a few minutes. Boring.


Charles, I did a little googling for just a snapshot of the times, and I know that you know it is more complicated than a snapshot, but this is what I found:
CBS News
(CBS) In 2001, Asia's economy will keep recovering, U.S. growth will slow but still outpace Europe's, and certain Latin American countries will thrive, some experts are predicting.

"The overall outlook remains relatively favorable: Inflation should remain subdued, and economic expansion should continue," the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said in a recent report. (snip)

"All the same, out global outlook for 2001 remains relatively up," the DBR said in its Economic Financial Outlook. "As things stand today, it appears rather unlikely that the world will slide into recession."

And the International Monetary Fund sees a rosier picture for the world economy in 2001; it is predicting an expansion rate of 4.2 percent.

And while there is some concern about the slowing economy in the United States, the general feeling is that the upward trend will continue.

My favorite part?
"Investors turned their backs on the euro, doubtful that the 11 European countries sharing the common currency were serious about deregulation and economic reform. Instead they put their money in the sizzling American market. "


Then we had 9-11 and Bush's " go out and spend!" philosophy.

Compare 2000-2001 to the 2008 outlook:
Global Economy May Have Tough Year in 2008

By CNBC.com | 11 Dec 2007 | 11:14 AM ET

The U.S. economy is in the danger zone and one good shock could send it into recession next year, according to Global Insights, which released its top 10 predictions for 2008 Tuesday.

The Boston-based forecasting company said GDP growth in the fourth quarter of 2007 and first half of 2008 is expected to be very weak, and will make the United States extremely vulnerable.

Compounding the matter, it will be unlikely that the rest of the world will be able to shrug off the expected sharp deceleration in spending by American households. Global Insight currently predicts that world growth will be 3.3 percent in 2008, compared with 3.7 percent in 2007. With the potential for housing crunches in some European economies and a post-Olympics slowdown (or even bust) in China, the risks for the global economy are now overwhelmingly on the downside, the company said.

Now, do I blame Bush for all of this? Nope. But he made a lot of assinine decisions based on what would help his rich friends, and our economy is "tits up" as someone said here earlier.

I am not at all confident about the economy, Charles. But PugetSound was, I believe, referring to feeling flop sweat over the election. I have my investments moved to some safer accounts like you have.

Like I said, I wish you no ill regarding your place of employment, and I understand your analogy with other elections. But the big difference is that in each of those other elections, gas was not nearing $4 a gallon. When it comes to putting food on the table, or as Bush put it "Food on your family" and paying medical bills, etc. I would have to think that every thing else comes last.

joanie hussein for obama

Then why are you blaming the current Dems for all the troubles? Hmm? Just more liberal bashing for the fun of it? Or is your side never ever to blame?

Enjoy it? I care more than you do.

joanie hussein for obama

RedDem, why aren't you blaming Bush? Along with Reagan and even Clinton for allowing our monetary policy and Greenspan to be so negligent?

Good Lord, didn't we go through this once before not so long ago?

Lack of regulation is breaking the back of this country. And obviously - as Sam Seder puts it - the government is fine with privatizing profits while socializing losses.

This has been in the making for a long, long time. Chucks, you voted for Bush - twice. Have you ever heard of looking resumes and history? How long can a party last anyway?

Our best times and our recoveries have always come under Democratic administrations. Somehow, the Dems get it done.

You should be ashamed telling me that you predicted anything. If you're so prescient, what the hell were you thinking when you voted for this fool of a Decider?


Chucks, I agree with you. I have been saying that for some time now. The economy started going down the tubes the minute those damn Liberals got the majority in the house and Senate.

It started with the minimum wage and has escalated since. Wasn't this what most experts said was going to happen if they raised the minimum wage. I sure was not surprised. You can blame them Liberals who were not paying attention to what was happening here but instead were holding stupid, meaningless inquiries.

Might be a waste of money, but heard that Rep. John Boehner, the guy Bahgdad Jim has to pay the $1 million dollars for lawyer fees will donate it to try to unseat Liberals in this Novembers House and Senate races.


joanie hussein for obama

Oh, god, just what we need. More war and red ink. You know, Steven, they might really need you if we keep on keeping on in the Middle East. Better start doing those push ups and eating right.

Well, chucks, you got Steven on your side. After all, Bear Stears went under because we raised the minimum wage...

Is there anything left to be said?


Don't mind her, she's just unhappy she is stuck in elementary school. You're a good guy.
Hey Nevets,
The ironic thing is that Boehner tried to be nice to McDermott. Just pay the legal, make an appology, and donate $10k to a charity of Boehner and McDermott's choice. But noooooooo, McDermott -who Joanie faithfully votes in year after year- refused to admit he was wrong.
Those polls are just snapshots. Trouble is, you would think the Dems would be comfortably ahead. Instead, they are fighting hard amongst themselves.

joanie hussein for obama

Sam Seder sitting in for Rhodes again. What an intelligent and articulate host.

Just reviewing the decision by Supreme Court to stop the count in Florida. He was in law school at the time and he said it took everybody by surprise. All the legal scholars absolutely puzzled by the decision.

One of my parents was with the WA St attorney generals office and he couldn't sleep that night so got up and penned a letter to the NY Times. Didn't get printed but he felt better.

Unbelievable, he said. Totally contrary to the rule of law as he understood it. I think Sandra Day O'Connor lived to regret that particular vote. She was bought and paid for and was obligated.

Sam said when 9-11 happened, he thinks lawyers were still reeling from the Florida decision and didn't react to the events post 9-11 well.

This President is a criminal. I bet he moves to Paraguay to avoid indictment.


Sorry for the delay. Had to make the commute.
If you go back and reread my post above, you will see that I said the Democrats are doing the same same that we (R) did in 01 and 02.
In 01 and 02, the folks were in a tizzy because it was looking like gas could go to two bucks. Hell, in 1978 folks were livid because we were looking down the barrel of a buck a gallon.
That was a nice little report you just shared. How did you experience 01 and 02? How was the economy treating you personally? I did not have fun, not even a little bit.
This is just another cycle of politically induced pain. Only difference for me is I finally learned. Save enough to make it thru and hopefully take advantage of some opportunities.
Now made grand brat is demanding attention, so I am doing the skedaddle.


Thank God, Randi Rhodes did not call Mrs. Obama a big effin whore. Michelle woulda put her foot knee-deep in Randi's ass. Black chicks dont take that kind of crap off nobody.


Spent some time listening to Sam Subpar dancing around the issue as listeners called in taking Air America to Task. Best caller was a lady named Dawn from Seattle. Poor fellow, he must really need that gig to be willing to swallow like he is doing. Well, maybe Air America will find a spot for a good 'company man' such as he.
Favorite quote: 'Why yes, I have some problems with Obama and Hillary. But I won't air them because I don't want to weaken their chances in November.'
So much for 'intelligent talk.' More like propaganda. This fellow just isn't ready for primetime. Bring Back Randi!

But only to fire her ass for something legit! Not this put up job.


Nice Huffington Post Article on Rhodes being canned.


and better radio oriented view of it here from the man who Blam say's 'Speaks authoritatively about Talk Radio. Watch your back, Randi!

End of the Rhodes?

joanie hussein for obama

Neither article says she was canned.

In fact, neither article says much of anything.

a-boob, you really should quit while you're just a head. There are worse things, you know.

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