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April 03, 2008


Class A belchfire motorhome

Hey Puts, you listened to Sam today, what did Dawn from Seattle say?


Hey Class A
Dawn took issue with the nuances that Sammy Subpar was trying to draw. Dawn made the point that it wasn't so much that Air America was upset with the language per se, rather it was the fact that management was worried that Randi was alienating a large segment of the AA listeners with her comments toward Hillary.
Sammy Subpar refused to believe it. Instead he cravenly hid behind the she was suspended because of bad language at the event. Subpar then tried the 'full weasel' with by adding that he 'may or may not agree with that.'

Hey Joanie, sorry should have said for the first one that the author was advocating she get canned and in the second one the author was saying she better watch her back from her fellow AA radio hosts that covet her time slot.


gawd, you guys are still reading that Radio Fertilizer crap....


Joanie, check this out..

Long background article...

joanie hussein for obama

Thanks, Sparky. I like it.

Mike Malloy talked me into becoming a member of Nova M last night. Just did it.

You looking forward to next week? I'm not.


"gawd, you guys are still reading that Radio Fertilizer crap....

Posted by: sparky | April 04, 2008 at 11:34 PM"

I know you don't like him, but could never understand why. Now there is a reason Blam links to him and states he speaks authoritatively on what he knows of the radio industry.
I've found the Radio Equalizer to be fairly accurate.
Name some areas in which he was wrong.


"I dont think Randi Rhodes should be fired. I think the Republican Party should pay to have her nasty vulgarities replayed on radio stations all across the South" _ Ann Coulter


A new MICKEY MOUSE club for Joanie to join.


ha ha ha, jeanine garofola calls in to sam subpar and you can feel the flop sweat forming on his brow.
she wants to talk about randi and the suspension. she wants to tell it like he is on this surprise call in. he is playing the 'company man' down the line.
courtesy the radio equalizer.

scroll down to youtube clip


You sure are obsessed with sweat, Pugetsound. Sparky and Joan should buy you a thesaurus for your birthday. Or some Mumm.

joanie hussein for obama

Michael, how about adding a last to your next and previous?


Jeannine Garafalo is a real cutie. One of the best looking politically active showbiz chicks in the world. She was on fire with her Airhead America rant.



I can't believe Randi didn't see this coming...

Hate to interrupt the bash here, but I want to plop piles of profane joy on any aging blatherer born on this day...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ___'_!

joanie hussein for obama

Fremont, you always remember...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hood.
We'd all join you if we could.
But since we can't, we'll simply say...
Have a wonderful, joyously unrestrained, effin' good day!


Happy 29th Michael :-)

My maternal grandfather would be 113 today...


Airhead America made a big mistake by suspending Randi Rhodes. She is the preeminent superstar of that radio network. You cannot defecate on your #1 star and expect to compete in the radio business. How can Randi go back on the air and be an enthusiastic representative of Air America? They publicly humiliated her by spanking her ass like an unruly child. If Randi makes the move over to Nova M Radio: it's curtains for Airhead America. Curtains I tell ya. (james cagney voice sold separately).


I second the suggestion of having a
"last" button on the navigation choices..


What joanie and sparky said.
All in favor say aye
All opposed say nay (and STFU)


Aye! ...and Bla'M if this be your birthday...the best to ya on this 'your' day!

joanie hussein for obama

The Chorus has spoken.


AA internal politics aside, I think using ad hominen or ad women-inem remarks are over-the-top cheap shots, and Randi is as deserving of a suspension as Shuster was for his use of "pimping-out" Chelsea Clinton. We wouldn't tolerate the use of "nigger" in reference to Obama, and we shouldn't tolerate sexist references to political candidates, either. That being said, the suspension should be short...this isn't an issue of free speech, but a case of bad taste.

joanie hussein for obama

Oh, I should have added:

What say you, Aeschylus?

joanie hussein for obama

You know, Fremont, I agree and disagree. It's a double-edged sword. Just like the use of the "bitch" word.

I've turned Randi off several times - many times - when she starts the anti-Hillary rant. I don't think it is in the best interests of our campaign.

And it is the tool of covert woman-haters. Just too easy.

At the same time, it was comedy-club fare...does "bad taste" merit suspension?

I don't know. I think the audience should be the judge. Also, I think a lot of the audience went home with a different opinion of Randi.

I do know that Malloy who is no longer affiliated with AA absolutely pinned in on the who (Hillary) and not the what (the words).

This is a tricky one. I can fight the battles that come before me and I do, just ask chucks! But, suspending her because of a comedy routine? To me. that's a free speech issue.

But, I reserve the right to change my mind.

joanie hussein for obama

The Schuster thing I agree with but that was main-stream media and not a private event.

joanie hussein for obama

Chalmers Johnson will be on Ring of Fire today - just announced. Listen if you can.


Has anyone been to a comedy club where there is no swearing?

*That is a yes or no question, boys.


Yes, even took g/kids down in Portland a couple of months ago; it was great and very funny.


Ok, ok, afternoon matinee's excluded...


Well, actually the show was from 07:00 -to- 09:00 pm, but you should probably discount me cause I would indeed search out a show that would not use the 'F' word, and I would to this before hand. So, I guess I wouldn't fall into the typical late-nite comedy club client list.


yeahhhhhh! I like this format!

For all the bashing of Fox aka Faux News or Noise, Gov Ed Rendell has this comment to make in tomorrow's Time Magazine article.

"...Rendell, 64, is a ferocious advocate for Clinton, and he doesn't hesitate to complain about the raw deal he says she has gotten from the media. In a recent appearance on Fox News—not exactly considered friendly territory for the Democrats—he congratulated the network for having done "the fairest job [and] remained the most objective of all the cable networks." In an interview with me, the governor was again in media-critic mode. "It took Saturday Night Live to bring some fairness to this election," Rendell said, referring to the show's now famous skit lampooning the media's crush on Obama. "It's stunning. Does Keith Olbermann get checks from the Obama campaign?"


well, that was sort of my point, Duffman. Im glad there was a place you could take the grandkids, though.

Gov. Ed Rendell???


oh dear oh dear, now John McCain's feelings have been hurt. Big Ed Shultz called him a "warmonger."


Gasp! Will John McCain be prepared and is he tough enough to face the slings and arrows of a general election campaign ( the favorite worry about Obama)?????


John McCain took it for 5 years at the Hanoi Hilton.
Anyone want to compare a political campaign to that?
Oh wait, Sam Subpar likes to make smarmy cracks about McCain 'cracking under torture' which is a real laugh riot amongst a certain crowd.

Sparky, did you ever address why you don't like the Radio Equalizer.


Nobody is saying McCain did not do a great service in Viet Nam. Since then, he has stated he sees nothing wrong with the Iraq war going on for decades, even though the military brass who have retired from the war tell us that the longer we are there, the more dangerous the world becomes. He thought it was funny to sing "Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran". He promises us there will be many many more wars. It used to be the goal of world leaders to work for peace. What an antiquated idea that has become.

My distaste for The Radio Fertilizer started way back when he would WHIIIIIINE on the air when he was on KIRO. His website would lead one to believe he has a woody for Al Franken. He tries to imitate his idol, Rush. And Im not the only one who thinks he is a dufus. Hey if you want to read his site and quote from his site, go for it. It is still a free country, for a little while longer anyway.


Hey, I won't bother you anymore on the topic. AND I will agree that when Brian was on his show at KIRO he whined a bit. His website has been fairly accurate is all I am saying.
I was also just pointing out if McCain can take 5 years of torture at the hands of the enemy I am willing to bet he can take the 'pressure' of Obama. Not a shot at Obama, just recognition that McCain has a high tolerance for putting up with crap that would make most of us shrivel up and die.
In regards to the decades in Iran, you should go to the non partisan fact checker websites. They have been quite clear that Obama -and others- have taken it out of context to score political points.
check out the wash post fact checker for example.


Not trying to get anyone on this website to vote other than Dem, just trying to show that the other side isn't without merit. That's all.


But if he is "tough" then why worry what a doofus like Ed Shultz says?? I would think he would just blow it off. And why not contact Ed himself? Why ask Obama to contact him on his behalf?


"If I were white I would simply be one of nine freshman senators almost certainly without a multi-million-dollar book deal and a shred of celebrity. I might not have been elected at all. I was not a child of the Civil Rights Movement. I was a beneficiary of the Civil Rights Movement." _Barack Obama, Chicago Tribune June 2005

Why did Randi Rhodes vilify Geraldine Ferraro for saying the same things about Obama that he said about himself?


Randi update 4/10/08:

"Last week Air America suspended Randi Rhodes for abusive, obscene language at a recent public appearance in San Francisco which was sponsored by an Air America affiliate station.

Air America Media was informed last night by Ms. Rhodes that she has chosen to terminate her employment with the company.

We wish her well and thank her for past services to Air America. We will soon announce exciting new talent and programming that will accelerate Air America’s growth in the future."
_CEO Charlie Kireker


I think this going to upset PugetSound incredibly!

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