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April 03, 2008



I think the key is that she was there on behalf of her network. Of course, if Randi had swapped out Hillary for say Laura Bush she probably wouldn't have gotten suspended.

But lets be honest, who in the hell would listen to Randi 'getting my drink on' Rhodes for any length of time except to witness the train wreck that is her life. As Pat O'Day says, nothing in life worse than a middle age drunk. Randi, get thyself to Schick Shadel immediately.

I wonder how much of this is due to the power of the Clintonistas. In addition to Air America you have the folks over at MSNBC. They helped to push Imus out, gave Matthews a kick in the nuts -don't think he has forgot or forgave on that- and lets not leave out David Shuster getting suspended.
Clintons expect that all bills will be paid when due. The executives at Air America and MSNBC got the message.


Clearly, she was exhausted and misspoke -- Hillary and Gerry are TWO big whores, not one. But seriously, would this be a big deal if the incident wasn't on video?


Randi has talent; unfortunately it's overcome by her lack of judgement and control. She will destroy herself unless she gets help. Indeed Mr O'Day...give her a call!


bad call Randi. Get it together, girlfriend, because we need your voice out there.

And now, let the circle jerk begin, boys.

Central Concern

lol Is Clinton's campaign song going be Quiet Riot's "We're not gonna take it any more"? I think their wagging the finger in anyone's face who's disagrees with them is a bit much.


One of the definitions for whore is--A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.

Anybody want to tell me that doesn't fit Hillary? Meanwhile, it's obvious what Ferraro has become.

Randi got suspended for telling the truth. She just said it a little to loudly.


Not quite Upton; in my mind she (Mrs Clinton) is compromising her personal gain for public principles.


Thanks for starting it Sparky.

What? only suspended? She should be fired for those comments. Those were just as bad as Imus' "Nappy headed ho's" comment. Air America should finally take action and show some guts and start ridden themselves of the embarrasments they have there and finally make a profit.

Feel sorry for Joanie and Cap. Where are they going to get thier information from now. Malloy? LOL. I read a station out of S.F. recently went gospel to get rid of him. LOL. Nobody listening to him.



At the very least you could say Randi Rhodes was tactless and hyperbolic.


...and possibly 'drunk'!


Bad Day for Air America, former Executive and current wife of Dem Senator Stabenow. Courtesy of Radio Equalizer:

"A former Air America Radio executive known for his radical activism and ties to Washington's liberal establishment has been busted in a prostitution sting, according to multiple news reports.

The arrest is far more significant because Tom Athans is married to Senator Debbie Stabenow, the ultra- liberal Democrat from Michigan.

Athans has had an especially questionable track record in the libtalk arena, including a mysterious tenure at Air America, where he seemed to accomplish little while based in a one-man DC office.

Before Air America, Athans co-founded Democracy Radio, which launched programs by Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller. Both hosts fared better when distribution and promotion was subsequently transferred to JonesMediaAmerica.

Privately, one manager in the "progressive" arena complained to your Radio Equalizer about his track record in the genre and it became obvious he'd made some enemies in broadcasting.

More recently, Athans attempted to create his own libtalk network, but we never heard another word about Talk USA Radio after its 2006 kickoff."


Twisted Sister did We're not gonna take it, not quiet riot.


Five months ago Randi staggered out of a bar and smashed her teeth on a New York City sidewalk. She blamed it on right wing conservative ninjas. This time she goes to San Francisco to represent Air America at a live event. She gets drunk and launches into an obscenity laced, invective filled tirade against Ferraro and Hillary.

This is becoming a disturbing pattern of alcohol fueled bad judgment. Randi Rhodes has a drinking problem and her career is doomed is she don't get help soon. I hope somebody gives her Pat O'Days cellphone number. He knows an organization that can help broads like her.

Central Concern

I knew it was a hair band from the 80's. Thanks for the correction.


Not only Randi, but her fill in co host tried to put it as a conservative 'hit job.'

You do know that Blackwater -when not starting fires in California as Randi disclosed to her rabid listenersa few months ago- had 'sponsored' this event on the direct orders of Karl Rove.

First 'they' took out the 'Lion of the Left' on those trumped on charges, then Randi and now that liberal Radio mover-shaker type Tom Athans.

Coincidence, I am sure 'some' think not...

Somewhere in a little radio booth the last honest voice Mike Malloy is worried. Very worried. Will he also be 'silenced?'


Good grief. I know you're not an Obama fan, but blaming Obama for Randi Rhodes is a giant stretch.

Never cared for Ms. Rhodes. But Randy Rhoads, now there was some talent, speaking of 80s metal.


Puts, the news about Athans is old news--but I would not expect Brian Baloney to be up on the latest, however.( why do you read that website? You are smarter than that!) Plus since Athans is known only to a very few, the story got no attention. Another rich guy who can't keep it in his pants..what else is new?
Steven, you know nothing about Mike Malloy's ratings...you make this too easy, ya know?


Two certainties in Life:

Randi Rhodes will say something stupid.

Any amount of food you order from a Chinese restaurant will be ready in 15 minutes.


"It's not a ratings thing -- we have plenty of listeners,"

Sparky, isn't thats like someone retiring from government service and saying they want to spend more time with thier family. He is failing to bring in the big sponsors and that means no one is listening.

To lose out to gospel has got to hurt.



Steven, you have not been paying attention. Most radio stations are owned by conservative corporations. Bla'M has blogged extensively about that. You think that there is a huge audience for gospel and so that is why the owner changed formats? That's hilarious.


Heard the first part of Randi's show today. Fill in host Sam Sedar is such a wimp. Truth to power, eh? Afraid to get canned more likely. He punted. Set up the show 'if you want to talk about...but no one here on the show wants to talk about it'
Will be interesting if the callers will insist on talking about it.

Interesting comment from Geraldine Ferraro.

Hmm, here is Ferraro's take on Randi Rhodes and that she should be canned by Air America. Don't agree with that, she should have been fired for the tasteless President Assassination jokes.

Ferraro Calls for Randi Termination


How nice..today, John McCains financial co-chair told Elizabeth Edwards that she should not talk about her cancer and health care lest it become a political battlefield.
What an asshole. This coming from a man who, in his 20s, was arrested for killing and BBQ'ing a dog. Even Poppy Bush fired his ass when it was learned he compiled lists of jews for Richard Nixon.


Speaking of Ass-hats, Sparky, just heard Sam Sedar make some disparaging remarks about McCain breaking under torture.
Real class act, I'm sure he'll fill in well for Randi.
Looks to be a real race to the bottom for this Air America Network. Founded on a phony loan from the Boys Club and from there it just went downhill.


"How nice..today, John McCains financial co-chair told Elizabeth Edwards that she should not talk about her cancer and health care lest it become a political battlefield.
What an asshole. This coming from a man who, in his 20s, was arrested for killing and BBQ'ing a dog. Even Poppy Bush fired his ass when it was learned he compiled lists of jews for Richard Nixon.
Posted by: sparky | April 03, 2008 at 07:06 PM"

Wow, I didn't know that story about the bbq dog and only vaguely recalled the Nixon story about Malek. But hey, if you hate Malek you must really really hate Ted Kennedy. After all, he did leave a woman to die in his car when he drove off that bridge and landed in 6 feet of water. 6 feet! Instead of calling the cops he called his attorney. Then told his attorney he would call the cops and instead went to his hotel room where he spent hours making long distance calls. Still no call to the cops for 8 hours. Police diver John Farrar's testimony suggested that she survived for as long as two hours in the submerged automobile by breathing a pocket of trapped air.
So yeah, if you dislike Malek for bbq'ng a dog 40 years ago when he was a young man you must really despise someone like Ted Kennedy for what he did 30 plus years ago.


The word 'big' got Randi in trouble:

You can call a woman a skinny f*cking bitch or a skinny f*cking whore. Never ever call her a BIG f*cking anything. Every woman has self image issues related to weight. It is the psychic burden all females endure from the cradle to the grave. Whenever you use the adjective "big" to describe any woman; it bugs the shit out her.


I'm not going to play one upmanship with you Puts.

joanie hussein for obama

You guys should be listening to Malloy right now - he's talking about Randi and he's absolutely pissed with Air America. He's letting all the skeletons out of the closet.

Very interesting.

A-boob, this last post explains your comment about getting a fat girl to swallow. No doubt, that's the best you can do.


Nice of you to pass this Daily Kos info to us Sparky. You know Malek was a West Point Graduate and served in Vietnam as a Green Beret.

Now how about Obama, first he throws his Grandmother under the bus, now he throws his unborn grandkid there to.

"I've got two daughters -- 9 years old and 6 years old," Obama said. "I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby"



Steven...I will speak slowly....my point was what he said about Elizabeth Edwards speaking out about her cancer in regards to how it affects people who do not have the financial stability that she does.

So, how do you feel about what he said about her speaking out?

And what is wrong with quoting something from Daily Kos? You have no problem sharing your nuggets of wisdom you get from Drudge. How is this different?


Joanie, I see another of your Favs just endorsed Obama. Hanoi Jane. Any chance you had something to do with it.

Duff, its over now. Both the Iraqi Rose and Hanoi Jane have endorsed Obama. Who does Hillary have that can beat that duo of support.


joanie hussein for obama

putsie, do you have anything but cliches in your arsenal? I just read your first post and it literally reeks of cliches.

The woman is in a club-atmosphere. Nothing she said is any different than most comics do today. FCS, where have you people been? You heard the response. The audience was into it. That's Randi. Anybody that listens to her pretty much knew what to expect.

Geez. you rightwingers are hypocrites.

Seems to me Cheney started it all when he told Leahy to f off. Get over yourselves.

And, Steven, why do you keep posting that insipid FEAR BUSH? Any intelligent person already does. Good grief.

And a-boob, there are three certainties in life:

The only time a-boob gets any is when he's lurking around overeaters anonymous. (By his own words...)

joanie hussein for obama

And to be perfectly honest, I found the video boring.

Anybody ever heard Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, and a whole bunch more of profane comics? What's the big deal? You guys must be closeted Hillary supporters. Or is it just guys that are permitted to be profane?

BTW, Malloy says it isn't about profanity but who was disparaged: Clinton and Ferraro. He said the suits at AA are very pro-Hillary.

I believe that because I listen to Mark Green and he never allows much negative commentary about Hillary. Poor Arianna can hardly get through her segments with him! It is rather amusing.


Randi Rhodes called Hillary Clinton a 'Big F**king Whore'. Now you can get it on Shirts, Stickers, Hats, Buttons, Mugs and More from BFW.MyShirtSucks.com


I hope Michael charges you to advertise here.


From McCain's Healthcare plan.

"Families should be in charge of their health care dollars and have more control over their care. We can improve health and spend less, while promoting competition on the cost and quality of care, taking better care of our citizens with chronic illness, and promoting prevention that will keep millions of others from ever developing deadly and debilitating disease."

"While we reform the system and maintain quality, we can and must provide access to health care for all our citizens - whether temporarily or chronically uninsured, whether living in rural areas with limited services, or whether residing in inner cities where access to physicians is often limited."

Sparky, while not seeing how she made her remarks to the Association of Health Care Journalists I can not really comment on it. If all she wants is answers of how his Plan will provide that care, then she should ask McCain herself and get him on the record.

But If Mrs Edwards meant this to be political, than I think she was off base and Malek was right that

"The cancer conversation is best left to the experts, researchers, and doctors."

Not to the ambushing goon squads of Daily Kos.



Just to remind you of Bahgdad Jim's feeling of something happening before the election Joanie.



The only thing reeking was your analysis. Go the next step, 'dearie' and ask yourself: who got Randi suspended? It certainly wasn't the Obama people.
Here is the deal: the Dems have given the Clintons too much power. You were happy when they whacked Matthews cause you don't like Matthews. Same with Shuster. Now they turn their guns on someone you like, Randi, and you don't like it. But you don't dare speak out.
You know I don't care for Randi. But I think she got a raw deal. We both know that if she had called the First Lady those names nothing would have been said. Hmmmm.
I will agree that Randi's schtick is boring. Just some rants of red meat delivered to a crowd that wants to hear nothing more substantive then 'Bush is a Chimp.'
Oh yeah, that Sam Sedar is Sam Subpar. Sorry, no wonder he can't hold on to a national show. He is not ready for prime time and needs to go back to being a 'sidekick' or whatever he is.


"I'm not going to play one upmanship with you Puts.

Posted by: sparky | April 03, 2008 at 09:25 PM"

Not playing one up on you, just putting things in perspective. If you hate a man for bbq'ng a dog you must really hate a man who left a woman to die.
Right? 8 hrs to call the cops when the woman could have been saved. Don't believe me, read his own words on the matter and understand why for many of us we can't stand to see that man walking around free as a jaybird.


Ted Kennedy had nothing to do with my post. The BBQ dog was a reference to his inability to have empathy. As I told Steven, my point was his response to Elizabeth Edwards. That has nothing to do with Ted Kennedy.


I am disgusted by the people here who are making excuses for Randi, and don't think she should be fired, but thought it was right for Don Imus to be fired for saying almost the same thing.


'Ted Kennedy had nothing to do with my post.'

..nor did he have anything to do with the possible rescue of that poor girl ! A plain vanilla-citizen (with normal 'resources') would have gone to jail!


'I am disgusted by the people here..'

Not good for your BP there DT, just take it all with the proverbial 'grain of salt'..cause that's all it's worth (if that).


Hey sparky, these guys who support John McCain probably won't tell you that today in the New York Times, they report that in their latest NYTimes/CBS news poll, 81% of Americans say this country is on the wrong track, and that 80,000 jobs were cut in March,added to the losses in January and February for a total of 230K jobs and unemployment is up. And McCain thinks the economy is "just fine."
Charles, you aren't going to be selling too many campers if this continues. I'm not wishing bad sales for you, but a recession will hit industries like yours first.


Exactly why we need Mrs Clinton!!!...it weren't so bad under Bill wer it....


Imus was live on the air, Randi was at a private event. The video was taken for the radio station's benefit and someone posted it on YouTube. Im not defending her, but the two situations were very different.

And nice job of belly bumping there, Duffman. Very predictable.


just tellin it like it is...instead of turning a blind eye...also predictable


"Randi was at a private event."

With today's technology - there ARE NO 'private' events!

joanie hussein for obama

who got Randi suspended?

That question has already been answered. You're an idiot.

Imus was live on the air, Randi was at a private event.

Sparky, why try to reason with unreasonable people. Anybody that doesn't know the difference between on-air rules and comedy-club rules is pretty damn naive, inexperienced or just plain s...


You are so very right about my industry being amongst the first hammered in a down turn. It has happened every presidential election where there is no incumbent for as long as I remember.
As for Randi being fired for what she said, no. I was wrong when I called for Imus to be punted and I will not make the same error again. She was representing the liberal AA when she spoke, so her boss can punish her any way he sees fit. Firing is not necessary. Hers is Constitutionally protected free speech as far as the rest of us should be concerned.
But maybe she should look in to the other AA. Ninety meetings in ninety days might clear her head. But than she may see all the errors of her way and abandon the pergressive, liberal agenda and promote what is a better way.


Should she be fired? Absolutely not! Should Mrs Clinton punch her lights out? Absolutely! ..sorry Bla'M but that calls for a :)

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