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April 23, 2008



Speaking of Race For The White House, ...can we all say 'H-I-L-L-A-R-Y' is alive and well. Wonder who called a double-digit win in Penn? I hope all of you Sen Obama lovers can manage to swallow a bit of your pride and come on over and vote for Mrs Clinton when it's time - for the sake of the Democratic Party. I'll be waiting for you!

ps: IMO Rachel Maddow is very good, I would sans the lipstick and makeup if I were her, tho; she's very talented and shouldn't be distorted by MSNBC's make-up artists; it's unbecoming of her


Oh Mrs Clinton, please pull it off so we can see this Toe Sucker have to eat his words!


“We would be able to totally obliterate them.”

Mrs Clinton I love you, but I don't love statements like this. This statement (about Iran) was totally in George Bush character and we don't need ridiculous, aggressive rhetoric like this. I can excuse it this time but please back off on this type of speech. I will be in contact (once again) with your campaign folks in this regard.


This statement (about Iran) was totally in George Bush character and we don't need ridiculous, aggressive rhetoric like this.

Why shouldn't she make statements like that? After all Republican lite Hillary and her campaign are in full Rovian play on your fears warmonger mode.

Thankfully despite Clinton's 9.6% win in Pa., she remains hopelessly behind in delegates and popular vote.


'hopelessly behind'

...operative and 'relative' term there Upton; relative to the whim of the Democratic super delegates...they control all and if they can work out a justifiable 'deal'...IT WILL BE DONE!


Upton, to update your numbers, with 99.09% of the vote in, the difference is down to 8.6% in Pennsylvania. Obama now has 1719 delegates and Hillary has 1586.

joanie hussein for obama

Well, it didn't take you long to get off on a Hillary tangent, now did it.

Duffman, I think you're given to crushes.

Good response, Upton. But, our little corporatist, Duffman, will never say die. He likes the Republican playbook just fine.

Interesting that the suits at MSNBC are moving left. Take issue with your note about your comment regarding "blowhard tendencies" because I like analysis. People are so into sound bites, they are missing bigger pictures.

That's why we have had eight years of the petulant Bush who also objects to long-winded rhetoric or analysis.

I'm full-throttle for Rachel. I think she's gotten better and better. Still learning to like Bender. We'll see. He gets a little school marmish sometimes. Let's all be nice now. Last night he asked his guests to say something nice about the other side.

That's when I turned him off and MSNBC on for election results.

joanie hussein for obama

You know, Duff, your fidelity to Hillary reminds me of a teenager with a crush on teacher. She can do no wrong.

You're a little old for such things.

PenNy Q. EnTwHiStLe

Please stop calling it a double digit win. It was slightly under 9 %. A far cry from her polling lead of 25% 3 weeks ago in PA.


..she hasn't really had a chance to do ANYthing yet and I'd like to see her have that chance. Crush? No, not really joanie - I simply admire her and I have faith in her passion. Just as I have faith in the passion of two teachers that I (somewhat) know for their obvious commitment to our children; can you fault me for that.


I don't know of any teachers taking corporate, war profits money. I think thats the difference between her and him. Clinton has not really said she is going to end this occupation and has ramped up the rhetoric on Iran.

It's too bad, I think both of them could of made a good slam dunk against 4 more years of McCain/Bush.


I will be in contact (once again) with your campaign folks in this regard.

Again, Duffman and his Clinton "go-to-guy" delusion.

If the courthouse step nutbag screams loud enough her Secret Service detail just might listen!

Note: I know it doesn't come easy for you, Duffy.
But do the Math again.


hi merci: I know you discount my 'contact' comments but actually I am in contact with the Clinton campaign folks on occasion. With the regular 'much-needed' contributions that I give to the campaign they do in fact take my phone calls, and at least patronize me to some extent. Not that my contributions are anything significant but they are regular and consistant.
I KNOW what the math says merci, but do you absolutely know what the super-delegates will say? Truthful answer is NO. Will you consider it a betrayal of Party principals if they come up with a rationale for supporting Mrs Clinton?


Again, the Bla'M fam must do the READING for Duffman:

(From the above link)
"Put another way, Clinton would still need to convince 63.5 percent of uncommitted superdelegates to go her way, even in this generous scenario"

"Generous" defined:
"Let's say she whittles Obama's lead in North Carolina down to 10 points and grabs a 10-point victory in every other state. This would leave her behind by 132 pledged delegates"

Sparks: The BW class dunce needs some learnin' again.


merci: you can mock me all you want (is that the Obama way?)
Pero es ES posible.

May I assume that should Mrs Clinton indeed be triumphant - you will support the 'team'?


Will you consider it a betrayal of Party principals if they come up with a rationale for supporting Mrs Clinton?

No. The SD's are directed to vote their conscience.

Several BIG BUTS:

A.) Reading for Dunceman again: Clinton must still net 63.5% of the remainder of the SD's (Obama only 35.5%)

B.) In ANY mathematical scenario now, Clinton will lose both the popular vote & the delegate count. Thus, her only road is to subvert the former is by winning the SD's (again 63.5%).

C.) The SD's are not just automaton zombies. They are elected officials. They know full well that there are consequences for voting against the popular vote and the delegate majority holder, and that all their votes will be recorded. They will be reminded of this come the next election cycle, & their consciences will be guided by this reality.


I am in contact with the Clinton campaign folks on occasion. With the regular 'much-needed' contributions that I give to the campaign they do in fact take my phone calls, and at least patronize me to some extent.

Das a goot wun

Actually, I'd always wondered why "Mrs. Inevitable" had run such a shitty campaign. Now we have our answer: Strategist Dunceman Acidophilus


Thank you for your answer.
Remember it's no long Yes We Can, it's YES WE WILL!


Ya know merci..even tho you mock and belittle me, it's always fun talking to you.


May I assume that should Mrs Clinton indeed be triumphant - you will support the 'team'?

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwn. How many times must we cross this bridge, Dunceman?

Obama is my choice to represent the DNC. But ultimately, I am a Democrat. My decision in November will be based on reading the Party Platforms, comparing them with my own principles, and then voting. Thus far, my principles have been more closely alligned with the DNC Platform

Trust me: This works better then "going with your gut" or voting based on a crush ("I just like her")


Ya know merci..even tho you mock and belittle me, it's always fun talking to you.

It's called comedic truth, Duffman.

You provide the fodder, I bring the cattle.

You open the door, I enter.

You keep pretending that you are the Clinton's Sr. (Jr?) political strategist, and I'll keep quoting you.


They could do worse, believe me.

joanie hussein for obama

Okay, two more supers came out for Obama today. (I don't know but heard it on the radio.)

And, the now-Rovian ex-Republican started out with a twenty-plus percent lead in Penn and crossed the finish line at about 9 percent.

And, there was an increase in male white voters for Obama which was unexpected.

And, of all the votes that were cast by former Republicans who crossed over to register Dem, most voted for Obama.

And, exit polling showed honestly that many if not most of the voters who voted for Hillary were racist by their own admission: "will not vote for a black man." Just on the news.

Still proud, Duffman? Proud to be one of the racist many in Pennsylvania?

It took me a long, long time to be willing to bash her. But, I'm long past caring what I say about her. I'm not a conservative and I refuse to act like one just to get a Dem (who's not really) elected.

Finally, will you vote for Obama if he is the candidate? Yes or no?


joanie...please keep up; I've already said herein that yes I would vote for Sen Obama because he (unlike McCain) has promised to focus on a health plan...that's my ultimate priority.
btw: hope you've been monitoring the news as Mrs Clinton (by her count...incl Mich and Fla) says she has a higher 'popular vote' count than Sen Obama. Recall I was professing this revelation some time ago...it's just more ammunition for her case to the super-delegates (who WILL decide this race)! Good Luck voting for McCain or not voting (either literally or for a non-event candidate).

joanie hussein for obama

Which is your problem, duffman. You live in the past. Florida and Michigan voted early.

Can you claim the count would be the same if they voted today?

Good Luck voting for McCain or not voting (either literally or for a non-event candidate).

Is this another of your ass-umptions like the one that the supers will vote for Hillary?


Let's just wait and see who's right young lady. NEVER underestimate the power of the Clintons' or their connections.


Something from the lighter side. (Radio Related!)

Shock Jock Schadenfreude [Greg Pollowitz]
Gregg Hughes, the "Opie" of Opie and Anthony fame, is in the news. It seems a sex tape has surfaced featuring his fiancee and MTV personaily Bam Margera. The NY Post's Page 6 reports:

April 23, 2008 — THE sex-mad "Opie & Anthony" radio show is facing its own carnal comeuppance. Gregg "Opie" Hughes is said to be livid over an X-rated romp starring his stunning blond fiancée, known by her first name, Lindsay, and MTV wildman Bam Margera. A disgruntled ex-employee of the radio duo recently acquired rights to the video from Margera and it's soon to be released on a pay-for-play Web site, reports Steppin' Out's Chaunce Hayden. "They're doing the nasty - and I mean nasty," Hayden says. "Hughes is taking legal action to prevent its distribution. Apparently, he's so distraught, he's banned the name 'Bam' from being mentioned on the show." Hayden says Lindsay was living in Philadelphia, Margera's stomping grounds, when she met him and made the tape "to gain some exposure." This was before Lindsay began dating Hughes. Calls to reps for Margera and Hughes were not returned.

I guess sex-stunts like the one Opie & Anthony initiated where listeners had sex in Saint Patrick's Cathedral are only funny when your fiancee isn't involved.

joanie hussein for obama

And what's to be gained from arm twisting? Is that how you get your employees to do their jobs?

And what "right?" If she wins, what has she won and what have you won? A victory as hollow as George Bush's in 2000?

An election that will go down in history as managed and manipulated to go against the wishes of the people? Just so the supers can crown their queen?

Seems to me they threw out a King in France for something similar.

I would guess that's American democracy the duffman way. Yes, a corporatist like you would be proud of that.


Well, joanie if Mrs Clinton can make a case for the popular vote then it will not be 'arm-twisting', will it. Why can't Sen Obama win the big States...when he has the money and spends it...he has the charisma and uses it...fact is he hasn't been 'vetted' enough and you know it. Will you vote for Mrs Clinton if she is the Democratic candidate?


I didn't like the 3pm simulcast of MSNBC "War Room" on AA. I expect Rachel and the opening to her show with "Iraq and life in war time" segment. I wonder if this is yet another way for Air A to save some dough after they announced her show would be 3 full hours. I hope she gets more TV exposure but she needs to be back on the radio at 3. I did tune in last week when Richard Belzer was filling in at noon and he is quite good.

joanie hussein for obama

As I've said many, many times on this blog, yes I will never vote for McCain.

make a case for the popular vote then it will not be 'arm-twisting', will it.

The popular vote has decided.

You confuse me. Or is it you who is confused?

And you still haven't answered my question about Florida and Michigan. Can you claim the vote would be the same today?

I want to know why you are so committed to her? I want to know why you never waiver even in the face of new information? I want to know how one who claims to be thoughtful and intelligent can be so rigid in his thinking?

Don't respond that refusing to change your mind means you are rigid. Your rigidity has been apparent in your inability to promulgate an intelligent discussion about her policies and her current actions.

Again, it is as if you have a crush on her and she can do no wrong. What's with that?

joanie hussein for obama

How did you get Belzer? Online? KPTK has picked up Randi and I can't get Belzer. I did hear repeats of him on the weekend and, I agree, he's good.

I wonder if he'd want a daily routine of talk radio? I understand he's got a home in France in which he resides half a year. I suppose he could transmit from there...umm, not sure about the time difference. That could be a little discomforting.

Wouldn't hurt these posters to hear some international perspectives. Esp. the French for whom democracy is alive and well.


Duffy just wants to get Terry McAuliffe, Begala, Conason, Bill Clinton, Geo Snufalupagus back in for a few more years. What the hell, why not? What is wrong with a house full of crooks and snakes when they promise to get your neighbors to pay your Dr bills for you.
She is better than your boy because she will at least stand up to the terrorist threat. No way she is willing to be the first female POTUS and have her first act be to surrender.
She envisions Golda or Margaret when she looks in the mirror.


itunes has an Air America link under radio, then talk radio. Most of the AA affiliates have said FU to the current Randi time slot and are carrying her via novaM.


You are right. Hillary may be many things but weak ain't one of them. That's for damn sure.

Duff, don't mind the Skeddadler. She yells for proof and demands that others answer her questions, yet we have all seen when she is required to do some 'splaining all she can do is the Tukwilla Two-Step.

I actually applaud Duff for supporting Hillary through thick and thin. Healthcare is his number 1 issue and I respect him for it.

joanie hussein for obama

Well, duff, you need chucks to do your thinkin' for you? I guess.

Conason? He's a writer. Are you just throwing out names that have passed through your ears, chucks? You can't possibly know anything about these people.

House full of snakes? Well, after the last eight years, you conservatives ought to know a snake when you see one.

With any luck, we'll clean that den right out of WA DC. You might even notice the change...if you haven't been desensitized completely.

joanie hussein for obama

now go back to diddlin' your dangler, putsie.

joanie hussein for obama

I'm sorry...I'm laughing so hard here: I actually applaud Duff for supporting Hillary through thick and thin.

That's like admiring Plymouth Rock for being a rock.

joanie hussein for obama

Oh, another conservative winner:"McCain dismisses equal pay legislation, says women need more ‘training and education.’"

I wonder how far back into the past McCriminal McCain can take the American people? God, I hope he stops before we get to the Civil War...I'd hate to fight that one again.


That's it? The best you got?
Whatsamatter there, ph(J)oanie do you need some new talking points?
You really are the Skeddadler tonight.
Hell, just go back to the bottle and turn up the 'Randi' you got blaring from your computer.

joanie hussein for obama

I love it when I get to you. You have nothing where there should be something. Keep seething and diddlin'. BTW, back to your original one and only claim to fame?

Putsie's personal dictionary: starts at "ph" and ends at "s" and contains a word and a third... and you're actually choosing our next President?

Your cupboard is bare, putsie.

joanie hussein for obama

Thanks J'hova for the itunes suggestion. The radio comes in clearer and I'm hearing Jon Elliot who isn't aired on KPTK until 11. Nice change from Malloy sometimes.

Wish I could get podcasts of Seder. Is there a way do you know? His website doesn't seem to be up to date for podcasts. I'd like to hear him but cannot at the time he airs in real time.


why does hillary insist on counting the Michigan votes when she was the only one on the ballot? They all agreed, including hillary, to stay off the ballot and not campaign there...and then she got her name on at the last minute. How hard is it to win when you are the only name to chose from?

joanie hussein for obama

Oh dear. Do we liberals/progressives ask too many hard questions?

Guess we oughta dumb down the test, huh?

joanie hussein for obama-duffman

From NY Times on-line: (Peter Hart-Dem pollster not affiliated with either campaign)

Mr. Hart, as well as Obama advisers, also say that Mr. Obama appears better poised than Mrs. Clinton to pick up states that Democrats struggle to carry, or rarely do, in a general election, like Colorado, Iowa, Missouri and Virginia, all of which he carried in the primaries. Obama advisers say their polling indicates he is more popular with independents, and far less divisive than Mrs. Clinton, in those states.

“Hillary goes deeper and stronger in the Democratic base than Obama, but her challenge is that she doesn’t go as wide,” Mr. Hart said. “Obama goes much further reaching into the independent and Republican vote, and has a greater chance of creating a new electoral map for the Democrats.”

Hmm...Obama sounds like a winner to me.

McCain's theme song: someday he'll find it, the brain-mouth connection...la la la

I just love that little blurb. I wish I could hear the whole thing.


Yeah Duff, Hillary got her name on the ballot at the last minute.

But if you look at that link above, that last minute was sure one long one. Sparky, can you do me a little WASL math and tell me how many seconds were in that last minute.

joanie hussein for obama



Joanie, do you think the other Primaries and Caucaus would have gone the way they had if Obama's Pastor and Mentor Rev. Wright's comments had been out in the open then. It seems that Hillary has taken what, 4 of the last 5 states since those "GD America" and "U.S. of KKK" comments were let out of the bag?

joanie hussein for obama

I think you miss the point, as usual.

joanie hussein for obama

Yes, I do. Just like he closed the gap in a state everyone knew he wouldn't win - he closed the gap beyond everyone's expectations. Yes, I do.

BTW, why should Wright's comments reflect on Obama any more than Hagee's reflect on McCain? And McCain still calls Hagee his "spiritual advisor." Obama has decried Wright's words. Most people attribute Wright's words to Wright. Bigots are the ones who can't judge Obama on his own merits but look for any strawman with which to denigrate him.

I wonder if you knew you were a bigot before this campaign, Steven?

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