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April 25, 2008



What I think (hope) I'm gathering from this is that Sen Obama is not yet ready for prime time. I've maintained this for some time now. Incredible potential and chrisma, but not yet properly vetted. He's young and has plenty of time - so lets have Mrs Clinton for eight and then Sen Obama for eight. That should be enough time to get our troops home.


...and, HOPE TO GOD...some progress on a comprehensive health care plan.


I would like to see more posts on local talk radio shows.

joanie hussein for obama

You'll get out of it what you need to keep believing what you need to believe, Duffman. Truth - no. Understanding - no.

I think it is possible that Obama will lose. And the right will, as usual, blame him for not running a good campaign or Jonathan Wright or being black or being a socialist or yaddy yaddy yaddy.

But everybody will know what it took to defeat such a man. Lies, smears, swift-boating 101. The usual tactics on the right which is bereft of issues, smart talk and ideas.

That is the right today. And it is out there for everyone to see.

What have we become? A country of selfish one-issue voters (Duffman),greedy cross-my-palms-with-silver or just-lower-my-taxes chucks,
flag-waving armchair patriots who can't remember or possibly never knew the original ideaology of the founders of this once proud country (Steven); racists (Tommy); and people like puts who make their cases by parroting words they don't understand and think the leadership of such people as Truman, T Roosevelt and FDR equate to the leadership of George Bush.

This is the right for you. All packaged and ready for delivery on BW. Faithful believers in the theory of chaos and in the tactics described above.

Too much 24 and reality TV folks. I would be sorry for you except that you don't deserve it.


Stick around, I'm sure Bla'M will be covering Fisher's Annual Meeting (next week) which might portend (hopefully) significant changes at KVI/KOMO. The 'Fermentators' are a joke (together), and 'Kirby's Religion Show' is UNlistenable!


joanie has spoken; we have all (except for her comrades) been duly categorized. Don't you just love someone who has ALL the answers compressed in 'tag' fashion like that.
You know Ms joanie I think by now we're all wise to ya!

joanie hussein for obama

And duffman, I don't know what's going on your household, but you're just dying for that socialized health care.

A lifelong Republican (I just bet) who suddenly needs it himself but still doesn't give a fig about anything or anyone else as long as he gets that one socialized program he needs.



You're right, you don't know what's going on in my household but as usual you draw conclusions from assumptions (not wise).
I don't need it, never have and because of proper prior planning, probably never will. It's a cause I believe in however much as is believed in by both Mrs Clinton and Sen Obama. In my case ms joanie, it's not all about me. I can assure you of that. Capisca?


Paul Krugman today- http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/25/opinion/25krugman.html?_r=1&oref=slogin"Self-inflicted Confusion" This wasn’t the way things were supposed to play out.

Mr. Obama was supposed to be a transformational figure, with an almost magical ability to transcend partisan differences and unify the nation. Once voters got to know him — and once he had eliminated Hillary Clinton’s initial financial and organizational advantage — he was supposed to sweep easily to the nomination, then march on to a huge victory in November.

Well, now he has an overwhelming money advantage and the support of much of the Democratic establishment — yet he still can’t seem to win over large blocs of Democratic voters, especially among the white working class.

As a result, he keeps losing big states. And general election polls suggest that he might well lose to John McCain.

What’s gone wrong?

According to many Obama supporters, it’s all Hillary’s fault. If she hadn’t launched all those vile, negative attacks on their hero — if she had just gone away — his aura would be intact, and his mission of unifying America still on track.

But how negative has the Clinton campaign been, really? Yes, it ran an ad that included Osama bin Laden in a montage of crisis images that also included the Great Depression and Hurricane Katrina. To listen to some pundits, you’d think that ad was practically the same as the famous G.O.P. ad accusing Max Cleland of being weak on national security.

It wasn’t. The attacks from the Clinton campaign have been badminton compared with the hardball Republicans will play this fall. If the relatively mild rough and tumble of the Democratic fight has been enough to knock Mr. Obama off his pedestal, what hope did he ever have of staying on it through the general election?

Let me offer an alternative suggestion: maybe his transformational campaign isn’t winning over working-class voters because transformation isn’t what they’re looking for.

From the beginning, I wondered what Mr. Obama’s soaring rhetoric, his talk of a new politics and declarations that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” (waiting for to do what, exactly?) would mean to families troubled by lagging wages, insecure jobs and fear of losing health coverage. The answer, from Ohio and Pennsylvania, seems pretty clear: not much. Mrs. Clinton has been able to stay in the race, against heavy odds, largely because her no-nonsense style, her obvious interest in the wonkish details of policy, resonate with many voters in a way that Mr. Obama’s eloquence does not."


I was telling my wife this morning I never dreamed the Demorats could be so stupid as to nominate this empty suit with the pretty speeches. It doesn't matter, Michael what you print, Hillary is out and this paper tiger is in.If Republicans could expose the phony war record of Kerry, we will have an easier time on this guy who has no record of doing anything. You guys knock me out, you're so stupid. Fall for the pretty face every time.


We'll see who's stupid on Nov 5th!


Rev. Wright will be all over TV tonight on the socialist Bill Moyer show. Just what Hussein needs! he's the gift that keeps on giving! I got to say, Dan, you are right. I am starting to feel good about 2008. Who could have guessed this? First wright, then Hussein's good buddy Ayres, then calling small town religious people and gun owners bitter. He is so not mainstream.


The Obama Demorats are the former Dean Demorats. Not that bright when it comes to politics. Obama will go down in flames, it will just take him longer thatn it took for voters to catch on to Dean (which was only one primary). I/'m sorry Fred got edged out of this race, even he could beat this extremist fraud.

joanie hussein for obama

Yes, Duffman, I do know what's going on with you. I can tell. Anybody with a brain (which excludes most of you) can tell you're desperate for health care.

Even rich people - you know, the ones who acquire wealth through the sweat of others - get themselves into overwhelming medical situations.

You reek of desperation.

And, I'm not the smug and superior one on this blog. You and the rest of the high-fiving hateful anti-intellectual warmongers are the smug and superior ones. You, particularly, never post anything worth reading. You're not even entertaining.

You are the magister ludi of BW. How boring.

I do not include Tommy. He's clearly simply an over-the-top racist.

Sparky, Coiler, Cowpot, Fremont, RedDan and I don't have to lie, cheat, cross palms with silver, reinvent history. or come to each others defense like you sheep do. The proof, Mr. know-nothing/say nothing, lies in the very words on the blog.

And the next time you boys have nothing better to do, sit around and compare the size of your penises. That's about the level of your rhetoric these days.

Oh, and Sparky, keep trying. I've finally learned there's no reasoning with insipid ingrates. I bet they are all salesmen...

joanie hussein for obama

Oh, and Dan C., don't your mean Obama Dems are not that corrupt when it comes to politics?

You need to choose your words better.


...Oh and btw joanie know-all, be-all, you'll be pleased to know that you (and all my other friends herein) are paying for my helth care. Now, doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy. [soooo tempted for a smily-face here, but will defer to board preferences]


I knew Dick Morris had a meal ticket


How racist! Are you saying that because I'm half-black. You did know that didn't you. Do you think I might have possibly earned that health care by protecting your sweet posterior.


How racist! Are you saying that because I'm half-black. You did know that didn't you. Do you think I might have possibly earned that health care by protecting your sweet posterior.

Yawn. Yeah, that's why Duffman - you caught us.

And a big "Yeah right". Add this to the rest of Duffy's bogus attributes. Seriously, we all totally believe you Dunceman:

You're half-black, a vet, and an admitted milk-spiller;

You're a Hate-spewing, WorldNetDaily readin', Drudge-sourcin' (or no sourcin'), UN-tax believin', Tony-Snow lovin', "left-leaning independent";

You're HillBill, BillHill, KiroFan, etc.

You're whatever suits you this week - all behind that glowing screen in tough-talking Anonymityville.

Because of all this, you've earned the right to be labeled BWs official attention whore (tax free), but that's about it.

Still waiting for tough-talkin'
Sgt. Similac to show-up to Drinking Liberally. Say, now that might make a good jog!


No Duffman, we didn't know that, along with the spilled army milk, the short bus and other outrages when all else fails.


No Duffman, we didn't know that
Coiler: not to be the grammar-police, but as mentioned above:
In all honesty "we DON'T know that"


Yes, it's yet to be proven. my bad

joanie hussein for obama

For the record, duffman's no more half-black than I'm Peloponnesian!

He's a milquetoast liar and probably in business which is why he is sooooo desperate for someone to take over the health care obligations he has for his employees. He'd rather socialize his costs so he can make more profits.

Now I get it. Good ol' duff. The boss-man himself.

How do you like that chucks? He wants you and me to pay for his employees.

I'm willing. But I bet you're not.


Is the big wind from Birch Bay done yet?
How would you know what color Duff is?
We no more know that then we do if you are really a school teacher or your gender.
You are the same one who said that Seattle Jew wasn't even Jewish. Recall that one, Big Wind from Birch Bay?
Maybe the reason why you want to label everyone else a liar is because you are so willing to go there yourself.
Take away your google and your skeddadle and you are nothing but hot air bloviating Randi inspired Talking Points.
Finally, please keep to your word. You keep promising not to read or respond to us and then you go and break your word.


As I recall, back during the WA Primary Bla'm raised many of the issues regarding Obama's candidacy.

The problem that Dems have is that they have a screwed up primary system that has come up against a perfect storm of sorts. Repubs couldn't have scripted it better than this.

Could the Dems really lose the election for the Whitehouse.

Quick, name the last liberal Democrat elected as President.

If you are tempted to answer Carter, go back and take a look at his run in 1976. He was no liberal in that campaign.


can't you stay current Putz?


PS aka Puts - Seems like you have exposed Joanie for who she is. Feeling less inspired about responding to her rants more recently (the thrill is going away).

Howard Dean would have been a worse candidate than either Clinton or Obama, but instead he's the idiot head of the Democratic Party who exudes incompetence. What Floyd Brown is doing now on the right side will be matched and probably topped in caliber of "Swift Boating" by Moveon.org, Media Matters or the George Soros financed 527 groups on the left. David Brock will be doing some hit pieces on McCain after the Democrat fights are over.


Spot on KS, you are correct about her 'Rantness.'

Interesting how 'swiftboating' is now in the lexicon.

The ironic thing about that 'swiftboating' that Dems accept it as an article of faith that it was all lies.
If it was all lies, why couldn't Kerry effectively engage it and show it for what that.

All those 'swiftboaters' were peers of Kerry who had earned the right to call it as they saw it.

But why were all those veterans so ticked off at Kerry? Why couldn't he respond with facts?

The Superdelegates of 2008 understand that and you can bet are getting that flopsweat knowing that the primary process may have made this a horse race with the Repubs.

Charlie Brown aka Howard Dean meet Lucy outside She has a football for you to kick. This time she promises not to jerk it away.


"...and show it for what that."

damn, I need some caffeine!

should read '...and show it for what it is.'

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