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April 07, 2008



Amazing..keep this up and we WILL lose the last locally owned station.

I have not heard any prognosis for Kathy Geurtzen..the other two brain surgeries she had were for benign tumors, but this time Im not seeing any news either way. Hope she is ok.


Apparently her latest surgery went well and they were able to get more of the tumor than expected. She should be home this week, possibly today.


The morning crew on tv news said that they had talked to her yesterday. That sounds positive to me. Along with what Duffy said.


....just had to drag your daughter through it, didn't you..?

blathering michael

Her unfair treatment by these geniuses seemed to be the beginning of their demise. Sad...


I have to say, the only time I ever listen to or watch a Fisher station is...well, as far as TV goes, almost never, and as far as radio? KOMO when I want to get some news-ish stuff and KIRO isn't doing it at the moment, and KVI very occasionally when I want talk but either KIRO isn't doing it at the time or I want to see what the conservatives are up to.

Gay Gary

I listen to KVI for the Commentators (recently and in lieu of my past loyalty to the increasingly ridiculous Ron & Don Show --- though I caught it long enough today to hear Ron announce they are #1 in their time slot as of Friday's report) and Coast to Coast AM. I've tried Kirby & Kompany but I can't tell the difference between Matt and Carleen's voice and I can barely understand Kirby when he speaks.

I question whether a station like KOMO is really relevant in a market the size of Seattle. They'd be better off if they changed format to an all traffic-weather station ... 2 minutes of traffic, 1/2 minute of weather, 1 minute of ads, rinse and repeat ...


>>question whether a station like KOMO is really relevant in a market the size of Seattle. They'd be better off if they changed format to an all traffic-weather station ...<<

Several formats ago, 770 was an all-news station. It could never garner any significant ratings, and flipped formats a couple of times before becoming "The Truth".

KOMO's only saving grace is the Mariners. If they lose the rights after this season (which the street says they will, BTW), morph the station into the radio version of Headline News: All-news 5a-7p, schlocky talk shows all night.


>>question whether a station like KOMO is really relevant in a market the size of Seattle. They'd be better off if they changed format to an all traffic-weather station ...<<

Several formats ago, 770 was an all-news station. It could never garner any significant ratings, and flipped formats a couple of times before becoming "The Truth".

KOMO's only saving grace is the Mariners. If they lose the rights after this season (which the street says they will, BTW), morph the station into the radio version of Headline News: All-news 5a-7p, schlocky talk shows all night.


So, Michael, you're saying that your daughter is the only person that was treated "unfairly?" Uh, that goes for 99% of people who work in broadcast business when they are shown the door. April SHOULD have known what kind of business she was in and that despite what HR says, people are fired for no reason, usually at the drop of a hat. It can be anything from budgets, to salary, or the fact that the new ND just didn't like her or her on-air performance...or caught her looking at him funny. Plus NDs love to bring in people they have worked with before to replace people they don't know---and don't want to know. Surely she never thought that she would be working there forever as a reporter, given her age and her salary? You are pretty ignorant of how broadcasting works if you believe that.


Last I checked this was still Bla'M's blog...so quit yer bitchin!


So..this age thing...what would explain Jean Enerson being on KING5 since God was a child? April is not all that old..unless you, Freakin', are in your 20's...


Love Jean...but IMO it's time to replace her with Sabrina Register over at NWC Channel.


Why? there are a whole lot more old fart men on the air and I dont hear anyone saying they are "too old" to be on the air...


Nothing to do with age per se; Jean is a pro and has been excellent; however I feel she has lost some of her telegenic appeal and they should make her a deal she can't refuse. Ms Register is excellent and I tend to believe she sits 'in wait'. I would say the same for any 'male' that has 'lost it'. I've been watching Ch 5 and Jean forever; thus my strong opinion in her regard. Nothing 'sexist' or necessarily age-related.

blathering michael

You know, Edmonds Dan or Proregressive, or Freakin' or whatever fake persona you're bravely hiding behind today, if I can't defend my own kid, why have a blog? (Thank you Duff) I'm not so stupid as to get into the nuts and bolts of her law suit on this blog (besides, I'm not privy to them) but two experienced males just beginning their peak-earning years as she is were fired at the same time.

It's not, in my mind, sexism, it's bad judgment by KOMO based on the shortsighted bottomline concerns. It's happening all over media: as Wall Street makes more demands, companies react by killing their local product, shitting all over their brand. In this case, they had a lot of time and money invested in all three of these people; and generations invested in their brand.

Their Seattle properties are a shambles.

(And jeez, now it seems the fumbling Fisher management -- whose chief financial officer just resigned -- has lost the confidence of their Wall Street masters. Maybe all this cuttin' and syndicatin' and conglomeratin' still isn't enough.)

Is it a coincidental that there's a sizable overtime dispute in this and April was involved in negotiating the new union contract?
You're the genius, what do you think?

Fisher, IMHO, is going away as a locally-owned and operated company. The shameful and legally culpable way they handled April Zepeda was just an earlier symptom of its impending demise.

News Flash

Hey Duffman, what about Jeff Renner? He has been there almost as long as Enersen or is it a juggs thing? You want a newscaster with big juggs?


Blabbering Mike,

First - There is a huge difference between being a street reporter and a news anchor. If you can hold onto your job and grow into a position of power (which is what Jean E. and Kathy G. have done), you can pretty much retire on your own terms---although it IS pressure on Jean E. to step down, but she works very hard at keeping at the top of her game, physically.

If you want to pimp our your daughter and air her dirty laundry with the Fisher Family, go ahead. And the union in this market is EXTREMELY weak. I've been a member, I know, and they are only interested in how much money they can extract from member's paychecks as well as those obscene union yearly dues. Unfortunately, the union doesn't have any power to fight for April or anyone else who has a dispute with a unionized TV/radio station because they don't have a solid foundation of support within the broadcast community.

I'm sure there was no coincidence in her dismissal and the union contract, but management won't admit that. And she's not the first shop steward in broadcasting that was shown the door. Her age, her ability to report, her demeanor with other reporters, her ability to get along in the newsroom, and her salary -- and her relationship (or lack of) with the ND-- will all factors. KOMO--like all news outlets--have to make room for younger, prettier, and cheaper talent who want to hustle up stories on the streets and do the hard door knocks. You can't simply report a story by doing a live stand-up and read from your story notes. You have to do the door knocks and pound the streets.

As for the males vs females comment, broadcasting is an EXTREMELY sexist industry but nothing can done about it. It happens, and will continue to happen---despite Fisher's and every other broadcast company's desire to recruit minorities and females for their hiring pools.


About Jeff Renner...he WAS fired back in the late 80's by KING 5, but there was such an outpouring of protest that KING buckled under and hired him back.

Also, Sabrina Register WAS on one of the 3 local outlets (can't remember which one)...but she had a child and took time off and re-surfaced on NWCN. She was the heir to the throne to either Jean or Kathy...but then news management were outraged when she went and got pregnant so she had to go. I think the window of opportunity to Ascention to the likes of Jean/Kathy has closed.....

Amy Alpine

Thought you might like to hear from a woman in the business. KOMO has treated us gals differently for as long as I've been in radio in this town.


"she has lost her telegenic appeal" = wrinkles.

The public will take any pretty little airhead who doesn't understand the news over watching someone with wrinkles--just check CNN or MSNBC or Fake News.


Yeah, but Amy, that is because of your predeliction to tying yourself up.


Well News Flash (or, like Bla'M says whoever you happen to be today) IMO Jeff is 'on the cusp' also, as well as Steve Raible (over at KIRO). I believe Steve belongs on radio/sports in association possibly with the 'Hawks not as an anchor.
Also, if I were a 'juggs' person as you infer I would likely be watching KOMO's Kathi, not Jean (and Sabrina) as I have done for all these years. So your point(s) are moot.


sparks, if you were addressing me (and using my quote, you likely are); if that were the case I would be watching those other stations. I've steadfastly watched KING and Jean for as long as I can remember. It just feels 'comfortable' to me, so please don't put words in my mouth, as I am not as you imply.


Duffman, or is it Jughead? The point is not moot as I suspected your concern over Kathi and saying Jean is too old--it really is about who has the bigger juggs.


Sorry, you're an obvious dolt! BUH-bye.


with all due respect, and despite the shit written here today, Michael, your daughter IS HOT.

blathering michael

Edmonds freakin' Dan, proregressive: The quality of April's work has never been questioned. She wasn't fired for cause -- no reason was given for her dismissal, all that's being litigated I've been careful not to air dirty laundry. I certainly am not April's pimp. She has a really good attorney, and besides, laundry isn't the issue, as I'm sure Fisher wishes it were.
If you want credibility, put your name on your bloviations, as I do... don't be afraid.


I'm surprised to hear people say such and such could have "ascended" to the anchor position if they hadn't had that pregnancy or if they hadn't aged or if they had stabbed more people in the back, because I could care less who the anchor is. I thought they flipped a coin.

I wish they would cycle all the reporters through the anchor chair. Surprise me. I want to see Jesse Jones do the teleprompter delivery sometimes, that would absolutely rock.

Infact I'm insulted that they believe we want to see Jean Enerson or Steve Raible every goddam day as if we're too emotionaly fragile to tolerate any other talking head read news that someone else wrote. Seattle is one of the smartest, if not the smartest, metropolis in the country. Give us some credit for being self sustaining adults.

I will say this: there is no way that April Zepeda's dismissal could have had anything at all to do with her apearance.


I was speaking about the generic "people" Duffman, not any one person in particular. Christine Craft was let go in LA because she was determined to have lost her "telegenic appeal." I believe she won a butt-load of money from the station for age discrimination.


Understand! Thx for clarification. :)



I guess you forgot about Deborah Norville. She blew her chance to take the chair forever from Jane Pauley.

Ultimately, it's the News Director's butt on the line and it's her/his decision about who is a part of the news team and he/she has a subjective view of what they believe will win in the ratings book. They are responsible for the look, the appearance, and the overall production of the newscast. They will pay to have an anchor's hair done a certain way or have a reporter's teeth capped or whitened. Even the wardrobe is under their jurisdiction. ("More low cut sweaters, please!") Obviously April did not meet his/her criteria to be a winner so she was let go. She and her whining dad need to just let it go and, as the liberals love to say, "move on."


Why should they let it go? How would that be in their best interest? You're aparently a conservative, you people put your "best interests" before the Bible.

Some conservative called Dori Monson's show and said the homeless shouldn't be given a break because "they're of no use to me", and that's all conservatives care about, that which is of use to them. If some lawyer thinks they can extract money from Fisher on behalf of their client then what is to you? I'd have thunk you'd be their first cheerleader.


Jean Enerson should step down, not because she's old or supposedly shoplifts, but because she has done it a very long time and it's not fair that she would deprive other people of their shot at reading from the teleprompter. Give it a rest, give other people a chance, it's only fair.


In April,s case, the PD did not like people with Latino dissent. Or was it women over forty? Maybe this particular PD did not like being shunned when he/she had "special" needs.
I really have no idea. Just as a news customer, I thought she was a talented reporter. The rest just does not matter.
Hope she gets a suitcase full of money.
Boob size is not important. They are all nice (on womenz), because none of 'em have bones.



As long as Jean E. produces ratings and revenue for KING 5, she will remain THE anchor for that station. Don't hurt yourself in your hissy feet about it not being "fair." Life usually isn't. April and Daddy need to move on....


This is too funny. You tell me life isn't fair and that I'm having a hissy fit while you yourself have a hissy fit over April Zepeda and harass this blog operator about his daughter and inist her lawsuit isn't fair. LOLS!



I'm harassing the blog operator? Hmph. No, I'm attempting to educate you people who have no idea of what you're talking about when it comes to how a TV newsroom works. Hissy fit? Hardly. But if you want to take bullets for Blabbering Mike, go ahead. I'm LMAO every day over the "facts" that he throws out and all the numb-nets nod their heads in agreement. Let's move along, nothing for you to see, move along....


The TV news rooms deserve any criticism we see fit to offer up. It's merely our impression of the prduct they put forth. I'm sick of seeing Jean Enerson wear an ass mark into that anchor chair while more interesting personalities like Jesse Jones cycle in and out through a revolving door. You might say I'm not the target demo, but that doesn't disqualify my criticism.


I also think it's funny how Jean Enerson has her own Health Link feature, it's a nod to the fact that she's old and that they are trying to apeal to old people. Q13 is obviously trying to swoop in and pick up the crumbs.

Gay Gary

I'm not a Seattle radio/TV insider and probably haven't watched SEA TV in 5 years so I don't know anything about any of this but I just wish some of you out there would please please please ask Matt and Carleen at KVI-AM to identify themselves by name when they start speaking, I'm really not trying to be combative or whatever when I say it's absolutely impossible to tell the voice of one from the other. Thanks.


Those Health Link things were featured on a cable network as little more than commercials for whatever agency is sponsoring the drug testing..KING5 buys them, they are pre-packaged, and the local host adds a few comments to make it seem like they are local stories.


A radio station is more interested in ratings than stepping on women. The question should be why do women often not pull in as many listeners as males in the same job. If you ever expect there to be a quota simply expect that the quality of radio will dive.

joanie hussein for obama

You did say telegenic appeal, Duff. Or did you misspeak? Telegenic is visual.

Telegenic: : well-suited to the medium of television; especially : having an appearance and manner that are markedly attractive to television viewers.

Nobody put words in your mouth.

People are so comfortable expecting women to be youngish and/or pretty-ish to stay on TV. Some of the cable programs are getting away from that. Not Fox but some of the others. I watch irregularly so don't recall which ones. But I've seen older and less attractive, chunkier women doing reporting.

Not usually anchoring but reporting. I'll notice who and where when I see them again.

The sooner we get used to normal people doing the news, the sooner society might start getting informed again instead of propagandized.

As long as everything - including the news - is entertainment brought to us by Hollywood-pretty faces, we will continue to be the ignorant and stupid consumers we've become.

BTW, how many of you look like Tom Brokaw or Brian Williams? Hmm?

I guess women are just not as superficial . . . that's why we should decide who goes to war and who doesn't.


If you think woman should decide who goes to war (I tentatively agree) then why do you promote the black guy and not the woman?

Too many women use sexism to their advantage, with their makeup, hiked skirts and revealing tops, and every time they do a misogynist gets his wings.


Ah, Amy, you may be new to BW because I used to discuss it more frequently.

I'm afraid, however, that I will disappoint. I believe there are fewer women partly because there are fewer good voices from females.

Radio is strictly auditory - obviously - and so the voice quality is huge. Television combines voice with visual and seems much less harsh or discriminating towards women.

Rachel Maddow is a good example of this: I like her less on radio than on TV. Her voice has an irritating edge to me - but when I watch, I love her.

I can remember very few female voices that I could listen to for any length of time: Chris Brecher; Diane Rehm; I'm thinking...:)

I'll get back to you with more if I think of them!

Honestly, I think even David Goldstein might have done better had he worked on his voice control somewhat. He was so bright and interesting but when he got away from guests and ranted, he became shrill. Women tend to become shrill without trying! They have to really work on it!

Oh, I'm sorry if you all think I'm sexist or terrible. I get very irritated when the voice isn't right. That's probably why I like Ross so much. It may just be me or it may speak to why women haven't done better in radio.

Finally, April is pretty and smart. She was a good reporter. I don't know why she's gone but I do know that she was a professional that I liked to watch.


"I guess women are just not as superficial . . . that's why we should decide who goes to war and who doesn't.

Posted by: joanie hussein for obama | April 08, 2008 at 08:23 PM"

What a crapload. But to be expected.
I guess that's why at the checkout stand all of the Women oriented magazines are discussing Sex, Diets, and Fashion. I guess the ones discussing Voltaire and advances in Science are sold out. If you disagree, look around at the QFC. And yes, Men oriented magazines are no better.
Women are no better or worse than men at being superficial. Period.


I look like Steve McQueen but I gave up Ford for Mopar.

I think Jean Enersen looks like a 70's David Bowie and that could be King 5' niche to stay competitive without buying up all the hairspray heads you see elsewhere. She is the thin white duchess of Seattle TV.

joanie hussein for obama

Too many women use sexism to their advantage, with their makeup, hiked skirts and revealing tops,

Good Lord, Andrew! Don't you know? In this consumer-driven sex-is-the-product TV is selling, that's what it takes to get a job in TV if you're a woman. So they do it.

You didn't read me very carefully. Do you disagree that most Americans are first consumers and second thoughtful decision-makers? Especially males.

I mean, I cited A-boob, Jugular-thin Penis above and chucks as my proof. Think, young man, think.

I don't understand your misogynist gets his wings comment?

Finally, I use my head to decide who I believe will make the best decision according to my beliefs. If it isn't the woman, then I won't advocate for the woman. In this case, I think the man will choose better.

I might be wrong.

You said you agree. Then, you agree with the generalization. But generalizations have exceptions. Right?

joanie hussein for obama

Reread your post putsie. It proves my point.

joanie hussein for obama

BTW, I type fast and sometimes click on the wrong name when I drag down my list of blog names . . . all joanie you'll notice.

I once typed my false email in the wrong place by mistake and it now permanently resides in that drag-down screen.

The email is not real. I'm sure somebody has figured that out by now.

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