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April 02, 2008



A complete waste of perfectly good oxygen. Can we just put that woman out of our misery? We already have Patty Murray. Do we really need another homely woman in D.C.? Do we really need a congress critter who has no useful experience?
We get enough nothing done with McDermott representing Washington.


Darcy, you go girl...check this out - Can We Say Ultimate Dichotomy !!!

blathering michael

Nothing done, chucks? Reichert is the dumbest and least effective congressman in the state, and as I wrote, he's ranked 401st in the House (up from 436th). He barely beat Darcy in '06, despite his many public years as sheriff, and the shameless poodle-doodle and unwarranted grandstanding about busting the serial killer. She came from unknown status to within 3% of beating his hollow ass.

The prickish, sexist remarks about her looks (I'm surprised at you chucks) typifies what the few republicans left in this state have come to in political discourse and demonstrates again why there are so few of you. I doubt voters will make such judgments. Today, the situation on the ground in the 8th caused non-partisan analysts at the Congressional Quarterly to move the race from "leans Republican" to "toss-up." (http://cqpolitics.com/wmspage.cfm?parm1=5&docID=news-000002695900) She's got the mo, she's in the right party, and reflects a district that increasingly needs someone who's tech smart, can understand and write complex policy; and possesses the ability and energy to articulate it and get it passed.
The wind's blowing the wrong way for Republicans in the 8th, particularly for one with such shallow abilities.
(and by the way, Gov. Gregoire's race has been upgraded to "leans Democratic.")
The End is Near.


spot on ! Our side is winning.


I am a proud prick.
I am a proud sexist.
And a frustrated Republican.
( really am sorry that I offended your senses, see point 3)


chucks? you really think she is homely? I think Darcy is quite pretty, actually.


When Reichert profits off of his interplay with the "Green River Killer" doesn't he create personal justification for those murders, and in a sense become a participant, by making personal gains off of the murders much the same way the killer himself did?

Isn't he also profiting off of his own potetntialy inept detective work? If he had caught the Green River Killer after the first or second victim Gary Ridgeway would never have been a serial killer and there would be no book deals or movies.

The lessen to be learned: join the police force and enjoy the fruits of criminal's labor; let the killers slip through your fingers once in a while and you might get a marketable narrative out of it.

They say "much of [the money] went to charity", which is to say "much of the money went in my wallet."


I work for a well-known national on-line news service. I've been a reporter for 23 years. Reichert refused me an interview repeatedly for over a year on any subject except the Green River story. On his positions on Iraq or anything else, he'd only respond by e-mail.


Yes, she is homely. Not "coyote ugly" or Janet Reno ugly, but plain ol' homely.

Gay Gary

"well-known national on-line news service"

Does such a thing exist?


What makes me sick is people tend to take these things at face value. Even though everyone on the Green River task force wishes they would see some of that "less than six figure" payout Reichert received, and even though he's a whore of a public servant, all anyone will remember is "he glared at the Green River Killer" and "he was a congressman with a great hairdo", so they'll probably erect statues of him infront of police precincts after he's dead, and rename some public place currently named after a Native American to "Reichert High School", if they haven't done so already.


Darcy Burner hurt herself by taking fashion cues from butch lesbians. I don't know the first thing about fashion but as a man I can tell you I'm appalled by the hairdo and the man suits.

Tommy Chong

stop competing against her then, be your own man, man!


Pass the bong, Tommy. Man, don't be a bogart.



Class A belchfire motorhome

Darcy will win this time, she has the Apt 3G looks to woo republicans who sell fossil fuel monsters to vote for her and not some ex sheriff who will get caught blowing his movie rights on a 6-figure hooker.


I think Darcy is cute. All female politicians wear those suits. If she dressed sexy you'd call her a slut. If she were a man, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Men are pigs. Darcy will beat Dave Reichert who despite his fabulous hair is dumb as a stone. As for Darcy, she graduated from Harvard, worked at Microsoft. Even McDermott wentto medical school and beyond. Reichert went to Bible college.


"Sheriff Hairspray," yuk, yuk, yuk...an apt monicker for Reichert. Too bad he didn't remain "Sheriff Hairspray," yuk, yuk....


Besides, I think Darcy's pretty damn cute!


I could care less about either of them!

I was sick of Darcy's cry me a f-ing river ads in 06. I could not stand her then and not a whole lot has changed now. As for pretty boy Reichert, hes clearly plugging his whole involvement with the Green River investigation affiliation which also makes me sick and getting whatever mileage he can from it. He knows it will get him attention (and money) during an election year. The timing of the mini series based upon him during the Green River investigations and the release of his book is clearly done on purpose. The both of them disgust me!

I would love someone WITHOUT major party affiliation, come in and do something. I am absolutely sick of the whiney, cry me a river Democrats in this state. They are a bunch of whores for organized labor in this state. Olympia is full of 'em. Which is no wonder this damn state cant do shit witout spending gobs of tax payer money studying how to fix a problem, two or three times over, then when we finally get around around to actually fixing the problem the cost has gone up millions. That dike Darcy Burner is not the answer. Pretty boy Reichert with GOP backing and Green River financing isnt the answer either. He had his chance anyway. Did shit with it. Time for him to go. I'd vote for a Green Party candidate or indenpendent before voting for the dike or pretty boy!

Science Guy

Are you saying you wouldn't vote for an earthen, construction project which is a dike, or something else?


"The prickish, sexist remarks about her looks (I'm surprised at you chucks) typifies what the few republicans left in this state have come to in political discourse and demonstrates again why there are so few of you. I doubt voters will make such judgments. "

Kind of like people making fun of John McCain's war injuries, eh?


On the lighter side, Libertarian Candidate and former Dem Senator Mike Gravel does an Ad Campaign based on the Beatles Helter Skelter... Positively William Shatneresque!

Mike Gravel!


John Mc Cain does a good Bob Dole I hear..


Bob Dole tells a funny joke about being at some DC Ceremony back in the early 90's when former Presidents Ford, Carter, and Nixon walk by.
Dole turns to a friend,
'There goes See No Evil, Hear no Evil, and Evil!'


Let me guess, PugetSound..you were one of the 9 people who found Reagan's jokes funny, too?


Is Darcy Burner the best that the Dems can offer us in the 8th CD?

I'm not a huge Reichert fan, but good God there must be something better to offer than an very inexperienced, "My opponent loves Bush", ex-Microserf.

Where's the beef?

blathering michael

yeah but John McCain's tiny arms are funny.


..but, are they really as funny as Sen Obama's ears; that's the key question.


Come on now, isn’t there a resemblance..


Come on Duffy, Alfred is a great American institution. Do not put or compare him with jug ears.

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