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March 30, 2008


Andrew Ferguson

You can download the movie now on iTunes for free: http://freeitunessongs.blogspot.com/2008/03/video-lmn-movies-capture-of-green-river.html

Daniel K

Quite fitting that while Darcy Burner do the work you'd expect of one's congresswoman, Reichert is futzing around in Hollywood.

Oh, and lets not forget the irony of Reichert’s anti-“murderabilia” campaign (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9LVk7ZrBgU&feature=related) when he writes his own tell all book and accepts to have it made into a mini-series for a 6-figure sum.


I thought actors liked to research the characters they played? Guess not.

Elliot Ness

Shouldn't that be "My 2+18 year quest to capture the killer"..as he took his lazy ass time with Ridgeway like he was polishing off his 4 year college education, but taking a slovenly 20 years to complete.

joanie hussein for Obama

Now really, folks. Just who is surprised by this?

Fictionalized docu-drama-TV movies? The way most conservatives get their information anyway. It won't change much. The market for this movie will vote Reichert anyway.


"The market for this movie will vote Reichert anyway."

Doesn't Lifetime pander to post-menopausal women, Joanie?

joanie hussein for Obama

I don't know, Mark. I don't watch Lifetime. Do you?


Ross should never have been picked to run against Alban, as Ross had a long public record of positions it was easy to scare people with.

What 'work' is Burner doing besides raising money? Isn't she using the dead in Iraq as she trumpets her "responsible" plan to end the war there?

Catlin Capital

The last this we need s Darcy Burner...she lost. Time for someone new.

BTW..this applies to Rossi as well.

Daniel K

gk91 - So by your logic, running on a platform to bring a responsible end to the war in Iraq is "using the dead in Iraq"?

Are you serious?

Go do a Google News search on Darcy Burner and Dave Reichert and you'll see article after article about the Iraq plan with regards to Burner. On the flip side all we can read about on Reichert is this mini-series.

So who’s the statesperson of the two? Who is fighting for the constituents rather than a royalty check? Who’s creating a large coalition of support to tackle the most important fiasco in recent history?

The Green River Killer mini-series is simply a reminder of how poorly Reichert performed as an investigator and Sheriff. The fact it is his opponent that is doing something to bring an end to this war, reminds us that Reichert is just as much a dud as an uninfluential nobody congressman.


Reichert is the Democrat equivalent of Jim McDermott.

Daniel K

cinco - except he is a repub.


heh dontcha hate when that happens, cinco?

Don S.

In Kirkland we only see Dave Reichert when he is running. We voted for him reluctantly in 2004, but saw him for who he is fairly soon therafter. He's not the brightest bulb in the string, he's a little lazy, and he is too close to the Bush administration despite his feeble efforts to get away. Golly, guess who's warning us about global warming, now? What a shallow fake.


Don why did you vote for him in 2004? What made the difference?


Reichert got all dolled up in his dress uniform and manned up to Gary Ridgeway in a "staring comtest". This was filmed and has been since plastered all over the tv. The Seatac puke stood his ground with Dave for a good while, but finally gave into the manlier fellow.By the way, i once shared a house with an unpleasant Ukranian ex-wrestler in Sea Tac. Later, after I'd long since moved out, and the Ridgeway trial was in the news, I tracked down the little house in Seatac they kept mentioning as the house where he comitted many of the murders. It sounded creepily close to the house from my past, from the address. I found it. It was in a little cul-de-sac, just a half dozen or less houses behind the fenced back yard of my former house. A very strange feeling occurred when i found this out.


Matt, Carleen and kirby are sounding more and more like Larry Curly and Moe. Matt Haber makes Sherriff Dave, Carleen and Kirby sound like rocket scientists. Last time ichecked this isn't Fargo or Provo. KVI must do better. We deserve better. The pickup truck/gunrack, "these are my people" circa 1981 shtick isn't working. get a clue, KVI PD.


Good Post Tommy. I quit KVI/kirby when they came up with the whole hick/pickup truck schtick. Went to 1300 like Laura in the morning alot better

Dr. No Comments

I don't understand why Tomás Guillén, of all people, wants the public to know that Reichert "desecrated the victims." Guillén's career and reputation were also built on the Green River murders, and other murder investigations. Guillén's book cover has a picture of Wendy Coffield's body being dragged out of the river, under the words "16 PAGES OF CHILLING PHOTOGRAPHS". As for posing for pictures at grave sites and crime scenes -- it's such a common practice that it's a cliché. Reichert's real offense is that he's a typical politician.

Kim Maddux

Get off Reicherts's back. He did what he could. His boss at the time wanted him to shut down the whole investigation. I'm not saying that capturing Ridgeway,should have put him in congress, but somebody voted him in that position. Nobody is perfect. He was,able to bring peace to some of these families by bringing them closure.


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