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March 04, 2008



Curious George is the cutest monkey ever. Kids adore Curious George. Obama should be flattered.


Limbaugh, yet again has over-stepped the boundaries; he should be summarily dismissed. But I doubt it will happen, as he always seems to find a way to 'weasel' his way out of it. The consumate BS'er! :)


I see, it is OK in your pergressive lil' minds to refer to the President as McChimpy or what ever. Not OK to refer to The Messiah in an equally crappy term.
Is it OK with you pergressive types if we insult the middle aged white guy half of him?
Duffy, What you gonna say if Clinton did in fact "photo shop" the Messiah to make him appear darker? You gonna call for her head?

John Eddy

I hate to think that I might be defending Rush, but...

When he says he can't laugh, could he be referring to something else, something he said earlier in the show about some reason he can't laugh. Like, say, a tickle in his throat that a laugh would aggravate, or some other similar thing.

Believe me, I wouldn't mind Rush being called out for being a bigot, but, I just want to make sure that he didn't mean something else by the 'I can't laugh' comment....


Chucks you dolt! Read slowly and try to comprehend.

"Comparing monkey's to African-Americans is an old, racial archtypal slur"


Shadow you dolt! Read carefully so that you might understand. I am 55 years old. I have heard virtually every racial insult ever made.
I listened to the broadcast. Did not hear Limbaugh make any racial slurs. None, notta, zilch.
This is made up bullshit by the left. We have real issues to deal with in this country. Trying to make Limbaugh into a racist will cure none of those issues.
Moron, get over your self.


RACIST. "I can't laugh" means "I want to laugh but I can't".

If he wasn't a through and through RACIST he'd say something like "I don't even want to laugh, I don't find that remark in any way humorous."


you just proved that you are a racist chucks. trying to use the old smoke and mirrors trick and not being sensitive to the african american community.


Typical bullshit from an idiot. Does not know what the heck he is talking about. You know nothing about me, yet you are prepared to label me a racist.
Screw off moron. Not everybody gives a crap about race. To many of us, it is a none issue.


very sad


Or he could have meant "that's funny in a George Bush/chimp kind of way, but if I laugh it will be misinterpreted as racist by the thought police, so I can't laugh.' Or "it sounds funny, but I don't exactly know the reference, but as talk host I can't appear ignorant, ergo 'I can't laugh.''

Just as with the 'phony soldiers' controversy, lefties claim the ability to climb inside his head to divine his meaning.

Chucks you're right. There's nothing racist in these words. Zip, zero, nada. These continual efforts to hang the 'racism' tag on Rush are reminiscent of the witch trials of the 17th century.

It's getting boring. It's like trying to argue with your nephew who as just discovered some weird new cult religion. After a while, you just want to let him figure it out for himself--or not, if that's his chosen route..


Rush is easily threatened, look at his panic attack and use of the legal system when he was busted for drugs. I give him another 10 yrs if he's lucky--consumption of fatty foods and no exercise along with the ravages of syphilis.


I love the double standard. Hillary gets a pass when she screams at a campaign official, "You fucking Jew bastard!" The defense; "One anti-Semitic slur slung in anger hardly defines a person". Huh? I listened to the live broadcast. Limbaugh was ill that day and was not on the top of his game. However, the foul was not his. Who hasn't had a snicker at an innocent child's remark even when you know you shouldn't... The woman should have known better and I immediately thought she was a racist and crude opportunist. But not Limbaugh.

By the way, history is clear on who is racist. The Congressional Quarterly of June 26, 1964 (p. 1323) recorded that, in the Senate, only 69% of Democrats (46 for, 21 against) voted for the Civil Rights Act as compared to 82% of Republicans (27 for, 6 against). All southern Democratic senators voted against the Act.


You had to go back to 1964? Laugh. Which party has a negro and woman fighting for the nomination while the other was quick to pick its old white man of choice?


Which party works feverishly to keep the embers of division glowing by hurling accusations of racism on thin to non-existent evidence?

Which party owns the education system that yields a 1/3rd dropout rate for blacks?


Which party has more people of color in it's higher ranks? (hint, it's not the dems...)

Gay Gary

OMG you guys! Big news --- GiGi is back to listening to TBTL!!! No more Bryan Suits from kfi640.com for me.

I was listening to The Big Story with Tony Miner and accidentally left the radio on after I ran out to grab a seabreeze at The Elite. Well when I came back it was smack in the middle of TBTL and some crazy shenanigans were going on!

The other day I made a comment about the sexual tension in that show - well apparently they must have read my comment because they ratcheted it up, like, A LOT! June the producer was out sick so it was just Luke and Sean and, as I walked in, Luke was going into the control room with Sean where he was planning on doing the show the rest of the night.

"It's boys night tonight!" he gleefully announced. (OMG!)

He then had Sean inspect a skin rash he'd developed. (OMG - x2!!!)

What will happen next?! I don't know but it's like a radio soap opera you guys! I'm just hoping the prudes at the FCC don't make them move the show to Sirius or XM now that things are heating up. :(

It's about time we had this kind of radio in Seattle. KIRO #1 STATION *EVER*!

(Joanie - Oculus Bleu and I are thinking of starting to host a TBTL night on Tuesday's --- mark your calendar! )


chucks, now on record for being against children's health care, education, and for racism.

My chucks, we're getting to know you better and better.

I bet you're real good at selling those sucker overpriced gas guzzling RV's aren't ya? Just a good ol' boy who pats everybody on the back before impaling the knife and turning it.


Or he could have meant "that's funny in a George Bush/chimp kind of way, but if I laugh it will be misinterpreted as racist by the thought police, so I can't laugh.' Or "it sounds funny, but I don't exactly know the reference, but as talk host I can't appear ignorant, ergo 'I can't laugh.''

Just as with the 'phony soldiers' controversy, lefties claim the ability to climb inside his head to divine his meaning.

Okay, wzzzz, let us in on it: what're you smokin'?

Such anal-yses can only come from the burned-out brain of a sixties hippy.

And you never let on...you old toker you.


GiGi - count me in but make it Wednesday - hump day - :) Tuesday is reserved for Drinking Liberally.

Gay Gary

Shoot! We can't do it on Wednesday's, Oculus Bleu and I have pistol club in Auburn every Wednesday. We'll come up with a Plan B --- stay tuned!


GiGi, as long as you have your gaydar on; what's the deal between Phil and Dory?


Would love to get in on some of this but B'lam still has me censored from home. Why?


I for one take offense at the caller’s remarks. I have long supported the disenfranchised much maligned primates of the world. Comparing those regal animals with a lowly Marxist con man is disgusting. Who will speak up for those without a voice? Who will give them hope? Aw shit, the only thing they hope for Food, Fuckin, and not to be eaten by some large fang bearing predator.

But seriously, ya wanna hear some really funny racist shit? Some old white bitch in a shitty pant suit sez. “Ya know Mahatma Gandhi?” "He ran a gas station down in St. Louis." Now that’s some funny shit! (Circa 2004 Joanie) And what’s up with these Clintons anyways? I mean is Bill the only son of a bitch that can’t find a fat girl that swallows or what?


By the standards of lefty posters here, Hillary's 'spadework' remark also leaves her accused, tried, and convicted of racism.

"Spade" certainly is an "old, racial archtypal slur." Nope, I don't see any loopholes for Hill.

Wait, the lefty thought police climbed into her brain and determined that she's no bigot--maybe there is a loophole for Hill. Yep, she's off the hook after all.


Pssst. BM. You said it yourself. Limbaugh hung up on the caller and said he wasn't going to put up with that kind of talk. There is no story here.

I think a bigger story locally is Dori Monson thinking that dog in that Marine video was either a stuffed or dead dog. I think this may be my turning point on Monson. If he honestly thinks that dog was a stuffed dog, I think the guy is an idiot.


What a bunch of politically correct BS. This is what we can look forward to in the next 6 months? If Obama and the Dems are going to be this sensitive he will never make it to the white house.


People like Brian think not being racist is being "politically correct." Thank God everybody dies someday, to be replaced with a new mind that can draw conclusions for itself on top of the mistakes of the past and not be burdened by the wilful ignorance of those who will have died off.


If you guys think Limbaugh is a scumbag, take a look at the latest news about Bernie Ward.


This is truly sad for the folks herein who have steadfastly supported him and believed in him.


...and a final thought is I hope someone who knows, loves and cares for Bernie Ward is keeping a watchful eye on him. Enuf said.

Hillary Duffman

shut up duffman


Yeah Duffman, you should probably shut up. You know how people here deal with those who "THINK" incorrectly. Be careful


" burned-out brain of a sixties hippy."
Yikes! Speaking of slurs...Joans!!! Also, discussing "hump day" with GiGi on a public blog is highly inappropriate.

Van Buren

If I say that Obama looks like 200 pounds of sh1t in a 100 pound sack, who should be offended? The sh1t or the sack?

KFI Bryan

Gay Gary,

If it takes staging a soap opera to get you back...dammit, I'll do it. The good news is, KFI is on iTunes. Listen at your leisure. We're all the e-web at KFI.


Gay Gary

Well Bryan, your predecessor also had a nightly soap opera but it wasn’t quite doing it for me (perhaps it would have if I was Straight Gary, or Bi-Curious Gary). I don’t just require a soap opera, it needs to be a soap opera of the sudsiest type! However, that said …

- Now that I know you’re on iTunes I’ll probably be downloading daily … I have a 14 hour flight this week and there’s only so much Gigi d’Agostino and Ennio Moricone I can put on my iPod before the TSA won’t let me board!

- If Luke doesn’t make it at least to second base in the next week I’ll probably lose interest again and be back groveling at the well-manicured paws of Wayne Reznick’s cat to let me back on the KFI live stream.

Gay Gary

"GiGi, as long as you have your gaydar on; what's the deal between Phil and Dory?"

Don't go there Andrew! Haaaaay!


"you just proved that you are a racist chucks. trying to use the old smoke and mirrors trick and not being sensitive to the african american community.

Posted by: shadow | March 04, 2008 at 05:55 PM"

If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black - I don't know what is ! A named like Shadow only amplifies the racism that you secrete, clown !


Now that is an idiotic analogy. You don't know my ethnic origin or why I use the moniker shadow.


Considering the comment you made - it was an appropriate analogy. If you're going to make such accusations - back them up instead of the standard drive by bullcrap and change your moniker unless you don't care about being perceived as an idiot.


you really don't know do you...and it's driving you nuts


No, I really don't give a flying f**k.


I like Barack Obama very much.
Hilary Clinton is racist and is very much not modest.



My oldest son showed me Curous George books. He does look like Obama but George Bush looks like a monkey and Hilary Clinton looks like a elephant.


Haiku Jones

Incalcitrant isn't a word, moron. You mean recalcitrant.

Archtyple isn't a word, moron.
You mean archetypicle. I doubt you mean archetyple.

This is an example of "racism".
This is an example of "racist behavior".

Thanks for showing everyone how compassionate you are and how angry you get when people cross the line into unacceptable behavior! You're progressive. You're also barely literate.


Barely literate, that's Michael! If I were flaming, about typos sir, I would use my spell check. Incaltritrant is in my dictionary, but I couldn't find "archetypicle."






I am not much of a religious man and haven't been to church for a long time, but for those who do and have read the bible, does it really say "God Damn America" like Obama's bible does. I just saw Rev. Wright say it was in his bible in one of the clips of his sermons. Anyone?

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