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March 07, 2008



O'Bama...heh. I like that.


I think Goldy proved this last week-and-a-half (almost) that he belongs 'on-the-air'. If KIRO doesn't have a place/slot for him, may be KVI does? KVI really needs to 'shake things up' and get some substance and interest going over there. Kirby's morning show has turned into a complete 'yawner' and is actually insulting to the ears. The 'Commentators' could well be call the 'Menstruators' with the stuff they collectively spew [Carlson needs to be on his own and focused on local politics...DON'T YOU GET IT KVI].
I'll admit that Dave Ross is my favorite listen, but I certainly didn't mind Goldy's filling in for him during this time period. He's smooth, keeps the pace going, is polite to his guests and callers and injects passion in much of his subject matter. Come on KIRO, surely you can see that this guy needs to have a show of his own.

Gay Gary

I just woke up and realized the thing that annoys me most about Kirby & Co. What is up with all the hillbilly music they use as bumpers? As if that's not enough they have these sound effects of folks hootin' and hollerin' when they come in from breaks. I don't know what Kirby, Carleen and Matt look like but I have this image in my head of American Gothic + Yosemite Sam.

I don't know who they think they're appealing to but I'm a conservative and I AM NOT a hillbilly. This is why I miss Drudge. He'd spin some d'Agostino or PVD as his bumpers (sometimes even Bond - how European!), NOT HILLBILLY MUSIC. Like Oculus Bleu and me could totally listen to Drudge when we were pre-funking before heading to Man-Ray on Sunday nights. If Kirby & Co. were on then the only place we'd be heading would be to go line-dancing at some club called Dakota's or out for banjo lessons at the WSU Extension. NO THANKS.

I'm going back to waking up to Bill Handel & the Morning Crew (now sadly minus Paul T. Wall). The other week they were playing a lot of My Chemical Romance which, while not really my cup of tea, is a lot better than Rufus' All-Star Harmonica Band.


Funny stuff GG; you crack me up sometimes. :)

I'm thinkin Carleen runs KVI now?


" legally changed-out his slave name, "Bryan Zimmerman." HAHAha! Gawd, you're good, Bla'M!

GaGa (oops! GiGi), please do keep us apprised of the culminating climax between Luke and Sean...keep "listening to TBTL (Too Boring to Listen) so we won't have to! '


Styblehead giving career advice to Obama is like a lecture from Britney Spears on responsible parenting.


DAve Ross is back form vacation so we can liste to him arrogantly cut people off from finishing their thoughts, because it's more important to hear the really bright fellow (in his mind) talk, for another six months. It's time to dare to use the A word with Dave because despite having a musical deep voice he still is one. Asshole. Man can't you do public speaking tours for the boomer poopheads that support you and give someone else a shot at KIRO? WHAT IS IT 51 YEARS THERE NOW?


GG, are you the selfsame 'gay conservative psychologist' that used to call Bryan Suits? Yes, you must be. It's all coming together--there's your knowledge of mass hysteria, your (now out of the closet) conservatism, etc.

If you fail to respond, I'm going to propose this as a case for TBTL Mystery Solvers.


Some of your shots hit the bulls-eye T008. Ross is a very talented talk host, but if you ever hear him talk to a caller who is a) ideologically opposite Ross but b) more knowledgable on the subject at hand, Dave has a number of pet moves.

One thing he does is wave hands and say "you're going way over the heads of the audience..you're getting too technical...even I'm confused." When you hear that from Dave, it's the sure tipoff that his position is on the verge of being stormed and destroyed.


I think somebody should be waving "hands and say 'you're going way over the heads of the audience..you're getting too technical...even I'm confused.'" David is too wonky, gets too down and dirty in the granular of really boring policy.


My boyfriend and I really love the poking of fun at Dori Monson around here. He's such a self-mentioning, stuffed shirt, we just love the way Blatherwatch deflates him. Sorry that talk radio has sunk so low. The glory days are truly over.

Wild Bill

Such Godless Blasphemy toward the Tower on Eastlake and the majestic tones emanating. You arrogant peasants should keep to stirring your simple stews. Close your bleary, bloodshot eyes and wrap your soggy noggins around this: imagine, yes, imagine our local airwaves without him; it's the horrific world that Gary Gary so wonderfully describes, "American Gothic + Yosemite Sam."
In the background the clear news voice says that The Plane is delayed another half year,,,,the gruff Boeing voice mumbles, "it's the wiring." And now Bush says shoot yourself with that stimulating booster shot as greedy, snotty Seattle stumbles and bumbles into one of its rowdy violent guises. AND YOU DARE QUESTION THE ROSS IN DAZE LIK THESE!
Huh, I don't know, boys and girls, we all entitled to what we're entitled to and all,it's just that since I've listened to Dave for half of my life on this planet (My Dad was and is to a lesser degree today, a huge, on at all time KIRO710 listener, so it's liquid jellies are soaking in my brain sponges. Dave is so smooth, such a great radio man.
So, of course, I'm a Kiro shill, I genuinely enjoy Ross, Monson R&D and tbtl. I don't like Phil Henrie, NPR, the Weekend crapola that squeezes from somewhere else other than here, hosted by impotent wack jobs. I thought Prell's showed touched on genius.
tbtl is particularly fascinating, the images in the mind's eye and all

Save Local Talk, fight against McRadio

Wild Bill


I think the Wee One has a bad case of Penis Envy. Dave Ross has one big thing Dori will never have: respect.

Dori knows this and he's like a two-year-old who can't get his way: if he can't have it, he'll settle for the next best thing --attention -- by yelling and screaming and throwing a tantrum.


'..by yelling and screaming and throwing a tantrum.'...and getting ratings and making tons of money and by just plain being tops in town!!! :)


I kind of like the new look of Bryan Suits :)


merci (& others): as mentioned today on the Dave Ross Show, what do you think of the The Jeffers-Plan in regard to how to handle Florida & Michigan delegates?

Gay Gary

WUTITIZ – Sadly I’m not the conservative gay psychiatrist – as proof point I railed against Dave Ross constantly pushing psyhotropic drugs a few weeks ago on this blog. However, I hesitate to respond to your question at all because I wouldn’t mind being “inspected” by the TBTL Mystery Solvers! Haaaaaaay!

(Oculus Bleu totally just hit me in the arm after I typed that.)

BTW – an update from the opera … 2 nights ago on TBTL Luke told Sean “you’re so nice, that’s why I LOVE you” after Jeanie Lockhart completely cock-blocked Luke by making the moves on Sean and Luke called him out for not telling her off. I hate it when STR8 guys say things like “you’re hella cool, bra” … I like that TBTL is honest with itself in the language it uses … last night’s show was a bit of a turn-off though because someone apparently sent a critical email to TBTL so Luke flew off the handle again and became unhinged like he did when he called this blog the heart of darkness or whatever so nothing salacious in yesterday's episode … but I’m looking forward to tonight! (though I'm going to have to podcast tonights b/c I'm on an unplanned layover and I don't think my plane will get in on time to hear it live)


I don't think Dori will be getting any more invites from CNN. I fired off an email to the Nancy Grace Show telling them all the things he said behind their backs on the air the day after his apparance on her show. bwahahahahaha backstabbing weasel. I got in a nice plug for Blatherwatch.


Whooooooh T008, that was 'harsh'; couldn't you have just 'taken one for the team'. :)


Tommy008, were you sure to send them a link to the audio archive in question?


AAndrew- no , I did't send a link. I'm not too good at figuring how to link stuff to my emails. Maybe someone else could go to Nancygrace.com and send the link. wasn't it yesterday during hour 2 or 3?


I just fired off a new email to Nancy grace Show, telling them how to access the audio link. also correction- to get to her show page you have to google nancy grace and go to it via the cnn site. nancygrace.com is some little old lady.

lotus eater

Can someone point to an online video of Dori's appearance on Nancy Grace?


I was the first one on this blog to say that Dori is an idiot for saying that might be a stuffed or previously dead puppy. So I want to be acknowledged and thanked for that.

Secondly, Dori totally screwed up on Nancy Grace. He was on there to talk about his take on the story. That the family is getting death threats for something their psychotic, puppy-killing son did. Dori didn't stay on message, so he came across as out of place and unnecessary to the show.


First there was one gay with links to militant right-wingers and training in psychology. Now there are two. Hmm, what a co-inkydink. Karl Rove is heavily into what is called psy-ops by Army War College types.

He is trying to put together a team of operatives with expertise on mass psychogenic illness (MPI). Everything is being readied for an attack on Obama supporters. This is a Bryan Suits op thru and thru. As a side project, they are working, through conservative talk radio, on a plot to get spanking reinstated in the schools.


gosh the potty humor is sure funny...on this web site...must be a gay guy that runs this site...


There is alot of blather by faceless ninjas - many of whom take themselves too seriously. What would you have expected on a blog called Blatherwatch ?

So who am I ? Another faceless ninja..


That's right, elisloew, Bl'am's a big fag.

Gay Gary

YAWNERS, gang. :(

I accidentally downloaded hour 3 of TBTL and started listening to that first instead of hour 1 but I was like “WTF?” Tonight was no diff from the old TBTL I knew and disliked (before they got briefly saucy). The first half hour was spent on a discussion of the ups and downs of New York before I shut it off. Once again I had to do a triple-take to make sure I hadn’t downloaded the 1010 WINS Podcast or accidentally accessed Luke’s aircheck again as he told all the local yokels out on the frontier in Seattle “how it is” … “now let me explain this to you, if you haven’t been to NYC here’s what you need to know …”

This is just BAD raio. (… and by “BAD” I mean “not commercially viable”…) It’s back to BSuits for Oculus Bleu and me.

(BTW – did everyone see the news that R&D are doing a live broadcast from N'awlins in a couple weeks? Giving you all 3, R&D!)

Annnny-who, I'll be in a remote location for the next ~ 1.5 weeks where I won’t have internet access so this is going to be my last comment for awhile. BOO!!! :(

Don’t miss me too much, Duff, witz, Joanie, et. al. … I’ll be back before you know it … and certainly before you want it! ;)

- Gary Dies-Irae ("Gay Gary")


gays are easy to spot....you don't even have to see them or listen to them....sometimes you can just read them...all the gays have this same sort of vulgar humor...they think it's suppose to be funny...


All the NYC "in" stuff again tonight from the girlyman and Jen. ugh i too tuned in, but only for a minute or two before i was repulsed by this callow creep reading from some in crowd NYC hipster magazine. Talk about our city for a change. We live in Seattle. Hello? We don't give a crap about New York. We're not impressed that you go there. regularly or not. Ditto with LA. Most of us have been there. done that. BFD.


Damn, GiGi...our ace porn reporter (following Styblehead) leaving just when the soap opera starts to bubble....!

Stop liver linking, Foie Gras (Fo'g)! I can't stop clicking! HAhaha!


"gays are easy to spot....you don't even have to see them or listen to them....sometimes you can just read them...all the gays have this same sort of vulgar humor...they think it's suppose to be funny..."

And it helps for the truly moronic when they put the word "Gay" in their signature.

Way to be, elisloew, a cut below.


Don't know about the rest of you, but I love having a gay conservative with a sense of humor around here. Fuck you, elisloew, you're just no fun. elisloew, hope you get accidentally locked in your closet and miss Project Runway.

Gay Gary

One quick last comment before I get cut-off of my Blatherwatch addiction for a bit ... I just clicked over to mynorthwest.com to download some R&D podcasts and I saw the TBTL page and someone has been spamming their comments section with a lot of different userid's one of which is "garythegay".


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - well it's NOT! Whomever is doing this, please do not link my name to your antics! (The internet is not as anonymous as you'd like to think!)

OK [taking my frumpy pants off] see you all in a few weeks!

- Gary Dies-Irae ["Gay Gary" (C)]


Since Gary has gotten away from feeling the need to justify his gayness, it has been fun reading his stuff. Pretty sure he has figured out that most of us like his postings, even if we don't agree, and really don't care who or how he loves.
Quite a wit on that lil' fruitcake.
(and I mean that as a compliment only). Maybe after smokin' some Bin Laden targets one Wednesday evening, I can buy him and OB a glass of wine in beautiful downtown Auburn.


Well it looks like Sen Obama is winning in Wyoming - yet another caucus State, my previous suggestion might well be the only Fair & Equitable Approach to deciding this whole thing...and I'll STILL put my $money on Mrs Clinton. :)


Hey Duffy
I am at work, so I did not get to read the story, but I see on the FOX News web site that NASA is preparing to launch Hillary into outer space.


Hey chucks...I know how you feel 'bout her but really you got to hand it to her, don't you; I mean she's like the EverReady bunny..keeps...goin...and goin...
If you get a chance to read my link to the 'Carl Jeffers' solution to the Florida/Michigan fiasco please do...it's a fairly decent idea I think.
Workin on Saturday...how's business? With the price of a gallon of gas...I gotta think it might be slow? We're trying everything we can to avoid driving. :)


I would not dare to count out a Clinton. BUT, if she succeeds at this point in beating Obama vis a vi SuperDelagates and bloodying up Barrack will the Dem nomination be worth anything?
Some substantive animus is building up among the Dems. Rifts are developing that may take years to heal.
And the ironic part is they can't blame the Bogey-man (Karl Rove) for the fiasco.
A stuttering economy, an unpopular war, and it is still within the Dem skillset to screw up this election. After all, if you can't win the national election in THIS environment you don't deserve to be Commander in Chief.
Grab some popcorn Chucks, KS, Edmonds Dan, Nevets, et al. This may be too much fun.

BTW, where is NEVETS?


A little rift that we have not even heard on the radio yet is the division between working class blacks and boarder invading illegal hispanic aliens. Inter-city blacks are beginning to figure out whose jobs all them illegals are taking.
Clue. They are not the jobs of the middle class suburban folks.
As the economy tanks, mark my words, this will become an issue.
Maybe the pergressives can promise more stuff and keep 'em down. Maybe they wont believe this time.
Stand back. It is coming.


test, to see if I am still being censored here by B'lam.


Thanks B'lam, I have a feeling it was not entirely your fault but if you know why I was kept from posting here by typepad it would be greatly appreciated so I can avoid doing making the same mistake.

Puts, I haven't been able to post anything from home for the last two weeks. Been keeping up with all the Liberal "Party" talk. Listened to a liitle of Randi yesterday, she was on, bashing Hillary instead of the Repubilcans. Liberals eating their own. It was Hillar-yous.


Thanks KIRO710 management. 7-10 p.m. Sat reruns of TBTL, a show that is absolutely worthless live, mon through fri. why not just sign off for three hours? thanks a lot,management, you apes in suits. Luke Burbank is the kind of guy, who, upon seeing his photo, i instinctively knew I would grow to despise within 6 weeks. Sure enough, I now absolutely despise the fellow.


hey Nevets,
Once Joanie got 'the word' from Randi she switched from Hillary to Obama.

So why would you be banned?


Welcome back, Steven. Hmm, some of your friends seem to have been gone for a while as well...

Aliases? Naw.


Welcome back, Steven. Hmm, some of your friends seem to have been gone for a while as well...

Aliases? Naw.


Find moose and squirrel!


Read Chalmers Johnson yet, putsie?

Or you still working on the Truman/Bush comparison?


Now this is funny. Keith Olberman is so bad that even Glen Beck can make Olby look silly.

Just clip on the link.


I doubt you have the intellectual honesty to listen and comment on the clip Joanie. But you have to sink pretty low when Glen Beck can make you look like an Ass-Clown.

Wonder if ol Danny Abrahms will put this on his 'beat the press' segment?

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