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March 03, 2008



Anonymous people saying things they would never say to a person's face and able to pretend to be someone ( OR many someones) they are not.

I think that someone who commits suicide has many other issues, and mental illness plays a huge part. Would seeing one's name in a blog send someone over the edge? maybe. Will some people on here tone it back a little in case someone here is on the edge?
I won't hold my breath.


Obviously the degree to which a person is effected by a blog has 100% to do with their personality. Sometimes a blog will have everything to do with it and sometimes nothing. Some people's self esteem is unshakable, they have other reasons for killing themselves. The will to live is very strong. Homeless people dig through dumpsters for sustainance, that's harder than getting over the fact that nobody likes you. Anyone who can override that instinct has fundemental wiring problems.


I saw this story online earlier today and I'm glad BW posted it. (Great minds think alike, I guess). This brings us back to BW's impact on the death of Mike Webb. BW, you're lying about you "backing off." As one poster put it on this board or somewhere else, BW was masturbating with glee that he was championing the downfall of Mike Webb. Webb was not in correct frame of mind to deal with all his demons and to have a blog and its owner stalking and trailing him to the courthouse and hounding him for "fun" just added fuel to the fire.

BW, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to go after any of the people at KIRO, smearing their names with untruths, rumour and pure made-up crap. And that goes for all the other on-air personalities.

I've discussed with my collegues if we should confront Michael at Drinking Liberally some night to make him face the music, but as one very good blogger and hard-working P/T talk show host told me, "It's not worth it. So few people read this thing. It's just a blog."

Well, just a blog lead to the death of Mike Webb.

Gay Gary

I hesitate to post any comment at all because I ravenously gobble up this blog with a completely unhealthy obsession and I would be loathe to make any statement that would cause me to become "cut off"!

(1) I think Mike Webb and any "host", per se, are fair-game. There's no doubt they're public figures.

(2) I think Dan Restione was not fair-game as, if I'm not mistaken, he's not a "full public figure" (I don't recall the term - "limited public figure"?) ... he doesn't have a controlling right to privacy within the context of his work at KIRO but I'm not sure his educational background is really contextual to his work at KIRO. It may be contextual to his relationship with his employer but not in the visible side of his work. Just because his voice can be heard on the radio I don't think qualifies him as a "full" public figure as established in Times vs. Sullivan. I suppose it would be different if KIRO were advertising him on billboards etc. "THE NEWS WITH DAN RESTIONE!" and engaged in active promotion of his person but that's not really the case (though certainly it is with Tony Miner). I'm starting to ramble here and am not really sure where I'm going with this ...

(3) [OFF-TOPIC] The KIRO hosts have been engaged in an almost sad and desperate battle to get people to their webpages at mynorthwest.com. Are they getting like a $50 spiff for most visitors? Dori is now posting updates every hour, even at midnight and weekends, and his page shows it as he has huge buckets of comments to all his posts. R&D mention their page in every other sentence and keep screaming at whats-her-name the producer chick to put up YouTube videos, pics from the studio, links to stories, etc. online but few people seem to be going there. Luke Burbank - for being the "young draw" - seems to get zero visitors (based on comments) and posts one lame update a day. I also heard (I don't listen to that "show" anymore) that he's hardly ever on his own show anymore. He's either remotecasting via ISDN from LA or Chicago or Jenn is sitting in.

(4) Speaking of mynorthwest.com ... KIXI.com is still outdrawing them ... as is KICT-FM ... the #2 rock station in Wichita, KS --

Gay Gary

And BTW - I did catch 20 minutes of "TBTL" the other week and there was this kind of weird sexual tension between Luke and Sean ... one-way tension, going from Luke to Sean only. Sean jokingly said that Luke was cute and there was this awkward moment of dead air and you could tell Luke was about to explode with delight. I glanced over at Oculus Bleu and arched my eyebrow knowingly and he nodded and arched his eyebrow knowingly, then our asthmatic Saluki, Big Bo Bop, started wheezing and I had to go grab his medicine so didn't hear the resolution.

Anyway, that's all I'll say about that.


If I recall, Dan Restione's name came up on this blog because he had posted elsewhere that he would vote for a naked, crack-addicted Greg Nickles due to the great 'access' Nickles provided.

If I were a Seattle voter, I would want to know if a reporter with such great access had a history of playing fast & loose.

As it is, I supported the late, great Charlie Chong and moved from Seattle not long after they put Greg Nickels, Mr. transit-advocate-who-can't-decide-which-luxury-mayoral-vehicle-he-likes-best, in charge.


As for the topic of blogs & suicide, I'd say let the CDC study it. Their ads telling us how much we can trust them are all over talk radio.

They've already handled the issue of gun-control and suicide, so just substitute 'blog-control' for 'gun-control' and I'm sure most of the same research will apply.

Then we can send them some more cash, so that they can buy some more ads telling us how much we can trust 'em. Sounds like a plan....

blathering michael

readmymind: Come on down... bring your friends, any and all of those who have suffered the humility of being lied about on BW. You all bitch about stuff like that, but nobody ever comes up with anything. Then you complain and threaten me using a pseudonym. Hell, name the day, and I'll come down to Azteca -- it'd be fun... we could get trashed and you could hit me. And you're right -- nobody reads this... but everybody.

Fat Thom

I think Blatherwatch DID pursue Mike Webb with glee, but I don’t think this website is the cause of his death. He was murdered by someone he considered to be a friend for God’s sake and it had nothing to do with his job or his court case. It’s sad that BW made his last few months even more miserable, but then again, who knew they were going to be his last few months?

As for Dan Restione, I know his name. It comes up on the air and he is an On-Air personality so I would guess he is as fair game as anyone.


Hey Bl'am, Those assholes wouldn't show their faces to you any more than they'd sign their names to their comments. If I thought what they say they think--that you lie about innocent people and caused Mike Webb's death, I would do something about it, not write an anonymous posts on a goddamn blog. They are chickenshit punks.


(We did back off after it was obvious he was suffering some mental setbacks after his conviction).

MH, you did NOT back off.

You didn't back off until his disappearance got weird. I know you had nothing to do with his death but you took great glee in pushing him face first into the ground, EVERY MOMENT you got the chance, while he was alive.

PUHLEEZ MH! Don't EVEN try to be a "colleague" of any current or past broadcaster. You are nowhere near, nor anywhere close, to their league.


Well, just a blog lead to the death of Mike Webb.

Gee, I thought it was an axe...

Restione? He went on Makeover to get a body remodel. I don't think he's too concerned with his public image. Do you?

He'll survive the humiliation.

Still, a thought-provoking piece. I try to intuit whether or not someone can take it. I never gave Mike shit because I thought he was already hurting but did say what I had to say.

Those that I do give a full wagonload to on this blog are such insensitive bastards that I don't think anything I say even leaves a wet mark.

I worry about Putz sometimes...:)


As someone who knows Mike Webb's family, I must stick up for Michael Hood. He did back off after Mike's conviction and gave information from certain correspondence to his blog to police. Hood and Webb had a feud that had gone a long time before, but Michael dialed it back.


There is much more about Mike Webb story which will come out in the Scott White murder trial. Webb was so much more than anyone knew. Its not pretty. When all this becomes public, this blog's role in the case will fade be forgotten.


What's the deal with Scott White? Found guilty? Still awaiting trial eight or nine months later?


They haven't set the trial date yet. There are problems for the prosecution, even with the confession.


Are blogs too mean? Are you kidding me; anyone pick up on the latest U-Tube video of the local marine (apparently from Monroe) and what he apparently did to that little helpless puppy? Seems like ANYthing goes on the internet and blogs are no more and no less responsible than any other medium for what someone might do to themselves or to others. There are 'many' factors involved in why someone goes off the deep end. Heck we may see it happen today when it becomes apparent that Mrs Clinton is the consumate 'come-back kid'. It may cause depression and turmoil to all who have written her off and who thought Sen Obama was a slam-dunk. Let's hope not, as I think it certainly more likely for Mrs Clinton to ask Obama to run with her than the other way around. :)

BTW: just heared on the Dori (girl's name) Monson Show someone who called in purporting to be this marine's sister and she says their family is being threatened and persecuted to no end from this U-Tube video...


Remember, for all the hype and full of themselves bullcrap and premature victory celebrations from Barack supporters like Ray Taliaferro and others, Obama has yet to win a big state besides his home state. You can't beat MCcAIN BEING STRONG IN SMALL TO MIDDLING STATES ONLY. I predict Hillary will win both Texas and Ohio tonight, thus keeping Baracks losing streak intact in every big state contest this year except for the irrelevant Illinois. No one talks about that particular losing streak, only Hillary's losing streak in small and middling states.


Thanks for your support Tommy008; in keeping with topic herein I only hope it doesn't cause any irrational behavior on the part of those who have declared their allegiance to Sen Obama. Some times being wrong on so many things can cause severe depression and I pray that no one herein is faced with that.


Barack and Michelle are strange people. Did you know that their church has goonlike guards stationed on the lobby, with cameras everywhere, preventing any stranger from entering the services until they explain why the Hell they are there? The pastor and church curriculum is all about afrocentrism and blacks being a kind of chosen people. The Pastor admits that Barack's Jewish support will "dry up like a snowball in Hell" once the church'es positions on Israel are made clear by the press. Obama comes off as arrogant and condescending. Strange people. Wolves in sheep's clothing?


I'm very happy that the Marine's family is being harassed. Think of them as setting an example for the common good of humanity. It will give people who would torture helpless animals something to think about, that if anyone finds out it not only reflects poorly on them but everyone associated with them.


I'm realy pulling for Hillary. Barack will be another Bush but on the other side of the spectrum. Not in the divisive bull headed way but in the young, dumb and idealistic way. He's already on record butchering words the same way Bush does.

Last year's Religious Right is this year's Luny Left (Joanie and the like), and it's not simply a reaction to Bush's extremism, it's the simple everyday stupidity of falling in love with a candidate because they're charismatic in one way or another. Too many people say things like "he seems presidential" or "i don't want someone like that being my president." Fucking retards all of you.

marian bogni

who told Kris the trial is delayed because the prosecution has problems? He must know something our family doesn't. Rumors get started by people who guess about things they know nothing of and then open their mouths. I have printed off so many stories I've read over the last several months from the internet and the news about Mike and our family. I couldn't believe they were talking about the same person or the same family. Facts, dates, so many things misspoken. If it wasn't such a sad time for us, it would be laughable to see all the things people say to fill in a blank when they don't know the answer. mb


Oh great. Here we go again with the "BW held Scott White's axe hand" psycho-babble bullshit.

I think Bla'M says it best:
"We say yes and know darn well that some of our "victims" would shoot us if they could..."

WEbb included, in no uncertain terms. Lest we forget why I became the anonymous "Mercifurious" and Bla'M asked for a restraining order:
Mike Webb begs the question: "Can I shoot em?"
(in the courtroom, no less)

"Hood and Webb had a feud that had gone a long time before, but Michael dialed it back."

Yes. And then some.


Michelle Obama is quoted in a lengthy piece on her in The New Yorker as saying "America is a just plain mean country". It's that mean old country that allowed her to achieve a Princeton University education and a $300,000 a year yuppie dream job back in Chicago. What an ungrateful shrew.


haahBarack haha Michelle HAHA Oprah! Methinks the wheels are coming off your bogus little campaign choochoo tonight. bwahahaahahahahaahahahahahaah


I heard that Michelle Obama was already out shopping for draperies for the White House living quarters the other day. Maybe she should consult with Mrs. Howard Dean on her 2004 mesurements taken for White House drapes and possible color schemes.bwaahahahahaahah


Tommy, you really should know more about the people you buy your stash from.


She pays taxes doesn't she? Why shouldn't she take advantage of educational opportunities? That mean she has to be bleating like the sheep who think we can do no wrong?

Tommy, I'd have expected better from you.

If we vote for Obama, I'll be really proud of my country.


Hillary just beat Obama like a rented mule in Ohio. Texas next! All Aboarrd!





Chalk one up for the good guys.


You all should be listening to Malloy. He's got quite a Clinton resume' from which he's reading...


let's see how that racist bum, Taliaferro shlepps off the asswhooping tonight. talaferro you're a lying, shameless hysterical ninny. The racists and America-haters lost tonight.


haah the wheels are coming off-Barack hoped he could wrap up the nomination with a blitzkrieg of victories before the smoke and mirrors effect wore off and the press revoked his softball treatment pass. Monday he held a press confeence where he had to field tough questions for the first time and he ran out after a few minutes, whining about Hillary's campaign being to blame. He once again failed to win a single big state- now he'll have to answer questions abot Rezko, his goofball black racist church, his Pastor, his connection with Farrakhan, Michelles's out of line racist and unpatriotic attitudes, comments and master's thesis etc. Michele and Barack are pioneers of the "new black supremacist aristocracy", posing as warm and fuzzy inclusionists. He almost pulled it off- his Achille's heel was the the big states.


Based on the comments I have read here in the last day or so, Tommy008 is well-versed on how to be a racist.


haha Phil -i expect such comments as yours when I dare expose a couple like Barack and Michelle in the most ridiculously politically city in America. One of the talk shows had a white woman investigative reporter on the other day who had attended services at Barack's scary church. She said the racism was all coming from black to white. His Pastor has blamed "evil white folks" for pushing the Arab terrorists to hijack planes on 911. Farrakhan has received awards from him It does the country no good and it will not unite us, if we replace the racism of old with this new breed of racism championed by Oprah and her young proteges Michelle and Barack Obama.


Farrakhan has received awards from Barack's pastor, not Barack. My comment could be misunderstood as it was written.


Tommy008 one thing I'm not clear on about Sen Obama is the deal with the way he got his house. Do you know if there's any truth to the circulated rumor that appparently $money from a Sadaam Huessein 'bag-man' was involved? That needs to be sorted out and cleared up - certainly. Ah yes, all the 'experts' herein who had Mrs Clinton dead and buried might want to take a deep breath this morning - as this is not over yet. Haha.... :)


I think it will be a disaster in Denver. She pulled out the fear factor in TV ads in TX and did an Atwater. She is only pissing off the delegates and 1968 could play out all over again


Gloat Gloat Gloat.

Now do the math.
Hillary's Math Problem

Go ahead. Help yourself:
Slate's Delegate Math Calculator


Understand and agreed, merci...but just sayin: it's not quite yet a 'settled science'. :)


I've did Clinton sweeping every state from now until Puerto Rico - and by very cushy estimates in her favor. I even gave her UPSETS in Oregon and North Carolina

Still ended up:
Obama - 1812
Clinton - 1788


math/schmath neither candidate can get a majority by convention time now. All Hillary has to do is win Pennsylvania and she will have won every big state in the U.S. except Obama's home state of Illinois. The popular vote will be very close. A lot of Obama's delegates were gained in state caucuses which favor an extremist candidte like Obama. How can Obama go before the superdelegates and really claim he deserves to be the nominee when he can't win a single major state outside of Illinois?


Still have hope in her, merci; however I would not be too disappointed if she were to agree to accept a VP role and a deal for her to run the health care issue.


Tommy008, So you're saying that HRC will lose the popular delegate count (math) but overcome the difference by wooing superdelegates. Great.

New math: complete DNC convention chaos.

She knows this. Her ego test is on the line: Self over Party.


So, for me, the real question is: come be convention time, will either HRC or BO have 2025 delegates banked?
Does anybody believe that one or the other should quit the campaign before that time? Would it be for the sake of party unity? Are all of the HRC supporters willing to sacrifice her for that unity? Are all of the BO supporters willing to sacrifice him for the same?
Is there a chance that we can have another Chicago, 1968 type convention? That was a lot of fun for cops with night sticks, but not much fun for the rest of the nation.
Sorry Bla'm, your blog is not mean enough to get credit for killing anybody. Just the right touch of nastiness and humor.
So carry on.

KFI Bryan

For what it's worth (as long as i'm here today), bWatch is as mean-spirited as the average radio host. No more no less. At least he uses his real name.
For the rest of you, I'd wager you'd all cool your keyboards if bWatch linked to your MySpace page. What are your thoughts Tommy008 ?


Brent Budowski on Randi says the supers are getting pretty pissed at Hillary because she's pulling some very mean tricks. According to him, they're started to think she's going too far and the party won't be able to recover. He's pretty good at analysis and prognostication.

Also, said that she pulled the kind of people to her that may possible if not probably vote for McCain in general. Now that's not good.

And both agreed that Obama has to quit being nice. That is doing him in. I agree. People are looking for a toughness to manifest itself.


any convention that votes for a Dem. nominee while excluding the major states of Florida and Michigan is going to be totally bogus. The usual hysterics are calling up Racist Ray Taliaferro tonight, accusing Hillary of trying to steal away the nomination. Just because the Party made a stupid decision and threw a tantrum against Florida and Michigan some months ago doesn't mean it should stand. redo primaries will have to be scheduled in June for Florida and Michigan. The only reason hypocrite Obama and his supporters would be agaist this is they know they'll lose these states to Hillary, of course, being big states. Barack cannot win a big state. If they were states Barack would win he would be all for the redo primaries. If Barack gets the nomination without having to face the voters judgment in those two states HE will be the candidate who stole the election.

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