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March 02, 2008



I think I'll start my March diet today.


Thanks for jogging memories of growing up in Seattle and eating at the Hong Kong restaurant in Chinatown. And for more special occasions, eating at Ruby Chows.
Makes me feel like an old timer!

Gig Old

Beef Internal Delicacies?

Gay Gary

My post is only remotely topical but I am on the verge of writing the first letter of protest to a station PD in my life.

Before I went to bed last night I turned on Coast to Coast on the AM radio, as I tend to do. Well, at about 4AM I woke up - after Coast was off-air - to the sound of one of KVIs regular weekend infomercials.

This infomercial was for colon cleaning and the discussion they were having on human bowel movements was so obscenely graphic and disgusting that I had to get up, walk across the room and turn off the radio. After that I did not get back to sleep at all.

This infomercial teetered on the edge of every FCC decency rule on the books and I fully intend to write a letter of protest. The green tea ads were fine but I plan on saying no to KVIs midnight medical horror show.


The nice thing about having an internet blog is that you can plug a restaurant on your website in exchange for unlimited free meals.

blathering michael

Point me at that restaurant, please, 'bob... I CAN BE BOUGHT! but so far, not even an appetizer's been offered...


Hey GG, Oculus Blu was seen chatting on Karel's chat room last night..he is quite witty!

Ok Bla'M, I have some questions.
1. What is Hong Kong toast?
2. Are you supposed to ingest hydrochloric acid?
3. Tripe? gawd.

All the good Chinese restaurants up in Vancouver BC have moved out to the Richmond area, but I ate at the On On for a few years and it was wonderful. It was torn down in the 90s and has been replaced by an office tower.

When I lived in Snohomish County, before every school Open House night, my best friend and I used to eat dinner in Everett at The Wall and ordered the Crispy Beef...rolled in chopped fresh garlic. MMmmmm, heavenly, and it limited the number of parents hanging around. hah!


Speaking of old times, I had my graduation dinner (from high school) at my favorite restaurant at that time: The Moon Temple. They served almond fried chicken family style and we ate forever! It was wonderful.

I guess you can tell my palate wasn't ready for authentic...Tai Tung's was just a distant rumor from those in the know.

Later on, I liked the Hong Kong myself. And we frequented the Kau Kau for barbecue pork.

Funny because I had the son in my classroom of one of the recent owners of the Moon Temple but he's since sold it. I went back with friends and it was the same and it wasn't the same.

I wish you'd review a good Japanese restaurant. I love Japanese.


Now I only wish I knew how to catch you on a visit, incognito blog master. :-) Maybe I'll just stick to cooking things in my kitchen.

howie in seattle

Your review exhibits a worldly hipness I did not know you possessed, Blatherman.

howie in seattle

Your review exhibits a worldly hipness I did not know you possessed, Blatherman.



Big time flashback to the Moon Temple; 30+ years ago they had a killer happy hour. Well drinks for $1 or some such craziness. Great spot for single "girls". I had also forgotten Tai Tung, thanks for reminding me.

The beat goes on.


This is great food writing. I hope you will do more of this, even though I'm not usually interested in food writing. Nice break from the usual crap, Mike, which I read, anyway because it is great radio writing, which I am not usually interested in. Love this site.


WELL, you sort of got it right. The 2008 designation is The International District. Contained within the District are currently two official (meaning, City of Seattle Welcome signs) neighborhoods, Chinatown and Little Saigon. Your comment: "Then back in the 1980's, Filipinos, Japanese, Vietnamese and other Southeast Asians swarmed the neighborhood association," seems racist to my ear. Where is your documentation for this "swarming" that happened "in the 1980's?" Also, there are many other ethnicities that live and participate in this wonderful part of our city. Your tone suggets a longing for a Settle past, when all people from "The Orient" were grouped into a "Chinatown." Perhaps, you also have a fondness for those classic terms "negro" and colored." Something for you to check yourself on, perhaps?


blathering michael

Yes, Bill and I yearn for the days when all these so-called people had the proper deference for their White Masters, of which I am one. That's my real agenda and damn you! for exposing my inner racist.
If you've lived around here, you'd know there have been turf wars in this neighborhood between different ethnic groups as they've arrived, and assimilated. Ruby Chow herself fought hard to get Chinatown back into the name a few years ago, which is now The Chinatown/International District.

Wild Bill

ok, so frothing racist you aren't. But, you know, I go to the official City of Seattle site, and reference the Seattle City Clerks atlas and official listing of Seattle's neighborhoods, and "Chinatown" is nowhere to be found? Also, I'm born and raised here, Mister, and proudly work and live in a five mile circle from where I was born, which was Seattle General, which is now a what? Anyway, of course the ID should proudly display its rich "Chinatown" heritage. It's just that some of us, particularly the some of us that live here and actually have Asian blood in their veins (mine is South Korean), just crumple our noses a bit when folks throw around "Chinatown" as a catch all for where Asian people live, WHICH YOU DID NOT. It's just your "well that's the way its always been" bent is irritating to me. BUT, I love the blog, as I'm a KIRO addict. PS, I love Ron & Don and TBLT. So, what's your favorite Korean chow in town, anyway?


Wild Bill

City of Seattle site referenced prior:

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