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February 08, 2008



The KFI AM 640 stream wasn't working this evening so I could not listen to golden boy Bryan Suits and was stuck with TBTL. What is with Luke's obsession with being the "leader" in every metaphor? When rambling on with one of his inane stories this evening he started "We were totally like the 3 stooges, it's like Sean was Larry and I was Moe - wait, is Moe the leader? Oh okay, it was like I was Larry and then ..." Then later on there was another metaphor where he insisted on identifying himself as "the leader". He wasn't doing it in a humorous or tongue-in-cheek way either.

I also can't stand how he constantly feels the need to "explain the big city" to us dumb local yokels up here on the frontier. How many stories start out "When I was living in LA - ok now first I better explain, here's the thing you need to understand about LA ...". Just because Dori may have never left Ballard doesn't mean your entire listening audience is geo-dumb, dude.

That show is 180 minutes of pure conceit and attitude.

And he does a crappy job on the AT&T promos. Even though you are, please try to not sound like you're reading the script. Whatever you have to say about Ron & Don they deliver kick-ass promos. That's why I give R&D all three and why I've also switched my cell service to AT&T - your world, delivered.

This is all aside from the fact that the 3 hour discussions of the latest album from Snow Patrol, what was on dailycandy.com, how good the cupcakes are at Magnolia in the West Village, etc. are just nauseating to begin with (to be fair, only 1 of those 3 topics are things that I've actually heard mentioned, I'm just guessing the other two will materialize fairly soon)

And is Jenn actually live in-studio or has she just made an MP3 of her laugh that Sean cues up whenever Luke tells a "joke"? I kind of get the feeling she died 3 weeks ago and they're waiting to break it to us. Like a Moon Over Parador kind of thing.

TBTL is 1/2 train wreck and 1/2 hee-haw.


Oh, and before I forget, a big congrats to mynorthwest.com for getting even fewer visitors than the KIXI website. Pretty sad when a three-station super-site can't outdo the homepage for a single AM music station. (Do the Spanish-American War vets who listen to KIXI even know what the internet is?)



No need to pimp The Sty's blog here, Bla'M. He must check Blatherwatch about every 10 minutes to see if anyone is talking about him, and pimps it himself.

And Gary, seeing as how you are "17", you are the perfect demographic for that TBTL stuff. You shouldn't be so ungrateful for programming directed right at you!


Several posters have complained that Luke is egotistical, stuck on himself, etc. If you actually listen to the show, Luke is nothing if not self-deprecating. Some wish to criticize for the sake of being critical, for whatever sick, twisted reasons.


Luke IS stuck on himself. It
's cloying and obnoxious. Also, I realize that we live in a bubble of ridiculous, out-of-fashion p.c. feminism, but can't we have a female co-host who doesn't have a voice that sounds like a mannish, ballbusting dominatrix. How about some truly female tones.

Gay Gary

If you spend 3 hours making self-deprecating jokes about yourself you've still just spent 3 hours talking about yourself.


They sure spend alot of time talking about the night before in the bars and their hangovers. I think those girls last night were high schoolers, Michael.


Are Jen & Lukie sleeping together, yet? You just know by the way they interact, they will be before this show is cancelled. If I was hubby, I'd be picking her up after work.

Karl Barks

All talk show hosts are stuck on themselves.


exactly, Gary. All the condescending references by Luke to us Seattle rubes about LA and New York. Erin Hart used to do that. She would "explain" things to us about certain big back east cities as if none of us had ever travelled or lived anywhere else. Luke seems to have to remind us constantly that he really is still a bigtimer, and this local show thing is just a hobby he indulges in between his bigtime life in LA and New York. Pure conceit and attitude. exactly, And narcissism. Actually Dori HAS travelled, nationally and abroad, but with a guy like him, he'll never be anything but a smalltime provincial, despite the travel.


>>>Luke seems to have to remind us constantly that he really is still a bigtimer, and this local show thing is just a hobby he indulges in between his bigtime life in LA and New York. Pure conceit and attitude. >>>

He didn't work out in N.Y.C. Seattle isn't fooled.

blue ridge

I'm giving up on terrestrial radio. I bought a sat receiver for my car which hasn't been installed, yet but will be this weekend. There is nothing to listen to anymorein my long late drive to and from the eastside but crap and right wing. NPR is good for one round of news, then it repeats. Had hopes for TBTL, now it's just a hipper version of R & D. I'm willing to pay, and I have. NO COMMERCIALS!!!!


I still think there's entertainment value in TBTL. Luke Burbank is a talent, he may be into himself but as someone said, aren't all talk show hosts. I will continue to give the show a listen as it is 'easy-listening' with a local flavor and in my book beats the National BS shows that otherwise permeate the airwaves.

Gay Gary

Agreed, agreed, Tommy.

And what's up with this "how fast can I grow a beard / OMG, I totally can't even grow a beard" featurette? This is like warmed-over Conan O'Brien chatter, circa 1995, 2005, 2015. It's like listening to one of those guys who inevitably show up at a party and has memorized some famous comedian's monologue and thinks he's the belle of the ball because he can recite it ... get your own schtick, dude!


I can't believe anyone would call out Luke Burbank on being self referencial when considering that of DORI FUCKING MONSON and his constant reference to his DOG STAR AND THE GIRLS or FRANK SHIERS and his references to HIS DAUGHTER. When it comes shining a spotlight on one's own shit those two are unmathed.

Gay Gary

LOVE Star! LOVE HER! Woof Woof!

What about when she's carousing around underneath the porch? What is she thinking? What is going on in that head of hers?

Don't mind hearing about things I love!

- Star

- Rattlesnakes Girls BBall Team

- Ron's fiancee "the Cowgirl"

- Don's spinning class

- Sean's outfits

- Tony Miner's speedboat


..and as a Friday oddem of sorts, could it be that instead of Gorebull Warming, we may have to be concerned about Global Cooling??



Yes, the Investor's Business Daily is definitely an unbiased source of climatological study.

Lets see, it quotes an astonomer (Mr. Abdusamatov) who has yet to provide any ...nada...data or research on his conclusion that greenhouse gases don't trap heat...Mr Patterson, a Canadian geologist,affiliated with Heartland Institute, the Mobil/Exxon funded thinktank...and the Hoover Inst "expert" Bruce Berkowitz, is a national security/terrorism guru, no background in climate, a political scientist.

Nice job.


...of course, ALWAYS a reason to discount...just provided a link and possibly some food for thought, please feel free to ignore :)


Regarding Luke's LA/NY mentions: we call that "THE EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION" among adults. Anyone who feels threatened probably has serious feelings of inadequacy.

Regarding the person who claimed that Luke and Jen were sleeping...NO! Though I'm not surprised some would think that, due to the beautiful hand-in-glove fit between Luke and Jen that is so rare between co-hosts, and alone is reason enough to give TBTL a listen and a chance.


If a the scientific views of a "national security/terrorism guru" are automatically discounted, what about a "divinity school dropout/former Vice President?"

Gay Gary

Wutitiz - are you Luke and Jenn's love child?

(All in jest!)


No GG, but I think Luke & Jenn might be the love child of Rush Limbaugh and Oprah Winfrey.


"..and as a Friday oddem of sorts, could it be that instead of Gorebull Warming, we may have to be concerned about Global Cooling??

Posted by: Duffman | February 08, 2008 at 01:34 PM"

darn, what in the heck will Joanie do with all those carbon offset credits she has amassed?
You know, those thingies that rich people who fly their own personal jets do to salve their conscience? You know, those rich people that like to lecture others about saving the environment.


Or Puts, this article in the Seattle Times about how much more greenhouse gases are produced to make biofuels. The very same fuel they praise as the way to make the United States less dependant on foriegn oil and the miracle fuel that will save the planet. What a scam they got going.


very good stuff Nevets.


I wanted to get over to Chelan tonight to visit my dad. Damn global warming wont let me get over the pass. If I do get over east bound, no guarantee that I can come west tomorrow.
Do something you guys!!!!! Pay more taxes and drive Prious'. Make your cows quit passing gas.


"Or Puts, this article in the Seattle Times about how much more greenhouse gases are produced to make biofuels. The very same fuel they praise as the way to make the United States less dependant on foriegn oil and the miracle fuel that will save the planet. What a scam they got going."

Biofuels will help an infinitesimal amount in the cost- it will save fossil fuels though. There is a lot of flatulence in the quote above. Nuclear power with the recent technology of recycling spent fuel and disposing a very small amount is the elephant in the room, staring us in the face. The global warming hysterics are in big denial about this. That is the real scam !


I agree with you on nuclear fuel. The French and Japanese rely heavily on this very green fuel source. The problem with other green fuels is the law of unintended consequences. ie we don't have enough space to grow sufficient corn without impacting the cost of foods. corn is such a food staple that diverting it to other uses increases the price and hurts the poor.
If I am not mistaken, McCain gave some unpopular talk in Iowa regarding the use of corn for fuel.

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