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February 18, 2008



'..thunder thighs..' REALLY Chuck referring to Huck-A-Bee that way is a bit over the top. :)




"..some of us progressives really, really want universal health care."

...AND also some of us UN-progessives want it.


Because I do not have full faith and confidence in the federal gummint to get it right. I do not want to be like England, where patients wait in an ambulance in the driveway to the hospital because it will take more than four hours to be seen in the emergency dept. I do not want my kids to be on a waiting list to get treatment for a lifesaving illness that is months long like in Canada.
I sure as hell do not want the same people running the VA Hospitals and medical facilities controlling my medical needs.
And I do not want the same idiots that invest my social security money making the choices as to where to put the investment in my health.
I do not want the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi picking my medical program one year and Newt and some other politician picking next year. spit!
You guys put too much faith in those people.


so, no one in this country has faced the same apocryphal waits and horror stories like the other places you stated? Chucks, all countries ration health care, we do it by how much money you have, others do it by not having a fancy MRE or other technique in every town. I have yet to find a Canadian willing to trade their system for ours


Chucks, it sounds like you have a selective memory regarding big government. The last 3 RINOs you guys have elected have all been massive spenders. You know you love yourself some government spending...Iraq...Defense...7 years of huge earmarks. And we trust government too much? What about the secrecy of the current bunch...trust us we won't do anything bad with the wiretapping. Trust us we didn't lie to you about Iraq. Kind of odd you put it that way, it seems a lot of people on the right have unflinching faith in government.

All of your points in the above post point to libertarianism on one level. Seems to be quite a contradiction.


All kids joanie. All health care should be the responsibility of gumment.

So, the people you talked to want single-payor universal health care. See my post above about that. What's wrong with that? Since that's not what Obama is offering, what's the problem with what they want. Do you Republicans agree on everything? If you do, I guess "sheep" is the correct term for you.

...bum under the viaduct and all their children.

Yes, I am generous enough for that. Is it the fault of the children they were borne to a bum under the viaduct?

BTW, often that "bum under the viaduct" is an Iraqi vet. So much for your support of soldiers.

My wife gets great medical coverage.

So, you are subsidized by your wife.

She has the same choices you have.

So, she is a "gummint" worker like me. She lives off the "gummint." Is she a typical "overpaid" "gummint" worker like me? It is amazing how many so-called conservatives are living off "gummint." Just amazing.

Like you, she gets full medical at minimal cost...

I don't get full medical. Why do you assume I do?

...an obscene amount of paid vacation...

I get no paid vacation. I get sick leave and two personal days to use. I get paid holidays. All other time is unpaid including winter, mid-winter and spring breaks.

...generous pension.

If she has a generous pension, she's been working for gummint for a long time. TERS 2 and TERS 3 is not generous. You need to do your homework.

Like you, she is an educated woman who made a choice to work for less than she could make in the private sector for the recession proof pay check, job security, time off and a kick butte pension that seems a million years away.

You ass-u-me a lot. I remember when there were large lay-offs in "gummint" and I have seen pensions and benefits woefully reduced. You live in a fantasy world, chucks. I haven't seen a raise (some small - very small - COLAs in ten years)

Did not want to talk at the caucus.

Well, you should have. Perhaps the people there would have listened to you and responded in ways that may have better explained their positions. Much like this blog, you guys on the right have a hard time trying to see the other side. It is my way or the highway. Were you afraid of sounding like a neanderthal? If so, I think you might consider some of your beliefs and why you might be embarrassed to actually put them out there.

... thunder thighs, McRino, or Obama.

Thunder Thighs? Now that's a respectful way to label a smart, hard-working ex-Republican who believes in the military and voted for the war and really echos most of the same crap that you do. And you wonder why my respect for you is so very, very low.

At least Obama is an unapologetic lib who does not appear to be corrupt. Can't say the same about Clinton.

No, you can't say nor can you prove that she is corrupt. But, in your fantasy, thunder thighs must be corrupt. What else could she be?

Came to my senses...

In other words, felt embarrassed about my selfish views, couldn't defend my selfish priorities and decided as long as I had a wife to take care of me on the gummint payroll, why should I worry about anybody else.

I find you absolutely disgusting.


Whoa now that was a break down. Nicely said, Joanie.


Oh, don't get fooled, you guys. Chucks believes in "gummint" big time. He married it. He's got his.

I wonder if his wife knows she's his "gummint" connection?

As Randi says, you're part of the "me" crowd. Well, as long as your wife can put up with a sycophant for a spouse, you'll be okay.

As for your stupid talking points regarding European and Canadian health care, they're trash. Neither Canadians, Europeans, nor even industry (as in American car manufacturers) would trade their systems for ours.

What does that tell you?

Just what do you like about America? Besides the fact there are women here who can support men in the style they think they deserve? What have you done to pull yourself up by your bootstraps?

I wonder what you'd do without the little woman?

Finally, what do you think about military men who haven't served in wars having free government health care?


So Chucks went to a dem caucus to vote for McCain?


OK joanie
"bum under a bridge is an Iraq vet"
You have broken down "assume" a number of times. fits here.
Where did I say or suggest that you were overpaid? I do believe that just today, on this thread I posted "you earn yours". Also stated that she, like you works where she does for the benefits, not pay. Both of you could make more money in the private sector.
By the way, she got the job she has now after we married. She had a shitty little job working with me. After we got together, one of us had to quit. She went back to school and got her degree in math (3.97 GPA Not a bad accomplishment with me and three other kids at home. Now she works hard at making sure your gummint pensions are properly funded. You think TERS sucks, some of us out here have to self fund 401k's to have any thing to augment the generous Social Security system we have all come to count on. Snicker snicker.
I call bull shit on your pay. You get merit increases as well as cola's. But you will never get what you deserve.
Additionally, I did not want to talk at a Democrat caucus because I felt like an invader, intruding on somebody else's private property. You must be able to understand that.
Thunder thighs. Yep, better than what I uses to say. I have kept my word to you and not uttered or typed it here or anywhere else. Say what you wish, I do keep my word.
And nope, I have no proof that she is corrupt. But it is like when some little shit weasel walks in to Safeway wearing a mask. I can not prove that he is a danger, but I'm gonna gather my loved ones and anybody around me who will listen and beat feet outta there.
Embarrassed. Give me a break woman. If I were embarrassed by my views, would I be here? This is the real me and my personal opinions. The host has suggested that I may be a little deluded, but what the heck.
(coiler, you have done a much better job of insulting me in the past. So I shall save any response for your quality slams)


So you'd have us believe you actually showed up at a Democratic caucus? Still doesn't seem likely. Please don't go 'duffman' like on us.


Yes coiler
I did go with the intention of putting my vote in for Obama. Believe it or not. I kind of like the guy. When McRino looked like the only option. Well, it looks like he is still my only option, so I voted for him. Would have gone for Paul if he had supported the troops and their mission on the GWOT. Pretty much every thing else is spot on with him.


Also stated that she, like you works where she does for the benefits,

that's the "ass-u-me" chucks because I don't do it for benefits. I actually do it because I love to teach. That may be one of the differences between progressives and conservatives: I think you find so many more progressives in education, social services and the arts because we do what we do for love, generosity and caring rather than money. Our personal gain is humanitarian and personal satisfaction.

you say TERS sucks...
Yes, it does. What do you know about TERS 2 and TERS 3?

You, chucks, said paid vacation, comp time, generous pension not me. Another assumption. I answered it already.

Now she works hard at making sure your gummint pensions are properly funded.

That's interesting. The State's pension system is one of the worst. It has been mismanaged for decades. It was almost bankrupt once. The City still offers the same pension it offered fifty years ago: 30 years and out, 60%, dollar-for-dollar matching and several choices how to take it. So much for your wife's investing. Few people that I know rave about the State's pension plan.

"some of us out here..."

As you so frequently post, it's your choice. This is America. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps if you want more. Isn't that the answer you have for everybody else?

If that's all you can do, I guess you were lucky to find a gummint paycheck to exploit.

And, umm, you count on social security? It is a gummint program, chucks. You sure do rely on that gummint money machine, don't you? Seems like you might appreciate it a bit more...

You can call bullshit on whatever you want. It is another ass-u-mption. Just as much of your blather is.

Tell me, oh wise one, when was my last merit increase?

Weasel? I can tell a weasel when I see one. I can't always tell if the weasel is corrupt. I guess you ass-u-me things about weasels, too. And, for the record, I've never seen HIllary Clinton in a mask...

See how foolish you sound?

Nothing you've said alters one thing in my post. Nothing.

Now, do you think military should get free gummint health care for life if they've not ever served in combat? Simple question. Yes or No.


I do commend your wife for going back to school. I don't see how she did it with a husband who makes minimum wage? Did she go back when tuition was reasonable? The way it was when I got my degrees?

Did she take out loans?

How did you do it on a minimum wage paycheck?


You misunderstood an earlier post obviously. Just because we had a crappy winter in the RV business does not mean I usually make minimum wage. I usually make good bucks.
She went to UPS. No loans, no Pell's. Just hard work on both are parts. We ate plenty of beans and macaronni and Cheerios. I cooked, took care of the house and kids. She studied her ass off. Took 6 years to get the BS because that was all we could pay for.
Guess you can tell that I am proud of her. Her education was the best investment of my life.


NO, chucks, I didn't misunderstand your post. I knew you're paycheck was damn good sometimes. Commissions usually are. I kept bringing it up to get you to fess up. A poor season does not a poor paycheck make. You left that minimum wage flag out there to make a point that wasn't honest.

When I worked for Eastman Kodak, we had a saying: in my next life, I hope to come back as a salesman. I know a furniture salesman with a house on Magnolia and a new Mercedes - he gave his old one to his parents.

Some people have poor seasons year round. If they had a parent or a husband with a salesman's paycheck, maybe they'd go back to school too.

She younger that you? I bet. And you're raising your grandkids. Something in your perfect plan didn't go so well...

Am I wrong?

Now, answer the damn question about military retirees. Should they pay for health care like we do? Or get if off us?


Chuck you seem to have an issue with college loans and grants. Is this because you feel that if you can do it why can't other people? First of all, you clearly stated that you do OK as far as income and you have a two adult household. I think those grants and loans go to many people far worse off than you are and I think you know it.

As a society is benefits us if people are educated. Of course you would love to turn this into a liberals are all about big government debate, but its really about fairness and weighing the good of us all against purely self serving interests. Before you respond, think about how you the taxpayer subsidize many things from large corporations, to the military or to all the massive pork projects in government. You never seem to have a problem with any of this but once a perceived liberal issue like education comes up the answer is always "hell no I don't like the gummint!"

Can you not see the obvious double standard at work?


cowpot, he know's there's pork in government. For all we know, his wife might be part of that pork. I know a lot of overpaid administrators in the bureaucracy of the school district.

But he uses the pork as a reason to hate government. Because there's pork - even if it's his wife - he's fine with penalizing the have nots.

That's how he thinks. :(

You know, chucks, it was the GI bill and all those educated servicemen returning from WW2 that made the middle class and made America the prosperous nation it became.

You have a strange set of priorities which put health and education at the bottom.

You may not know how to respond at this point, but I want to know the answer about the military and lifetime health care for which I pay. So answer.


I'm going one step further with you...I bet that dealership is your own business. That little "family" business you once said.

Who cleans your toilets? If every person could do more, who would be left to do that? There are always people on the bottom. They aren't always there because they are lazy. Even you must know that many, many people on the bottom are working much, much harder than you.

In fact, isn't that why we try to move up? To get out of the intensive-labor jobs? The body wearing, mind-numbing jobs that so many must do to survive.

I keep on you because you think you are a good person and others here think you are a good person. You go to a foreign country to help build a house but you pee on the very people in your own country working harder and harder to make ends meet.

That saddens me, should sadden you, and should especially sadden your wife because we are the caretakers and we know that our children may always have their own or may be at the mercy of their society. Only a woman seems to understand that dichotomy.


Can't help it. I want an answer to my questions chucks.

Then, check out your choice over Obama: "For McCain, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk"

You don't like pork; well, how do you feel about ethics?


hey joanie...I got an email tonight from WEA..the Legislature is proposing a 1% raise. We're rich!

Merit raise? I have been teaching since 1976..i have been at the far bottom right column of the pay scale for years. That is the "top" of the pay scale, just below an administrator, which is why I got my principal's certificate..it was the only way to get a raise. I cannot get ever get a higher salary for what I do now until the Legislature changes the salary schedule. Merit pay won't help me because I don't teach anything tested on the WASL which seems to be the bellweather people want to use to assign "excellence." And I will have to teach until I'm older than God because retirement doesn't seem possible, even with additional investments aside from my TERS 3.

This is why I am so excited about that 1%.


Sparky, people like chucks are so clueless, aren't they?

I made pennies for the first several years and then the State came in gave new teachers a pretty good increase - not great, but definitely better - and I was at the level where after years of working ten-twelve hour days and putting my own money in, it didn't apply to me. I was still not making much.

One year during negotiations, we started wearing buttons that said something 3-7-1 - I can't remember the numbers. But it put numbers to our raises - like seven years, 3% cola and 1% raise or something like that.

Even our last so-called raise required that we put in more hours to show the money was earned. It has to do with what's called TRI money. It used to be that tri money was outside our base pay but it was money that attempted to pay us for all the unpaid hours. The new wrinkle on it had to do with adding it to our base pay - I think - and I don't really know how that benefits us but I'm sure someone does.

But, we can be audited and we have to show that we put in extra hours to earn it.

So, the next question we'll get is why do we do it? Because we are good at it and we like doing it. Doesn't mean we deserve not to be compensated like everyone else.

Why are you in TERS 3? When I got the opportunity to move to TERS 3, I didn't take it. Seattle said TERS 3 was it for every new employee and if you took it, you couldn't move back. Now, they're letting people move back into TERS 2 because TERS 3 isn't working out well for a lot of people.

Why would you take TERS 3? Was it because of the bonus?

I can't stop working because they won't pay me a dime till I have twenty years in which I don't and they won't pay me a dime till I'm 65 which I'm not.

Sure is a great retirement system, isn't it?

I think chucks wife might be in a management category? We all know from experience that administrators always get raises. And those raises keep raising their base pay which means their paychecks get pretty fat by the time they retire. Teachers aren't considered management. They should be.

I took a math class a couple weekends ago - required - 3 hours out of a day off for me. No pay. Go figure.

Funny how chucks disappears when the questions get a little tougher.

chucks, all I want is an answer to my military question. I'd leave you alone if you gave me that - well for awhile. :)


Sparky, I don't think anybody gets merit pay, do they? I don't know anybody who does. Once at the top of the scale, if the scale doesn't move, you get colas (except we don't really) or nothing.

That's how it is with me anyway. That's why Seattle tried to do something with the TRI to help its teachers...was the best they could do.


Until they hit the end of the experience/education scale, teachers get a few more bucks each year for experience, and a few more if they pay for classes out of their pocket, which makes it a wash. I think that is what chucks meant.


Barrack Hussien Obama, no accopmplishments just a sign

joanie for chucks

Well, chucks, I guess you're really thinking I'm the evil twin to your ex now! Sorry I was so intense with you.

I really wanted to understand how you guys think and you told me honestly.

That pell grants and health care for kids could move you back to the conservative side just pushed my all my buttons. I think we progressives think that health care (for everybody) and education are the cornerstones of civilization and democracy.

That's how far apart we are.

Anyway, I'll try to tone it down next time. Still friends - sort of?

I still want to know about tax-paid health care for non-combat retired military.

I'm persistent. :)


For what it's worth, I'm firmly in the Obamagon camp now. Randi read a pretty long list of his accomplishments while a State senator and I was impressed. He did well, took initiative and got things done. I'm not so worried about his youth, naivete, and apparent willingness to compromise.

Also, I heard him speaking to an audience and he emphasized the "taking responsibility" part. I like that. It seemed to me he was communicating the expectation that people need to help themselves instead of expecting government to do it all. I'm for government help but people have to make some effort as well.

Anyway, his message was strong and clear and I'm comfortable with my decision.

Just had to share. :)


joanie: just curious, how can you be up posting at 03:02 a.m. and still manage to be up early and fresh to face those little munchkins each morning? :)


Wow chucks you really took a bunch of heat from ms joanie herein. Don't feel bad tho, cause I think with joanie it usually is because she likes you. You are really probably her favorite next to This Fellow. :)


Schools are on break DuffShill.

Joanie: You made a very astute observation about the ability to compromise. It reminded me of what Shelby Foote said about American politics (paraphrasing) 'Americans like to thing of ourselves as uncompromising, but what really makes us great is our ability to compromise...our whole system is based on it.' Where others would see weakness I guess he saw strength. Of course, that idea is based on government behaving by the rules enumerated in the Constitution.


..if you're going to quote me, please get it right '..think of ourselves..' genius! :)
-S Foote


Since you want to play this game, its not a quote...paraphrasing is different. Duly noted typo, though.

I guess this is revenge for getting taken to the cleaners so often in here. I've made my bed it seems...


Just demonstrating that we can all make mistakes, can't we? Think about it. :)

ps: w/you care to share your thoughts on the NY Times McCain situation - do you think it should be more fully investigated?


Wolf gets it! :)


Duff, since you're clearly too slow to understand what you read (if you do actually attempt to comprehend what is written that is) you'd know what a joke is. You're the one who needs to think about it. Slowly for you: Posting something as a dead playwright telling somebody to 'get my name right' is usually construed as a light joke. Following somebody into a different thread and commenting on a typo a little later and trying to make it about proving a point isn't funny or interesting. It just shows you missed the joke or more likely, you harbor some weird need to try and get back at people for perceived verbal slights. So there you go.

As to the McCain story, its a bit early to tell what exactly happened. To be honest, I'm not as interested in his alleged infidelity as I am his conflict of interest and possible water-boy status for the telecom industry. Recall this lady is a big time telecom lobbyist. Recall that McCain claims he has no ties at all to special interests or lobbyists.

In the grand scheme of things, the right again has an issue on its hands. They got done trashing Clinton for years about infidelity and they are likely going to be asked to vote for an adulterer? It will be interesting to see them explain it away as unimportant, though.


Nice attempt at 'spinning' there cp3...I'm sure it's obvious to all.
I DO agree with you on McCain, tho.


This is not the NY Times or the Wa Post style: there's more there. Not sure what, yet, but there's more. These two papers don't trade in sensation or personal destruction. There


Interesting 'fatty liver', we'll stay tuned. :)


cowpot, I think compromise is important but after the last eight years of Bush, I hope it is not the operative word for the next eight.

We have waaaay too much to do.

We need a thoroughly blue Congress to do it, however.


Joanie, yeah I totally agree. My comment was meant to be sardonic toward the Bush enablers.

As to the blue congress, you may get your wish. Have you seen the literal rush to the exits on the red side of the aisle in the last few months? A good number of Republican incumbents are retiring or considering other avenues.


Ain't it grand!


Good morning joanie
As far as veteran medical care, I am of the opinion that if we promised it to them as an enlistment enticement or when drafted, we gotta live up to it. If it were up to me, it would be lifetime for combat wounded or other related disorders. Not for some kid that got drafted when he was 18 and spent two years at Ft Carson, CO.
No, I am not the dealer, I am a lil' ol' peon employee. I have a manager title but nobody works for me.


So, a guy works in the military for 30 years - or is it twenty?, out with full pension, and gets tax-paid health care for the rest of his life? Why him?

Just wondering.


Joanie, you have a bad memory dontcha. Didn't I tell you awhile ago that I pay the whole premium for my health care through Tricare. The government doesn't pay it. It's not free.

As for health care for life, it's a myth, for after you reach 65 you automatically go to medicare like everyone else, but you still have access to the use of military facilities for prescriptions, medical screenings and test like eye exams, mamograms and such.

As for veterans in general, those who have not retired, I believe they need to have a service related medical issue to be seen and treated by the VA, not a military clinic. Totally different pot of money.

If you want to know, you get 40% of your base pay after 20 years with 2.5 percent increases for every year thereafter. I believe that is the new formula. I myself, got 50 percent of my base pay after I retired.


Come on joanie
It was not my idea to give them free health care. That was something created years ago. I think during WW2. Like we do with you though, we stiff them on pay while they serve and make it up with benefits. Of coarse every new congress has to improve on benny's to increase their chance for re-election. It is BS.
I know that my dad is eligible for free for his stint in WW2, but only goes to the VA for stuff related to his gun shot wounds.


Come on joanie
It was not my idea to give them free health care.

Why so defensive? I only asked a question. You are free to say yes or no. Do you agree with it?

As for stinting them on pay? Hardly. My brother was a non-commissioned officer stationed at Vandenberg (years ago, my dad's first family and quite a bit older than me) and got a beautiful home on base, free heatlth care and he was hardly stinted on pay. He died rather young so never got to pension.

And I'm tired of your claim that I get so many benefits. I think you're an old guy who envies without facts. "Poor me." That's your motto. Even though you do very, very well, you're still part of the "poor me" crowd. The "angry, poor me, white man" crowd.

And then you blame it all on Congress people needing to get reelected?

Bunch of fluff, chucks. Like much of your thinking, it is based on...I don't know what.


As you all know by now, I'm very much a Mrs Clinton fan and cheer-leader. I've always maintained that she should optimize her campaign by utilizing her husband. If she happens to lose this to Obamamania I think that my thought in that regard may have been wrong. While I'm still very optimistic in her winning both Texas and Ohio and the support of the majority of super delegates I am somewhat concerned at her support staff as reflected in this linked NYT article. I only hope that if in fact she loses, she doesn't feel what this article seems to portray: a mistake in utilizing Bill as a +plus. Because if Mrs Clinton agreed with that conclusion I fear she may well agree to part ways with him for good and That Would Be Sad


"My brother was a non-commissioned officer stationed at Vandenberg (years ago, my dad's first family and quite a bit older than me) and got a beautiful home on base, free heatlth care and he was hardly stinted on pay. He died rather young so never got to pension."

joanie, if you are trying to make the case that the military have a life of riley then you need to ask why is it that for the past few decades junior military families regularly qualify for food stamps. I spent ten years as an enlisted man and can tell you that either your memory is viewed through rose tinted glasses in regards to housing and pay OR your brother served in a different military then most of us veterans are familiar with.
PS: kudos to your brother for his service.


Why you thanking my brother for his service? He never served in any war. He worked on some missile system - can't remember which one. Actually, he was in Guam but I think after the war. I was awfully young. He enlisted and then got out but went back and made it his career.

However, did you know that there are teachers on food stamps as well? I know one.

As for rose-tinted glasses, you offer no facts or details which is why I never take anything you say seriously.

Ten year enlisted in what? I don't believe you.

And I'm talking about commissioned officers who do get good pensions and health care.

As for my brother, don't tell me where he served. I was there and you weren't.

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    pacific nw talk stations

    • KIRO 710ESPN Seattle 710 KHz
      Games and sports-blabber
    • KIROFM 97.3
      Multi-format: news and nearly all local talk. This is where classic KIRO AM news talk radio went... hopefully, not to die. The home of Dave Ross & Luke Burbank, Dori Monson, Ron & Don, Frank Shiers, Bill Radke, Linda Thomas, Tony Miner and George Noory.
    • KUOW FM 94.9
      Seattle's foremost public radio news and talk.
    • KVI am 570 KHz
      Visit the burnt-out husk of one of the seminal right-wing talkers in all the land. Here's where once trilled the reactionary tones of Rush Limbaugh, John Carlson, Kirby Wilbur, Mike Siegel, Peter Weissbach, Floyd Brown, Dinky Donkey, and Bryan Suits. Now it's Top 40 hits from the '60's & '70's aimed at that diminishing crowd who still remembers them and can still hear.
    • KTTH am 770 KHz
      Right wing home of local, and a whole bunch of syndicated righties such as Glennn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Lars Larsony, and for an hour a day: live & local David Boze.
    • KPTK am 1090 KHz
      Syndicated liberal talk. Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, Norman Goldman fill in the large hole to the left on Northwest radio dial.
    • KLFE AM 1590 kHz
      Syndicated right-wing 2nd stringers like Mark Levin, Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Dennis Miller and Hugh Hewitt inhabit this timid-voiced neighbor honker for your radio enjoyment (unless you're behind something large like Costco).
    • KOMOAM
      News, traffic, Ken Schram and John Carlson.
    • Washington State Radio Stations
      Comprehensive list of every danged AM & FM station on the dial.
    • KKOL am 1300 KHz
      Once a rabid right-wing talker, except for Lou Dobbs, it's all business....