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February 13, 2008



Dan Restione is but one man, his vote counts for as little as anyone else's vote, and he could vote for whoever he wants. Some people probably vote based on which candidate has whiter skin. Who cares? Ultimately they reward politicians who make themselves available to the public. Is that bad?


To me he's saying he votes for people who make. What's the problem? It's not as if he said the station would give the mayor a special endorsement beyond any he may get from that blog entry itself. The sad thing is that this shows their ability to be honest in their blogs is severely limited. I wasn't interested before and I'm definately not now. The management probably wants their blogs to read like the PD's Q&A. You could have a random phrase generator do that for you.


*To me he's saying he votes for people who make themselves available to the public*


I don't listen to Glen Beck, so I don't know wheter he is a racist. But if he is guilty of 'race-baiting' based on his 'Juan McCain' utterance, does the reference to 'friend with benefits' or the vulgar comment by BART constitute 'gay-baiting?'

Just wondering.


Authentic Andrew, you're not really very authentic. Why don't you go back to being what you really are...just 'Andrew'. :)


I dont know if Glenn Beck is a racist or just an idiot, or both. I do know that when he interviewed Rep. Keith Ellisen from MN in 2006, he demanded that the Congressman "prove" he was not working with the enemy.


I did not hear that either, but if he asked the congressman to prove a negative, he is either an idiot, or disingenuous, or both.


I'm tired of the name DT. I'm going to change it. Not sure to what. Maybe Kwai Chang Caine. Maybe Master Po. Somebody called me Dori's Bitch. I kinda like that.


It was in November of 2006, right after Rep. Ellisen, who is a muslim, was elected.


DT, this is so fortuitous. I have always admired your posts. As you may know legendary Loch Ness Monster hunter Robert Rines is retiring. He has concluded that the nessie is dead. In his expert opinion Nessie is dead of global warming.

I therefore would humbly suggest that you take the handle of 'Nessie' in honor and remembrance of this day.


Would you like to be called "scat loin", instead?

Colt Brockwood

I thought Nessie was killed by Japanese scientists when they placed explosive detonators at the bottom of Lake Loch Ness to blow Nessie out of the water. At least that's what Napoleon Dynamite said.

Do you like this name?




No doubt about it Blogging can sometimes be hazardous to your health and welfare.


I see Andrew's stopped trolling at Addictionary.com. That's all for the good.

DT's looking for a new name. I've got several I've called him. And in the interest of accurate labeling, he can have any of them.

But to the point:

No, what's upsetting about the Restione article is his bubble-world perspective that "I've got access, so he's a good politician to have in office." Forget that he's a Mayor with Tunnel vision who wants to turn every empty sidewalk into high-rise condo's--"green" high-rise condo's, no doubt--and STILL wants to jack up the taxes--anybody own a rental out there?--as long as Mayor Muck-It-Up answers his phone, he's a good guy.

Which is how Karl Rove kept the National News-Herd in the corral all these years. What's the body count today, News-Conglomerates?

Does Dan think he's getting the story because he has access? No. He's getting the "spin." He's getting the morphine drip that the politicians want to give him, and they only up it a notch when they're in trouble. REAL reporters take that access and see what's on the other side of the white paper, read between the lines and look for the counter-argument. THAT's the complete story. Not talking press-releases. Real reporters have dirt under their finger-nails, not phone-cramp. They talk to the disaffected underlings, not the Big Dog.

Dan needs another make-over. Pronto.

Beryl B.

Wonder who else in Seattle media thatNickels or Sims, or Gregoire or Patty Murray think they have in their pockets. Bet there's a bunch. Thank god for blogs.


Good points JustinAtheropinion. You've hit the nail on the head, Restione is not a "real reporter." There aren't any real reporers there, just people who read the newspapers for those who don't have a subscription, or can't read online in their cars. They're irrelevant.


Is it just me or has the stress of the long impending and now clear and undisputed collapse of corporately-owned commercial terrestrial radio this year finally gotten to the INSIDE of these radio labryniths...

This mental meltdown will only accelerate with each cutback and layoff. You have to remember, these people are human too and the pent-up anger and stress with this business releases itself in well...unusual means. Remember, the commercial radio industry is one of the most cutthroat, heartless and unsympathetic businesses there is. And all forms of disagreement, no matter how minor are almost ALWAYS greeted with retaliation from upper management. Which is no way to run a successful venture in anything really. And if upper management refuses to listen, someone will.

Dan Restione's blog is an example of this. I think reading between his lines, he's being sarcastic. That shows painfully on radio industry boards like Radio-Info of which my husband writes to a lot (aka Bongwater on that site.) I generally stay out of it (and for the record, I don't always agree with what he posts there.) But sometimes I feel when compelled with actual stories like these, that I have to respond from a different angle.

If you are unable to communicate with unresponsive management and live with a constant threat above your heads, your stress and anger has to find a release somehow. There is a HUMAN element in life. I believe this applies to those who work in the radio industry as well.

Like I said. Radio is an industry that cuts throats, stabs backs and laughs when you are down. So do you expect the people on the lower levels of this totem pole to feel any form of sympathy when those at the top get chopped?

His words at worst were a MINOR embarassment to KIRO. Who beyond those who read this blog are going to remember them? And even if they did, his blog does have a lot of truth to it. Radio does schmooze too much with publicity hogs. Not saying Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is one of them but if he would wake up at 3:30 in the morning to actually (to say nothing of cheerfully) give his endorsement of Barack Obama or something like that, even if they are known to be awake at that hour (beyond civil emergencies) is idiotic. And if they would sink that low, then maybe KIRO themselves are publicity hogs. He may be the Mayor of Seattle, but the man has a life too and he is a human being. Save the mediocre questions for 9:00 AM. There's more important things in the world to worry about until then.

That is all I have to say.


Christ, is their a more arrogant, contemptuous full of herself woman alive on the planet than Dr. Laura. Who can listen to this bitch? Why do I think of a pointy black hat, a hideous, longbeaked, greenish face, cackling, evil laughter and "I'll get you my pretty-and your little dog, too1" whenever I hear this harridan on the radio.


'harridan'--I love it, T. Can I use that? That's EXACTOMUNDO how I feel when posting here somtimes.

You're dead on about Witch doc Laura. You should repost this on a newer thread.


Anybody notice Restione hasn't blogged in days? And if Simpson's Valentines are as interesting as it gets "Inside the KIRO Newsroom" yaaawwwwn!

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