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February 08, 2008





Tami is a force of nature. Rather have her for me than against me.


Violette, can you be more specific? Your remarks seem libelous.

Ann Wog

I can't believe what I just read.

Tami Michaels is amazing. She's a great designer, creative host and genuinely good person. It's pretty crappy for someone to anonymously trash her here. And to accuse her of cashing in on her experience on 9/11 is what I call shameful.


Thanks for the post, Ann, good point. The 9/11 accusation is a pretty horrific one, and should not even be made without solid evidence presented.


Here, here, to everything here that's kind to Tami. I never miss her show, and cannot figure out why this has to be controversial. Great hearing from Little Annie, too. Wish you and Allan were still in town and on KIRO!


Not a fan of Tami's show at all. It just is not my thing.
To insinuate that she cashed in on the 9-11 video is ludicrous. According to prosecutors statements, a chief reason for using her video and testimony in the Moussaoui trial was because she did not sell or otherwise profit from the tapes.
What she and her husband witnessed that day was horrid. She handled it with class and dignity.


I've never posted here before but can't let the crap being tossed around about Tammi to go unchallenged. I don't know who the asshat is that spoke with such "authority" about Tammi and her husband cashing in on their 9-11 tape, but nothing could be further from the truth. They turned down a host of offers for the tape and have not sought one penny for their story or their tape. The other allegations about her are just a ludicrous. On a personal note, I've known Tammi for more than just a few years. She's a great person who has always been willing to help friends (and no, I've never asked for or received such help) and charities with her connections in the design community. She's a good person with a big heart. I wish her well over at KTTH.


Yeh Schrambo
Now there are two things we agree on. The other has to do with smoking at Mariners games.


Don't be a stranger, Ken. You take some licks on this site, it'd be fun if you'd weigh-in more often.


Tammi pees in her soup.


Go Home. 'k, we will let our teen-aged kids bus the tables.
Come back when you are legal. 'k.
Get urself a green card.



Senior Producer

So, what Violette? She shouldn't mention she watched people (sorry for being really graphic) jump from the World Trade Center and splat like a tomato? Tell me how, exactly, she "cashed in?"

I think she'd be the first to acknowledge that 9/11 seriously affected every fiber of her being.

Does she talk about it a lot? Yeah.

How would you deal? Pretend it didn't happen? PTSD is a very serious matter, and Tami is working through it harder than I've ever seen someone work.

Now, I suspect you have nothing to back up your claims of her "cashing in."

So you don't like her. Grow up.


I think the defamatory post should be deleted. There's no proof to back up the claims.


Authentic Andrew, et al.
I have to agree with you. Whenever I heard her speak about it the tone/manner was appropriate. This isn't someone who is trying to get their name out there based on this or riding the 911 coattail.


Folks, Violette is 100% right, I am sad to say. Ms. Michaels profited from their video tape by pimping it every single TV news outlet in the world. She appeared on so many TV and cable programs talking about her "experience" and often painted herself as the "victim." It's one thing to video tape people jumping to their death, but did she have to market it to everyone who would pay for it? She constantly pimped herself on Northwest Afternoon and other local news programs and it just got to be too much, IMO. She really capitalized on the whole thing in any way possible. Sorry, PS, but she really did ride the 9/11 coattails as much as she could, I am sorry to say. She tried to keep her 15 minutes of fame going as long as possible. Absolutely sickening.

BTW, her show is NOT a "home improvement" show...it's a DECORATING show. That is what she professes to do for a living.

I'm glad Violette actually brought up this point because it reaffirms everything I was thinking back in those days when I worked with her.


Is their proof she was paid? Spreading the message about what happened that day is a very good thing. Yes, they are victims, and yes they sustained injuries. I can second that Tami is a charitable person, she does more than most people I know.

And interior decorating is a form of home improvement, slovenly Violette.


The moral of this story is that anything & everything turns into a political controversy, even a cooking or home improvement show.


The reason why 'Violette' cannot point to a specific example of Tami Michaels profiting or 'cashing in' on her 9/11 tape and experience is that it doesn't exist. I know for a fact that she received several offers of +6 figures for the tape and she turned all of them down in order to protect the innocent victims on the tape. Put up or shut up 'Violette'. An interesting question is why would someone want to anonymously and libelously attack someone who is simply moving to another radio station. Hmmm...sounds like someone who has lost something in Tami's decision to change stations. Someone with a lack of integrity/honesty, a cowardess and insecure nature, and an inability to let go and wish someone well that has moved on. I am a friend of Tami's and know that she did not market the tape or her experience to anyone, and she certainly did not receive a penny from anyone for telling her story. Why someone would attack someone who gave of herself and received no profit in return for it is beyond me?

Thanks Tami for protecting the 9/11 tape as you did, for all your years of outstanding broadcasting at KVI, and best wishes for continued success at Bonneville.

Tami Michaels

Wow, why did a little "decorating show" cause so much controversy? I only know that I possess a tape that is much bigger than me. I have tried to protect it because of the horrific deaths that are captured on my video. To be blunt you can see them distinctly holding onto the burning building and jumping or letting go. How I have decided what to do with the tape came from a Rabbi who states "do unto others..." I would not want my anguish of burning to death, or the disintegration of my body shown, or sold for profit. I would want anyone who witnessed my murder to seek justice for the tragic loss of life. I never have, nor will I ever sell it. I have never been paid for an interview. I have cooperated with authorities to seek justice, and I continue to do so. The tape and I may go to Gitmo. Have I profited by gaining notoriety as a 9/11 survivor? Violette thinks so. Do more people know me as a result? Yes. I don't wake up and say how can I talk about 9/11. It is a positive reference point in my life now. Violette is missing the point. I have an entertaining show that multiple stations place a value on. I have been on the air for fifteen years and many listeners and advertisers place a value on it. I believe that would be the case without 9/11. I want to be an example of how to pick yourself up and win. I hope that everyone knows that I am out to face my fears. I do not care what Violette thinks. I believe that I represent something that the terrorists and Violette wish to shatter HOPE! I do my best; sometimes publically. I do not want anyone to ever forget 9/11! Violette you inspire me to never give up. Just because you don’t get it; the people that I respect in broadcasting, and that I have the privilege to call friends do.


Excellent Tami...you are undoubtedly one classy individual!


who are all these "-lette" people on the site today?

Should we play along? i could be Sparkylette, and we could have coilerette, joanielette, Fremontalette, Putslette, chuckslette, wutitizlette, stevenlette, Bla'Malette, andrewlette, duffalette, lukobelette, Billalette, LeeAnnalette...I would say cowpotpie3alette and mercifuriousalette, but I might hurt myself.

Trolls...what can you say....


I have never met Tami. The first time I ever heard of Tami was right after our nation was attacked. Her reporting from the scene what she witnessed added hugely to my grief, as well as my resolve to do all that I can to assist the defeat of the terrorist. She has reminded me on many occasions of what really happened that day. For that, I say thank you Tami.
Tami, you do not need to respond to the idiots who have tried to defame you here. We have your back. Even the uber libs here know that old Violette is full of crap and is just bitter about something else. Only she knows what her real problem is. It just does not matter to most of us. It is clear that you care about something much bigger than self.

Bad Attitude Brent

Ok, heres my real comment before my computer crashed. I worked side-by-side for many years with Tami doing her radio show and it was the greatest times of my life. I never heard a bad thing come out of her mouth. So all you haters stop. If Tami and Dan had a spot available, I would drop everything in an instant and run, not walk to KTTH. Congrats on the move and heres looking to many years of continued success


tami sounds like she has rudi juliani disease. As far as I know there is no cure.


Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote came to my mind when I read Violette's opinion.
" People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character."
Tami is a true professional who's goal in life is to help others through her warm heart and wisdom. KTTH is fortunate to have her and her 20 years of positive high ratings from the market. You need to get a life Violette.


'III,' "disease" or antibodies???

Kevin LeRoy

I guess the bigger question is what is going on at KVI? They really seem to be making some very poor decisions as of late.


Elliot, that is a great, great aphorism from Ralph Waldo E. Thanks.

Chef Dan

As I’m somewhat involved in this, I feel compelled to respond to these comments… Having known them for some time now, Tami and her husband did profit from their experiences on 9/11, but not in a way that Violette and some of the others will, or can, ever comprehend.

There are some people in this world big enough to place a value on more than just money, but “values”, of which Violette seems to have none. Their lives have been enriched from their experience, but not rich because of it. Because of their experiences that day, they have a more grounded and loving relationship, give more to their community and country, care more about others, reach out to help more, and most importantly, understand “quality of life” in its truest form. I am honored to be a business partner with Tami and Guy, but more importantly, to call them my friends.

My toque is off to those that responded and posted with real names, and to those that didn’t, go back to hide under the little rock of your screen name, let life pass you by, until you feel compelled to try and reach out again, only to try and scratch the legs of those that pass you by on this journey of life that some of us are proud to be on….

Michele E.

Friends for life Tami and I, and I've known her before her radio show and let me tell you they didn't profit a darn cent off of any interview's, show's, etc... and were asked to be on so many National shows and chose not to. She is still asked by National shows to be on and she doesn't do it. Yes, she does do it locally
because she is our local Tami Michaels! The fact that she chose to be a witness with her name out there for the Moussaoui trial was not about publicity it was about being a great American. This is a risk even I would hesitate in taking for safety reasons. She figured her son put his life on the line serving his country in Iraq for two tours than she can be a witness to what she saw. Has she written a book? NO! She had a very popular and successful show before 9/11 for TEN years!! She gives and gives to Charities, takes in dogs that were to be put to sleep with medical problems and MC's Charity Auctions for absolutely NO charge which many commentators do charge. I know they do because I have done a lot of auctions. Who do you think listeners want to hear from on the anniversary of 9/11 so we never forget? Me, the housewife who saw it on T.V! It's about remembering and never forgetting not her living 15 minutes of fame. Tami is no Diva, and that is why she has such a diverse audience. And by the way she barely talked about the people jumping out of the windows. Why don't you mention all the issues she talks about with the Firefighters that are having health problems after the search and rescue. She talks a lot more about that.


Tami's detractors have been fully discredited. Thank you for the many many essays, mission accomplished.


Tami, congratulations on your move to KTTH. Love your show.
You go girl!

breathless in seattle

Tami is hot, sexy, blonde. those are the only reasons I listen to her show.


Shame on you Violette, you must have never listened to Tami. She turned down a lot of money for that tape on 9/11. I think we were very privileged to have had her share her traumatic experience with us. I am happy to have learned where her and Dan had gone too. Now I can switch over to KTTH. Kvi's web site still lists Tami and Dan's show on their schedule for some reason.

jack archer

Blah Blah Blah....

Kevin D (Covington)

Yes, she sucks! Yes, she is joke around town. Yes, everybody laughs at her. Yes, yes, yes, so?

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