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February 21, 2008



Did they just tell him to shut up and get in line? And nice to see that they only seem to have issue with the media when it harms them politically...any negative media reports about the character of their opponents is embraced.

These mouthpieces are disgusting and flat out acting anti-American.


Never share your bed with a snake, my dad told me that.


...unless, of course a snake is what you're looking for :)


do you have an inane comment on every goddam thing, duffman?


No 'dub-dub' (Hehe), sometimes I have 'silly' one's ...got a problem with 'blathering'...feeling inadequate...try bedding down with a snake


Ok I am confused.

Are they saying he can no longer be the nominee because of this scandal, or are they saying the media is picking on him, so leave him alone.

I would say this is a classic example of wanting to have it both ways...


Right on, Sparky. These R's are so dazed, confused and spiteful of each other, it might not matter if the D's rip themselves apart.


"high toad ewe sow"

That's great Bla'M, may I borrow it when Mrs Clinton wins. :)


It looks like Mc Cain is toast, the GOP did him in again LOL. But whats even funnier is who his campaign is blaming, the 'liberal' NYT for running the story, (They endorsed him on Jan 25 as the republican of choice) In reality, most people want Mc Cain to run against either Hillary or Obama, so Mc Cain has to take another bullet for the Grand old Potty.


This kind of accusation didn't stop Clinton from being elected in '92. The idea that this is the end of McCain, or that this overrides people's opinion of him as a leader is hilarious.


Mc Cain doesn't have the same people to rely on as Clinton, in fact most of the neo cons making up the GOP want to see him gone, so I say this is blood in the water. This is not bedroom politics as it is his links to lobbying and his past with the Keating 5.


"..in fact most of the neo cons making up the GOP want to see him gone.."

This is the kind of irrational over confident thinking that could get us in trouble...oh No, it was 'coiler' again...who forgot to flush.


Which most of us can see you don't care about 'your' candidate duffs, it's all about you. Like the kid in class who has resorted to eating his own boogers for attention, ya know?


MY candidate will crush Big Mac when the time comes..no need for NYT inferred scandals. ..speaking of snakes...Hehe Ah, you're too funny.



The story was well known and vetted before the Times ran it. I believe you Duffs when you show such interest in your candidate like you did the baby milk being poured down the 'drain'.


I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out why this McCain thing is a story. Nobody is claiming he banged the lobbyist broad. Nobody is claiming he accepted a bribe from the lobbyist broad. So what exactly is the controversy?


coiler says "Mc Cain doesn't have the same people to rely on as Clinton, in fact most of the neo cons making up the GOP want to see him gone, so I say this is blood in the water. This is not bedroom politics as it is his links to lobbying and his past with the Keating 5. "

Are you saying they want Huckabee to rebound? Not only is that impossible, but if he were nominated he'd most certainly lose the general election. You logic sounds pretty silly doesn't it?

Those conservatives who said they'd vote for a Dem before voting for McCain are no different than Dems who were supposedly going to move to Canada if Bush won a second term. They are few and far between. Cons are not going to vote for a baby killer en masse.

That would be cool if Huckabee was the nominee though, he'd win maybe three states. That would be lols all around.


Andrew, don't be silly, where did I say Huckabee in any of this? It's strictly a page out of the GOP play book and it's anyones guess which hand they will play.

Catlin Capital

People quickly forget the mass mainstream appeal of John McCain. Remember the Straight Talk Express in 2000! McCain is far more appealing to the average Joe than the wack-job Clinton or inexperienced Obama. Watch for McCain to win 38 to 12.


I seem to recall the Straight Talk Express being derailed by a chimp.

One thing that scares me about McCain; suppose he's a two termer, he'd be dead shortly after he leaves office (if not while in office) and not have to stick around to see the legacy of any mistake he might make - add that to the fact that he's a hawk. That's pretty scary.

Catlin Capital

That chimp was also responsible for:

1. Allowing 911 to occur on his watch

2. Invading a sovereign country

3. Creating the largest budget deficit ever

4. Suspending habeus corpus

dot, dot, dot


Right wing radio defends Grandpa Munster, who cares?

What I do care about is Melissa Line on Dave Ross today. I mean, that broad was just dripping with thinly veiled bitterness and hatred towards Obama. Why didn't Ross just title Line's appearance as the "I love Hillary" segment?


Aboob, are you really pretending that this is no issue? Look this is pretty simple, the conservative talking heads would have you believe this is a "smear" that is just about sex. It is not.

This has to do with McCain being a total hypocrite and a liar when he sits in front of people on the Double Talk Express and says "I am the only candidate that special interest doesn't give any money to." For example:

McCain takes $1.2 Million from telecom utilities, more than any other Senator

Iseman represented Paxson Communications and after making a $36,000 donation to McCain's campaign, he switched sides on a Senate bill to help the company. All told, Iseman's clients donated $85,000 to his campaign.

The point of all of this is due to his improper relationship with a lobbyist representing a special interest group, McCain changed his position to bail out that special interest group. He did this while claiming out of the other side of his mouth that he doesn't take money from lobbyists or special interest groups. Whether he "had sexual relations with that woman" is beside the point.

Catlin Capital

How many people on this blog would sit in a SE Asian prison for 7 years simply because they stand for the values of America.

I bet most on this blog backpacked through Europe with a Canadian flag sewn to their backs.


Nobody is discounting McCain's service to his country.

this is about his ethics and behavior after he got back from the war. Is a hero still a hero if he cannot carry that toward an ethical life after the war?


I bet John McCain rarely mentions his time in nam the way some would like him to, as a bully pulpit. Questioning ones patriotism is the last vestige of a scoundrel, ya know?


All congressmen meat with lobbyists. That doesn't mean they're all sleeping with eachother. I'm hard pressed to see what the big deal is, and this doesn't affect McCain's electability among those who agree with his politics. This whole this is a colosal waste of time.


Correction: that wimp-ass geezer was a hostage for only 5 yrs. in Vietnam, not 7, the punk. Thanks for your service, asshole.


I think it's funny how everyone discounts Clinton and McCain. I still think Clinton will be the nominee. And I think McCain will win it all. All of you overestimate the intelligence of the American public. The same morons who voted for Bush are still out there.


That was wrong of me to call people who voted for Bush morons. I meant the people who voted for Bush will probably vote for McCain.


Clinton said the caucuses favoring Obama was due to the fact that they're attended by the party radicals, and I concur, but if that's the case then why is a process used to choose a candidate that doesn't reflect the will of the general population? Dem's enthusiasm for Obama seems purely emotional. I think Hillary is the reasonable choice.


Right-wing media is gloating over the McCain thing cuz it proves 'em right about him.

And he will be taken to the cleaners for this because that is what all news thrives on: soap opera and scandal.

They'll eat meat regardless of which candidate offers it.

And I don't trust McCain any further than I can throw him. I wonder what his wife thinks? I wonder if she remembers how he threw away another wife for her?

He's the most two-faced, ego-centric panderer I've ever seen. This straight-talk express is headed for a massive collision.


Just when you thought Cap had integrity...


McCain isn't going to win anyway. No matter how weak the Dem candidate might seem liberals will vote for them, while I highly doubt conservatives are going to climb out of their recliners to vote for a godless heathen. I'm surprised McCain has made it as far as he has, he's doesn't seem to inspire hope and exceitement in people, he's like the bla moderate ultra compromise candidate.

Cons had some shitty choices this time around, the cross dresser, the mormon, the libertarian, the moderate softy, the paper tiger, the unlikable lazy actor, etc.


Repeat of Jon Elliot and Zogby is saying that John McCain is "authentic" and people like that.


Did you read on Pollsters.com that Zogby was rated least reliable of all pollsters in Iowa?


I hate it when AA repeats shows. Esp. Rachel Maddow. She is the most topical in her presentation trying for an authentic news flash sound. But when the news is a day or a week old, doesn't sound so good. AA should do something about that.

Catlin Capital

McCain= experience+American Hero

Clinton= polarizing

Obama= dangerously unqualified

It's a dangerous and complicated world out there folks.

You don't let that 7th grader back in row 30 fly the 747 now do ya!


Well I hope you all had a chance to see Mrs Clinton in action at last nite's Austin, Tx debate. 'Change that can be Xeroxed' had to be the best line ever. I think folks can now readily see how much more ready she is to assume the role of our POTUS after literally 'wiping the floor' with Obama. She needed a 'knockout' and I believe she got it. She needs BOTH Texas and Ohio and the one I was really worried about was Texas. Last night she proved that she has captured the imagination of Democratic Texans and that they now see thru Obama's smoke-screen of flash and dash. As long as she gets these two states (Ohio & Texas), then I believe the Party's super delegates (who, as I've said are largely beholding to her) will put her over the top.
People, read my lips: Democrats will win in a virtual landslide come November...PERIOD! THAT is not over-confidence, it's just plain reality. Can't you all feel America's pent-up need for change? [and not Xerox change...Hehe] It WILL HAPPEN, fear not, and with or without any purported 'scandal' about McCain by the NYT. [I personally think the NYT could have really damaged their reputation with this...unless they have A LOT more of this story in reserve...and possibly cell-phone pics or the like]. Again, hope you all got to see Mrs Clinton at the top of her game last night...SHE WAS TERRIFIC!!! :)


Somebody please tell Hillary we are living in the year 2008. Who in da hell still uses the outdated term...Xerox?


Duffman you're incorrect about quite a few things. First of all the Xerox comment was not great and went over like the proverbial fart in a phone booth, only you thought it was great. It was cheesy and got booed.

Knock out? You were obviously listening to the post debate talking heads, that argument was quoted directly from Gloria Borger's mouth...she also stated (along with the rest of the panel) that there was no real knockout of any kind. Indeed the debate showed Obama take a more positive track. The debate was mostly congenial...please point to a specific "knockout." The only thing she accomplished is connecting a bit better with regular people...and she waited until the bitter end to do it. The debate was basically a wash and I really doubt minds got made up based on it.

Also, you really don't believe she has some kind of lead in Ohio or Texas do you? They're dead heats. Recall how most of the states Obama won had her up huge just weeks before the primary? There is a lesson there if you care to learn it.

As to the NYT, finally the shill comes out. I doubt this is going to hurt their reputation any more than say...allowing a shill like Judith Miller to print lies and shepherd the country to war?


cp3, thank you for your analysis of my analysis. I'm 'comfortable' letting the good Democratic voters of Texas decide if my analysis was correct. Are you? :)


Duffman you appear to miss the point yet again. I corrected a few of your misleading and incorrect statements.

You cast the Xerox comment as the best ever and that she somehow wiped the floor with Obama. That just wasn't the case. Recall what happened after she made that comment? The guy turned it to his favor. When he talked about not tearing each other down and lifting the country. Virtually everyone (except you of course) thought that was an awkward comment that just didn't work. A far cry from your framing.

As to your comments about the 'lead' Clinton has...well those are obviously incorrect as I pointed out.

Lastly, please explain to me how correcting you on pretty obvious biases and errors somehow means that I don't want people in Ohio and Texas to decide. I was specifically taking you to task on your vapid analysis, which has nothing to do with who votes for which candidate in either state. If you don't like being corrected by me, try doing a little more research or making a supportable argument next time.


It's not just us, CPP3:

PI: "Drew boos from a Democratic debate audience when she ridiculed him as the candidate of "change you can Xerox."

OpEd News: Xerox Line a Cheap Shot

BBC: Her line - "Change you can Xerox" - sounded cheap.

Cheap shot. Boos.
A cheap Tyson ear bite, but no knock out. And everyone knows (sans one)


'You cast the Xerox comment as the best ever and that she somehow wiped the floor with Obama. That just wasn't the case. Recall what happened after she made that comment?'

In 'my opinion' it was. I realize that 'some in-house' Obama supporters 'booed' in that regard, but I believe the 'Xerox' comment will 'indelibly' leave an image on voters that portends of disingeniousness on the part of Obama. Please remember this was not just about this in-house college crowd, the thrust was far greater.

'As to your comments about the 'lead' Clinton has...well those are obviously incorrect as I pointed out.'

Not according to a poll I read: "An ABC News-Washington Post poll released on Thursday, Feb. 21, has Hillary Clinton's lead over Barack Obama at 7 points. Clinton is at 50 percent, Obama at 43 percent. Clinton holds a 16-percentage point lead over Obama among Ohio Democrats from union households, who comprise one in four of the party's likely voters."

Finally in regard to your comment about my 'vapid analysis'...I will admit to a bias in regard to Mrs Clinton (I like her) but my total comment reflected that if indeed the 'receiver' read it without their own preconceived bias. And as far as if I care about 'being corrected' by you I will offer this: SYHMCWSWGAS !!! :)

Checkmate! Game over.


merci, it's interesting that you apparently always feel that cp3 needs your support. That it over-powers your previous vow/promise and preaching to posters to 'ignore', as cp3 (himself) so often over-says 'it's telling'. Hehe :)


Sometimes the PI can actually rise above the Fish Wrap that it normally is. Bravo! [NYT?: Like I said...unless they have other significant data and/or cell-phone pics, etc., et. al]


If John McCain married Vicki Iseman; she would be an Iseman Trophy wife.


...and then the NYT could say (accurately) 'High Toad Ewe Sew'..haha; good one abob


This is troubling…


You don't understand human nature, duff. Everybody wants to be a winner. What happened to independent thinking anyway?

But, I have to say that the supers should not be there anyway so it's probably a mandate for them to follow the ostensible desire of most Americans.


Duff you made a statement as a shill purporting to be a Clinton supporter. Most of the 'people here' who support Obama would also support Clinton were she to win.

And to back up your argument you posted more inaccurate information. Jeez you just never learn do you? You can't just post one poll (which was about Ohio only) and expect people to buy it. Here are multiple polls for you. They all show a statistical dead heat in Texas where you avoided sourcing anything likely because you found that I was correct.

NBC Local Poll

Detail of multiple polling outlets.

Ohio looks to be about 7% lead for Clinton. Kind of scary when you consider how she's lost larger leads in primaries with a week to go. Not quite the situation you are trying to spin, but hey reality is a tough thing for Duffman.

Ohio Polling

Checkmate indeed. Why don't you try actually reading things not from the John Birch Society and figure out a few things for yourself? Oh that's right, you claim to need to find out what a candidate feels about an issue before you make up your own mind first. Sadly, none of this will really have an impact on your and we will likely be treated to another inane posting that doesn't debate the issue while you parachute out of the thread.

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