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February 05, 2008



With her impressive victory in California, Hillary has removed all doubt about who is the boss in the Democratic party. Hillary will be the Presidential nominee and Obama would make a fine choice for her running mate.


Oprah,Ted Kennedy,Caroline Kennedy couldn't help Obama in California. or Massachusetts


Hey abob, as I'm sure you know, the delegates are awarded proportionally. The delegate count is still close.

I wouldn't say Hilliary is the boss of the Democratic party, I'd say she's who the party bosses want as the nominee.


I'm lovin it!! :)


"I wouldn't say Hilliary is the boss of the Democratic party, I'd say she's who the party bosses want as the nominee."

That is correct sir! :) [Except for the spelling, of course...]

Ted Smith

Sour grapes, Obama fans. After two weeks of uncritical media coverage, this is the best that he can do. Sooner or later, someone somewhere is going to start asking him what he stands for, and "I want to be President" just won't hack it.

Barack Obama is a whiny stuffed suit who is not qualified to be President.

Baba Booey

Tell that to the folks in Idaho and North Dakota.


Drudge is reporting that although Thunder Thighs got more votes than Obama, Obama got more delegates. Maybe she should go to the Supreme Court and get it over turned.
Shades of 2000.


There you go chucks, hitting back with the sexist physical characteristics. How does your wife look these days? Can't wait until Barack becomes a "nappy-headed ho'." You conservatives are bankrupt.

Randi's boy

Chucks: what do you look like, you old fuck? Why does the criticism by the right always get down to the physical when they're losing? Michael's picture at the top of this is the next president of the United States. That's thrilling.


pleaseopleaseopleaseoplease let Mike's picture be of the whole ticket


How many left-wingers have made careers making jokes about Rush Limbaugh's weight issues. I'm sure Randi's boy and Sarge were outraged(not). Gimme a break..


Oh, give me a break all of you sensitive progressive types. This is Hillary we are talking about.
Can any of you explain to me how she "loaned" her campaign $5 million. She has been a US Senator for going on what, six years. She was a lawyer at Rose for how long? She tried three property cases in her entire career.
Her personal account is reported to have over $40 million. WTF? Where did that money come from?
That is the woman you want leading this nation.
At least there is no hint of corruption with Obama or McCain.
There is a little hint with her.


I have not known anyone making a 'career' out of Rush jokes. It would take a lame-ass like Dennis Miller to do that consistently, but short-lived.

Al Franken wrote a book tilted "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Fuckin' Lying Poofter" but he had class and moved on to Bill O'Reilly by confronting him on CSpan and his next book, "Lying liars and the case of the Loofah". Franken is now a senate candidate, has hung up the mic and book writing for now.

It wouldn't be fair to paint Al as one who made book off of two right wingers with perverse sexual addictions.


Chucks, she's addressed all that. She made the $40 mil. working part time out of her home. She learned the secrets by reading the WSJ in her spare time.


Would that be her current home in NY, or her last house on Pennsylvania Ave? Was it one of those really cool sounding make money at home things that I get in my email. Stuffing envelopes I'll bet. I gotta try that.


They can spew outrage over 'thunderthighs' as long as they can point to their posts of outrage over 'big pants' (which BTW, doesn't bother me).

Otherwise, they're scum-sucking hypocrites.


Exactly, Chucks. I'm almost sure there was some envelope-stuffing involved.


Wonder what the interest rate she is charging herself. Duffman, you better break out the checkbook, she is going to need you and your friends to help her pay off the interest if this a variable rate loan.


Duff, what is Hillary doing for the tornado victims of last night. Did she go back to DC to get some reilef package going or is she staying on the election trail so she wont lose ground to Obama.


Soapbox time:

The first few posters here seem to think Obama is finished as a serious candidate as a result of Tuesday's numbers. That's nonsense; the race is still quite close.

Also, what's with the "whiny stuffed shirt" crack? Do you take the view that anyone in the Democratic Party who dares stand between Her Sacred Majesty and the White House is by definition illegitimate? Should everyone in the party have just dutifully rolled over and cleared the way for Hillary the moment she announced her candidacy?

You Hillary fanatics carry on about how "experience" trumps all other factors, when it's so obvious you don't really believe your own spin. Let's be frank: A two-term senator is hardly more experienced at anything than a one-term senator, and eight years as a president's wife means ridiculously little.

"Experience" in and of itself is vastly overrated. Dick Cheney has tons of experience, after all, and Abe Lincoln had practically none to speak of in 1860. (And Bill Clinton was certainly not the most qualified of the Democratic candidates in 1992 if judged merely on "experience".) I'm not even sure what people mean when they invoke that word half the time. There are after all lots of different types of experience, many of which translate as well to the Oval Office as any of the standard measures you people seem to want to employ.

Why don't you be honest and admit you simply support Hillary's worldview and agenda for America and stop pretending that these other factors cause you such concern.

Would you have caustically dismissed JFK's pursuit of the White House in 1960 as a silly vanity candidacy by some empty-suited neophyte if, say, Eleanor Roosevelt had been twenty years younger and had run against him? (Actually, I suspect you probably would have. I might have voted for her myself - but I wouldn't have felt it necessary to trash Kennedy in the process.)

"Experience" as an ultra-cynical string-puller in a dirty political machine is profoundly overrated as a presidential qualifier. An increasing number of honest American voters are rejecting the whole sick mentality of machine politics, of the sort the Clintons and Bushes of this world so joyfully wallow around in, and are looking for something else - something a little cleaner and nobler. That's why Barack Obama's candidacy is neither dead nor in any particular trouble.

It's also why alot of independent-minded (and relatively nonideological) voters like myself, who are disgusted with machine politics and the phony populists they spawn, find a guy like Obama - or at least the potential we see in him to help change this monumentally fucked-up monstrosity called the American political system - so compelling.

I submit that a Barack Obama candidacy, and a Ron Paul candidacy, and a Dennis Kucinich candidacy, are not only extremely healthy but are vital to the health of the American body politic. To wish for them to go away because they dare to run against your precious little establishment pet (or Rush Limbaugh's precious little establishment pet, or Bill O'Reilly's precious little establishment pet) is not progressive, it is REACTIONARY with a capital R.


Good points, loozer. Nobody had more experience than Rummy, Navy vet who was the youngest ever SECDEF under Ford, and the oldest ever under W.

It doubtless was a factor in his penchant to micromanage, which was a big part of his downfall.


Chucks, it's folks like you that make me jones for Dean Logan. You see if he was back here in the great State of Washington I could vote for ol' Thunder Thighs twice!


Nice box o' soap, Loo...would that be Gold Dust?


Well BB
You can move to Los Angeles. I see that Logan is running their elections with the same quality That we experienced here.
But hey really, nothing has changed here. I know that I will vote in both Pierce and King County this November. It is really cool. Just like voting for America Idol.


Okay, so I'm not the most sophisticated observer of the modern political scene. Please pardon my occasional lapses into Pollyanna territory here. (Or is it Mary Poppins territory?) I just get so sick of the coldblooded business-as-usual mindset that prevails in American politics these days (of which Hillary Clinton is in my opinion the closest the Democratic Party has to a poster child). I'm one of those simple-minded fools who likes the idea of "change" and is willing to take a chance on a guy who seems as fed up with the sick status quo as I am.

Simply put, Hillary Clinton represents the past to me, and Barack Obama represents the future. Plus he's a self-made guy, so far as I can tell, whereas she is the ultimate coattails rider, and I have always had a major problem with coattails riders. (Which is one of the 8,342 reasons I have no use for the current occupant of the White House.)


Either way, we need to flush out the GOP on this one.


Well Loozer..you'd better get used to it or get out of the way, because Mrs Clinton WILL be our next POTUS..PERIOD!!! It would be nice if Obama were invited and accepted a VP spot, but if not, his 15 minutes of fame will diminish and he can go back to resume building. I don't know why this is so hard for many to comprehend...I've told you this many moons ago. Remember how Mrs Clinton turned $10K quickly into $100K way back when...well she'll do the same with the $5-Mil that she's apparently loaned her campaign. And lest we forget what Mr & Mrs Clinton received for their books. As hard as it is for some of you to believe she is doing this for her passion for this country and what she feels she can do to enhance the lives of every American. These folks (Mr & Mrs Clinton) truly love this country in the broadest sense and only want the best for it; we should truly be thankful for citizens who choose to give their life's energy in that way. And to knock her physical characteristics like the Rush's/Haniddy's/Levin's of the world is about as childish and foolish as it gets; there's simply no need for that. I would ask that you all seriously consider your vote for our next POTUS...Mrs Clinton.


...and on the home front Snoqualmie Pass continues to deal with Gorebull Warming :)


Hillary's team is now working without pay...isn't this what happened to Guiliani?


A very temporary situation, let me assure you. [True dedication is it not?]

coiler and crew

Very temporary, as in dominatrix.


You are blinded by your desire for free gummint health care. The Clinton's are power hungry and motivated by greed. Nothing more and nothing less.
I am as conservative as they come and am leaning towards Obama for the same reason others have suggested here. We need change in this country. Admittedly, Obama will promote taxing the crap out of all of us in the top 30% or so income level, but his is not yet corrupted. We still have hope for reason.
Hillary and most of the rest of them from the last millinium need to be launched. Time for new blood.


Romney's apparently out! :)


Idaho Democrats turn out in record numbers to pick Obama

BOISE, Idaho Idaho Democrats turned out in record numbers Tuesday night to deliver an overwhelming caucus victory for Barack Obama, rewarding the first-term senator from Illinois for his visit to the state last Saturday.

Obama trounced Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, winning in 43 of Idaho's 44 counties. He won 80 percent of the vote, to just 16 percent for Clinton. In only five counties across the state did Clinton win more than 40 percent.

Idaho, with 18 delegates at stake in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, was a state that Obama's campaign targeted last fall, then sought to lock down with his standing-room-only campaign rally last weekend in Boise.

"The visit cinched it. He bothered to pay respect to Idaho, to meet with the people of Idaho," said Chani Wiggins, an Obama spokeswoman in Boise. "We got more than 80 percent support for Obama. That's huge."

Under party rules, delegates will be awarded proportionally based on total vote in each of the state's two congressional districts.

Obama's victory came as the party set new marks for caucus turnout, with more than 21,000 people voting statewide. That's compared to 4,920 in 2004.

In Ada County, some would-be voters weren't even able to squeeze into the 6,800-seat Qwest Arena in downtown Boise.

In Idaho, no less.


Idaho, while a beautiful state with beautiful people is a non-event within the complexities of political strategy for Presidential elections. :)


Yes, the one of the most white states in the nation voting for a black candidate. North Dakota too. My guess is Hillary should of spent some of her 5 million there.


Thank you for that; I will forward on to the DNC for their re-consideration. :)


Chux: Your spelling has improved greatly...your politics have not..alas!

Duf: My major opposition to Sen. (not Mrs.) Clinton's victory is having to read your interminable "I-told-youj-so"s! Gag!


"I-told-youj" your spelling has not! :)
If that is your 'major opposition', don't worry (go ahead and vote for her) it'll be so apparent I will need say nothing.


I have to side with Duffman and say that Mrs. Clinton stands for more than Barack Obama. It's just that alot of what she stands for is not good.

When will we find out what exactly the "great orator" stands for ?

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