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February 16, 2008



McCain campaign slogan: No Country For Old Men


Love her wattle. Turn you on, A-boob? At first I thought it was her neck...

a storsie admirer

It is neither a wattle or a neck..look again, it is her chin.

storsie, my hero, you wrote a good comment on SoundPolitics about Sharkansky not allowing comments to his posts. maybe he is out harrassing waitresses again and doesn't have time too replie.


Thank you so much, storsie admirer, I'm palpitating right now, but I won't let this goto my head.

I don't like going on SP. It's like being in the belly of the beast. But Stoosjoodjuret is not afraid to plumb the depths....

Gay Gary


Oculus Bleu and I just got home from Man-Ray and OB found this email waiting for him in his YouTube account:

I was wondering where you found those Obama fainting videos? I'm a producer for CBS News and I was wondering if the raw video is available and if you can tell me who owns it and who shot it.

Find it yourself, CBS News! Oculus Bleu isn't your tape-bitch! He's my tape-bitch!

(Crack News Research: the join date on the account that sent the message was yesterday; thanks to OBs rather pricey access to the Cision computer we were able to search the CBS Evening News rolodex and identify a producer for the CBS Evening News based in LA with the first name Melissa and last name S---- [full last name blocked for privacy])

Anyway, Oculus Bleu created a brand new - short - Barack video and posted it online:



I've never read Sharkansky's blog, but I just went back and read that waitress story. Good for him for standing up for himself after that woman attacked him and his child in print.


And as we continue the war against Gorebull Warming you find this interesting. :)

sweet moses, shut the fuck up duffman

vacuous, unsourced, off-subject bullshit, ad nauseum


I love that jpg. Duffman could be used to sponsor headache or sleeping pills.


Duffman, you got grandkids? Don't you think it prudent to err on the side of safety? What can preparing for obvious changes in climate hurt?

The guy's a chemist.

A gentleman should not also be an imbecile.


it makes us wonder who Duffman is really pulling for?


I've wondered that, too. But, I think he really, really likes women.

Or else, he's really, really sick.


Duffman could either be the most utterly incompetent poster on this blog or a total shill. The jury is out on that one. However, I submit to you, yet again, the inability of said Duffer to vet any of the sources he manages to dig up to support his predetermined ideology:

Arthur Robinson: Certified loon

Some choice parts:

-Robinson is also a signatory to A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism, a petition produced by the Discovery Institute that expresses skepticism about the ability of natural selection to account for the complexity of life, and encouraging careful examination of the evidence for "Darwinian theory."

- Oh Look! Dr. Robinson is also a homeschooling advocate who says "Teach your children to teach themselves and to acquire superior knowledge as did many of America's most outstanding citizens in the days before socialism in education."

Apparently the good Dr. is a bit off his rocker...I mean I wonder how he can even talk about global warming while he is denying Darwin and arguing that the Earth is 6,600 years old.

Duff just give it up.


CCP3: And Look at the source itself

"The New American"

"It is published by American Opinion Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of The John Birch Society.

John Birch. Well-vetted indeed.
Looks like he's moved on from his other WingNutDaily source - "Marketing of Evil"... Anything new on the "UN Tax" front?


rolf-- Did you know American Opinion had a bookstore in Centralia up till 25 some odd years ago, financed partially by Al Hamilton and the Agnew boys?


Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...sure do ignore well.
[merci's dilemma: 'wish I could quit you'] And cpp3, we're still wondering 'bout you. :)


Hillary would wonder why someone is posting John Birch propaganda--or maybe not.


Wait wait wait. THE Al Hamilton from Centralia!???

Super-Duper research!


Well...about as timely as Thompson's withdrawal. Hehe :)


Duff is wondering? Keep trying to ignore people who are pointing out the logical and factual etherealness of your ideology. It just shows that you don't really have the truth in mind and are quite the follower: whatever your right wing global warming leaders say you will believe.

So yet again, you have no rebuttal other than to ignore fact and proffer ideology over reason. I think you would fit in quite well in the 14th century.


Why don't you try to make yourself useful; focus on work and/or help your wife around the house, instead of spending your time hurling insults at me and others. You simply demean yourself. :)


it all sounds like a page from the Rove playbook. We have seen it with the spilled army milk before.


Don't bother CPP3. Big tough soldier Private Acidophilus is in full-retreat mode (as per usual)

He's like a squirming tadpole in a puddle.

Of course, he might answer our inquiries about is pseudo-science source. But don't count on it.


So....bottom line: can't you ignore!!! Hehe...too funny :)


Duff, are you innately this bad at debate or have you taken a class on it? See if you can understand this: You made an imbecilic post that used garbage as a source for your argument. You got called a shill or really naive/dumb for it. This is a blog comment section, either fight back by posting something to defend your position or admit you don't know what you're talking about.

Pretty simple.


I think it was Private Similac but Acidophilus is a good one too. Major Ricketts was the Commander. I think I'll dig that one up again.


Haha...cowpatty (& little munchkin followers) you're too funny.


Still unable to defend your position? Time to just quit faking and come out of the shill-closet. To be honest its a bit weird that you've bothered to create such a nuanced online persona...pathological even.


Squirm Squirm Wiggle Wiggle.

CPP3, Coiler, Sparks: He must make a tough decision:

You made an imbecilic post that used garbage as a source for your argument. You got called a shill or really naive/dumb for it. This is a blog comment section, either fight back by posting something to defend your position or admit you don't know what you're talking about.

Remember: He's a big tough soldier who's used to making big tough decisions. He should do just fine. Or not.


now see, if I was a merci-type I would regurgitate his prior posts wherein he advised his minions to 'ignore duffman' and he'll go away. Can we say hypocrite to the max. Or regurgitate his defamatory postings over on SP trying to discredit me.
Now, as you've been advised many times, try to stay on topic.

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