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February 07, 2008



It is interesting that it's mostly liberals that frame the Romney campaign as a Mormon thing. Conservatives overwhelmingly didn't care.

Liberals sadly have grown accustomed to dividing up Americans on the basis of race, creed, etc.


Well crap, all we have left is the Dope from Hope and the liberal John McCain. McCain is no less a lib than Obama. Obama just admits it. The rest of my energy goes to defeating the corrupted crook from New York via Arkansas.
Think that I will leave work early, go to the nearest lounge and drink liberally.



Trust me, you're wrong. True: Some liberals might (properly and rationally) believe that use of the Urim and Thummim is "nuts". But we've always tolerated "nuts". If KIRO wants to use the Urim and Thummim as a guide for programing decisions - Chuthulu bless them & keep them.

But having grown up in a conservative baptist household, I know all-too-well about the LDS/Christian Great Divide.
I invite you to come visit the ol' family church sometime: an entire library wall of anti-LDS apologetics literature. Do you know of ANY liberal with this kind of a anti-mormon hang-up?

Note: Liberals may have (properly and rationally) been framing Romney as a "mormon thing". But the strategy was clear: rub Dobson & co's noses in their own absolutist doctrinal rubbish. You can't say that you didn't see that coming.


Chucks, are you asking for permission or forgiveness?


Have to agree with the merci on that. BTW, did you all know that apparently Thompson dropped out? :)

coiler and crew

have to agree with Merci on this one, Huckabee scored no points with his Mormon bashing and McCain' mom got into that too with the blaming the Mormons for the 2002 Olympics scandal. Both not liberals, ya know?


Neither C
Just trying to decide between Jose Cuervo or Canadian Club.
First time in my life that the only choice is left and really left.
crap, shit, damn, fudge, etc.

blathering michael

This is not the liberals' issue, wutitz. Merciful is right, evangelicals are quite open and aggressive about denouncing mormonism as an evil cult. It doesn't surprise me that Romney failed the way he did. (Besides the strong Romney Ick Factor, of course). Fundamentalist Christians wouldn't say it in public, but if you press them, as I did to certain family members, they'd say, 'I agree with their values, I could never vote for a Mormon...' and in the end they didn't -- even when it meant letting the hated John McCain take the nomination.
Republicans are so screwed this year... and they have no one to blame but GW Bush, the Herbert Hoover of this century..

coiler and crew

Romney may get to keep all of his delegates for the convention.

Thom Hartmann is broadcasting from the CPAC conference,The American Conservative Union is the nation's oldest and largest grassroots conservative lobbying organization from Washington DC.

He said they were all hoping for Hillary to be the front runner with "$3 Hillary bills" and the like. It looks like they have underestimated Obama.

Thom Hartmann Program Progressive

Straw Poll - Feb 1 2008

Obama 48

Clinton 8

Edwards 5

McCain 1

Ron Paul 1


I got an email from someone a few years back, who mistakenly thought I cared, that announced that the Southern Baptist church was making it their mission to "save" all Mormons from burning eternally in hell. They are quite sure that Mormons are not Christians and are doomed.

I worked with an in-law relative of Donny Osmond..she had 11 kids!! Her religion never came up, she never pushed people to join her church, and she was a hoot to be around. I worried less about having a Mormon for President than a raving lunatic like Huckabee who wants to change the Constitution to be theological.


Harry Reid is MORMON and LIBERAL and a leader of the Democratic party. Conservatives undermined Romney in the south and went for the less viable Huckabee, who doesn't have a prayer, while conservatives more to the west were tolerant of Romney, which is exactly what one would expect to have happened.

Non-religious liberals don't have nearly as much of a problem with people of faith as much conservatives of faith do for people of other faiths. Athiests see all religion as one big joke, no one religion more or less funny than the next, but people who are religious are so motivated to begin with and have much more interest in the religious standing of others.


To answer your caption question, Bla'm, I am hoping they decide to sit this one out. I still think if Hillary is the Dem candidate, Cons will hold their nose and vote for McCain.

chucks, how can McCain, who is against Choice for Women, wants to be in Iraq for a hundred years and is very much in favor of school vouchers be considered even remotely liberal??

Also, I googled the Romulan, and a paper called the National Post is claiming that he has "nobley stepped aside for McCain" and that he will now "be McCain's running mate for VP."

This may not be over yet.


"Ann Cooter"....heh..


You touched on it Bla'M, and Dave Ross just added to it on his show. One pleasant upside of this is that right-wing talk show hosts have proven themselves to be a 'non-event' for ever more in this run for the Presidency. BUH-by Rush! :)

blathering michael

Doubt seriously Rush and the conservative wing of the GOP are going anywhere. I gotta admit, Romney's religion makes no difference to me... Mormons are fine people, he'd at least probably be cash register honest... remember Howard Hughes would only hire them for his inner circle because he believed they'd be the least likely to steal from him. Although they're pretty conservative, they've meddled less in politics than the evangelicals.
Sparky, though I'm tilting toward H, I'm still really conflicted about H vs B. I'm caucusing on Sat., so I'll have to get off the pot here soon. I'll blog whichever...


Romney is a brilliant businessman and he outsmarted us all. Romney qualifies for Federal Matching Funds. Every penny contributed to his campaign is reimbursed by the govt. Romney has the legal right to pocket the tax free govt largess and laugh all the way to the bank.


"Doubt seriously Rush and the conservative wing of the GOP are going anywhere.."

Agreed, but my point was their effectiveness likely is.


And don't think I didn't see this all coming - immediately after 2004:
Meet the Stress, Nov. 04 2004: "Victory with Strings"

Thank you, Dobson inc. for not learning from history:
James Dobson: ' I Cannot, and Will Not, Vote for McCain'


I'm realy excited about what an outright rebuking this is of the far right; they aren't just under represented in this election, they've had their goddam keys taken away, they have no say in anything at all. Liberals will pick the next president and conservatives won't even have a say in what happens. All the options available to us are win win for liberals, lose lose for the far right. I am elated that blame for the catastrophe we find ourselves in is placed squarely on them for having empowered Bush and Rove.

This is a rejection of the "president I could have a beer with" (has anyone had a beer with Bush yet? No?) and the notion that religious guidance will somehow steer an entire country in a good direction.


So Sparky
Is what you are suggesting is that there are no Democrats that are opposed to killing babies or against surrender to terrorists? I do not believe that is true.
Not all D's support abortion just like not all D's are opposed to imposing the death penalty on people who really deserve it. The votes in the House and Senate show that not all D's are ready to give up on Iraq or the rest of the war on Terror.


And it get's one-better:
James Dobson: 'I'm Between a Rock and a Hard Place'

I would have titled it "Fucked by my own Dogma", but FOTF doesn't return my calls.

blathering michael

As I posted over at SP, now we know that no matter who's president, we'll get a sane immigration bill; waterboarding and other torture is out; and Gitmo will be closed down. On the down side if McCain is the one, we'll bomb Iran. Sigh...


OMG, @rew#1, Reid IS a Mormon (not that one would ever doubt you...) Wiki extrapolates, quoting Reid: "I think it is much easier to be a good member of the Church and a Democrat than a good member of the Church and a Republican." He went on to say that the Democrats' emphasis on helping others, as opposed to what he considers Republican dogma to the contrary, is the reason he's a Democrat."


I'm sorry; what's the point you're making?


However, this kind of help we may not need Rush for Mrs Clinton


Rush talks about Romney' "conservative stool"



ok' I'm jumping in with both feet. I shall caucus with the Democrats this week-end and I am going to push for Obama.
I make this decision before hitting the bar.
Oh crap, I think I'm gonna be sick.


Welcome to the tent, Chucks.
I'll be there with you, caucusing for Obama.

After her Iraq war authorization, and Iran war authorization, how can anyone vote for that pandering mealy-mouth? She obviously didn't learn her lesson - Looks like we'll have to learn it for her.

And McCain's 100 years war? Count me out.

Yes Chucks, all us Dems have hit the bar after the last few votes. Quite a good idea actually - If Dobson did like us, we'd have a whole different ball-game.


You ROCK chucks!!! That is what i will be doing also!


Obama is Mr. Platitude. If you realy want to see the liberal cause advance Hillary is the only one that's going to do it. Obama is like the "fuck it" option. I don't want another four or eight years of a president who talks the talk as we slip further down stream.


Affirming your point way up there, @rew#1: "Harry Reid is MORMON and LIBERAL and a leader of the Democratic party!
Bla'M, even Chux is joining the youth to caucus for Obama...will you and Duf be the only Hillary-ites?

(Hey, Chux, your heart is in the right place...as Cthulhu said "Let it shine, let it shine!")


Oh, jeez, @rew#1....


Thanks to all for fast and furious responses to my observation on Romney/Mormonism. Sorry I could not respond sooner. No doubt there are evangelicals w/ bookshelves full of anti-Mormom stuff, but they also have anti-Catholic books, and nobody is worried over the Catholicism of, say, Bill Bennet. They also would have some things to say about Judaism, and no one is worried about Medved or Bill Kristol. (I'm much more concerned about 'big-gov't' conservatism of those three).

Your imaginings of what conservatives think about Mormons are hard pressed to explain why people like Limbaugh & Coulter have spent the last couple weeks frantically trying to rally troops against McCain (and Huck for that matter), when there was no other direction to turn except Romney.

I stand by my statement that it is liberals who frame Romney as "the Mormon," not conservatives.


That's easy; Limbaugh & Coulter have no religion to speak of.


Andrew, you help make my point. How did Limbaugh, obviously a non-Bible-thumper, become so wildly popular except for the fact that the GOP largely observes a separation of politics and religion. Most of us are not worried about who is Mormom, Baptist, or nominal Christian.


wutitiz is right on point. Never have I been with any conservative that really cared about what the faith was of another conservative. I have sat in rooms with Mormons, Catholics, Jews and Methodists. The only issues we had were what to do to slow down gummint growth and to get the lib morons to quit killing babies because they are inconvenient at the moment, as well as other conservative issues.
All that other crap is made up by lib politicians and there butt buddy's in the mainstream press.
(hey, I will be working for Obama, but I have not abandoned th principals by which I live)

Dirty Harry

You're a good man Chucks, a good man always knows his limitations.


Thanks, Chucks. On one hand it is my fervent hope that President Obama could move the country beyond the racial morass of the post-King era. For the same reasons that Sharpton rejects Obama, I embrace him. On the other hand, if we pull out of Iraq post-haste it will be a disaster. Americans supported going to Iraq to the tune of 68% according to polls circa 2003, and as Powell said, you broke it, you bought it.

What is the great antipathy towards McCain? I realize he's no Reagan, but neither has been Bush. Plus I like divided gov't. Look what has happened in WA the last four years with Dem hands on all 3 levers--gov't has grown faster than 'The Blob.'


So wutitiz, we have the task of returning the Senate to Republican control. That is where my money shall go. Senate races that Republicans can win. Nevada and the ouster of Dingy Harry will be a big one. His sissy behavior has really pissed off the natives there. I too like divided gummint. Saves us all money. Last time we had total Democrat control I believe was with Jimmah Carter. Look how screwed up that was. We can retake the Senate. Congress will be a little tougher. Not beyond possible, but tough. We might need a couple of years of morons running the country before the Republicans win it back.
Obama on Saturday folks.


By the way, the Canadians won my support this evening. CC-7 and a cab ride home.
Sorry Jose' C.


OK then Chucks, I can completely respect your decision. Whatever happens, we know we are getting 4 more years of gov't growth. My money is going to Dino Rossi....he would make a good U.S. Senator after a term or two as Gov.


but they also have anti-Catholic books, and nobody is worried over the Catholicism of, say, Bill Bennet. They also would have some things to say about Judaism, and no one is worried about Medved or Bill Kristol.

Again Wutitiz(not), your just wrong. Again I invite you to come visit - would make a great field trip. Not a single book against Jews, Catholics. Actually, several books about Jews but all these involve the any-day-now apocalypse and/or support for Israel. A few about Seventh-day adventists and New Age Cults. But a bigger hard-on/hang-up on Joseph Smith's kids, you will never see.

AND again, I said YES, Liberals may have (properly and rationally) brought up the "Mormon thing" (scroll-up). This was simply because we don't care if someone's a Mormon, but we know that the Dogma squad does.

Note: Many of us did this same thing with Judy Rudiani. Again, We don't care - but the Dogma squad does.


Some of you (like me) may have been wondering who Darcy Burner is endorsing as Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party.
I just received word from her office that "Darcy is not endorsing a candidate. She will fully support whoever the Democratic nominee is."


Gregoire has endorsed Obama, Darcy will probably endorse Barack in time as well.


Why should anybody care who Darcy were to endorse? That woman has never done anything to warrant anybody even noting her opinion.
Heck, she hasn't done anything to deserve to have an opinion let alone give one to others.
(sometimes I just crack me up)


Merci, thank you for your reply. I must note, it appears that you as a Dem. see your role as fomenting division based on religion. Is that a fair and accurate assessment? I am an atheist, so not trying to slam you here or anything. just want to make sure I've got it right....


Nice try, Wutitiz(not).

We were just putting out the info (re: Mitt's Mormonosity). I'm not the one with the library of anti-LDS literature. What Dobson, the Dogma Squad, and the rest of the US Taliban choose to do with the information we provide is up to them.

Guess what: If your not an absolutist, then the info shouldn't matter, right? Always takes two to tango.

Actually - to be precise - You are completely wrong (again) Wutitiz. This is not based on "Religion". Don't forget about Judy Rudiani

(Note: Just to prove my point, I borrowed "Judy Rudiani" from your freeper friends)


How could I be "completely wrong" (again) Merci? It was a question!

Anyway, I now see that, you're simply providing information, in the tradition of, say, a Lee Atwater or even a more elevated figure like a Ken Starr. Fair enough Merci, fair enough.


Don't sell Darcy short, after all she was the President of the Aames Lake Homeowners Association.
Anyway, can't wait to see who Ned Lamont endorses...


Chucks, after listening to Obama today I think I'll have to wait till after the election to get me a camper. Not sure if I could afford to have one with Obama President. Have a good day tomorrow at your local caucus.

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