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February 15, 2008



Don't know who Tami Michaels is. Never heard her show.

Speaking of KVI, they have The Commentators. I think Goldstein should try to do something like that. Maybe with Stephan Sharkansky. I think that would be a good show. Especially during this important election year. Even though I often disagreed with him, I thought his show was informative and entertaining, and it was getting better all the time.


THIS is one of the +'s I like about this blog; it gets to the 'meat' of the situation in radio. Seems it's always deeper than is reported...a very cut-throat profession indeed. Thanks Bla'M. :)


I agree with you. A Sharkansky-Goldi version during this political year would be good stuff. It plays to both of their strengths.
They did a version of this back in 2004. Carlson would have them on to discuss the brouhaha on the Rossi/Gregoire election.
When Goldy got his show he didn't bring on Shark. One exception was during the Waitress fiasco -see Merci on that one- when Shark called in to Goldy's show. That was GREAT radio.


Tami Michaels...not bad indeed for 99; looks almost as good as my mother at 90. I've listened to Tami many times and always wondered what she would look like; thought she was keeping her profile pretty low for obvious security reasons.


Why would any sales manager run off a host whose show is MAKING money and paying for the time, plus placing ad revenue in other day parts? That makes no sense.

BTW, she has a DECORATING show, not an HOME IMPROVEMENT show.

As for "oily," that title belongs to Dr. Mixon and his snake-oil business. I laughed out loud when he professed his new vigor and strength from his anti-aging therapy...and went out skiing and promptly broke his leg!! Then...he began coloring his hair from white to some kind of yellow-reddish color. "No, no, my hair is returning to its natural color now!!"


Still waiting for the headline "RIP: TBTL"...

Tami Michaels

I thought that "decorators" could be accused of not having a life.This "blathering" is juvenile I have had the privledge of calling Fisher my broadcasting home for fifteen years. All of the people/management at Fisher are like family to me. I have been offered a chance to make a change. After fifteen years I believe that can be a positive. I only have the highest regard for ALL of Fisher management. I will continue to favorably support Fisher as an advertising agency and as a talent.In Tami speak "I LOVE FISHER COMMUNICATIONS"! Next time ask before you blather!


Hmmm...isn't this the same "oily" Bob Boyd who "managed" to get Fisher involved in a brand spanking new discrimination law suit filed in King Count Superior Court?!


Tammy, honey, blogs are just not your "thing."


Huh??? I thought Carleen was in charge over at KVI? ;)


TBTL: Know you must read this blog and I would like to offer a bit of constructive criticism.
A plus for your show is that it's 'live' and it's spontaneous and pretty mush comes across as 'reality' in your lives. This is fine but I would suggest you 'diversify' a bit. When it continually is all about you it seems to me to become TLTBB 'too live to be beautiful'. While folks have now gotten used to your personalities and enjoy them (cause you're all good story tellers) 'other' subject matter might be in order once in a while. I say don't be afraid to reveal your political persuasions and tackle some of today's issues in a way only your personalities could and would. My 2-cents, for what it's worth. :)

payback's a

Tami is like Mother Teresa she adopts unwanted dogs for Christ sake! Bob bullied her and she left. No one knows why he would treat her like crap,but he did. Notice that Bob didn't defend Tami when she was thrown under a bus. Tami is a class act.


I too would apreciate it if they didn't avoid presidential politics as if they were "not awesome." Yes, local councel council minutes are nont awesome but hipsters should be voting to. Maybe they should have a feature called "grownup talk", it only has to talk all but two minutes out of the three hour show. Aside from that I love it, they put Dori Monson to shame when it comes to fun and silly radio. I'm serious, they make his word association and haiku bits seem far more sad than I could have ever possibly apreciated without the contrast TBTL provides. I mean I knew it was shit all along but what was the alternative - now you have one.


Bob Boyd's days are numbered, most likely single digits. Remember, you can hide from a thief but you can't hide from a liar!


BREAKING!(T-8 News Service) Ferris Monson's Big Day!!! Little Mr. Monson, Seattle's resident horse's ass, apparently was downstairs in the den last night while Star and the girls were sleeping away upstairs, and somehow, while puttering around on his computer, after reading a newspaper column, has compiled several videos of Obama speeches where it appears to Dori, the Terror of Tinytown, that the politician has female shills doing a fainting act at the same convenient spot in the crowd at each speech. On his show, Dori played tapes where Obama appeared to have the same rehearsed line where he stopped the speech , told people to give the woman "some air" and retrieved a bottle of water from under the podium. Listeners sent in even more clips from more speeches confirming Monson's claims. Medved picked up Monson's expose and publicized it on his national show. Monson said that his expose is gathering steam in the blogosphere and national media, and he has been invited to appear on a national radio show later in the afternoon.


Even though I think Rachel Corrie was a hate-filled, intolerant, and despicable human being, I thought Monson went over the line today when he said what they need down in Olympia to handle those Evergreen students is a Caterpillar.


Geez Louise, people. Where's all this BS coming from? This blog's famous for reporting unsubstantiated tidbits, gleaned from purported "inside" informers, with enough snark added to make this place as credible as the Enquirer.

A report was made without anything substantive to back it up. The subject person took the time to correct Bla'M's factual deficiencies and what do you do? Jump on Michaels with no more factual information to back up your crap than Hood had in the first place.

Somehow, I doubt any local station cares much what you think. Get a life already.

Good luck at KTTH, Tami. You're a class act... more so for putting up with the landfill methane that this place runs on.

chucks best friend

DT is right, that was tasteless.
But that does remind me, the anniversary of Rachel Corries demise falls on a Sunday this year. We will change the road pizza party to Friday (preceding) to remember her. For those that can not make Friday, we will be having a pan cake breakfast Sat AM at IHOP in Lacey.
All are welcome. The Caterpillar Company will be our sponsor this year.


Tami Michaels and her husband Guy have an advertising business, and don't want to burn their bridges with Fisher. Everyone knows Boyd blew her out of there for some reason. This stuff didn't come from nowhere, this blog hasn't been wrong too many times that I know of. If it was, I wouldn't read it, nobody would read it. Instead, everybody reads it. It's Fisher's loss.

Ellen Funk

If on air peronality Tami Micheals wants to move her show to another station, I am sure there are many more reasons than the station sales manager Bob Boyd. And if the owners really wanted to keep Tami, they would have thrown whatever it took at her to keep her (more money, or a better time slot perhaps?). Sometimes dusting off a resume isn't a bad thing. It's usually the ones who complain the most that should move on. Too bad Bob Boyd had to be the scapegoat on this one. Good luck Tami...the grass isn't always greener.


I agreed with Dori when he argued the Rachel Corrie was promoting hate more than she was working for peace in Gaza, but the Caterpillar remark he made today was way over the line, and came from a place of hate. Not a Christian think to say, at all. In fact, I don't think he is a real Christian. Like most Christians, I think he's one in just name only.

P & G

Why all the mud slinging and unture accusations? Bob Boyd has a job to do. If you don't like it...leave the building and take your bad attitude with you. No one likes a nagative complainer. Oh and MVick, you are a mean spirited person who needs to get a life!


People really listen to decorating shows on radio?


BTW, did you all hear we're going to be attacked? Guess there must be an election coming up.


actually, it is a decent show. not my cup of tea, but if you are in to that sort of thing.

can't believe how flippant you are joanie regarding terrorist attack. YOU would be the first one to scream for help and complain that not enough was being done in the event you or a loved one had been the victim of an attack.

i work a few weeks each year adjacent the word trade center. it is still a hole. let me tell you, when that subway pulls in and goes to the WTC stop it never ceases to make my heart skip a beat.
so go ahead and be flip.


Well, then, puts, you must be practicing your duck and cover. Right?

Ever notice how your heart seems to skip that beat around election time?

Naw. You never notice those things.

Seems to be me you should stay away from college campuses, high schools and McDonalds.


I notice we always get a lot of wind from Birch Bay around election time. Recall how we were told back in 04 that Osama would be captured right before the Presidential Election. If only, eh?
I have people that I care about who I want to be safe beyond next week. Real easy to be sitting on your tail here in safe/secure Seattle. Get out in the world a bit. Have you ever lived -not those three day visits- but actually lived outside of the United States?
In some ways it must be a comfort to be waiting out the clock with plenty of memories to recall. That's why the Soccer Mom's and Dad tend to vote differently than you. Different perspective. Now go back and watch some Matllock.


Well, that's a detailed and intellectual response.

By the way, who's Matlock?

Gay Gary

This has got to have been a HUGE ratings boost for Dori & Phil. Major kudos for breaking this; if FOX or the WSJ can track down the person who's been doing all the fainting (I believe it's the same person at each event - what we'd call in the Selous Scouts 'operational security') Dori has just made this campaign a 2-horse race! Way to go Dori, Phil, Star, the Girls, Brock Huard, Tony Ventrella, Rattlesnakes Basketball Team, Caitlin Capital, et. al.!

My B/F, Oculus Bleu, made an incindiary video in celebration of this news after we heard it on Dori's show while we were making love this afternoon:


Be warned: Oculus Bleu is fucking terrible at editing (but he makes up for it in other ways - LOL!).

As for TBTL - are they still on the air?

Mike the Driver

Unfortunately, TBTL is still on the air... I was listening to the KIRO news at 6:45 and they came on with whats on TBTL tonite... I promptly turned it off.

I use to listen to KIRO in the evenings; I've listened to KIRO since I was in high school in the 70's...only time I listen now is either Dave or Dori for a short time during the day or a bit of the 6pm news. Forget 3 to 6 or 7 to 1 am... Wrote the PD at KIRO twice, never got a reply... screw 'em


I like that luke burbank is local, but his ADD like delivery is more suited to stand up comedy than radio, there are times he has to ask jen the producer what he was talking about. Of course Jen's anal retentive voice, along with the Quentin Crisp sounding board op both detract from the show. What is it with KIRO lately not caring if someone actually sounds good on the radio never mind the content? Personally i would give Gary Gary their slot hands down right now just based on his last three posts, seriously.


I agree, that GG, whoever he is, is like a budding LeBron James. While most of us posters would settle for a 'Blackwater' reference, GG ups the ante w/ 'Selous Scouts.'


Speaking of the changes at KVI- Christ, is there a more arogant, full-of-herself, and contemptuous woman alive on the planet than Dr. Laura? Who can listen to this bitch? Why do I think of a pointy black hat; hideous,longbeaked, greenish face; evil, cackling laughter; and "I'll get you my pretty-and your little dog too!", whenever I hear this harridan on the radio?


Dr. Laura's own life is a trainwreck. She had an affair w/ the guy who got her hired to her first radio job. The infamous nude photos came from that liason. Later in LA she had an affair w/ a married doctor. He divorced to be with her, but they later split anyway. There are other lurid details, but I can't remember them all because I don't care.

The point is I'd like my advice from somebody whose life is working, thank you. I remember reading similar things about Ann Landers, that she was estranged from most of her family and embroiled in one SNAFU after another.

This has nothing to do with Tammi, except it sounds like she's too much of a class act to be on the same station as Dr. Laura.


D & G - Ouch...that'll leave a mark! Talk about "nagative" and "mean spirited." Oh, and thanks for the hall pass.


Bob Boyd, didn't he come to work one day all beat up and eye blackened? That was after the then husband of his now wife came home early and found them in bed. He used his head as a mop around the house for a little while and it showed! Then he sent an e-mail out to everyone they worked with letting them know that it wasn't a car accident as Bob had tried to spin. BTW, she was an employee of his at the time, great character statement there...


Internally, KVI has really gone down the tubes since 2002. Too much turnover. Fisher thought when they got the Mariners, they'd be swimming in money. Well, they got their fancy building and thats about it. They've run all the GREAT people/shows out (i.e.-tami, dan, leo, ed hume, michael medved, rush, bryan suits, the mcphersons....)and i could go on and on and on. KVI has also let go a lot of their behind the scenes people for no reason or documentation. Those people had to either put in 2 weeks or be fired......what kind of company does that to somebody??? To Kirby....leave while you still have listeners cause you wont by the end of the year.

Capt. Charisma

Ok, BlatherWatch...Is Bob Boyd Violette? Many KVI Staffers think so. Now comes the 6 degrees of separation part. Everyone look back at the Feb 8th column "The lord giveth... tami michaels and chef dan thiessen to KTTH", scroll down to the comments by "senior producer". Pretty harsh comments to Violette, huh? Well, if "Violette" (according to this article is Bob Boyd) and "senior producer" is the "senior producer" who used to do Tami and Dan's show, that means that they BOTH work at Fisher!! yay! i figured it out! Once again, KVI looks like a fool

No Fool

How does a local sales manager become the most detested man in radio? As a new manager start with Fisher's Senior Account Exec's. Instead of building team unity as the new guy, bring in a new untrained, unpolluted sales staff. Let's call them the Bobbleheads. These Bob's will worship his highness. Even though the senior staff, make up over 80% of Fishers revenue. No need for old long term relationships that Fisher had fostered! He went to his friend Jean Bobblehead, and created a new losing marketing strategy: Food shows, real estate shows, car shows... He had to be certain to waste the seniors time equally with the bobbleheads. All chasing direct business. Never create anything long term. As soon as the client sees success. The client might wish to expand their ad dollars to other stations, and god forbid get an ad agency! Then he would have to start all over. Bob undercut the seniors, because the poor starving army of bobbleheads need to look successful. They probably need to eat. Bob never committed to keeping his word.The result is a new type of consistency, Chaos! Resentment!
Fisher is no fool! The insiders at Fisher now believe that Bob was a plant from Bonneville. The best part of becoming the most detested man in local radio is receiving a guarantee of your salary for two years! Don't feel too sorry for Bob. He doesn't have to eat his lunch all by himself. Bob has an army of starving Bobbleheads to watch him eat.

Capt. Charisma

Oh, i get it.....you need a lot of "yes, sir" people to boost your ego. No need to listen to the staff you have....nope, i need my own people. Did Jon Gruden get rid of all of Tony Dungy's players when he became the Bucs head coach?? No, he kept the players and won a Super Bowl THAT YEAR!!! Try taking a step back and see what you have......it may surprise you.


Gee what's KVI got left for the weekends what 3 maybe 4 live shows
and is any of those worth listening to? Wow infomercial hell and a smattering of semi-entertaining shows. I think that only leaves what two maybe three total shows that have lasted at least 2 or 3 years? How much longer do you think those will last?


The greatest griefs are those we create ourselves.


If you're going to quote my dead self, please spell my name right.



...but alas Sophicles lived before blogs. :)


good catch cp3, I missed that...usually you're the one being caught with a mis-spelling :)


Is my spelling that bad? It is not by any means perfect, but I do know the basics. Glass houses Duffy...


Actually no, your spelling is quite good cp3 (must be your IT background?)...it's your content that could stand correction. :)

radio fan

Rumor has it Tami was having problems keeping her ad agency (read: husband Guy) seperate from her radio show. She'd get paid to do remotes and then hubby would cozy up to the client while she was there and try to see if they might want to work with their ad agency instead of who they were working with. This tends to tick off other ad agencies and AE's who have put deals together and guess where all that heats lands? The Sales Managers desk. She was a problem they let go too long was the inside word. I applaud Boyd for looking beyond the immediate revenue and to the big picture for a change.


Rumor has it people are going out of their way to smear Tami Michaels anonymously on the internet, going so far as to google her name and dig up months old blog articles to post more smears.

radio fan

I stand by my comments as I have personal knowledge of this happening to clients and agencies I know. Thank you.


You stand by your comments anonymously? LOL, how does that work exactly?

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