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February 03, 2008



Bernie would probably begin by engaging him in debate, and then see how quickly he could bury Lapin in his hypocritical views.

I miss Bernie so.


Why would they replace Ward with Lapin? Some kind of inside joke?


He isnt a replacement as such, but a fill in. There have been several hosts filling in. I would hope that if Bernie is not ever going to come back that they will do away with that program.


BM, after you profile talk shows in other cities, any chance you'll do some of one's in Seattle? One's people on this blog actually listen to? How about some current profiles and commentary on the hosts at Air America or KUOW?

blathering michael

I have a national readership, as well, DT. balancing the locals, the national, and getting in the political licks I need to get in for my own enjoyment, is always a problem for somebody. (many times, god bless it, it's you). I've followed Mercer Island extremist broadcaster, Daniel Lapin's lucubrations as long as I've blogged, and always will. It's paid off: he will never stop having a national face, and BW is a go-to place for info on him. (try googling his name). Sticking with a story despite commenters'gripes has paid off many times...
It's gotten harder to do local as the local talk programming has dried up as it has.


I can vouch for the national readership, having introduced a number of Midwest and East Coast friends to this site. Of course, I did it mostly to prove to them that the Seattle talk radio scene stacks up well against any soap opera on American TV today. (And if things get much more lurid, it will stack up well against any Mexican soap opera.)


I Read BlatherWatch from Mesopotamia.


Also, in a modest case of harmonic convergence, I was just reading a Wikipedia article about a World War 2 Jewish organization called Group 13. This charming outfit was made up of Polish Jews who were employed by the Nazis in occupied Poland to infiltrate the various Jewish resistance groups, specifically in the Warsaw Ghetto, in an effort to destroy them. (It was generally unsuccessful and - surprise - was eventually liquidated by the Germans.)

And then a few minutes later I come here to find a thread devoted to a man who, well, you get the picture....


Thanks for the explanation. I'll have to look into him, his show, and his views more. From what I understand, he is filling-in, or is a guest host, or is replacing Bernie Ward, who I have also never heard. And I'm assuming that both shows were/are called Godtalk. Liking people to be even-handed, if one of the criticisms of Lapin is that that on Godtalk he talks about topics unrelated to religion, then I hope those who preferred Ward's show also complained if and when he did topics unrelated to religion.


Rabbi is one of the most brilliant scholars around.

Godtalk is a perfect venue for him. He has many important things to say so let him be heard.
He is a real theological scholar unlike the pedophile Bernie Ward.


Lapin is a fascist scumbag. Bernie is innocent until proven guilty.


I just did some reading on Lapin, and the controversy surrounding him. My analysis: Liberals don't like him because Lapin doesn't think like them.

(And I consider myself a liberal).


"Bernie is innocent until proven guilty" only because he is an effective critic of the right. If the sort of allegations he faces were made against Rush Limbaugh instead of him, some of you would be warbling a far different tune. In fact, I can recall rumors of a similarly gruesome nature regarding Limbaugh's sexual tastes being happily repeated in this very forum. (Something about traveling to the Caribbean in search of little boys, or some other nonsense. The only foundation for those rumors was wishful thinking.)


It appears Lapin's most heinous crime was to hold an opposing point of view(OPOV).

For that he gets the ultimate penalty of being labled a 'fascist' which, confusingly, is an early 20th century variant of progressivism/communitarianism. The 'fasces' is a bundle of sticks, which was a Roman symbol for the strength of community. Oh, well.

So Lapin got caught up w/ Jack Abramoff, who was engaged in a scam whereby he exploited the tribal gaming clusterfunk. The whole business is an exploitation, and Dems are the kings thereof. Lapin was guilty of emailing that he would issue a phony award, in order to get Abramoff into some DC good ol boy club. That's it. Not even a trumped-up indictment for him.

Lapin is a sometime brilliant, but largely boring, talk host, with a tendancy to prattle on about family values.

To sum up then,

Crime: OPOV;

Sentence: to be labeled as subscriber to early 20th cent. variant of progressivism.


If any of you Lapin defenders read Bl'am's posts on Lapin and the other articles, you wouldn't be so dismissive. The man is from the farthest reaches of the right. He has been disgraced nationally and diminished hugely in the eyes of the people who used to support him. His non-profit is defunct, he hasn't been able to keep a radio job.


spot on, BART. nothing drags a show down like Sunday-school-itis and boy-scout-itits.

I'd rather listen to Luke Burbank talking to 3 soon-to-be brides about hipster Seattle weddings and the toll it took on their dads' Amex cards.


To correct wutitiz above, Lapin didn't just use his charity to create phony academic awards for Abramoff, which he denied to the press. The House Government Reform Committee report listed the details of the awards a year later and Lapin has never issued a retraction for his lies.

More importantly, Lapin's tax exempt charity was a regular conduit for laundering money for Abramoff. This included money from gaming companies, which Lapin has publicly opposed.

Full details on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Lapin

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