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January 28, 2008



The chances of winning a lotto jackpot is about 10 million to one. Folks still buy lotto tickets in massive numbers. The public is an ass and they will continue to listen to talk radio no matter what.


My bet is that they all vote for Hillary..she provides wonderful job security for them and they get to be "outraged" for 4 more years. If a candidate they really like were to win, they would all fade away since their audience would not need to tune in anymore.


Much the same as blogs.


The biggest problem for conservative talk radio has been the failure of R's to deliver after talk radio has helped put them in office. Talk radio played a huge role in helping R's win the house in '94, but by around '98 Newt was selling his constituency downriver. When R's gained Congress & WH in 2000, they increased federal spending faster than anyone since LBJ.

Conservatives feel like they've been banging their heads on a wall for the last decade.

Barnett is right about one thing--talk radio does not create opinion so much as reinforce it. I am pro-choice, and have been listening to conservative talk forever, but have not changed my views an iota.


Joanie, Sparks, Fremont. Note that I won't take his bait? Here's why...
Atrios on Trolls. Amen, brother:

"I cannot make anyone stop responding to pointless or nuisance comments. You have to want to restrain yourself, because you understand that the only way to get rid of them is to fail to give them the attention they want. A "troll" is not just someone whose comments you disagree with, or even just a nasty or badly-worded comment. A troll is someone who does not, under any possible set of circumstances, care what you think about him or his comments. He merely wants attention. Negative attention will do. The more you disagree with him, the more he is able to tell himself that he is persecuted and victimized or the only voice of reason or one of the elite few who has the God's-eye view of the world or whatever his current delusion is. If he isn't merely a narcissist who thrives on feeling attacked, he's just some putz who enjoys irritating other people. Therefore, you "feed" the troll by paying any attention to him at all. It does not matter what you say in response. Any response to a troll just encourages the troll."


If that is in reference to me:

I told you that at the very beginning...'ignore', but you couldn't and now you've learned grasshopper; I'm proud of you!

Like I initially said, I consider it a compliment to be ignored by you! :)


"It was a victory talk radio needed to boost their sagging arrogance after failing to stanch Republican bleeding in the 2006 election that left a bloodless husk of the former majority moldering in the congressional cloakroom."

Absolutely right. Talk radio cannot change history as much as it brags that it can.


Oh Oh! Sen Kennedy just announced his support of Obama. That should be a lock for Mrs Clinton. :)


Heheheh. Perfect timing. Another great post over at Atrios:

Characteristics of Trolls:

1. Transference: Trolls endeavor to shift the debate away from the topic e.g. “you say you are anti-war but you haven’t mentioned the conflict in Bratislavia. This technique relies on the impossibility of denying a negative
2. Research avoidance: Trolls rarely post links to their research. Their purpose is not to inform. Links posted usually lead to op-ed pieces lacking in fact, usually “think tank” garbage. Trolls also rarely follow up links posted by others. This allows the troll to avoid coherent debate.
3. Obfuscation: Trolls try to get posters to defend positions they have not taken e.g. “you say xyz” when the respondent actually said “mnopq” Ad homenim attacks and outright prevarication are standard troll techniques. This strategem relies on characterizing the respondent as immoral or associated with unpopular people or sites e.g. Holocaust deniers, terrorists etc. The object is to “taint” the poster and is effective despite the faulty logic involved.
4. Logically deficient. The fact that their argument defies logic never concerns a troll. They simply ignore attempts to point this out and repeat the same reason-defying inanity until the respondent either tires or is moved to make a response that the troll can characterize as unreasonable.
5. Lack of response to direct questions. A troll will simply ignore direct questions, the answers to which, would expose them.

Handling Trolls:

1. Ask for a statement of the suspected troll’s position and sources.
2. In the event that the above does not bear fruit, ignore further postings. You are most likely dealing with a T. R. O. L. L.


"..ignore further postings."

HEED! :)


Conservatives should bang their heads on a wall. Anybody that thought Bush was a compassionate conservative didn't do his homework and deserves a head bashing.

I mean, how many failures in business and bail-outs by daddy's friends does it take?

Sometimes the greed on the right gets in the way of intelligent decision making. Oh well.

And right-wing radio targets its base via negative name-calling and hate speech. Negativity bonds. Facts get boring after a while. Remember civics in school? How many of you were paying attention?

Oh yes, the Becks, Hannitys, Savages, Billos of the world know exactly what they are doing. Building their bank accounts at the expense of the right's ignorant and greedy base.


Between the conservative political campaigning, and all the commercials, I hardly listen to commercial radio anymore. When I get XM in my car, I'll be totally gone.


Unfortunately, liberals prefer to get their politics from books and periodicals, and have never really cottoned up to the loud, thin arguing you hear over AM radio. Talk radio, therefore, is more of a place where the right can rally their troops, talk without much questioning and lick their wounds. As this liberal sea change comes on, talk radio will become even more ghettoized. It will shrink, too unless they can figure out how to get a younger audience.


Has a molecule of enlightenment finally crept into Michael Medved's brain after all these years? The condition against which he rails is one he himself has contributed to - quite energetically, I might add - for as long as he has been on the radio. "Hysterical and one-dimensional" has always described Medved's own view of what constitutes not only a proper Republican but a proper American. Why the apparent sea change?


Joanie, I have to admit that you're spot on regarding George W. Bush. Here was a guy who made the bulk of his fortune from a subsidized stadium deal a the M's owners. If he had been a Dem, I would have attacked him for that, but he was making some of the right noises on other issues.

I should have known: if it walks like a parasitic NW lib, talk doesn't matter.

The other thing Bush had going for him was frankly the BDS thing. The only thing scarier than Bush was a Bush-hater. I'll never forget going to U Village Barnes&Noble in the mid-90's, and every week there was a new "hate Bush" book. There were titles like "1001 Reasons to Hate Bush," the "I Hate Republicans Reader," "Sweet Jesus, I hate O'Reilly" etc. (it turns out that progressives do get their info from books)


You saw all those titles in the mid-90's????
Must have been a fortune teller's store.


Ok Sparky, you got me, it was around about 2002-2003. It just seems like such a long time ago, w/ all the vicissitudes of BDS.


A different topic--according to the Feb issue of "The Gun News" Fisher recently "named a new general manager to its Seattle operations. The first casualty of his administration was the abrupt dismissal of ...Bryan Suits (a WAC member himself). Shortly after that...our ads stopped running...."

The "Gun News" is the monthly publication of the Washington Arms Collectors, which sponsors gun shows in the area, and used to be a regular advertiser on KVI. Kirby Wibur is a former WAC board member.

KVI is now refusing "all advertising for anything related to guns and shooting..."


Its ok, wutz. We all feel like this last 8 years has gone on forever...
The SOTU speech tonight was reallly boring.


The conservative talkers (except for Medved) are lambasting McCain and trying to marginalize him, but they are only going on a hunch - because McCain has been liberal on the borders and he co-sponsored campaign finance reform, which has attracted George Soros and the anti-America crowd, but it has actually helped the Republicans slightly more than Democrats through 2006. Except for Guilliani, noone else is stronger for the miliary and also fiscally conservative as McCain. He voted against the Bush tax cuts, because it was missing the spending cuts - seemed reasonable to me, but Rush and many right-wing talkers were demonizing him because of that - they seemed to be ignorant about the rising deficit which is very disturbing.

Meanwhile the Dems are showing to be out for themselves (i.e. the Clintons) instead of the party. Kennedy endorsed Obama and may well be followed by Al Gore and Howard the Scream Dean.
The problem with the Clintons is that they have been doing too much manipulating behind the scenes toward others and what goes around comes around. The process is interesting this time around even if it is corrupt up the wazoo...


I agree, KS, it is interesting. Normally I don't care about which socialist the Dems nominate, but watching Hillary vs. Obama is like reading a chapter out of Machiavelli.

And this time, I'm not sure I care that much which of the socialists the R's nominate.

And Sparky, thanks & agreed. Do you think we'll get Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton (and then maybe Jeb in 2016, and Chelsea in 2024)?


"And Sparky, thanks & agreed. Do you think we'll get Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton (and then maybe Jeb in 2016, and Chelsea in 2024)?"

Perish that toxic thought. I don't think Chelsea would run anyhow - just my sense. How about working to cut out the corruption instead of inviting it ? Hopefully, the Bush-Clinton cycle will be broken in 2008 and forever !


Got caught in a lie, did ya whats up? Next time, do what you righties seem to have trouble doing: think first.

BTW, I notice that your comparison of Bush to NW libs fails to cite names . . . hard to think of one? Hmm?

Oh, I know. Thinking isn't really your thing, is it?

Oh, and a chapter out of Machiavelli?

You've never actually read Machiavelli, have you?

Just another fraud: what's up.


Sparky, did you notice Pelosi reading behind him? She didn't seem particularly interested either. First thing I've appreciated about her since she took over.

I think the line that made me the most disgusted what his chastisement that Congress should fully fund the troops.

He's simply a jerk. A lying, sociopathic jerk.

Did anyone read Joel Connelly's column about Bush opening up federal land in Alaska via the "backdoor?" He is doing it without Congressional approval - just one more of his little dictatorial decisions.

"What more opportune occasion to open 2.4 million acres of Alaska's Tongass National Forest to logging and road building, on which Uncle Sam will be lucky to get back 5 cents on the dollar?"

I cannot stand that little Hitler. That anybody can condone his actions is beyond comprehension.

Sheila Jackson-Lee (I think that's her name) was on the radio criticizing Bush tonight. Later, someone called in and said he noticed on TV that she practically hurt herself getting to him to shake his hand.

What's funny about that to me is that I saw the same thing last year. I actually noticed it. She jumped over people to get to the aisle to shake his hand. I was disgusted then and I'm even more disgusted now.

Some of the Dems are such hypocrites. We need a third honest party.


Calling Bush Hitler, eh? Comparing the man who is exercising executive power to the man who gassed 6 million Jews. Love that nuanced argument. You're the same one that was lecturing Seattle Jew about historical understanding of Nazi's awhile back.
The Sheila Jackson Lee move has been going on for years. I recall Faux News commenting/laughing about it back in 2004 and every year since then they have put the camera on her, predicted her behavior, and then had a nice laugh about it.
Some of the Dems AND Repubs are hypocrites. I'll go with a centrist party OR a candidate that can draw from both and let the nutters from both sides to their own devices.


And yeah, Joanie, I understand that Hitler used his executive powers and compliant political bodies to make his actions 'legal.'
But to make the comparison that both involved executive power therefore they are the same is freaking ridiculous. Very lazy thinking.
Until you figure that out it would be advisable for you to stop lecturing Seattle Jew about the Nazis.


If they instituted your Troll manifesto, you would eliminate most of the posters on this Board.


Including himself! :)


CHECKED IN WITH the "beautiful people" again last night (TBTL). Luke was prattling about his trip to LA over the weekend and the celebrities he ran into, interrupted periodically by Jen's manly tones. HE LET US KNOW HE WENT FIRST CLASS, no less. Well, he made that point by inference, by his reference to a comedian he saw sitting in first class section. He even let us know that first class ticket was 400 dollars a pop. TMI? Why all the constant references to New York and LA? "Bigtimer Wannabe Syndrome"? BWS on TBTL? just sayin'.


Joanie: I got caught in a lie??? Joanie what are you talking about?? Honestly, I have no idea what 'lie' you are talking about.

Re my comparison of Bush w/ his subsidized stadium to 'NW libs,' Paul Allen, Howard Shultz and some of the Mariners owners like Rob Glaser are examples. All sought subsidized stadiums, same as Bush, and have extensive connections to area Democrat politicians, i.e. NW libs.

As for 'The Prince' many years ago. It was required reading in a class. What exactly your point was there, I'm at a loss.


meant to write: As for 'The Prince,' I read it many years ago.


If they instituted your Troll manifesto, you would eliminate most of the posters on this Board."

Hey Puts/nevits, get a load of this. After so professing that 'manifesto' it appears he may even be trying to trash me over on another blog; yep you guessed it - under an assumed moniker. See what you think??

"You've seen combat, but believe me - Duffman has not. He just makes-up elaborate scenarios to pull all conversations his way - end scene. He doesn't get enough attention at home & must go elsewhere.
In posting on blogs, he's the first one in. In defense of America, he's the first out.
"I grow tired of your child-like comments"
Take a number.
Posted by King Diamond at January 29, 2008 09:15 AM "

UNfrickinREAL!! :)


Apparently Schwartz isnt the only one who looks his name up on the Internets to see if anyone is talking about him!!


I guess you should take it as high praise that not only can he not ignore you, he has to take it to other blogs. Wow.


Well, looks like we got the return of the Seattle Skeddadle, no doubt yelling 'Trolls, Trolls, Trolls' as she exits stage left.
Wutitiz asks you to prove the 'lie' he told.
It will be interesting to see if you can do it.
Akin to your misinterpretation of AudioSlave, eh?


Yeah, Puts isn't that something; I could hardly believe it. After all the preachin and accusin...it's him. Wow, go figure.


Yeah, PS. After I posted that, I realized that the 'lie' I got 'caught in' was a mistake where I misidentified the era of Bush hater books as 'mid-90s.' Sparky pointed out that it couldn't have been, and yes, I got it wrong. It was not the '90s--it was about 02-03. That's the 'lie.'

But the books did exist, as is easily proven at any site that sells used books. I bought one myself once: "The I Hate Republicans Reader," editid by Clint Willis (Thunder Mouth Press, 2003).

Anyway, if that's the Joanie def of 'lie,' suddenly the 'Bush lied' mantra becomes clearer lol.


I know the books exist, I just disagreed with the time period. Shrub wasnt in office until 2001.


hey wutitiz, doesn't a lie have to be an intentional misstatement of fact. not just a misstatement or being wrong about an issue.
by that standard the weather dude should be called lilac as he lies like rug. i curse that damn andy wappler!

hey don't feel bad, wattitiz. i get my dates messed up on a regular basis. but kudos to sparky for keeping us straight!

see, disagreeing without being disagreeable. a novel concept.


i know you catch a lot of crap, but when your riding around on that vespa make sure you are extra careful. don't be like this guy.

Sucks to be this guy


I know Sparky, I know. I didn't have any problem w/ your pointing out my mistake.

But Joanie said, at least I think she said, that I had been caught in a 'lie.' I did have a problem w/ that.


Ouch Puts


yep, i was hoping to offer it in good faith to merci as a cautionary tale. no matter how safe a rider, those trucks/cars can still get ya.


It would be interesting to see what becomes of Keith Olberman if a Dem wins. Does he have the 'talent' to survive?


Well, well Joanie, I see you posted on the other thread last night but not here. Whenever you back yourself into a corner, it's 'I'm done with you,' and you clam up.

You did it on the last thread regarding Clinton and Bush, and now here after saying I was 'caught in a lie.'

You posted above that right-wingers like "negative name-calling and hate speech."

All the while, you're spewing more bile than Linda Blair in The 'Exorcist.' You say I'm a 'fraud,' 'mentally challenged,' and that I have a 'sex fetish' (because I responded to your post about Clinton). Just exactly what is up with your act? Is it all a huge put on, or what?

You keep saying my posts are 'boring' and 'irrelevant.' I wish you would not feel the need to respond to them. The post on this thread(about conservatives/talk radio), for example, was not in any way directed at you and, boring as it was, there was no need for you to respond to it.


PugetSound, thanks for support. I don't know how I came up with "mid 90's" but all I can say is that it has indeed been a long 8 years.

For that matter, it's been a long 20 years of Bush/Clinton. Imagine if Hill does win 2 terms, a kid born in '88 will be 28 before a Bush or Clinton isn't prez! When I turned 28 I think I had lived under 7 presidents, none related.


wutitiz: Alas don't feel bad...it was simply 'your turn' to suffer blatherin joanie's wrath. I'm guessing it has something to do with the 'fruit of the vine' to some degree...?


Thanks to you too, Duff...at least I got that off of my chest.


not a problem whatitis, we may differ politically but I always enjoy your posts and your honesty :)


Bill Clinton was only pointing out the obvious- any state that Jesse Jackson can win twice is irrelevant. I agree with Phil Hendrie that Bill hasn't been saying anything all that bad. big whoopdee. Obama has yet to win a relevant state that has a voting primary, not just a caucus like in Iowa. Speaking of Obama, he hasn't exactly been all that nice to Hillary. the nice guy thing is fake, as fake as Oprah. He refused to acknowledge Hillary's campaign in his arrogant victory speech in Iowa, and refused to shake Hillary's hand at the State of the Union speech, an obvious snub. Even if he doesn't like her, what an amateur, sulking, petty move. When he tried a little smear tactic in the debate, with the Walmart crack, he got his head handed to him. The very smart , tough pros of the Clinton machine are in the process of defeating him, with coup de grace coming in less than a week.

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