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January 29, 2008



If this is all that we could come up with as Republicans or Democrats, than we are fucked.
Hillary is corrupt, Obama is a green pea novice, Giuliani is a moron, Edwards is a lawyer, McCain is goofy, Ron Paul could be the poster boy for the Cartoon Network, Huckleberry wants to screw with the Constitution and Romney is , well I don't know we he is, but he is no better than the rest of 'um.
With Pelosi and Reid running the two houses and any one of the above, we are gonna take it in the donkey with no KY.
And worse than that, my local Costco does not carry snickerdoodles!!!!!
But talk radio will survive. Gotta have something to listen to while we post this crap.


McCain just won Florida, What oh what will Rush Limbaugh do?


So did Mrs Clinton! I know, I know, no delegates, however a great roller-coaster boost going into super Tuesday.


As soon as Mrs Clinton is elected POTUS, I think I'll tune in to the Rush Limbaugh Show...it should be very interesting to hear what he has to say initially. It may cause him to retire...let's hope. :)


You've got to be kidding...Rush would be orgasmic at the idea of bashing Clintons again. They are his life-blood.


McCain may be a lib, but he beats both Hillary and Obama in the match-up polls. Thaty's because he's got the Mexican after his amnesty bill.


Cool, another vote for Mrs Clinton...I'm lovin it. :)


what about Air America. Already on life support, will they go belly-up if, as most of us expect, Dems control Sen, House, & WH in 2009? What will they talk about with Bush, Cheny, Rumsfeld, Rove, Halliburton, and Blackwater out of the picture?


This post my Mr. Hood proves that while he despises Rush, he is a regular listener.


I just wanna know....When will the trial start for the accused killer of Mike Webb and will BlaterWatch be required to give testimony? This blog was a factor in his death, yes?


You've got to love our system. No matter who is in control, it is a given that the party out of power holds the moral high ground. What does that say about our gov't???


What part of 'Listening To Talk Radio So You Don't Have To' don't you understand.


Hood's headline, "Screw America" says it all around here.


Some of you need more fiber in your diet.


Obama has the big MO - Mrs. Clinton does not. However, it will continue to be a hard fought campaign, with Obama winning the nod at the convention. Too many people know what the Clinton's are about, Duff and their politics of personal destruction is blowing up more in their face - oh well.

The Clinton machine is sputtering and coming apart at the seems. John McCain has the upper hand on the other side - he is a centrist, not a liberal. He is a fiscal conservative, way more so than Bush. McCain vs. Clinton would interesting but doubt that it will happen - McCain vs. Obama appears more likely.


If McCain gets elected, Rush will diminish. That ought to excite alot of Blatherwatch regulars. If either Hillary or Obama get in, Air America will fizzle and Rush will boom. Yeah, I know - Life isn't fair.


You know, the comments - starting with yours chucks - reveal an awful lot of ignorance, stupidity and superficiality.

Any Republican should be glad to get Clinton. She was a Republican once. She is Mrs. Wall Street. And She loves the military. All reasons that I - as a good lib - don't want her.

Do you people on the right know what you want? Is it possible that you are such sheep and so governed by radio hate-talk that you don't even recognize one of your own?

No, George Bush was and is and always will be the prototype president for you. Just like with Shrub, you'll ignore or never even clue into the fact that you like Decider-types with just enough education to barely speak English but enough elbow flexibility to have a beer over the back fence with you.

And, if you're lucky enough to be his neighbor, you might even end up as Secretary of State or the next Supreme Court Justice.

After all, with the kind of President for whom you guys would vote, being one of the guys is certainly a better resume than being smart, hard working and compassionate.

What losers you are. Exceptin' doffo. He knows what he wants: health care. I fear, doffo, you're going to be disappointed.


Some of the predictions seem dubious, but it's a given that once the unnamed Democrat wins, conservative talkers are going to have a second gilded age not seen since the late 90's playing the victim and hosting a bunch of scared thumb sucking rednecks who need to be told that liberals have a mental dissorder and that Jesus will return for them. But good for them, they had a lot of fun sniffing Clintons underwear and I'm sure they will again.


...with just enough education to barely speak English ...

Make that just enough education to remind you all of yourselves...

That's what you want, some who reminds you of you...

Libs aspire to more. Trust me.


Limbaugh is the Planck constant of talk radio. Rush will maintain his phenomenal ratings regardless of who occupies the White House. Rush is a force of nature immune to the vagaries of political tides.


If you didn't exist we would have to invent you.
The careful reader will note the Seattle Skeddadle in action. See "Talk Radio: more than a dial tone."
It is refreshing that Joanie finally figured out what electing a Clinton will mean for liberals. It finally seeped in. Since Joanie isn't a fan of Obama it's unlikely that she'll be pleased come November.


"He knows what he wants: health care. I fear, doffo, you're going to be disappointed."

I sincerely hope you're wrong Ms joanie...I figure she's our best chance.


Alert: sorry joanie I just heard your Breck boy is droppin out!!


Mr. Blather makes an interesting point about McCain. If McCain wins, it will be interesting to see how both talk radio handles it. Not only that, but how will MSM react?

MSM has always had a love affair w/ McCain, but I can't see that surviving past the inauguration, not with that scarlet 'R' attached to his name.

I got a chance to listen to the Rush repeat last night working night shift, and Rush is just merciless towards McCain. Rush has some talent w/ voices, and his impersonation of McCain is pretty vicious. Maybe Rush wishes to set himself up as antagonist regardless of who wins.

Incidentally, a caller on Rush claimed that McCain is saying privately that he only wishes one term, which of course would make his VP choice interesting.


Duff, any word on Breck's endorsement? That could be pretty big.


Nothin yet..must be brokerin' a deal...


No doubt. If I had to bet I would bet that he'll go w/ Hillary. I figure that with her braintrust & experience at dealmaking she's better equipped to come up w/ the 'offer he can't refuse.'


Sounds reasonable...I don't care for him. [He was probably the favorite of many herein] I think I've gotten solicitation E-Mails from every frickin member of his family...hopefully that will now end. :)


Prediction: After 710KIRO gets the comments part of their blog enabled, they'll have to disable it after a few weeks or months.

Best president for talk radio would be Obama. He'd also be the best president for America.


Dittos on that DT, based on experience w/ the PI 'soundoff' (comment feature) it will be virtually worthless within a short time. KIRO would be wise to have some kind of screening mechanism just as with on-air calls.


Dori "Moose" Monson the other day was laughing at Tyra Banks and mocking her interview with John Edwards, with belittling comments based on his perceptions (erroneous, in my opinion) of her airhead status. Who has the national, bigtime show Dori? You or her? Also, ranting primarily during the week about taxes and perverts with disgusting but legal websites, while advocating that people "beat the crap" out of such fellows, and then yukking it up about footbal with ex-jock morons for three or four hours a pop is hardly the stuff that intellectals are made of. I'll bet Tyra has a higher IQ than Monson.

Bryan Styble

Hey, I thought this blog prided itself on (aside from character assassination, publication of unfounded rumor, etc.) breaking Seattle newstalk radio news. So how did ya'll miss this scoop?

(Not that it matters, but I saw this coming many months ago, as any astute observer of Seattle newstalk radio would have, I'm confident.)




Sorry to hear that Bryan; I wish you the best...I'm sure there's a niche out there somewhere for you.
Good Luck!


Too bad about Bryan Styble leaving KIRO. Although I disagree with his politics his show was a good one due to the strength of his vocabulary and knowledge of issues. He also allows people to call in without screening out opposing views. The only other show that doesn't screen callers as far as I know is Ed Schultz. Good luck Bryan on you future endeavours.

I don't think I can handle another four or eight years of Clinton hate talk spewing from right wing radio. Now that Edwards is out (dang, I was planning to caucus for him - now I don't even think I will go) I hope Obama will make it so the rushes of the world will have to give up their favorite pastime of bashing Billary.


Bryan, I don't believe the person who runs this site listens to very much talk radio anymore. I believe he has admitted as much. He also has said he is trying to make this site into something more than a local talk radio blog. I believe he said he wants to be more like the Horses Ass blog, and comment on politics and news stories, which is his right. But the focus of this blog, despite the what the title and subtitle says, is no longer local talk radio.


OMG, what's this do to the MTS blog? There goes 1/2 the subject matter. Oh well, just got the latest news there that Thompson had dropped out. :)


Sad but true, Bla'm Fam: "Styble Loves Seattle Always"

And just in time for Black History Month! (coincidence?)

I'll miss you BrySty. The profane emails you sent me still warm my heart.

Keep it real.


KVI and KIRO are in a race to see who can become more irrelevant, faster.

Seattle itself is in a bloated, stultified phase, and in such an ecology Bryan was the one who was too beautiful to live. Bryan was born to broadcast, however.

My suggestion would be to find a boomtown somewhere, maybe an expat community somewhere better able to sync with his energy and curiosity.

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