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January 23, 2008



I love Medved's intelligence, but he's looking more and more like a hack as he keeps saying how glorious this R field is.

Most conservatives, especially those of libertarian bent like me, view the field as a disaster. With Fred out there is not one actual conservative.


The Biggest Loser will end up being the GOP nominee. Just look at the noose(s) awaiting any of them:

A.) Iraq debacle inheritance
B.) Bush-uh-nomic recession
C.) And the worst/tightest noose: Key-note speaker at the GOP Convention = A 30% hobbled-duck Prez.

Bla'M: nice find with the elephant fight jpg. Mind if I borrow?


Republicans will savage each other during the primaries. Once the nominee is picked, right-wing talk radio will unite behind him and attempt to convince the American public that the Republican candidate is the second coming of Ronald Reagan.


Oh what fun and frolic awaits us between now and who cares!

Outside of their core supporters no one is excited by any of the elephants running for the office of Big Giant Head. If John McCain does get the nomination how arre the talk show headcases going to reconcile what they have said into sincere support. Huckleberry Finn isn't going to get it.

If McCain does win the nomination I predict that the national media will turn on him as an ultra-right nut-job.

At some point in time the race card is going to be played between the wicked witch from Arkansas and the guy who managed to escape from the plantation. This will be fun to watch. The current batch of civil rights leaders, (Jackson, Sharpton, etc.), know that if they don't stay on the Hilary band wagon they will lose their prestige in the party. Yet, the Donkeys must know that offending the guy guy who escaped from the Democratic plantation and his followers could cause them the election in november.

Oh, this is all so much fun to watch!

Now the Orange Prophet predicts:

Romney wins the GOP nomination.

Hilary wins the Donkey award.

Ron Paul forms a 3rd party.

Obama forms a 4th party.

30% of the nation will not vote for a Morman.

40% will not vote for Hilary.

Blacks, believing that the Donkeys have screwed them over turn out in droves to support Obama. Young people who claim to love Obama don't bother to vote because, well, their busy with other things.

The election falls into the hands of the House Of Representatives. Hilary is then guarenteed election.
However with the nation so divided she is unable to govern with any kind of mandate.

In 2012, the team of Chuck Norris & Dave Reichart win the white house.

Or perhaps God, in his infinate wisdom, says he's had enough and brings about some sort of apocolyptic end to it all.

Okay, okay, its all silly. But the Orange Prophet has gotton a couple things right in the past. Just don't ask me when.

Me, I still like rabbits.





(NEVETS-feel free to use the name)


Medved is supporting McCain because he's being realistic. He sees the polls on potential matchups and McCain is far and away the Republican with the best chance to win.

Let those other conservative talk shows hosts continue their bitching. Hopefully, it will lead to a split Republican party come Nov.


scrilla must be an old gangsta with the all caps writing. I would suggest Perle Vision or one of the other mall opticians as they may be having a sale on eye wear.


How can anyone view Huckabee, who wants to re-write the Constitution to make it more religious, be considered liberal.


McCain stands the best shot at taking out the Clintons after they expose themselves for the shameless pathological liars that they are. Right now, they try to take out Obama by resorting to the Clinton playbook and slinging mud like the pigs they are - and they will likely find a way to win the mud war.

And the reward, we could have them back again to turn this place into a Banana Republic for at least 4 more years. McCain is a better choice than Romney if they care about winning, but the Republicans need to be smart enough to understand that.


I'll stick to calling him D&D. Watch out thought Scrilla, he got the gun back from Sparky and is shooting his bullets again. Bang, Bang, Bang, he is a Paladin.

But look at how far off his shots are. He must be red bulled out of his mind after a great quest last night.


You thinking that SCRILLA is some old school gangster ala Capone?
Paladin? Man that is a old old school reference there Nevets. You, Chucks, and maybe Joanie or Sparky will know that one.


WTF!!!!!! Luke Burbank has 3 newly-engaged girls on the show and the four are sitting around talking about wedding plans, caterers, rings, etc., with an emphasis on the 'hipster Seattle wedding.'

This is what's become of talk radio? I'm ready to shoot my radio with my .454 Casull.


yep, i dipped in that show for about 20 minutes waiting for my kid to finish karate...don't know what was more painful listening to the show or having to pay the sensei 6 months tuition...


Somebody please tell me this is some kind of clever radio prank young Luke is playing. Also, Luke has disabled IM'ing.


I agree with PS and wutitiz about the Luke Burbank show. I don't like the fact he doesn't follow the formula he's supposed to follow. I don't like new things, and I don't like change. I expect and want all radio hosts to talk about the top three news stories of the day. So, on KIRO, for example, I want Ross to talk about the top three news stories of the day, then I want Monson to talk about the same top three stories, then R&D to talk about the same stories, etc. But, of course, I want them to all have their own takes on them. That's how talk radio should be.


point well taken DT. i'll give the luke burbank show a few more listens. i hated allen prell for a few months and became a big fan right before they yanked him off.


Puts, I was the complete opposite with Allen Prell. I liked him when he first came on. It wasn't until all I started to hear was Randi Ranting away that I started to turn him off. The last straw was when he made that stupid remark that the pets of Katrina should be left to die. What an insensitive remark, to let poor little animals die because the ones that were supposed to look out for them left for alligator food. I still wonder if any of them owners were ever arrested for cruelty to animals.


Puget, I didn't really mean that to be directed at you personally, rather at the people who believe that any host who does something different has no place on the radio. While I don't really care for Luke's show all that much - I tune in for a few minutes here or there - I do think it's refreshing that he's not doing what everyone else is doing. However, if I were advising him, I would tell him he should do a segment or two of the hot topics day, then do a segment or two of his regular fluffy, quirky stuff. Balance it out. Just like I thought Ron Reagan was too serious, and needed to mix it up with lighter topics once in a while. Show us his human side. If he did, I still think he'd be around.


Who is Aric (SP?)? Right after Bryan Suits finished on kif640.com I stopped by KIRO (on the dial) for a few minutes before continuing on to Coast to Coast AM and Burbank read an email from "Aric" who said something like he (Luke) spends more time reading the rules to his show than Carl Jeffers does!

I lauuughed. This is something at least 3 people on this blog (myself being one of them) have said.

The reaction from the dynamic duo, however, was "Huh? What does that mean? Hmmmm ... we dunno."

BTW - Jenn Andrews has gone from being a great producer to a female version of Edd McMahon. Wouldn't it be cheaper to have Board Op Sean just proram a laugh track into the vaunted NewsBoss computer?


That would be a 'cackle-track.'


You have to keep things in perspective; Luke Burbank's navel gazing is a thousand times more compelling than Frank Shiers daughter or Dori Monson's odd and unhealthy vendetta against a few local democratic leaders (that dude is losing his fucking mind). Thank God for podcasts - I basicly program the KIRO I want to hear. Dave Ross 9-12, Luke Burbank intermixed with music from 12-5.


"Thank God for podcasts - I basicly program the KIRO I want to hear. Dave Ross 9-12, Luke Burbank intermixed with music from 12-5."

... and the reason why the water-skiing squirrels are getting more and more time on TV news.


WADR KS the Clintons' hardly have a lock on being liars. That is part and parcel of being a politician (sad to say) and generally is done by their 'handlers'. Our current POTUS however, by himself has them all beat by a wide margin.
I agree that McCain would be the Republican's most formidable candidate, because of his willingness to 'reach-across-the-aisle', but he would still come up short against Mrs Clinton. I would suggest conservatives start acclimating themselves to a tolerance policy, because I believe you're certainaly going to need it in the next administration - which will, in effect be a revelation in American politics. :)


KS is right, McCain would beat Hillary, especially if he can talk Condi into VP, to draw off disaffected Obama fans (read black voters). Hillary would beat the others, with the possible exception of Rudy(sordid pasts cancel each other out).

Duffman, I've seen many references to your support for Hillary, but never what it is about her that you like. What is it that you find so compelling?


Well wutitiz, I'll admit it comes down to a bit of 'blind faith'.
I happen to believe that the most important issue facing this country is health care. I have faith that this is indeed Mrs Clinton's passionate cause and that she is the one most likely to implement it as her legacy.
I also happen to think that it's time America give a woman the chance to serve as it's leader and that she would have a different perspective on how the country should be run...and that wouldn't be all bad.
Basically, that's the over-riding reason(s)...and not to diminish the fact that there are no other worthwhile candidates running (in my view).


OK, thanks for the explanation. I can at least say that I am not frightened of the prospect of Hillary as Commander in Chief. The Clintons are fighters above all else. I think the terrs would test her early in her admin., and would not like her reaction.

As for the woman angle, I can understand that, even though I can hear fellow conservatives screaming 'Identity Politics' out there. If it's Obama vs. Huck or Rudy, I will probably vote Obama just on the grounds that he might be able to move us forward on issues of race.

Re health care, I don't think her passion would translate to a happy outcome, but that's another debate.


Lo siento mucho – NOT!!

Paul Fraser

What difference is there between Democrats and Republicans? In recent years, I think the lines have been blurred a bit here folks! That's why radio people are divided. http://battlesoftim.com

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