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January 07, 2008



Well, they've certainly conveyed what they're not going to be...I'm wondering what's left?

I think good talk radio may be the hardest thing to achieve there is. You have to please so many people's taste.

I wish 'em luck. Don't know that they'll win me back but I'll give them a listen when Randi gets on one of her ego-driven rants and Malloy's in one of his over-the-top rages.

If they can hang on until the election and if a Dem wins, Randi won't have anything to talk about. Good opportunity for Burbank and Andrews.


The Burbank/Andrews show will be the typical guy/chick talk program. He will make stupid corny jokes; she will constantly giggle at everything he says. He will occasionally go off on a phony rant; she will pretend to be the voice of decorum who reigns him in. They will both devour most of their airtime engaged in vapid happy talk. Most of the conversations will devolve into banal discussions about dating, romance, pet peeves, and favorite recipes. Yeech.


"I've always thought I was a little too interesting for public radio, and a little too smart for commercial radio..."

I'd add, arrogant enough to be a typical talk show host. No one who's ever worked for Metro is all that, sorry to burst your bubble Burbank. You've been lucky, and I'd wish you continued luck but sounds like you don't need it because (as you've pointed out without saying it directly) you're perfect.


The ballcap, the quarter profile turn , the smugly raised chin ugh if i met this guy at a bar i would instantly dislike him. the fact tht he was a longtime producer for macho wannabe, arrogant prick John Carlson says it all.


Way to give him a chance there Tommy ol boy!


You know? maybe it will be a welcome break in the evening from hard politics. You know? Ron & Don except not stupid.


Goldy should have had that slot.


I'l give the new guy and gal a chance but my gut instint tels me that Goldy deserves it more than them . That' s a begrudging vote for Goldy beacause i'ver been turned off by his "I went to Penn, and I'm terribly terible bright, actually brighter than almost anyone, and i'm only really comfortable shmoozing and cliquestering with fellow Jewish smartpantsers from the Stranger" but i think he'd could grow out of it and become a bigger person.


We'll be listening...awesomely...

My Man Dori

This will be such a "gay" show.


Terrible start.BURBANK'S FIRST SCHEDULED GUEST is some guy who takes cheap shots at Celine Dion in a new book. i DON'T CARE about the book, and won't read it. Celine Dion has an incredible voice and has given a million dollars of her own money to Hurricane Katrina victims. That's ALL i need to know about her. Tinytown radio Pissants like Burbank and Monson can make fun of Celine Dion while she laughs all the way to the bank -and deservedly so.


Luke Burbank will devote a major segment of his debut show to a Celine Dion tribute. I hope whoever stole Luke's testicles will be kind enough to return them. Burbank has been de-balled.


It's funny that Jen Andrews dumped R&D to "spend more time with her family" and woah, back so soon?

I don't mind Luke Burbank's cockiness, first it doesn't come close to Dori Monson, second his show is brand new, he hasn't proven anything so the humility is implied, whereas Monson takes every little bit of good fortune that comes his way and sticks it up his ego. He's just so generous to thank the listeners for making him the most awesome radio host in Seattle.


wadr AA: you come across as a genuine ignoranus.


And the Blatherwatch Boneheads weigh in on a show they haven't even heard yet.

Wish I could see into the future like you geniuses...


You could if you weren't covered by bozone.


Reading the comments, seems as if Celine Dion is equally as polarizing as Hillary. Actually, there's probably a direct correlation between their fans and enemies, given Hill's supporter-chosen campaign jam. Looking forward to checking out the new show.

Catlin Capital

Burbank is a dick.

Here are the facts:

1. A sports radio show
2. A pissing match about government
3. An ignoramus that actually thinks he's smart

Ron and Don
1. Stupidity at its finest

1. A dumb guy that should have his fat ass thrown out of the studio


i assume I am too old for this show because the title makes no sense. If it gives listeners something different, and they like it, then more power to them. i wish them well. Im wondering if this is going to be a local "Young Turks" kind of show, minus the politics.
I do give them points for not talking about the viaduct!! I thought you had to sign some sort of pledge to do so when you were hired at KIRO :-)

I would have to stream it to listen to it, so I will probably stick with Mr. Malloy.


Facts on CC:

Doesn't have a clue because of reintarnation.

Catlin Capital

Dori Monson..."a boy named Sue"

Governor Ed Rendell


Luke Burbank is presently on the Dori Monson show and seems articulate but suffering possibly by a little Dopeler effect.

Catlin Capital

Monson and Burbank on air together!

Oh boy better call the "helicopsters"...


I wonder why Dori hates Luke.

Catlin Capital

The Monson Burbank episode was the most manufactured garbage I've ever heard.

R.I.P Sports with Schwartz 2007-2008


Luke has a voice that may very well fit the 07:00 - 10:00 spot, kind of unassuming and definitely NPR-flavored. Hope he doesn't turn into a beelzebug.


Spot on, Justinatheropinion. Can he get his first minute of airtime before he's sliced & diced. In fact, give him 6 months to learn the craft. I remember how godawful dori was when he started, and now he's No 1 in Seattle.

Tommy, Luke Burbank was producer for Kirby Wilbur for several yrs. I'm 99% sure he was never with Carlson.

I won't be surprised if Luke does very, very well. If so it's welcome because 7-10 is a wasteland right now. What would you prefer, Dr. Joy Brown??


I think a lot depends on Jen Andrews; if she can contribute by backing him up with substance instead of glibido they may well have something going for them.

My Man Dori

Dori is a blue collar boy from Ballard. He worked late nights at the local grocery store, paid his way through UW and broke his back through the system to become the success he is today.

Luke Burbank is a preppy spiled kid that got everything handed to him including a new age worthless petty talk show.

Catlin Capital

For a guy not on the KIRO payroll Tony Ventrella sure sounds like part of the family....


You know, I too have wondered about that, do you suppose his role is like that of the farm subsidy wherein you paid not to work...but still allegiance to 'the firm'?


It's my understanding that Luke Burbank did dangerous undercover work for U.S. Customs for a number of years before he got into radio. That's hardly getting 'everything handed to him.' Stories from those days should provide fascinating fodder for his show.


It's my understanding that Luke Burbank did dangerous undercover work for U.S. Customs for a number of years before he got into radio. That's hardly getting 'everything handed to him.' Stories from those days should provide fascinating fodder for his show.

Catlin Capital

Talking about the Seahawks, taking a shower with your wife and dog or picking your nose does not constitute legitimate stories for a news talk radio station.

The fluffy Burbank format will not work.

KIRO has really lost its bearings.


Talk radio doesn't have to be all serious politics to be good. The best talk radio I've heard was a show about 20 yrs ago by a guy named Steve Dahl in Chicago.

He hardly talked about politics at all. He just had the ability to look at things from odd angles, which I suspect Burbank just might also have.


Steve Dahl, the guy who blew up thousands of Disco records in centerfield of Comisky park that made the WhiteSox forfiet the second game of the Double Header. I used to listen to him to but for the Rock-n-Roll not talk radio.


Yes that selfsame Steve Dahl. You know why he blew up those disco records?
He had a morning show at a rock station WDAI in Chicago. This was before Howard Stern, who I'm convinced copied Dahl, and poorly. One morning I turned on the show and heard disco record after disco record. I was sure it was a spoof by Dahl, but after a half hour I called the station, and they told me they were now 'Disco-DAI.'

That's why Dahl took such exception to disco. I think he's still on the air in Chicago.


That and "Disco Sucks". I cant count the times I was sent home for wearing a t-shirt that had those words on it.


Nice to know there's someone else who knows Steve Dahl. On another note, I've listened to the first hour of Luke Burbank and he's a radio genius the equal of SD.


Will we get a one hour biography of a different segment of his life every night or what else will happen in that first hour?

I actually wish Sean D'Atori (SP?) had a show. He has one of the best sounding voices on Newstalk 710 KIRO.


I think they are making good on their threat; it's NPR subject matter and tempo with commercial radio's willingness to express a point of view. I like it. I wish it was on at a time when I'd normaly be listening to the radio.


It's very jarring when Luke's breathy, stoned NPR-sounding voice introduces Jeff Pogila(SP?) for news and traffic and Jeff goes into the news and traffic "AM Radio Style". I wish that, prior to each news and traffic break, we could have a 10-second long tone of ambient sound to ease us into the transition.


To bootiful to be alib=ve?

Lawrence Welk
Noth Korane srain Surjery
chepap vine
water torture
is he really gay, he seems sad?


You guys listened to the first show? I missed it. Still on AA but shouldn't have been. A real jerk sitting in for Randi tonight.

This is one time I may agree with a-boob. A replay of the Cashman-Brooks/Foster?? morning show?

I can never remember if her name was Lisa Foster or Lisa Brooks!

Cashman was funny enough to carry it but is Burbank a comedian? What's the verdict so far?

Also, tommy, I sort of think that Goldstein comes off as a bit "precious" myself. But, a good intellect when he avoids the "cute" and the "I'm too funny to be believed!" Even the intro music "Revolution" is so adolescent somehow. Guess I'm just getting old.

Don't answer that. :)


Luke let us know tonight that he had in recent years worked for some 'really big productions in L.A. and really big productions in New York." Now he's back in Tinytown on the radio. Ummm-isn't that called -failure? Caught the last half hour of the show. Don't like it. Probably will never like it. He's not worth the viciousness i reserve for the likes of Dori and Frank .


Tommy, maybe management did miss the mark here. Frank got a lot of pr on this site. Isn't the maxim something about not caring what we say as long as we're talking about him?

I have to laugh. I had a pretty good time giving him hell.


oooh, precious Jen Andrews doesn't like us, and won't send us her picture. Awwwwwww. isn't that special. Add 500 BONUS POINTS TO MY GROWING DISLIKE OF THE NEW SHOW,


I listened to the first show of TBTL last night and I will have to reserve judgement at least until they have a week under their belt.
What I'll call 'getting-started' jitters seem to cause them to be somewhat dis-jointed at times at best and at worst just plain silly.
However, once they establish a rhythm they may in fact be entertaining and easy listening.
Refreshing to see that they don't appear to suffer glibido problems.

Def: glibido - All talk and no action.


This pseudo NPR/This American Life semi-hip stuff will never fly on Seattle's AM Radio. Sorry, us AM listeners want news/traffic weather and political issues not some Ira Glass flunkee who crawled back to his hometown after living in NYC for only 6 mos.

Hugh G Rechtion

Nice to hear Luke back on the air locally and felt he was at least a couple notches above the usual KIRO evening fare. I will give the show a little more time; I did count Luke saying "you know" 17 times during the hour plus I was listening. Stop that! Right now!

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