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January 17, 2008



Ran into the one and only Bryan Styble and his producer at a pub on Phinney Ridge (I believe he was playing drums in the band earlier).

I recognized Bryan strictly by his voice - took me a few minutes to pin it down - but once I figured it out - I had no question it was him.

From chatting I got the impression that more changes at KIRO are on the way.

I've always liked Bryan (ok - he annoyed me at first - but he improved after the first year or so) and have felt some of the -crap- circulated on this site about him isn't exactly substantiated.

(hey - just noticed the name Michael - rhymes with libel - at least sort of - no reason I mention that)

I've mostly been listening to XM these days - but I plan to tune into Bryan Styble this Sunday from 10pm to 1am on 710 KIRO.

blathering michael

Doubt the peculiar Mr. Styble is privy to much down at KIRO, Butch. Unfortunately for him -- the defense for libel is the truth -- no reason I mention that, just a "fair comment."


Hey cow patty ever get the feelin your alone.


Lots of us Democrats are pulling for a Huckabee nomination. Admitting stuff like this sure won't get him the Animal Planet vote, though. It grossed out Scarborough who is a conservative and a southerner. Funny how this has gotten more play in the media than his weird tax program.


I remember the Brasserie, back when there was hope for Pioneer Square. We used to play Jazz there for parties.

Sandy Schroeder

Frying squirrels in a dorm room is disgusting. No one who has done that will ever be elected.


OMG, Bla'M! You are vilified by bird lovers! BTW, I had the pleasure of feasting on your dorm-butts...good thing everybody was stoned!

Huck and his family have notably bonded with all forms of fauna...



What's weird about a flat tax?


A "fair tax," not a "flat tax," is what Hucklebee proposes. They are different Recife, I don't have the time to get into it but wikipedia both plans.


leave it to the media to focus on squirrel anus instead of the idea that he thinks the Constitution should be changed to better reflect God's word.


That is why some of us are not going to let him win the nomination.
He was doing fine (not great) until he proposed screwing with the Constitution.
Obama is still looking like my number three choice for POTUS. Wish I could come up with numbers one and two.


thank you chucks...that makes me feel better :-)

Actually I have read a lot about how the Corporate GOP will not let him win because of his religious values and being the type of person who has said he will not listen to them.

But I appreciate your help in preventing it as well.




Squirrels to me are just like dogs & cats. I give em unsalted peanuts and sunflower seeds, and they walk right up to me & take em out of my hand. One used to jump up onto my knee when I was sitting outside.

One more reason not to vote for the far-left, cig-banner Huckabee.


I did battle with a squirrel who raided my birdfeeder all the time, but i never would have hurt him, let alone eat him. However, I have an aquaintance in Texas who bragged about her 12 year old son going out and shooting 3-4 squirrels and she fried 'em up for dinner. Ish..


Squirrels are loaded with protein and taste much like chicken when bbq'd. Bandito's and Hell's Angels, when in parks throughout the country shoot and eat them regularly.


By the way if you haven't tried rat, don't knock it, it's (Norwegian type) are actually tastier than squirrel.


I thought I was the only person in Seattle who actually likes Bryan Styble. He's odd but I like odd; the one thing I find unnerving about him is that he always sounds like he's gasping for breath. Otherwise, he's a breath of fresh air after Frank "Shudder" Shiers or Dori "I'll shill--loudly--for anyone" Monson.


Bryan Styble has some skills. He has a good radio voice and unquestioned level of intelligence. But he can't say anything w/out going on 5 tangents, each covered in minutest detail. To his credit he always eventually circles back to the original thought.

His interview of Vincent Buguliosi recently was awesome. If BS could improve his selection of topics he could be very good.


So how long has boze been at kvi?


Just had to chime in about the squirrel murders. Life is so precious, I hate the thought of killing.

So, we have to eat. I eat meat but wish I didn't like it so much. :)

Letting animals (all except rats!-sorry rats) live a decent life and then humanely offing them for dinner seems like a reasonable thing to do.

But, we'll never do it.

Remember the stories about heaving chickens like footballs against the walls at the chicken slaughterhouse? God, we're a cruel species, aren't we?

Oh well, just another day in the life of people like George Bush who thought putting firecrackers in the asses of frogs was funny.


Over on horsesass there's an adorable tv commercial from Al Franken featuring his fourth grade teacher. Ok, it's a couple days old . . . check it out anyway. I love it!


Hell's Angels and Banditos are loaded with lard and taste much like pork when BBQ'ed. Right-wing militia-men, when in parks throughout the country, shoot and eat them regularly.


Hello everyone! What's happening? Has Mrs Clinton been elected yet? Wow, do I have some catching up to do. I can sum up my recent travels in the following sentence.
I have a new appreciation for electricity and clean drinking water. Well, haven't really had time to get re-acclimated yet but will get to it presently. :)


Wow, sorry to see 'ol Bryan go. I did enjoy his subtle humor and his show. Wonder what KVI is thinkin?


Huh. Hillary's poll numbers tank and Duffman "disappears". Hillary wins a state, and he "reappears". Magical. Cowardly, but magical.

I can sum up my recent travels in the following sentence.
I have a new appreciation for electricity and clean drinking water.

Wait, I don't get it: So HillBill's IP address doesn't have electricity or drinking water, but Duffman's does? Or is it that Duffman's pipes & power went out, and this triggered a nom de guerre transformation?

How were your travels in the magic land of SP, Duffy?


Ah, ol merci (did you just get up?)...how are you my man. Yes apparently my 'friends' here had fun with you and others in my absence. You sound just like your good ol self. I think I can appreciate you more now. I wish you well my friend and would encourage you to be less conspiratorial. :)


Also cowardly and magical:

HillBill get's smoked out of his hole (ie, in his travels over at SP), and *poof* Duffman reappears

Duffman: Did the SP resort have electricity and clean drinking water? How about an onboard aerobics class?


So, merci: still think I'm wrong about Mrs Clinton becoming our next President?

coiler and crew

Pvt Similac is back or just MIA?


Hey, re-coil whaaaaas up. All my old friends, I feel the warmth! :)


In your fuckin dreams wutity you better hope you and your far right minutemen never run in to our Banditos.


Dave = "tough-talkin" Duff. Duff with leather chaps, perhaps? heheheh.


You nailed it, Merci, black leather chaps, Redwing boots, AND NUTHIN ELSE.


You nailed it, Merci, black leather chaps, Redwing boots, AND NUTHIN ELSE

All hat, no cattle. Suprise suprise.

Well, one suprise: I didn't know that the Big&Tall sold Redwing boots and Black leather chaps!


merci, Harley folk tend to equate a 55" waistline w/ being macho. Strange but true. As a Buell owner, thus forced to visit the local Harley shop from time to time, I know whereof I speak.


She won Nevada! :)

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