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January 25, 2008



Or the feeling that he did a terrible thing that could have put our country and our service men at risk far greater than anything Bush has done.

More ambiguity! God, you guys luxuriate in ambiguity and micro evidence on everything you think.

What feeling? Are you inside his brain? How could he have put them at risk? Are you now swift boating him? Have you no shame, Steven? None at all?

And what's up, I'm done with you and your sex fetish. If you had anything substantial on the guy, you'd get over this ridiculous fixation on Clinton's love life.

You're an idiot. No wonder they came after you on HA.

Anybody that compares sex with war deserves what he gets. Problem is, this country is stuck with people like you, too. And this country deserves better.


Sorry Joanie, misread it thats all, must have been you calling McCain uncle earlier and then calling him granddaddy confused me. Make up your mind on what they are ok.


Oh, BTW, where did chuck go? He has a habit of ske...-oh, don't worry, I won't use that obsolete and ridiculous word, chuck.

You must have had something really, really important to do. Right, chuck?


Steven, McCain can't be both? Didn't know that. :)


Joanie, I didn't compare "sex with war." Actually that'd be you, when you said "lying about sex is such a crime...lying about war, well we do it all the time."

You brought it up. I don't have a 'sex fetish.' I just tried to show that you were off the mark on both counts. And so far, you haven't said anything that counters either of the two points.


But ole Bill lied to save his ass on what could have been a terrible tragedy to our country. Imagine a President being blackmailed by a foriegn spy agency because he got himself some Monica. What secrets he might have given up if Congress didn't act in time. Thats would have been worse than Iraq anyday.

What President Bush did was to protect us from a perceived threat to this country. Better to act than to be sorry later. I see a lot of that stuff going on in our schools nowadays. Schools are going into lockdown more. Why? Because they want to be safe than to be sorry.

In your world Joanie, you would rather see people die than to take action to prevent it. That is what is sad about you. You are intelligent but just cant seem to put two and two together. No common sense whatsoever.


Chucks (the leader), Nevets, Wutitiz, Duffman...the far-right militia's all here, and all aligned against one brave woman. Where's PugetSound, on assignment from Rove?


what's up, that's why I take you as a totally irrelevant poster. You are the one making and remaking the big deal about Clinton. My advice? Get over it.

And if you want proof of the idiocy of that Clinton crap, just read Steven's post below it. Speaks for itself.

Gee, if Peter Sellers weren't dead, he'd be the perfect fool for a movie based on your narrative, Steven. Guess we'll have to go with Austin Powers.

"Perceived" threat? Oh, who's been listening to Huckabee lately? Gee, next you'll be looking for those Easter Eggs, Steven. Well, hope you find them.

What about the "perceived" threat in Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Saudi Arabia (from whence came 15 of the 9-11 killers - but then, they are friends of the Decider), China (now there's a real threat but it's call"economic") - gee, with any luck, Steven, we'll be warring with the whole damn world. Won't that just make your day!

You'd probably really have to sign up then.

I don't think you've ever posted a sillier comment, Steven. That one is a dilly even for you.


Joanie, 4 of them against one of you...hardly a fair fight. I think they do need PugetSound, and maybe 5 more beyond that to even the odds. What do you think?


Joanie, again, you brought up the "Bush lied about war, Clinton about sex" angle. I just responded. If you didn't want a response, why bring it up?


Sorry joanie
A fellow needs nourishment to keep up the energy to post. Besides, it was my night to cook. Done, consumed and the grand brat is cleaning up after me.
After this, it is time to be read to. God, I hate Harry Potter. We are on the third one since Christmas.
Anyway joanie, in spite of all of your and others left wing mantra about Bush lying to get us into war, I am still not buying it. Sorry, but Bush, Pelosi, Clinton, Slimmy Harry, Kennedy and all of the spy agency's around the world believed that that sand crab had WMD. They all believed that he was willing to use them. I do not feel the need to duplicate wutitiz' post above, but I understand that it will sink in to your demented brain that his own generals believed it as well.
Maybe one day we can sit down and have a cup of coffee and figure out that we are both human, and that neither one of us is evil. We just do not agree on some shit.
You are right, I have not yet visited a military hospital (yet).
I have visited the Old Soldiers Home in Orting a few times though.
Some WW2, Nam and Korean conflict folks there. You should check it out. Real people who need company. Won't cost you nothing but time and gas.


Come on storsie, do not put Duffy on my team. Although he has never posted anything that was offensive to me personally, he is for thunder thighs for POTUS and gummint health care.
He really is on your side.
And joanie has been spanking me just fine these last couple of years. She don't need no help.


Oh, he's far-right just like you OK. Us progressives, with Kucinich out, are flocking to Obama. And I believe Duffman's in a motorcycle gang, which would make him right-wing.


what's up, reread dear. You're history at this point. Go have your wet dreams about Bill.

chucks, sweet meaningless post totally devoid of anything of substance and noticeably avoiding my questions.

Since I'd rather not repost everything already said, I'll just have to accept the fact that Harry Potter is your reading level and move on.

Perhaps there should be a reading test before granting voting privileges.

Storsie, I think I've spent my passion for tonight. Appreciate the thought. Thanks. BTW, I like spanking naughty boys...:)


Here's something else to add to the bruhaha..

According to this article that appears credible, the Democratic Party has become the puppets of one George Soros. This is a relevant part of the debate - and I expect that you progressives (i.e. Storsie) will do a lot of denying and whining.. If you can supply substantive evidence to refute this, I will check it out. See the article below:



Sorry - the link was incomplete...
Check this!


Check this!

One more time !


There is something wrong here - the preview showed the entire link, then it proceeded to cut the part below off. At this point I will only send the part that was cut off and leave to the interested reader to do the rest. (see below)



Well joanie, maybe the next perceived threat will come during the next presidents term and if it is, and that president is a Lib, I'll be sure to back him/her up 100 percent. Just like I did during the Carter Administration, joining up after them Iranians stormed the embassy and like I did during Clintons terms in office by going over to the gulf region protecting Americas interests in the area. I didn't run and hide when my unit was called upon to go. I knew it might be dangerous, might even get shot at but I went and served. Where were you? having afternoon coffee with Officer Friendly?

And it is no more farfetched than your "President Bush lied us into war" joanie. All President make tough decisions on the information in front of them. I'm sure FDR made a damn hard one sending Americas finest to an onslaught of gunfire on D-Day. How many died in that one assault on a beach in Normandy? If he had not given that order to go, how many more would have died under the NAZI's. Tough decisions Joanie, probably something you are not good at.


Sorry, KluelesS, your late to the affray. Joanie has vanquished the pathetic army of ultraconservatives that was arrayed against her, and she has retired for the evening.



While I'm basically done for the night, I can't let that ridiculous comparison go by. C'mon, Steven, even you must know better than to compare the Decider's war for oil to D-Day.

I mean, really. You're better than that - tell me you're better than that, please.

I mean, you do know the difference between being attacked and being the attacker? Right? You know that...? Umm, this was a preemptive war and it turns out that it was for oil. You get that, right?

I mean, one was WW2 and the other is an unlawful attack on a very small nation for oil. Right?

I mean, I'm not sure I can sleep tonight if I think you are really equating the Iraqi people with Hitler, the Nazis, Pearl Harbor and the Emperor of Japan,

Please, tell me you know better. Please.

Oh, and if you really wanted revenge for 911, why didn't you encourage your friend, the Great Decider, to attack Saudi Arabia? We might at least have gotten some Bin Ladens there.


Historical note to Never-Nevetsland: FDR (and JFK) both had their "Monica's". Were they somehow "Blackmail immune", or does your sex scandal boner begin in 1992 and end in 2000?

Joanie: Don't mind them. As "bad" as they are painting things for Democrats, they are facing this reality:

McPain - "Amnesty" lover & Feingold friend
(not to mention father of illegitimate black child, remember?)

MittRomney - Believer in: Christ/Satan brotherhood, magic rocks, and golden tablets.

That Jim Nabors lookalike - Captain of the US Theocracy express...

Oh, and whomever wins the Biggest Loser, they face more fun:

* Iraq debacle inheritance
* Recession ala Bush-uh-nomics
* Key-note speaker at RNC convention:
30% hobbled-duck Prez.

So yeah, don't worry Joanie. Nevets, Puget, Chucks, and Duffy are all depressed and lashing out in their own special ways.


The New York Herald-Tribune referred to Thyssen as "Hitler's Angel" and mentioned Bush as an employee of the investment banking firm Thyssen used in the United States. Some records in the National Archives, including the Harriman papers, document the continued relationship of Brown Brothers Harriman with Thyssen and some of his German investments up until his 1951 death.[6] Investigator John Loftus has said, "As a former federal prosecutor, I would make a case for Prescott Bush, his father-in-law (George Walker) and Averell Harriman [to be prosecuted] for giving aid and comfort to the enemy. They remained on the boards of these companies knowing that they were of financial benefit to the nation of Germany." Two former slave laborers from Poland have filed suit in London against the government of the United States and the heirs of Prescott Bush in the amount of $40 billion. A class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. in 2001 was dismissed based on the principle of state sovereignty.



"Saturday September 25, 2004"

How timely! Gee ya think that might have been thoroughly vetted by now? DUHHHH!!!
I'm in no way a fan of his but give me a break!


The comment is in response to little Steven and his Nazi's, so Duff's, Fuck off, ok?


re-coil, didn't you get the memo?
IGNORE!...and watch your language; this is a family blog.


The essence of information misses the target completely with these guys, Coiler. That's why right-wing radio works so well on them. Superficial, name-calling, tintillating and emotional - that's what doffo understands.

So, don't take him seriously. He's not worth it. He's simply a punctuation mark on everyone else's conversation.


Excellent! See, merci - joanie knows how to ignore; it's not hard, really. PLEASE heed your reference. Thank you joanie.


dear blatherwatch, I was glad to see the tidbit about dori being a girls name being repeated here. Why didn't I get credit for it I don't know. If you google "dori is a girls name" the first entry is my post here on january 14th. Just trying to get all my 15 minutes of fame a little bit at a time. I used to date a girl named dori and thats how I knew. Actually it was short for dorinda which means beautiful gift from god.


I was hoping to read a comment or two here on the Bernie Ward blurb, but no such luck. Perhaps you have all said whatever you wanted to say about the matter in past postings, in which case I should check the Blatherwatch archives.

However, I'll go out on a limb now and guess that there are some among you who find it easy to defend the guy, or at least to engage in a bit of sympathetic spin on his behalf, due to his ideological leanings and his value as an articulate critic of the right.

Am I correct?


Loozertarian, there was some discussion of Bernie here recently. I think it's fair to say that the consensus was "trial first, verdict later." I recalled the FL case where then-prosecutor Janet Reno destroyed a guy over what turned out to be false charges in a pedofilia case.

If Bernie Ward had been say, a Rush Limbaugh no doubt he would already stand convicted in the court of public opinion, but as a lib there is agreement from both right & left that we let the trial play out.


D&D, I think it starts when Bill lied to the United States on national TV that he "did not have sexual relations with that woman". Now tell me whether FDR or JFK did that and I will backdate it.

Coiler, nice read, just do not get how it pertains to FDR and Bush making tough decisions on War. Also you should reread it. Notice the inaccuracies in it. They are far apart in the article, but if you pay attention you will catch them.

And Joanie, like I said, you can't make the hard decisions can you. Always take the easy way out.


Just for you D&D. sing to the tune of "The Warrior" by the Scandals.

The Paladin

You blog, blog, blog away
It's your thoughts that you betray
Feeding on your angry rhetoric
I bet you're not really poetic

Well isn't blogging here just peachy
Michaels gift to you and me
Click on to blatherwatch
And follow me news junky child
Words are a cinch
My fingers run wild

Blogging in the halls of the internet
Bang, bang
I am the Paladin
Well I am the Paladin
Words to write to live
To survive the Blogosphere, the Blogosphere

You type, type, type too me
Your words touch me emotionally
Stay with me I'll lead the fight
Remember, I had the Shark in my sights
Who's the hunter, who's the game?
I wound him up with what’s her name
He was just too slippery
Don't care what you think abob
It wasn't my fault she lost her job

Blogging in the halls of the internet
Bang, bang
I am the Paladin
Well I am the Paladin
Words to write to live
To survive the Blogosphere, the Blogosphere

Blogging in the halls of the internet
Bang, bang
I am the Paladin
Well I am the Paladin
Words to write to live
To survive the Blogosphere, I am mercifurious


Ted kennedy has given Obama his endorsment. Great, just what the man needs, a criminal who used his name to beat a rap.

Super Soul

It's because bleck peeple scare wittle nevets and his toy soldjas

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