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January 25, 2008



Rush Limbaugh used the "spade work" reference to parody Hillary Clinton's subtle racism when she said on the NBC Today Show, "“When they say to themselves, OK, I have a choice between a truly inspirational speaker (Obama) who has not done the kind of spade work with the sort of experience that another candidate has”


abob is exactly correct here. This comes from a Hillary quote where she said (and many pointed out that she does not say things by accident) that Obama had not done his 'spade-work.' So this was Limbaugh's mimicry of Hillary.

Not surprised that Mr. Blather appears not to have heard of it, since it was barely reported, in contrast to, for instance, the 'maccaca' remark by George Allen(R).


"episiotomies for men"

Hmmmm, must be 'Republican' men...don't they tend to favor elephants. :)


"episiotomies for men"

Hmmmm, must be 'Republican' men...don't they tend to favor elephants. :)


sorry 'bout that double-up.


So 'wutitiz', I must ask how did you arrive at your moniker? Yours has got to be one of the most unique herein. :)


David Goldstein has built a formidable online community? His blog is very predictable, repetitive, and inbred. It's a glorified chatroom where 1% of the people write 99% of the comments. The only difference between his blog and a chatroom is people use more, and bigger words to flame each other.

I read this radio-related article in today's Seattle Times. The title is "New online station resurrects Seattle's rich radio tradition."



Good link DT, thanks; I actually found the complete link to be:
or: Times Radio ArticleA>



Slim pickin's today, huh?



Thank you for putting Rush's comments in context, and telling us the back-story behind it. I wonder why Blathering Michael didn't point that out.


Let's face it. Blatherwatch could be nickname SuckUpWatch, the way you suck up to David Goldstein. I use to listen to Goldy every Sunday but now it's just the same old shtick...or should I say same old shi_


Thanks gentlemen, for reminding us that a racist comment is funny, no matter who says it.

Looking forward to seeing all your blogs in the near future, since you will do a much better job than Bla'm.


Maybe BW gets referal traffic from horse's ass. There's nothing wrong with back scratching - that's just the Glorious Free Market at work.


"..referal traffic from horse's ass"

conjures up a horrible image...:)

blathering michael

I promote Horse's ass radio because part of BlatherWatch's mission is to promote live, local liberal talk.
I was astounded to find that KIRO failed to use Goldy when building their so-called "community-based" new site. Having built one, Goldy knows more about building Web community as anyone I know -- and he's already on the payroll.


The UPPER most echelons of radio consist of small circles that occasionally collide. Occasionally they even collide on eastbound 520. On November 9th. No real mystery about it.


I swore off Dori postings except for exceptionally asinine or obnoxious behavior on his part, and this afternoon's show qualifies. Monson is talking about his airplane puzzler of last week but also a new problem- the "Let's Make a Deal" puzzler. It's a very simple probability problem where the listeners to his show were asked if, after a contestant had chosen one door out of three doors as his choice to hold a big prize, whether he or she woudl be wise to switch doors after one of the two doors he hadn't picked was revealed to have one of the two booby prizes. Of course the contestant should switch, since the other door would now have a 66% chance as opposed to the 33% chance of his original choice. The way Monson is puffing up like a blowfish as he revels in his conceit of superiority over his understanding of the problem,and plays math professor to his listeners is of course sickening, as usual, but more importantly-absolutely hilarious. What a pompous conceited ass.


Dorkus must be hard up for show material. The Lets Make a Deal puzzler is decades old.


Duffman, thank you for asking...."what it is" was a greeting sometimes used in Chgo, where I lived before I got tired of the corruption & moved to glorius, clean, Seattle.

I guess it was choked out of existence by "what's up," with which some have erroneously confused "wutitiz." I like it because you can play games w/ it by pronouncing it in different ways.
When I discovered the wonders of BW, HA, and SP, I was posting w/ my real name, but I got into a debate on HA. Several of the HA trolls kind of scared me by how they responded and I decided to go with the moniker. I think they may have been given the boot by Goldy, because I don't see 'em now the few times I visit HA.
I still have a certain admiration for those w/ the guts to use real names.


"what it is"

Born and raised there myself wutitiz, I was wondering if you were from there after mentioning Steve Dahl. South Sider here, 35th & Archer.


I was going to say that you could explain it, after your post about 'disco demolition.' I lived there for 15 yrs. near 55th&Everett. South side, although some people don't consider Hyde Park real South Side. However, growing up I had an Aunt who lived on Waveland Ave whom I visited almost every summer, so I'm a Cubs fan. 35th&Archer, you've got to be a Sox fan (and a tough guy), remind me not to cross you.


Sparky, did you just (Jan 25 9:28AM) accuse Hillary of making a racist comment? Sparky, Sparky, Sparky.


>>What a pompous conceited ass.<<

Dori Monson is an asshole...this is news?


Also on today's show, Monson asked whether you're greedy if you resent the fact that people who haven't paid any federal income tax last year are getting a 300 dollar check, and also are angry that you as a 6 figure earner aren't getting the 600 dollar check. This is a question? Of course you're a greedy scumbucket bastard, Dori, if you feel this way, and you've made it clear that you do.


oh please, wutz, pleeeeeease dont become one of those people to whom I need to explain my posts...arggghhhh it was Rush I was referring to. It appeared that the others wanted to give Rush a pass because he was "only quoting" what Hillary said.

leif-gard swanson-monson

Luke Burbank will be giving away free pizza to all listeners next week. I have suggested pizza from the Trattoria (Shark's fave) where all employees wash their genitals a minimum of 6 times per shift.


what's up - who cares. Your name is as boring as your posts.

Now, to some interesting stuff: I noticed some discomfort between Olbermann and Matthews. Matthews is such a brat. But, Olbermann stutters around him. Olbermann's gotta get over that.

Olbermann is obviously superior in every way to Matthews but somehow Matthews gets the best of him. Olbermann is clearly the parent to Matthews child; but, Olbermann still needs to crank up the confidence when in charge.

I wish they'd fire Matthews. He has absolutely nothing to offer.

Oh, and Duff, I read you're as scintillating us usual.


Never made it over to that area. Closet probably would be the Ampitheater. Seen a couple good concerts there.

Not a tough guy at all, but yes, grew up a sox fan and of course DA Bears. Good to see someone else from the Windy City.


"Keith's in charge and Chris Matthews is pissed. In a profile in the February edition of Men's Journal, Paul Tullis cites a senior executive at MSNBC, who says, "Keith runs MSNBC. It's been an amazing turnaround, because two years ago they were going to cancel him."

Amazing ?? MSNBC's ratings have improved little since then and they lag behind CNN and the cable network everyone left of center loves to hate - FNC. I predict that this will not change at MSNBC - as long as the inmates run that asylum. Matthews at least can show some class, unlike Olber... even though Matthews lacks objectivity - like they all do (on both sides- I might add).


Ah yes, Matthews is a classy guy, and such a professioanl...like when on the August 10, 2007, edition of Hardball, during a discussion of financial news, Matthews told CNBC's Erin Burnett, "[Y]ou're beautiful," and "[y]ou're a knockout," before closing the interview by saying, "It's all right getting bad news from you." Matthews also asked Burnett: "Could you get a little closer to the camera?" Burnett replied, "My -- what is it?" Matthews then said: "Come on in closer. No, come in -- come in further -- come in closer. Really close." After Burnett began to comply, Matthews stated, "Just kidding! You look great! Anyway, thanks, Erin, it's great to -- look at that look. You're great."

To Laura Ingrahm he said, "I get in trouble for this, but you're great looking, obviously. You're one of the gods' gifts to men in this country. But also, you are a hell of a writer."

On the July 24, 2007, edition of Hardball, Matthews hosted Amber Lee Ettinger, Taryn Southern, and Adolina Kristina, stars of the online videos "I Got a Crush ... on Obama," "Hott 4 Hill," and "I Got a Crush ... on Giuliani," respectively. Matthews opened the interview by describing Ettinger, Southern, and Kristina as "these gorgeous creatures of god." During the discussion, Matthews said to Southern: "You're giving me the peepers. I can tell ...You are doing it. You are flashing your incredible eyebrows at me. Look at that. It's awful what you're doing." Matthews described each of the women as "great looking," and later said to Ettinger: "[B]e careful with the advances you are making with your eyes right now. I'm not a casting agent." Southern had previously been a guest on the July 16 edition of Hardball, where Matthews described her as a "cutie-pie."



Yes, creepy. He belongs on Faux News. Fits right in.


chris matthews is creepy...which is why he fits in with the keith olberman type who treats ladies in such a poor fashion. here is an example of 'bathtub boy' olberman -and there is a funny story as to how he got THAT name- treats the 'ladies.'


joanie you are spot on with your observation that olby lacks confidence.

or just general perception of olberman outside the nutter realm.


keith lacks confidence as joanie pointed out with Matthews when he has to deal with someone who can debate him. even a creep like matthews -and i agree with you 100 percent on that sparky- really disdains olberman for what he is and could make the bathtub boy look silly.
that is why keith doesn't have the confidence to bring on guests with opposing viewpoints. he is a good ranter...some apparently enjoy that kneejerkian reactive crap i guess which explains a rush or a randi. others find it amusing that people actually look to olberman for informed analysis. seriously, people actually do. of course, we also have a illiteracy rate of what, 20 percent?


Now Puts, you know the difference between private behavior and someone whose onair behavior is out there for all to see.


that's true, but we all had a nice laugh at rush and his wild ride to south america...and while his subsequent bust for pills was public record the trip down there was a private matter.


Oh Putz-hole
(Sigh) Can't you leave Olberman alone?
It's getting to be a little like Brokeback Mountain.


I thought you had sworn off the namecalling?


Looks like I am a victim of identity theft here. The above post at 10:30 am is not mine.
Can we move to some kind of sign in system? Maybe it's too much trouble.
Joanie, far be it for me to object to your name calling at this point. I am fairly inured to it and engage in it myself at times. So rant on.


PugetSound: A she-said from a blogger, and a nearly incomprehensible rant, both reported in the NY Post, a tabloid owned by Fox News's Rupert Murdoch, MSNBC's rival are supposed to be taken seriously?


Puts: surely you've learned by now that on this blog - any sources quoted must be liberal-progressive approved. :)


No, the Joanie above is not me either. Duffo, why do you do it? Nobody else on this blog thinks it is funny but you. And nobody on this blog has the rep for faux names like you do.

And, you know, you might consider some counseling.


Ain't me, never done it, never will do it and that's a fact.
Believe as you will. :)


For the record, some of the posts in the past that had my name on them were not made by me. I never once mentioned it. Why? Because I don't really care what people on a blog thing about me. Why am I bringing it up now? Just to add to Joanie's complaint that one or more people occasionally use other people's ID's, and to remind people, you really can't trust that what you read on here is who you think it's from.


Gotta say that in the past, somebody has posted on my behalf as well. I did not comment on it at the time. We have us a genuine pansy assed wussie, lacking the brains to get a head ache idiot that feels the need to post bs using another's handle.
I, as joanie and cpp3 will testify to, can make unintelligible idiotic rants on my own. Don't need some dipshit making it tougher. Same with many others here.
So anonymous dipshit. Quit being such a pussy and take credit for your own crap.


I believe it was Andrew who used my name, and several others. I also think he posted as Joanie in the past. I remember one day I saw a post that was supposedly made by me made really early in the morning. I didn't make it. Guess who's name it was sandwiched between? Yup. Andrew. In other words, Andrew made a post, then a couple of minutes later there was a post by "me." Then a few minutes later there was a post by Andrew. And this was all around 1 or 2 or 3 in the morning. I forget when, but it was really early in the morning when these posts, in this example, happened. Draw your own conclusions. But there are about a dozen other times I've seen my ID up there when it wasn't me that made the post.


I'm turned off when that stuff happens. Michael could out whoever is doing it. At least sometimes.

It doesn't make this blog more interesting for me. I get frustrated with the stupidity of it.

I like talking radio and politics. 'Nuf said.

Wonder whatever happened to Bellingham Bob? Ryder-who posts very rarely? Liz? and several others... Sarge, I'm glad you're hanging in.

Somebody posted on HA that they were starting to really like TBTL and thought it was the best radio on the dial. I still haven't heard it. I'm loyal to KPTK.

But, I've turned off KPTK three times in the last half hour. I just hit the off button as fast as I can when they air the "sprinkler system for the forest-but daddy, why is the sky blue-a nudge in the ribs(or elsewhere)-please stay tuned the gov is liquidating" one long yawn of over-repeated public service commercials.

This is one station that is probably losing listeners because of their commercials. Better to air dead space. Quiet time. Consider it KPTK.


I would also like to throw a shout out to AudioSlave and SeattleJew who seem to have drifted away...
Same with Freemont.


audioslave - like duffo - was outed as being several different people and slinked away with his tail between his legs.

I liked talking to him until I found out that he, like so many rightwingers, was a fraud.


"..like duffo - was outed as being several different people.."

That is an incorrect statement young lady. I was never outed as being several people...my IP address may have been found to be the source of imitators but I can assure you I have trouble enough being just me. Like others I've ignored many posts where someone was using my moniker. I'm getting kind of tired of the accusations, also. :(


that is bs on audioslave. i was a regular reader of the board when he was posting. show me. if you are right i will apologize.

oh yeah, we are providing entertainment to whoever pulled the latest identity theft. i am sure she/he is enjoying the verbal crapfest. enjoy.


i also base my disdain for your theory as audioslave regularly handed you your lunch on this board. i have a hard time believing he slunk away.
my theory on the disappearance of audioslave: boredom.

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