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January 30, 2008



this too bad - David was fun to listen to, podcast or live.


David Goldstein is pathetic. He is a liberal talk show host who failed to attract an audience in Seattle; a city with a vast overwhelming majority of liberals in its population.


The "dumbing down" of kiro is the best quote to describe it all.


Goldy was the highlight of my weekend radio listening (after Wait, Wait). There will be lots of trolling here about him, but his firing is a blow to live anmd local radio. You can be a Republican and know that is troubling. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for Stefan Sharkansky to get a show anytime soon. I'm sad.


Congrats, Goldy! You're officially a radio talk show host! You've been fired but basically no reason! That's just the way it is.


i think it would be all-encompassing to just say
"KIRO R.I.P 19** - 2008". If the powers that be think that TBTL is what people want, then get ready for more of that crap.

Wait. I forgot.

KIRO management has never cared what listeners want.

My bad.


Sorry to hear about this, Goldy.

I know many Sikh cab drivers who will miss you - their favorite show

A great Local progressive voice - and integrated with an actual blog.

Good riddance LDSville. Looks like they used the ol' Urim and Thummim for KIRO content, too. Nice job.


Note: Queue Orbusmax' first orgasm in a year... (orgasmax? orbusclimax?)


I like TBTL, but not at the expense of political talk. I was just making a routine of listening to the podcasts rather than turning on the radio and had planned to load some of Goldy's up but now it's too late for that.

They did the universe right by getting rid of Shiers, this must be the yin to that yang.


At least KIRO didn't change the whole format, like when the talk station The Buzz turned into the country music station The Wolf.

The only person I would really care if they fired would be Tom Douglas. Seriously. If he's gone, I will be mad.

I'm surprised they fired Jeffers. He was hardly on anyway.

I thought Goldstein was a good fit at KIRO. Too bad he's gone. He's pretty good. I think he'll pop up someplace else.


how in the heck can you get rid of political talk during a freakin ELECTION year?


I predict weekend-KIRO will go the route of the quasi-infomercial like KVI's 'crash talk,' 'travel talk,' and 'ageless living talk'


YIKES Wutitiz!
Well, I guess the economics are driving this.
Truth be told, those Weekend Hosts can't be getting more than a few sheckles an hour for what they do and had to have regular day jobs to keep things afloat. Despite the low pay/lack of a appropriate support staff it probably still doesn't really pencil out. Maybe we can get Chucks to sponsor 'RV Talk' with a political bent. He can bring on Goldy and Shark as co-hosts. Just don't go against Greg's Japanese Hour. I love that show.


"So go ahead trolls… have at it. You’ve been waiting for the day to rub my face in it, and that day is finally here. Just remember that as you gloat, you’re also talking about a real person with a mortgage to pay and a child to feed, who has sacrificed the better part of the past four years to trying to make a difference, however much you disagree with me on the issues. And, remember that we didn’t just lose a local liberal show… we lost another local show, and that can’t be a positive thing for anybody but the most vindictive amongst you."

Goldy, I am not happy to see you go. I don't like to see most anyone lose their job. I do wish that your show had had guests on that you disagreed with
I think you will be back on radio again and I think you'll have learned from the experience. I really think you could become like a John Carlson. You have a quick mind and are a very good debater. The hour or so you had with Sharkansky was good radio. Also, learn to bring a little humor into the show. That's just my take.

Gay Gary

Here is what Luke Burbank just said. They had a big on-air fete to dance all over Goldstein's still warm grave. I was able to type it verbatim because Burbank speaks soooo slowly, not because I type so fast. OMG he is so hot in his mynorthwest.com photo!!!

[cue music: "SATURDAY NIGHT" by Bay City Rollers - yes, they actually started playing that! yo TBTL!]

"Cancel your plans for every Saturday night going forward! We're going weekends! That's right - Saturday's 7 to 10 you can hear TBTL Weekend ... the best bits of this show carefully hand selected and put together in a 3 hour nugget of radio excellence for you. It's the perfect pre-funk soundtrack for Saturday night. Have you ever taken a cocktail into the shower Jennifer? You've got to make sure you don't get shower water into the drink. But if you fall down you're already in the shower. I've always found it to be pretty fun. I've occasionally been locked in that wash-rinse-repeat vicious circle. This is what people need to be doing from NOW ON from 7-10 Saturday, turn on the radio - for some of you younger people, those letters AM - AM those are letters you may not be familiar with. Saturday night break out the old fashioned AM radio - this is very exciting! The only challenge for us is deciding which 3 hours to put in because they're ALL stellar. That is our big news today. Thanks SO MUCH to Rod Arquette and Scott Sutherland who have decided to put us on an additional night. VERY EXCITING!!! Okay, we need to take a break in just a moment ..."


The willingness to get rid of useless dead wood like David Goldstein is the reason KIRO is and will continue to be the highest rated talk radio station in Seattle.


You mean to tell me that was Goldy on saturdays and sundays. I thought it was still Erin Hart.


Let's see if the Sikh cab drivers tune in to TBTL reruns.



Kelly Jenkens

Who could listen to this guys whiny voice?

And he called himself a "liberal"? And played Lennons "Revolution" as if he understood a single word?

Just another mislead confused East Coast bandwagon jumper, who never even had a clue about the roots of whatever he was attempting to talk about. I'd bet "goldie" would get along just fine with that hideous Gene Simmons. Peas in a Fog Pod.

No wonder some "democrats" consider themselves revolutionaries and "anti war" (when most of the last wars were started by the party this clown loves to tout). Kinda like some "republicans" consider themselves "pro constitution"

I hope I never hear his ridiculous cat screeching blabberings again. Or those fake "progressives" he used to think people were actually interested in hearing.

Blah Blah Blogger



Good thought, PugetSound--Goldy could have created some good radio by having Shark on. Goldy kept himself well informed. In that regard he was better than the typical host throwing around platitudes.

However, he seemed unwilling to be challenged by other well-informed people. This is an idea waiting to be successfully executed (the 'Commentators' don't pull it off).

If boxing & MMA did what talk radio does, they would put a pro in the ring and have him go against somebody picked out of the crowd. That would get old pretty quickly.

sweet jesus, luke

I'm so bummed, KIRO is gone, KVI on their lips. TBTL is like Saturday morning TV.


Jeeze run away for a few days and upon my return I read Kiro Kills Week End Radio Shows - Phil "The News Junkie" viewed as prime suspect along with Dori "I haven't seen a promo I won't do so far"

TBTL --------- in repeat land on weekends. Oh Joy I may just take up reading and maybe along the way learn to write, because I really can't see or hear myself relistening to TBTL a second time (assuming of course that I did listen the first time). I will be honest I'm starting to warm up to the show but wish people could or would call into the show.

Carl Jeffers being told to "shut up or is it INHALE DANGIT" its about time! I've never heard someone say so much in a few minutes and not let anyone get a word in edgewise. Sometimes informative yet annoying to me.

I'm going to miss Goldy so I finish this post with the following.

Will the last person leaving Kiro please remember to turn off the 50 jillion watt transmitter on the way out.


1090 needs David Goldstein! Blurbunk replacing Goldstein? Ha! Let's see where those ratings fall...


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