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January 07, 2008



I don't like to see a guy lose his job, but oh, hooray.

My Man Dori

There goes live and local.


Phil Hendrie?

Catlin Capital

If I was Ron and Don I would be SHAKING IN MY BOOTS!


It's interesting that they can him just after they used him in major prime time minutes filling in for Dori during the holidays.

To me, that bespeaks of management incompetence. I'm no Shires fan, but if they thought he was that bad they should've come up with another solution during the holiday week. They could've brought back Mike Siegel.


Tommy, you know we're all waiting breathlessly for your take on this. You must think this close to osteopornosis.

Another snob from Penn

Syndicated talk shows suck even worse than the right-wing nitwits that Bonneville seems to find in some gutter. Bring back Erin Hart!


Another sad day in the evolution of local radio...

The Seattle landscape is rapidly falling victim to the "anytown" syndrome.

By the way, it is my understanding the Phil Hendrie show is one big scam. He interviews himself with multiple voice impersonations. The stories are all hoaxes.

It is hard to believe that KIRO can call itself a news radio station.

Good luck Frank.


If Luke has any guts & sense he'll be sure to regularly make fun of the Mormon PSA's.
As long as your ratings are good, Luke, they can't do a damn thing about it.


Doubt he'd be as bold and to do that, as it could lead to karmageddon.


Scam??? A scam is when you take a shoplifted item back to Nordstrom for a cash refund. A scam is when the DOL way overvalues your car to jack up your tab tax.

A comedy show featuring voice impersonations is not a scam.


OK then andrews, it would be funny if he at least do an over-the-top, feigned angry tirade against Mitt Romney sometime during his maiden show.


Praise Jesus!!! I can't express enough my gratitude to KIRO and Bonneville in making it loud and clear that rambling on about one's daughter and doing a smarmy Dori impression is will not go unpunished.

OK, I should feel bad that he's out of a job but I realy want to feel good for the opurtunity this presents to potential and more deserving local talent who may take over that time slot. Frank Shiers was dead air to me.




Hey Wutitz you putz!

How the fuck does a legtiimate Edward Murrah award winning news station put on a comedy faux talk show like Phil Hendrie.

The show is a scam because it is never revealed that there are voice impersonations.

You're a fucking idiot!


Yes, that w/be funny wutitz; we'll just have to inoculatte ourselves and listen in.

My Man Dori

I blame this board for the fall of Frank Shiers and the death of live and local.


An answer to my prayers.

There is a God!


WHAT!???!? Say it ain't so!

No more Orbusmax, WorldNetDaily, and Drudge talking points used directly as show prep? (lazy fuck, we know what you were up to)

And (gasp!), no more 2 hour yawn sessions about Shudder Shiers' brat/spawn during "slow news days"?
("Slow News Day" = too many breaking GOP scandals)

Too bad. So sad.

My(Gay Crush)Man Dori:
Only one person to blame for the death of Frank Shiers: Frank "Shudder" Shiers.


I equate listening to Shires and/or Styble to tolerating a beelzebug.

Def: beelzebug - Satan in the form of a mosquito, that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.


As much as I disliked Shiers' show, I am annoyed that he is being replaced by a syndicated show. I don't listen to KIRO for syndicated shows, I listen for live and local radio. If it's just a syndicated show, I won't bother to tune to 710 at all after 10 pm.


This just coming off of Christmas ... I'm elated. I realy feel like KIRO wants to be my friend again. After Shiers and Phil the News Junkie I was convinced they were giving me the finger but all is forgiven.


Sorry Frank lost his job. Never liked him, and I've met and had dealings with the man. But he was truly one of the most cringe-inducing radio programs I've ever heard. Talk about a guy who loved to hear himself talk.

Hey, andrews--you wanna stop with the insipid punning? Nausea-making. Or is it just a sign that your schizophrenia is showing?


Hendire is a horse's ass. so long local programming.


JustinAtheropinion: Yes, it's my 'phrenia showing, would you please allow me this therapy. It helps me deal with you bozone types.

Def: bozone - The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright idas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.


Brilliant Cory, I get it. You're stacking a parody on top of a parody, trying to bait me into an angry response and make me look like the stupid one. I saw thru it when I realized that nobody could listen to PH for more the 10 minutes and not realize that it's comedy, plus the fact that the 'Murrah' award-winning station features Ron&Don from 3-6.


Phil Hendrie ratings will suck just like Shiers. Phil does the same stupid voices every night. He is a one trick pony. The big difference is that KIRO will not have to pay Hendrie a salary plus medical benefits. Good business decision.


Ah, you can't be "fired" from one station and continue to work at another within the same ownership. You're playing very loose with words, Michael, as you always have. So they made a programming decision. So what? Dr. Laura was on KOMO, went away, came back on KIRO. Phil Hendrie was the BUZZ, went away, now he's back.

Frank will come back as fill-in when needed or even end up over at KTTH. They really need SOMETHING for afternoons instead of David Boze.

Or, once Luke Skywalker crashes and burns, Frank can take the 7 to 9/10 spot.


Let me just say that while Frank and I rarely agreed on anything, he has always been incredibly gracious to me, and I want to publicly thank him for his advice and friendship.

I know he's gotten a bit of shit here on BlatherWatch, but he's a good guy who deserves a bit of respect. It's not an easy job.


spot on goldy, hopefully Frank realizes that these are mostly a bunch of middle age guys sitting in their underwear, drinking instant coffee, typing away.


Regarding Phil Hendrie, yeah, he fools all his callers but he does state clearly at the end of every hour that his guests are not real and that he does all the voices. (The callers though are 100% real.) I'll take him over Hendrie any day of the week -- and now I get him Monday thru Friday. Good deal!


very classy comments goldy.
frank's show was low key, no yelling, and he actually would let the caller make his/her point. he comes across as very professional both in tone and demeanor.

and lets be honest, to a certain extent, he wasn't 'liked' on this board because his politics differed.


Criminy -- send me back to school! I intended to write "I'll take Hendrie over Shiers any day of the week."


Frank was low-key, all right, so low key he's back at spinning the oldies for the ladies of a certain age. He might have been nice to you, Goldy, and you to him, but either of you would have shot the other in the back over that time slot. The fuck of it is, that neither of you are in there, and that guy from off the satellite is.


"Respect" for what? He's a fat dumb dope who couldn't shut up about his daughter. At least Hendrie is funny, at least he used to be.


The only people Hendrie fools are the idiots who think he takes phone calls from real callers. Hendrie is always the interviewer, the guest, and the "caller". Hendrie does ALL the voices. There are NO callers.


I know he's gotten a bit of shit here on BlatherWatch, but he's a good guy who deserves a bit of respect. It's not an easy job.

With all considerable due respect, Goldy - NO, he doesn't.

When we could literally scroll down Orbusmax and see "Shiers Hour-1, Shiers Hour-2, etc.", that's called a stale, unoriginal, right-wing echo-chamber.

Added to this the "coincidence" of Shiers turning to "Shiers spawn talk" during GOP scandal nights, and you basically have a DJ's voice that the big-guys thought would be profitable in talk radio. It wasn't.

Yes, it's not an easy job. But this is what weeds the weak from the strong - right or left regardless

PugetSound - Again, not because of his politics, but because he just recycled the bile from others... and the stupid kid crap


I was just listening to the new Lukewarm Burbank Show... Too Beautiful To Lick.

I guess it keeps in step with KIRO's apparent new positioning as Seattle's News and Vagina Station.

Every town needs one.

 Nigel Tufnel - Lead Guitar

Frank Shiers is dead and Bryan Syble lives???!!! God is dead after all. Lookout Goldy-lo, you're next.


I'll be shedding no tears over Frank. He was a global warming denier, and republican.

karl barks

Hey dogmandeux, what more is there to life other than new vaginas?


barks... Fair enough question but one I can't answer for you.


D&D, you always seemed to know what Frankie was talking about so now who are you going to listen to before your Dungeon buddies come over for a quest?

karl barks

dog: the question was rhetorical. Vaginas forever!


Hendrie is a Bush supporter, mainly because of the war on Islamofascism - you all will love that. His politics are not right wing though- he is more of a conservative Democrat. Not sure how much improvement that will be. Talk radio seems to have hit the bottom of the barrel on KIRO and other local stations - just getting tired of the mantra - on all political sides. Dennis Miller has the right idea - have ex-SNL guests on or filling in like Norm McDonald or Dana Carvey.

Shiers was missing something - too self adulating and too much me-me-me. His arguments made sense, but he had a hard time capturing me for very long and probably many others similarly. Oh well....

Karl from Lakewood

I'm going to truely miss Frank Shiers. He is the only radio host that lets you finish what you were saying and not interrupt you. I could care less about his politics and it was nice hearing about his family. for all you previous assholes that didn't like him, you could have truned the dial and listen to the far left or far right bullshit! I guess KIRO didn't learn thier lesson whent hey tried the "Truckers Radio Network" in the overnight shift a couple of years ago. I'll miss Frank just like I miss Erin Hart, Mike Webb (God rest his soul), and Lou Pate. At least they all were local and had attitudes. I refuse to listen to some syndicated bullshit! Goodbye KIRO.


I believe it was my "ghost of Mike Webb" post of a few days ago that finally moved Mormon Management into action. Mormon Management has taken a lot of shitbombs from me in the past but may I poat my thanks and undying gratitude to you, Mormon Management, for this brave, bold action on behalf of the citizens of Seattle, and the peoples of the world as a whole. A true menace to intelligence and decency has been removed form the air. As I've stated in the past , I don't personally dislike Frank Shiers-I dispute his right to be a talkhost, based on his odious personality and major market inadequacies. Seattle deserves better. The only Seattle radio personality I personally dislike is Dori Monson.


To Sarge:
"fat, dumb dope"? What an ridiculous comment. Slide an IQ test in front of each of you and Frank would best you by 20 points.

As others have said, Frank is one of the few hosts who allowed actual DISCUSSION on his show without cutting off the caller. Perhaps that is why this happened. He should have been more rude... particularly to "fat, dumb dopes" like sarge.


I'm really sorry Frank Shiers lost his time slot, even if 4 hours was a little long. Because he isn't hyper like, say, Dori or, heaven forbid, Styble, he could usually put me to sleep at night. I didn't agree with his politics but his stories about Sarah May were interesting to me, maybe because I've raised 9 kids.

Kiro Listener


I know you're reading this page, so here's a parting shot:

Some of us always knew that behind your Elmer Fudd demeanor you were really filled with hate and disgust for anything or anyone that failed to spout the Party Line, on just about everything. You're the kind of guy that laughs at Limbaugh when he mis pronounces the last name of someone you hate.

You're a simple man with a simple mind. You never fooled some of us.

Nice guy my backside.

It's a shame we locals won't hear endless stories about when your little daughter comes home on the backside of a Harley sporting tattoos she's afraid to show you.

Too bad so sad, angry man.

Good riddance.

Love, A sometime listener!


I blame this board for the fall of Frank Shiers and the death of live and local.

Umm, I don't think so. Although if management does read us, we might be a little influential. But Frank was his own worst enemy. Just too much overblown ego there.

Condescendingly nice doesn't work. As for letting callers finish. . . he had too many available corners in which to discipline then when they kept talking over his frequent interruptions.

He was a jerk.

...he actually would let the caller make his/her point. he comes across as very professional...

See last comment. Oh, and his time outs?

He doesn't need radio. He can go back to his other fields of expertise: teaching (everything!); dispensing legal advice without a license; cartooning (surely there's a few rural red-neck towns that would find him funny); perhaps Oregon's got an opening for an expert-not on climate change?

I'm sure the expert on everything will be just fine.

I do wish we could keep live and local. That's too bad.

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