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December 21, 2007



Cenk Uygur was doomed from the start. Americans dont want to listen to some Muslim Arab lecture our President on how to run the country.


I was right. You DO stay awake all night making up shit,


I like Cenk and I'll miss him. Whatever happened to his partnership with General Clark's son? I can't remember his name. Actually, I only listened to the rebroadcast on weekends.


Unbelievable. Renewing Ron & Don? Why do radio managers continue to be fooled into thinking these two morons can do entertaining talk radio?

You know - when Bonneville took over KIRO from Entercom, many had high hopes the new owners would take the station back to its former greatness.

Now many are wishing Entercom would buy the station back.


Turks are not Arabs, abob, you dumb right-wing retard.


I've rethought Michelle's hot snarly mug, thank you Michael.


Amen Private24.

Natural Law #138: Racist faux paus make the perfect human wheat-&-chaff seperater.
(See: the ever-common hate-crimes against Sikhs)

Note: In concordance with Natural Law #138, I don't expect Abob to understand anything I've just said.


thanks mf always like back up when I call someone a 'retard'.


Cenk is one of the most articulate hosts Air America has (had). He's like Randi--doesn't mince words and tells the truth about how the right panders to the lowest common denominator in order to get votes. It's incredible how many people are so willing to believe the lies of the republican and think these scumbags are working in their best interests. Cenk needs to be on MSNBC or CNN or somewhere that he can be truly appreciated.


I like Young Turks sometimes..Cenk is very passionate, although I wish he would do a little more research before his show. I cringe when I hear him repeat false information that has been cleared up the day before by other Air America hosts,

Sometimes I think Young Turks is meant to appeal more to the age group still working out how to pick up chicks in the bar and get laid. At least Cenk talks about that on a nearly daily basis...

I wonder who is going to take that show's place?


Bob Brinker used to be pretty good when he stuck to finances. Now much of the time, he talks right-wing politics, doesn't listen to the questions and goes off on a tangent not pertaining to the questions. He is embarrassingly sexist and distainful of the women callers and unless the caller is a millionaire, he doesn't have much time for you. However, he usually has good guests in the last hour of the show.


Cenk tried to appeal to a male 18-34 demographic by spicing up his show with sex talk. That was a fatal mistake. He shoulda stuck to politics. Opie & Anthony and Howard Stern already cornered the raunchy radio market. They were Cenk's direct competition. That is a ratings battle Cenk could never win.


"Why do radio managers continue to be fooled into thinking these two morons can do entertaining talk radio?"

(answer): $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

"Now many are wishing Entercom would buy the station back."

THAT statement reminds me of Bill Clinton, always saying in his speeches that he knew "all Americans" felt this way or that. Frequently sent me back to check my birth records.


"Why do radio managers continue to be fooled into thinking these two morons can do entertaining talk radio?"

One word: ratings.


I think Brinker is geat. Can't stand it when he is interupted by some stupid "post game show" - Like anyone cares. The games over for crying out loud, duh. Can't see where Tacoma thinks he's sexist. He gives great savings for college plan ideas, infact I'm in one of them.


Since Skenk "joked" about suing Steven Colbert I have prayed for this day to come. God has answered my prayers. He did right? I don't even watch Colbert much these days, but wow, Skenk was such as jackass. His type of humor must be the kind where it's not funny enough to obviously be a joke and not delivered silly enough to obviously be a joke. I wish only the worst things for him.


The joke about suing Colbert has nothing to do with anything..and if you had heard the broadcast, which you apparently did not, you would realize that it was meant as a joke, albeit a dumb one. The program is not dissolving, but Air America will not be broadcasting it. Big deal--Mike Malloy is doing quite well on Nova M radio. Young Turks will reappear in a format made for the age group it appeals to.

God thinks you're a knucklehead!


I saw the "joke" dictated by said dumb turk in its entirety on youtube. All I have to say is the system works and The Lord answered my prayers.


Wes Clark Jr. is on every Wednesday with Cenk. The two complement each others.

Cenk is very informative and entertaining.


Cenk Uygur is a goofball. Air America decided his 15 minutes of fame were up. I hope the Andy Warhol estate don't sue me for saying that.

Bart Baxter

Michael, you bad boy. That picture isnt Bob Brinker, it's The Piper, AKA Piper Scot, the right-wing commenter ont Postman's blog and Sound Politics.


Why a-boob, when do you have time to listen to all these AA people you disdain so much? Didn't anybody ever tell you you could change the dial?

Or maybe - could it be - you don't really listen? That you are one of those nut cases on the right who has an uninformed opinion about everything? Es posible?

Cenk is smart and I agree with the commenter who paired him with Randi. Two passionate and smart voices in the wilderness. He says he was a Republican at one time. I hate to see anybody who has seen and can talk about both sides leave the forum.

Hey, Sparky, apparently I've been looking for love in all the wrong places...why didn't you tell me sooner?


Ewww Joanie not even in jest!


I walked through the brass and wood double doors into the posh downtown steakhouse and waited for the waiter to direct me to a table. Suddenly , as the waiter was leadign me throught the dining area, I caught sight of the table of four. Well, five, counting the dog. There he was sitting in the middle of the leatherette booth, flanked by Star and his pastor with the ubiquitous huge Bible on one side, and the girls on the other. He gestured to Bruno the young Austrian Maitre'D, and after an almost imperceptible nod, Bruno strode purposefully toward us. "I'm sorry Mr. Tommy," said Bruno, the ex-pugilist. "Mr. D told me I had to do this." He really sounds genuinely sorry, I thought , just before Bruno's hard right cross connected with my jaw. As I sank to the plush carpeted floor, I caught the sight of him in the middle of his booth, gloating and grinning like a shiteating Chesire.


Boy, Stephanie seemed a bit tipsy, but still delivered.

I worry about her. Substances abusers find jokes about their substances terribly funny, and Steph loves her box-of-wine jokes.

The best thing about the Turks is Cliff Schecter's weekly rundown of Republican sexcapades.

He never runs out of material.

Toxic Loan

Unbelievatble that KIRO would sign Ron and Don to an extension.

That is the shittiest program on radio!

For the past year I thought we would get the ole "RIP" news from Blatherwatch.

It must the blowjobs in the backroom phenomenon.


The phone call came late at night, wee hours territory, and the voice on the other end of the line wasfar from pleasant pleasant. "Don't you know that downtown steak joint is my hangout, pal?," he started off without a greeting. "You're asking for it when you tread onto my turf. Wasn't the beating from my homeless guys that I arranged enough for you? I own this town, pal. You're not going to sit and hide behind a laptop and ridicule me, the King of Seattle, you pathetic loser. You're the dregs of society with your pathetic posts to that sick blog. Seattle's my world,pal. You just live in it. But you better find another city to live in." "Why don't you meet me man to man instead of hiring restaurant managers and homeless folks to beat me up? I mean don't you think you look like a bitch boy in front of Star and the girls?" His voice became strained with rage, and completely effeminate. "GET OUT OF MY WORLD!" The line went dead.

My Man Dori

It is amazing that the whack jobs on this site like Tommy 008 are allowed to continue to make post with veiled threats against the security and well being of Dori Monson.

I would not be surprised to hear the FBI confiscate the servers at ole Blatherwatch.

How about challenging the guy on his politics. Strangely you believe that a guy who works hard his whole life and becomes a success is an evil man. Bizarre?!?


You are seemingly reading challenged MMD...'twas Tommy who was beaten up by Dori's henchmen...

Stupid Prices

Hey, 710Dori here. The gall of Stupid Prices not to include me in their latest TV spots is terroristical if not outright anti-white male, indeed.

I mean how can I afford to splurge on any more De Franco family records off eBay? I was using that instead of gold as an investment hedge. Now I guess the plasma tv in every room of the house is out of the question.

Oh well, The 5th Ave theater called, they want to use my mug as a stand-in to Nathan Lane the next time he's in town. I'm still in negotiations with Baby Diaper Service--I heard about the "Pro-Rap Classic".HERE

I thought it was a hip-hop group that I could make a part of a good meat and potatoes bashing of the black culture, but alas my producer said "turn this turd into a blossom".


Stupid Prices = stupid post!

Stupid Prices

"kirofan"? LOL I suppose you drive around with a
"I'm for De Molay" sticker on your car.


I actually drive around in a wheel-chair, and my sight too poor to even see a bumper sticker. kiro is my life line to whats happenin and i like dori very much.

Stupid Prices

We're glad you're keeping the ratings alive at the big blowtorch.


My Man Dori...just to clarify, Blatherwatch doesn't have any servers. Learn how the internets work!


StupidP, I thought the Baby Diaper Service ran the
"Pro-Crap Classic." Perhaps you should look into this a little more closely.


The George W. Bush Library:

The Alberto Gonzales Room - Where you can't remember any of the exhibits.

The Hurricane Katrina Room - It's still under

The Texas Air National Guard Room - Where you don't have to even show up.

The Walter Reed Hospital Room - Where they don't
let you in.

The Guantanamo Bay Room - Where they don't let you out.

The Weapons of Mass Destruction Room - Nobody has been able to find it.

The War in Iraq Room - After you complete your
first tour, they can force you to go back for your second and third and fourth and fifth tours.

The K-Street Project Gift Shop - Where you can buy an election or, if no one cares, steal one.

The Men's Room - Where you could meet a Republican Senator.

When asked, President Bush said that he didn't care so much about the individual exhibits as long as his museum was bigger than his father's.

Piper Scott

If you're going to post my picture, at least spell my name correctly...Piper Scott, The Piper, or even Scott St. Clair isn't spelled B-o-b B-r-i-n-k-e-r.

As they say, I don't care what you say about me as long as you spell my name correctly.

The Piper

Central Concern

B'lam that's an open invite to continue to post more cartoon figures and as the Irish do, mis pronounce as well when appropriate.


KIRO needs a shake-up. It's too "Seattle Boring". Smug Ironically self-amused fellows like Dave Ross are outdated and soporific. I can imagine him listening to tapes of himself making the onair funnies and bon mots as his home entertainment. Dori is- well need I say anything? Thought so. How about a "shouter" in the morning news block, a screwball liek Alan Prell or a loud black man, instead of those terribly nice(which probably is a facade anyway), banal white folks. Just saying.


How about an extremely loud terribly nice black men named Carl Jeffers?

My Man Dori

I suggest Ron Paul after this election cycle. The man has captivated the country and has an enormous following.

RP would blow the likes of Ron and Don, the Commentators and Shiers (AKA 'I wish I was Dori Monson') out of the water.

Go Ron Go!


You poor people. It's just sad.


Hey Sparky
That sounds like fun.


I am so ready for the Bush Administration to end...but not looking forward to continuing with the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton power sharing.


"Ron Paul gets enthusiastic financial support from every white supremacist and neo-Nazi group in the country" -Michael Medved

Jimmy Kowalski

For Medved to spend time worried about Paul is quite telling...


Not to mention that the Clinton Library looks like a trailer...sigh.

I reallly hope Hillary is not the Dem. nominee.


Gee, finally a piece of funny writing from the right.

Of course, it is all about their favorite subject and the only issue they can ever discuss regarding Clinton: sex. Hetero sex to be precise. Guess that's funny to them. They seem to prefer bathroom sex and gay sex so... understandable.

Don't get the "18" thing? Were Paula and Monica underage?

Well, sometimes you have to stretch the truth, I guess, to find something to talk about.


Listened to Seder tonight. Somebody should hire him full time again. He's great.

Great discussion about how more and more people are getting the point that the Dems are no longer representing those of us on the true left. There is a movement afoot to replace corporatist Dems and people are getting the message. Apparently the DNC is the culprit for the earlier move to the right.

Also, Catherine Harris was on Seder's show. When I heard her interviewed before, I thought it was a comedy bit with an actress playing the part. Apparently, it is really her...hard to believe. You gotta hear it.

My Man Dori

All those that attack Ron Paul are part of the establishment.

You sheep out there will continue to support a Dem or Rep despite the fact that you're supporting essentially the same party. That "same party" caves into special interests and is only selfishly concerned about its survival.

We are doomed in this 2-party garbage.

Go Ron Go!

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