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December 28, 2007



Bla'M, you forgot the Famous Larry Craig quotes:

" He was a Dirty Boy.."
" He was a Nasty Boy.."
" He was a Dirty Nasty Boy..."


Mike Huckabee might not know a lot about foreign policy, but he sure knows about Canada!


OK sparky, that was funny.
Of coarse we have no idea what the conversation with Huckabee was leading to his answer, however funny none the less.


I can't end the year without taking a shot at Seatle's obnoxious, rude BICYCLIST COMMUNITY. What is up with these narcisistic assholes? Last night I took the 2 from Madrona Park to Queen Anne. At the stop for the Deeny-Blaine neighborhood (home of Howard Schultz and numerous other rich mofo's) a severely unattractive middle-aged woman put her bike on the front of the bus and got on. I could opine that she was probably one of the legion of man-hating lesbians who grace our town, but that would be presumptious of me. This self-absorbed moron had an extremely powerful , red strobing light straped to the center of her back, to protect her precious pc ass from contact with evil autos. As she got up to leave form the side seat in front of me, she turned so that this quasar was pulsing directly into my eyes from a mere few feet away. As I was being blinded by her red strobe, I called out to her in no uncertain terms that i wasn't a happy camper, while still being civil. This uncouth, uncivilised bitch refused to even acknowledge me, but merely got up and strode forward a bit in the aisle toward the driver. She finally exited after hearing a few choice mutterings from me. Note to Seattle's Bicyclist community-the rest of us in this city are SICK of you. We're sick of your prissy, pc self-righteousness and narcissistic rude behavior toward driver's pedestrians, and the rest of us. Get over yourselves, obey the traffic laws, and get rid of the attitude. Assholes.


Tommy 008
I gotta agree with you. Although I am a weekend bicyclist I laugh a bit at some of the wannabe Greg LaMond types out there in the spandex body suits. Reminds me of the a-holes speedskating around Green Lake -my 'fav' being the ones with a dog on leash- with no regard for kids or women with strollers as they attempt to treat the walkway as some sort of Indy 500 track. No regard for safety of others. If they want a real workout, hit the gym and Spin to their heart's content.

Bill Wattenburg

Spot on Puget, duffers like us need a calm, non-threatening atmosphere like spin class to whittle away the calories away from the more attractive, smart people who will probably outlive us.


Tommy, you're starting to whine like Leykis. Seattle is a bike town like portland, get used to it!


so, unattractive middle aged women who ride their bikes are man hating lesbians? Tommy, I just figured it out...you are Tom Leykis.


Damn, someone always beats me to the punchline.
But what is a vagi-thug? or do i want to know?


As I listen to my new hero Celine Dion ring out the old year with Beauty and the Beast, I'm reminded that she gave one million dollars of her own money to Katrina victims relief. This beauty's singing even demolishes very recent memories of the "vsgi-thug" beast on bus number 2 as well as a year full of memories of beast Dori Monson's drivel emanating from his ugly, petty soul.


Off topic but while reading Christopher Hitchens book 'No One Left To Lie To' a nice examination from a liberal perspective of how the Clintons sold out liberalism during his tenure as President. Discussion of Dick Morris and his use of 'triangulation' ie Dem taking Repub ideas such as Welfare Reform or Nafta and co-opting them as campaign issues. Written circa 2000. If your a Hillary supporter it should give you pause.
Little known fact, Dick Morris is the cousin of Roy Cohn.


"...Hillary Clinton, who many consider the Antichrist..." Bill Cunningham, the fine replacement for Matt Drudge, just moments ago on KVI. Damn, I knew there was a reason I didn't like her......


yes, but Roy Cohn only sucked the toes of MALE prostitutes.


How many times have I posted that "Bill Clinton was the last great Republican President?" per Ted Lowi of Cornell.

You'd rather believe the warmongering whiskey-eyed late-to-the-party Hitchens?

Just got through three Iowa speeches: Clinton-experience; Obama-change; Edwards-fight and take America back from the corporations!

I'm for Edwards. He clinched it tonight.

Obama-great ideas but not enough experience up against the bullies.

Clinton-"Mrs. Wall Street" - a Republican much like her husband.

Edwards-the guy I want fighting the bullies for me. (Just like he's done all his life in litigation.)

Ah, it will be a good 2008. (If Edwards wins...)


Goldstein: good show tonight.

I especially enjoyed your calling Bush an SOB. So fitting.

Wish you wouldn't rant so much, however.

And Sparky, Edwards talked briefly to a teacher and said he's for universal pre-K. I like that.


Andrew Sullivan announced the Winner of his 'Moore Award' for asinine comment of the year.

"Al Qaeda really hurt us, but not as much as Rupert Murdoch has hurt us, particularly in the case of Fox News. Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda — worse for our society. It's as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan ever was," - Keith Olbermann, Playboy.

Now, is there anyone who really feels that Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda? Seriously. Worse than Al Qaeda?

Keith Olberman, Ass-hat extraordinaire

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