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December 28, 2007



Any wrap up of 2007 would have to include the post you did on the Gregg vs. Jane drama. Or was that in 2006? Does anyone know if they still loathe eachother? Or maybe with Bonneville owning the station again it's one typically happy yet dysfunctional family.


Dear God, a picture of Rush getting his buttcyst removed and the mental picture of The Shark in a skirt.
I need a drink.


Forgot to include the visual of The Sty sitting on the pot, deciding whether to use the pink TP or the blue TP. Liberal Talk Radio website had a great shot of Brian Baloney sitting on a toilet outside his trailer.

Make that drink a double.


get a drink and get on the blog; seems to be the story of your life


I would say something about Shark in a skirt but I'm afraid it would lose me another job...


I never did like the big ol' butt picture. Reminds me of High School showers in the sixties.
A lot of folks said some real stupid stuff last year. Gonna be plenty more heard this election cycle. With the old hippy Nancy Pelosi and her lap dog Senator from Nevada babbling on and on.
Always wondered about the root of "Oddems". Thought it was just a lib thing so I accepted without question. LOL
Happy New Year everybody. Let the pissing contest begin. God I love election years. Even after it screws up business so much.


If the Styble really mused over TP on the air. He should change his program theam. Open lines for vapid minds. Its all just trivia Bryan


Oh gosh...andrews, who has never met me and knows nothing about me has looked into my soul and has found me wanting.

How. Will. I. Live?


and who said I was talking about you, THAT's telling.


andrew, fries are up!
please, not too much salt this time.


Andrew or andrews?


Oh come on andrews, not even Stevarino tries that one.

Puts, is Andrew and andrews one and the same?


damn, i didn't notice the 's' at the end.
could be someone different. to cover all bases:

"andrewS, fries are up!
please, not too much salt this time."


Hmm...this thread is off to a riveting start.

Frank did another hit job on global warming this afternoon. Thankfully, I missed most of it. But it anyone was listening, I'd appreciate the name and web address of his guest - Dave ???? I'd like to read his post.

Everybody needs to go to a good movie, get some sushi afterwards and then go home and ... well, you can fill in the rest.

(In chucks case, it won't be reading a good book, watching public tv or CSpan, or thinking-all of which require a certain level of active intelligence.)


ew joanie, I make it a practice never to eat bait!


Uh, California roll doesn't have bait...I'm sorta shy of raw fish myself. But, I'm also a bit adventurous so have tried some others but I don't make it a habit. Sure like everything that goes with it! I love Japanese cuisine.


Best line of the week:

Thith ith David Goldthien thitting in for Dave Roth.

I got a kick out of his rational on auto accidents that if you take away the common denominator, which would be automobiles, less people will die in auto accidents or something to that effect. Do we all have to ride trains, bicycles, or busses just so this guy can get his wish that automobiles be outlawed so people wont die needlesly. Does he own a car? If he does why is he taking the chance that someone might die by his actions the next time he hits a patch of black ice or swerves out of the way of a women driver merging into traffic on I-5 going 25 mph when everyone else is going 70. (except during rush hour) Next thing you know Goldy will want to ban Police Officers from carrying guns because inevitably some innocent person will be shot and killed. Does the guy know what an accident is?


Sparky, I thought that was coiler in that picture leaving one of his namesakes behind.


Bitching about Midwest drivers snow habits is so Seattle snottiness. The difference is simple: Midwest drivers don't piss away money on useless shit like northface jackets and double dipped cappuccino's. Instead, a couple hundred dollars in proper studded tires and sandbags will save your precious overpriced Volvo from being yanked out of a ditch.


Warren Moon arrested AGAIN for DUI.

Let's see if a certain talk host who wants all DUI'ers locked up and removed from society wants to have Moon removed from the KIRO broadcasts.


I did catch Frank on Fri. and it was one of the most cogent presentations for the otherside of the argument I have heard. I agree that the curent science points to global warming being real. The best info has also pointed to many causes of cancer. I love my coffee and my prostate thanks me for it.

The Royal

Since Mr. Moon didn't exceed the legal limit we doubt A DUI charge is going to stick. Maybe Inattentive Driving or Driving with a Suspended License.

We would like to see Mr. Moon kept on the air.


Rich, did you get the guy's name or web address?

The part I heard was telling. Frank kept pointing out how the left keeps personally attacking everyone instead of addressing the issue; and, all the while, every other word was "Gore this..." and "Gore that..." along with some smarmy comment.

I thought at first the subject was Al Gore. Only later did I realize it was actually global warming.

And, for the record, I do think global warming is real but also approach it with an open mind now. There's a lot of controversy, and I realize that.

"Open mind" - something chucks wouldn't understand being uninterested in anything factual.


Obviously you don't get out much, Stevarino, since your mind can only fathom Poo.

think outside the box Stevarino

and here..


Jonnie, I guess that its safe to say that the rhetoric level on both sides is much too high. I remember when too high was a goal!However do you remember the story of the frozen mammoth? It was found with grass in its mouth. That was climate change.


I'm not arguing climate change. I would like to read the web site.

Our biosphere is changing all the time. There is no doubt we're experiencing climate change. At least, I don't think there is.

The question for me is to what degree are we altering/hurrying a natural phenomenon?

Since our biosphere has limits, it seems common sense that the amount of increased (over the last hundred years) carbon dioxide and methane we are pouring into the atmosphere while deforesting the planet should change the process negatively for us.

But common sense never proved a thing. :)


Seder repeating an interview with Naomi Klein The Shock Doctrine.

Listen up you rightwingers. Learn something. KPTK


How about Nuclear power for one of the measures to reduce global warming ? France does it and something that the no-nukes MSM does not report is technology has evolved so that virtually all of the radioactive waste can be recycled and very little needs to be disposed now.

"it seems common sense that the amount of increased (over the last hundred years) carbon dioxide and methane we are pouring into the atmosphere while deforesting the planet should change the process negatively for us."

Except for the fact there are way more people and bovines than there were 100 years ago - collective exhaling releases a significant amount of CO2 - oh yes, there were very few gas-powered engines compared to now and throw in industrialization. So what was your point ?


That was my point, you idiot.

As I said, it is common sense that climate change is affected by people due to those factors. What exactly do you not get?


After rereading your comment - I revise my last sentence to DUH ! No need for condescention...
With all due respect, there is life outside of blogging on Blatherwitch.


Well, I wasn't the one home at 7 pm on New Year's Eve was I?

Happy 2008 Klueless.


And I wasn't the one on at 1:37AM on New Year's morning - although I was out until just after midnight though.

Who's clueless (pot calls kettle black one more time) ?
Happy 2008 back at ya.


Happy New Year to you and all of your vistors Michael.
This is going to be fun. Welcome election year.
Maybe even the radio will get interesting again.


If you thought 07 was fraught with interest, for 2008 all I can say:
'Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride'
(with all due apologies to Ms. Bette Davis)


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