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November 20, 2007



A cigarette smoker is just as suicidal as a person who puts a loaded gun to their skull and pulls the trigger.

My Man Dori

I'm hoping the great American and Seattle Native Dori Monson heads off to see the troops this year.

I think this could shut up all the Dori haters on this website.

David Tatelman

Yeah, and while Dori is there he can explain to all the National Guardsmen and women serving their third tour how we have an all-volunteer army. Or at least that's how Dori sees it.


..they volunteered too, didn't they?


Dori is poohpoohing government required calorie counts on restaurant menu's, and using this as an opportunity to brag and blather about his trip to Italy. He's posing as an admirer of the Italian/European "beautiful life" filled with the "joy of food" and a whole different approach to food and life. Please, how asinine to have this poster boy for the antithesis of European values to be posing like this. The only values Monson has are good old Republican asshole values.


A guy emailed Dori an hour ago in hte middle of his rant on food and fat people- he noted that a large part of the people who go to fast food joints are poor people who don't have computers , hence the need for calorie info on the menus, not just the company websites. Dori answered that , like fat people, almost all poor people are poor by choice, so, and this is my read between Dori's lines here, basically who gives a crap if they don't have computers.

alotta fagina

We don't want Dori coming to Italy. We think his "Stupid Prices" is a clever stunt to fool waiters out of a tip.


Geeeze T008, I would have thought that merci (Nate) would have a comment on Dori's current topic (the current Hamilton signage...); what's the opinion on their current message. Guess (according to Dori) it's getting national attention. Is it racist?
What'da ya think T008?


"A cigarette smoker is just as suicidal as a person who puts a loaded gun to their skull and pulls the trigger."
I realize that is hyperbole: if you think this is a literal truth then cigarette smokers would be institutionalized (danger to themselves or others). Think of the odor! And the butts on the ground!

One could say someone eating Dicks is just as suicidal...

slant-eyed shedevil

Mr. Dori Monson has no core values. He is a ratings pimp who will say anything to get you going, and listen to his show. All these talk radio people are show business types who whore "values" for money. If Dori was in a talk radio person in Salt Lake City, he would be a liberal. You all fall for this crap. you are the fools.


It's funny, Ron Reagan supposedly does a talk show the right way. He says all the right things. Tries not to offend. But look who you guys tune in to and post about. Dori. I think it's ironic. You complain about Dori not be more politically correct, but if he were.. if he said all the right things and had all the correct views... like RR, you wouldn't want to listen to him.


..ergo Blam's previous post of stats supporting the fact that LP's prefer listening to logic..:)

Janet Morrow

>>they volunteered too <<

Dori didn't; I wonder how he'll exlain that to the troops he fawns all over.

Perhaps, like this leader, the vice presidential Dick, he had "other priorities" at the time.


1) Dori went to Europe once and never got over it

2) Dori called the homeless "hu,am garbage" once; he still believes that too.

Tom Brokaw

On the Larry Nelson page, Dori is noticeable by his absense. Does he consider Larry, a smoker, a piece of human garbage who got what's coming to him? It wouldn't surprise me at all.

Pat Cashman, NY Vinnie, and others who have been around as long as Dori, have left messages wishing him well and reminiscing about Larry's glory days.

Some people have class; some don't.


So, why not focus on the positive (i.e. the folks who left msgs), why on the negative...Dori (in your minds)...is it that because he is King you just can't seem to avoid him in discussion. Yeah, that's it. What Dori fears most is being ignored...and he's definitely not going to be by this blog!


Even a mongoloid idiot can recognize that cigarettes and greasy cheeseburgers are both devastating to his health. Even an idiot will also admit that both indulgences bring pleasure up until they take their toll.


I once asked here for proof that Dori called all homeless people "human garbage." Nobody came up with any proof. So until I get some proof, I don't believe it.

And by the way, some smokers are garbage. The mother and father I saw smoking in their car with their 1 or 2 year old little girl in the back seat. They are human garbage.


"Even a mongoloid idiot..."

Very insensitive, abob - and not the LEAST funny!


DT: you won't get an answer, as they are 'infatuated' with Dori...they can't stop talking about him or criticizing his every move..they (sublimily at least, LOVE HIM).


Living here in Taipei, I noticed with amusement the amount of coverage the "toilet restaurant" is getting in the U.S. media. Too bad that it gets almost no media coverage over here. Like Japan, we have food "fads" involving food, decor or both. The fads usually die out in anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months. This one looks like the several month version unless the food is very good in which case more toilet restaurants will appear.


Happy Thanksgiving to all on this fine Blog; be safe and enjoy! :)

apologies to any that might find this Holiday to be a day of mourning...get over it!

trail of tears ghost

I don't think the ancestors of the millions of First Americans we slaughtered need to get over it. I do think you need to get informed.

You, Mr. Constant Babble, are that Mongoloid Idiot.


It was about two years ago that Dori called homeless people "human garbage". It was just before an election and the subject under discussion had to do with homeless people being able, or not able, to vote because they didn't have a fixed address.

In that context, Dori called them "human garbage". I heard him do it and if someone could go through the tapes--if they haven't conveniently "disappeared"--it would be there.

I'm not the only one who heard it, either; anyone listening on that date and time would have heard it to.

I dare Dori to check the tapes and tell us -- truthfully -- whether or not he said it. I've tweaked him on it MANY time, by means of this board (which either he or his flunkly Phil) reads, or email, and he's never denied he said it.


Just about anytime the subject of spending tax money to help homeless people comes up he works in the "human garbage" adjective.


I mourn this holiday for the boring food you can't get away from. It's one of the worst crimes we perpetrated on the poor Indians, making them give up their tasty gruel and live chickens for the nasty bread stuffing and turkey, the industrial meat. No wonder the Indians shot at us.

Janet Morrow

Dori likes to gloat about his ratings. I wonder if he's considered the following:

1) He's riding Dave Ross's slipstream (although not in my case; when Dori comes on I change the station or turn it off)

2) He has virtually no competition (right now) in that time slot so of course his ratings are good

3) Large groups of people like to gather around to watch train wrecks, too.


stank makes the mistake of believing any is still holiday about whatever originaly brought it about. The only hollidays anyone cares about anymore are the ones were we get to buy stuff or dress kids up in funny outifts.


Dori succeeds despite facing extremely formidable competition from syndicated juggernauts: Hannity enjoys a national audience of 12.5 million. Mercer Island based Michael Medved has 3.75 million daily listeners. Progressive hero Ed Schultz attracts over 3.25 million. Dori Monson deserve respect and credit for the spectacular job he has done carrying the local banner for KIRO.


Shedevil misreads Monson completely.He isn't a chameleon, or phony, he's a sincere jackass. You can tell he really really believes the sanctimonious crap he spews. Guy's like Monson, who have clawed and fought their way a little from a crappy upbringing in lower class neighborhoods to a modicum of success (although still pissant status when compared with the truly rich -they have the same contempt for his "starter" low 6 figures a year, as he has for poor people) often become this kind of overly-prideful, self-righteuos,judgemental ass, who wants to punish and mock those who didn't "make it" like they did.


aslob, Does "deserve credit" mean he was justified in calling people "human garbage" in your mind?

Do you have sense of right and wrong at all? Is winning more important than having good sportsmanship?


again today Medved played the mendacious promo spot claiming he was the "sixh most listened to talk show in America". As i pointed out earlier, this is a shameless lie. The spot implies he's in the top ten, when the radio industry survey he's quoting from shows the highest he can claim is 11, since he's down on the sixth level of audience reach of levels with two shows each on them. Medved, be a man instead of a weasel for once and take this lying spot off your show.


I heard that one too, Tommy 008. Ah positioning... dontcha love it?


Duffman has a woody for Dori.


Birds build nests. Foxes have dens. If a grown ass man aint got sense enough to find a decent place to lay his head...he is garbage.



I have listened to Dori off and on throughout the years. I've heard him talk about the homeless many times. In all those times, I have never heard him call homeless people garbage. He normally says something about how most homeless people are in that condition because of poor choices. He says that over and over again. So that's what I believe his view is because that's what I hear him saying all the time. I don't hear him saying all the time (or even once) that they are garbage. And if he did use the word garbage, I doubt it was targeted at all homeless people. I'm sure it was used in some specific context regarding a specific group of worthless people, like people who illegally take shopping carts off grocery store property.


Dori says "garbage" a lot: people and art come to my mind. I've heard both. keep your head in the sand all you want, DT, it doesn't change what he puts out on the air whether your ears are in range or not.

A-boob, are you 710DORI? You talk a lot like him.


Hey, chucks, what do you think of the Fox story? The one Fox aired last night about the soldier who got a bill for $3000 - the part of his signing bonus Bush wants back because he's too beat up to fight anymore... A loyal believer in this cause like you must have an opinion. Let's hear it, please.


Joanie, there was such an outpouring of indignant rage over this that the Pentagon reversed their decision and will not demand repayment....

Way to support the troops!


I guess we can thank main-stream media for that one. One of the few...

Happy First Illegal Immigrants Day!


I did not see it, however I want to see it, read it and follow up on it.
I bet that it is goddamn democrat gummint bureaucrat who has BDS and a hard on for our soldiers, combined with the DNC to score points in the run up to the election.
Now, of coarse, that is just pure speculation on my part. If I only had the facts. What show had it joanie? I really am interested.
Wouldn't be the first time I got pissed at the gummint. Or Bush for that matter.


We where not illegal joanie. We bought Manhattan fair and square. There is just a little dispute over the boundaries. Maybe the Oregon Territory was not included in the minds of the natives, but what the hell.


chucks: it was one of those snafu things where the military has 'robotic' rules and procedures to be followed and are followed until a human being can intercede and make equity. It happens in the military frequently because of the large number of incidents they are dealing with. SO, it was naturally magnified by the MSM and as sparky indicated finally corrected. Much ado about (a serious matter) but nothing really. So, the slings and arrows toward the pentagon/admin will naturally be taken by folks who really don't and NEVER WILL understand the military because they've never participated in - but were always protected by!!!
Happy T/G chucks....enjoy!


Not just the military. A couple years back support enforcement sent me a nastygram telling me they were going to garnish my wages, empty my account and kick my cat - because I was in arrears $0.02

yes, two cents.

I called my lesbian, manhating case officer and asked if this was coorect (it was) and if she really wanted to follow thru (she did). I drove up and had a chat with her supervisor; offering a choice of two pennys or a KIRO TV newsteam. He said he would take care of it. She is no longer in the employ of the state - my new case worker is a far more pleasant person.


Talk about "garbage"... The Seattle School District claimed that we should be in mourning about Thanksgiving. Apathy and political correctness is killing this country - wake up and smell the excrement that has been laid waste by this.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone, please remember those who can't be home with their families.


"Wounded Soldier: Military Wants Part Of Bonus Back"

This is the first story I read on it.

Oh, and as for doffo's usual uninformed opinion, read this: "This is apparently not an isolated bureaucratic foul-up. The military is allegedly demanding that thousands of wounded service personnel give back signing bonuses because they are unable to serve out their commitments."

"Hard as it may be to believe, the Department of Defense has been denying injured servicemen and women the bonuses that they qualified for," Altmire said at a press conference last month for H.R. 3793."

Not entirely sure what is happening now. Still, it is pretty disgusting. Still, there's no reason to blame a bureaucratic Dem or anyone else. It is policy.

And Steven, if you really cared about your soldiers, you'd be advocating for getting them home. Faux sentiment belongs on Faux News.

And chucks, I agree with Tears, we've been stealing since we started and we are still stealing in Iraq . . . their country, their oil and their freedom.

When will the big bully on the world's block finally have enough?


I read your links and some of the followup. It is pure gummint bureaucrat bull shit. It is election season, so if we can get it past Pelosi and Reid, it will get fixed and fixed quickly.
Jump on it all you want. Use it as fodder for your anti-war, anti- military cause. It is just big gummint at work.
The same big gummint some of you want to have control over your medical care.

And screw political correctness, all of you have a great Thanksgiving. Do not mourn. It is OK if you just want to enjoy a football game, a big meal and being with those you love and/or those who love you.
Get up early tomorrow and spend more than you make on stuff nobody needs and give it all away. Now that is an American tradition.


Actually the Seattle School District did not say we should be in mourning. Leave it to Stevarino to only hear a portion of the message and then run with it.
There was a SUGGESTION that teachers BE AWARE of and SENSITIVE to the fact that there are native american students whose culture does not view the arrival of the Puritans as a good thing. There was a SUGGESTION that whenever possible, avoid STEREOTYPES of "Injuns" as people who needed rescuing by the Puritan White Folk.
It is very possible to celebrate togetherness, gratefulness, family, survival without ignoring other's beliefs and feelings. It was not a demand, it was just a suggestion, and of course, the usual crowd made it into something it wasn't.

Otherwise, have a happy turkey day and drive safely.


That was KS Sparky, get your facts straight.

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